Naruto: The Twin Sword

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Chapter 35

Part 2

Broken Alliances:

( ): Thoughts

((" ")): Holy Talon's voice

(( )): Kyuubi's voice


Naruto and the others carried on with the rest of the mission, with Chouji staying behind and despite this, they all had faith in Chouji, with Shikamaru being the one who had the most faith in the Akamichi Clan heir. The blonde and the others were still recovering from their chakra being drained by Jirobo and they were quick to know that in their current state, they might lose some of their strength. But in order to secure and lock down Sasuke, they were willing to take the chance. Naruto and Shikamaru were well aware of what could happen if Sasuke joined with Orochimaru, as the former knew already what Orochimaru intended and so did the latter as he was intelligent enough to figure it out.

Naruto's anger was still simmering underneath the surface but he recalled all his lessons and kept his anger under control. Balancing his anger and desire for vengeance was his desire for peace and his love for his family, friends, and loves of his life. He was going to stop Sasuke and bring him back, and let the Council do what they felt would be best for him and what he had willingly done to Sakura, Hinata, and Ino. He knew that it was not going to be easy as many would want him to be thrown into a much more serious prison or killed on site. But he soon placed that aside as he knew that he had to focus on fighting the Oto Ninja and getting Sasuke back.

He, Neji, Shikamaru, Akamaru, and Kiba moved ahead and he hoped that they would be able to catch up with the others. But he had no doubt in his mind that the other Oto Ninja were going to make the move of slowing him down. Sasuke's arrival to Orochimaru was their priority and they were going to do it. All he hoped for was that they were able to move closer and secure Sasuke's container.

He only hoped that they were not going to lose any of the others in their team. But he balanced it by the fact that people do die in battle, all he could do was save those that he could, and also make sure that he make the sacrifices of those who died mean something. As he looked at the back to where they had left Chouji, he mentally prayed that his friend was going to be all right and able to handle the enemy before him.



Jirobo screamed out as Chouji unleashed several more punches with as much speed as he could manage that struck him hard. He recovered and quickly blocked the next batch but Chouji was not going to give up at any moment and quickly moved back and used his personal trademark attack.


Jirobo managed to recover enough to roll out of the way of Chouji's incoming strike but that was what Chouji hoped for as he quickly returned to his original state and then lashed out with a powerful fist to the face of the Oto ninja. Jirobo took the hit and was sent back, making Chouji move in for the strike, but the Sound Ninja unleashed several spheres of Earth at him, forcing the Konoha ninja to break away. That gave Jirobo the opening he needed as he struck forward with a shoulder charge to strike into Chouji.



The impact of the charge sent Chouji back and releasing some spit and blood from the attack, he however managed to roll backwards and quickly get on his feet and fire several shuriken at his foe to give himself some breathing room. The shuriken were slapped aside by Jirobo and he sneered at Chouji as he attacked with several more spheres. Chouji quickly turned that around by using the second Chakra Pill, he knew that he had just reached a serious barrier, if he took the last red pill, then he was playing with his life. But he was more than willing to risk his life to end this foe before him.

Jirobo appeared to be in the same train of thinking as he was and did not hesitate to launch attacks on Chouji once more. This time he attacked with a combination of Earth spheres and a wave of Earth, forcing Chouji to switch to using his Jutsu Meat Tank but this time he revealed long lines of Kunai that were tied together and quickly wrapped them around himself before he rolled. The Akamichi member smashed through the walls and quickly attacked Jirobo.

The Oto Ninja was soon caught off guard by the presence of the Kunai and was cut by the weapons and sent flying back into a nearby tree. He shouted out in pain and fury as he decided to move in quickly and use the rest of his Jutsu in conjunction with his other abilities, he still had confidence in his current state of using the Cursed Seal so he was not going to use his full power just yet. He quickly dodged the next attack unleashed by Chouji and as soon as he was clear, he decided to unleash a massive wall of Earth at the Konoha shinobi.

Chouji was about to attack the Oto ninja but was being blocked by the wall of Earth, and before he could react, another wall of Earth came up from behind him and was about to smash into him on either side. Chouji had no doubt that if he did not do something quickly, he was dead, he then focused his chakra and then unleashed both his enlarged fists to shatter the two walls coming in to crush him into paste. The walls of stone were shattered by the attacks but Chouji quickly brought his fists up to block and incoming fist strike from Jirobo. The blow was not too powerful but Chouji winced in pain as he was sent back before he reached down into his own weapon's pouch and fired some of his shuriken. Jirobo blocked the incoming attack but this allowed Chouji to make his move, he soon charged and landed two more blows into the chest of the Oto ninja. Jirobo launched his own attacks, Chouji dodged the attack and quickly flipped over the enemy while grabbing his own scarf and turned it into a weapon.

Jirobo could only gag as the scarf was suddenly wrapped around his neck as the large ninja of the Akamichi clan landed nearby, used his scarf to drag him towards him. The Oto ninja managed to block the incoming fist, but when he tried to counter with his own blow, Chouji quickly dodged the attack, removed his scarf and then made his fist larger as he slammed a fist into the chest of the Oto ninja.

Jirobo growled in pain and quickly fired several more spheres of Earth at Chouji who blocked them but then Jirobo charged into him and landed a shoulder charge into Chouji, forcing him back a fair distance, before he stopped himself with his feet tearing some trenches into the ground. Jirobo came at him as Chouji quickly kicked forward, unleashing a storm of dust and rocks into the face of the Oto Ninja, underhanded and sneaky, but worth the few moments that it gave the young Akamichi heir as he quickly landed a massive fist into the stomach of Jirobo that made the man groan out in pain, but the Oto ninja was quick to counter.

Chouji's attempt to attack Jirobo with a kick to the side of the head was stopped by the ninja's arm and he launched a punch that Chouji barely blocked, but with the blow came with another powerful kick from the largest of the Oto ninja that forced Chouji to gasp for breath and get some distance before unleashing a powerful kick of his own. Jirobo blocked it, but not before Chouji quickly switched to his Meat Tank Jutsu.

Jirobo managed to stop it and lift Chouji to toss him aside as the Konoha ninja got to his feet. The Oto ninja was now ready to finish the ninja as he could tell that the pill's effects on the Akamichi Clan ninja was wearing off and now he had to move to strike hard and fast. Chouji however was quick to use the second pill and soon he felt his body react to the pill as the calories that his body had stored from some time was quickly turned into pure chakra ready for the fight. The two of them clashed hard at one another with greater intensity than before and it was going to be one serious clash as Jirobo was now tapping into the second stage of his Cursed Seal.

The very second that happened, the area around Jirobo and Chouji was now being torn apart as they were really hitting one another. However Jirobo had an advantage as his Second Curse Seal increased his durability and allowed him to take a lot more hits than Chouji and it also boosted his other physical abilities. Chouji on the other hand did not have that and had to rely on what he could be able to pull off.

The Konoha ninja used his clan's Jutsu to enlarge his arms and unleashed a series of punches that Jirobo had to block quickly before they were able to connect. The Oto ninja was more than able to block the attacks and began to counter, his second stage Cursed Seal giving him more than enough power to even up the odds against Chouji. And Chouji knew that with the damage being done by the pills, his life was not going to be lasting long. He could recover from the effects of the first pill well enough, and possibly survive the second pill's effects, but if he took the third and last pill, then his life was going to be placed in beyond critical condition.

But he was going to risk it anyway.


Chouji shouted as Jirobo's fist managed to bypass his block and hit him in the stomach before being followed by a kick aimed a the sternum. He rolled back but the pain from both blows with the enhanced power of the Seal forced him to his knees. Jirobo laughed and quickly moved in to land another fierce right hook on Chouji who was able to survive from the impact. Chouji was able to block it with his enlarged arm but the blow had an effect as his bones ached and he felt some more pain fly through his side when he got kicked on the side. He was sent flying back but he used his enlarged hand to dig into the ground and then lashed out with a double kick using both of his enlarged legs. The blow forced Jirobo back into a nearby tree and that allowed Chouji to recover a bit. But he knew that he could not relax just yet as he had no doubt that he was going to be attacked again if he was not careful.

And sure enough, Jirobo came right at him and this time, Chouji could not react in time as the enhanced Oto ninja slammed a shoulder charge followed by an elbow strike and kick combination into him. Only be using the Meat Tank Jutsu to handle the blow and redirect it from his vital organs somewhat that he avoided serious injury. Still the blow sent him flying into several trees and bouncing on large boulders and soon he felt his pill run out and Jirobo apparently could tell that the pill was no longer in effect.

Chouji coughed out some blood to the ground and looked at Jirobo who sneered with utterly malice and decided to end the fight. But not before taunting the badly injured Akamichi heir.

"I am going to enjoy breaking you tubby. But not before I make sure that you see me ruin that last bag you so care for, and then I'll make sure that you will never leave this battleground alive!"


But just as he was about to strike...someone came in to support the still reeling Konoha ninja. Jirobo barely had time to react when a certain figure came on the scene and he was soon attacked by a weapon aimed at him with killer intent. He evaded the surprise attack, but not without being hit by the attack aimed at him either way.



Jirobo shouted in pain as the two handed sword came in and cut a deep and bloody gash on his face as the Zealot came in to support the still reeling Chouji. He glared darkly at his new foe and saw the woman calmly readying her sword to face him. He had no idea who she was, but it was clear to him that she was on the side of Konoha, even though she wore no identifying colours or forehead protector band on her person.

"Who the hell are you?!"

The woman said nothing at first but replied only a moment later.

"That is not your concern, keeping yourself alive is."

Chouji saw the Zealot and quickly recognized the one who came to help him and he smiled a bit in greeting.

"Good to see you Shandra."

"Likewise Chouji Akamichi, but that can wait for later now!"

Jirobo unleashed more of his spheres while using his Cursed Seal in the initial form and that forced Chouji and his new found ally to move quickly from the area as the spheres tore into the ground that they had been on before. Chouji opened his hand and was pleased to see that the pill had not been lost or destroyed. He quickly ate the second pill and soon the effects were there as he gained more energy and chakra, but began to lose more of the calories that he had on him.

That was something that he could accept and he soon charged back into the fight and this time, making both his arms become much larger as he landed a double punch combo. The blows sent Jirobo back in pain and that was the opening that his partner needed as she closed the gap and gave Jirobo two slashes on the chest and a stab to the leg. The Oto ninja swore out a storm but was not backing down from the fight despite the fact that she was able to wound him with at least two of those attacks with that sword of hers. He was quick to make his move and fired several more spheres of earth which the woman blocked with her two handed sword and she remained focused to give Chouji the chance to recover.


Chouji soon began to recover some of his strength and that was enough as he saw that Jirobo was busy fighting his new partner and while he preferred to be the one doing the fighting, he decided that this was the chance to eat the last pill before they were overwhelmed. He saw the Zealot trade blows with Jirobo even when he was now using his Cursed Seal in the second stage. He had to hurry and help her before she was going to be rendered unable to fight any more and he was not going to let her die while he still had the strength to do so.


The Oto ninja obviously hated the fact that this woman had the audacity to attack him like this and he was going to enjoy stomping her down before finishing off that tub of lard of a Konoha Shinobi...never mind the fact that he was not exactly the slimmest one of the bunch in the group. Shandra however was not the least bit worried as her training as a Zealot made her harder to stop in battle as she moved away from her new enemy's attacks. She dodged Jirobo's fist and she slammed the flat of her sword on his side, forcing him to shout out in pain. She followed that attack with a slash to the face but Jirobo evaded the attack as he attacked once more while still using the first stage of the Cursed Seal.


Shandra snorted in annoyance as she leaped over him and landed a slash on Jirobo's shoulder and though he kicked at her, she used the flat of her blade to block the attack. The sword was well made and held the blow well to keep her alive but the strength behind the blow sent her skidding aside before she was able to regain her foothold and fight back. Shandra was aware that this was no mere foe so all she could do right now was hold him off to allow Chouji to fully recover some of his energy and do what he could to end this foe before the both of them.

Shandra did what she could and managed to wound the transformed Oto ninja in the arm, but soon he was mounting a counter attack and she had no choice but to brace herself for it. She managed to block some of his attacks with her sword and managed to lash out once she had an opening and cut into the Oto ninja, Jirobo roared in pain as he soon managed to9 grab the sword and ignored the pain to bring in the woman and tried to launch an attack. The attack managed to connect much to his satisfaction and to Shandra's pain, but thankfully she had managed to release her sword and move back to lessen the blow.

Jirobo tossed aside the sword and was ready to attack Shandra, the young woman however rolled away from him and then made it to her sword and then evaded a kick from the Oto ninja, but instead of attacking him, Shandra was forced to defend herself with the flat of her sword when the ninja in his second Cursed Seal state lashed out with a powerful fist blow at her. The blocking move was effective to take most of the force as she moved back and remained on the defensive mode to counter the attack, Jirobo managed to evade her counter attack and then unleashed several more powerful earth spheres at the woman and this allowed him to close the distance between him and his new found target as he landed a powerful kick to the side. Shandra's training as a Zealot and natural toughness gave her the strength and endurance to take the hit, but that was not enough as she felt one of her ribs crack. She bit back the pain however and quickly got to stop herself and used the flat of her blade to block yet another fist aimed at her. But this time the fist managed to bypass her defences and once more she was able to feel the sound of a breaking rib.

She was forced back and Jirobo was quick to grab a piece of nearby wood and used it as a spear with the intent of spearing the woman by the gut. She managed to avoid the strikes with the improvised weapon's tips that were sharp. She quickly side-stepped the next stab aimed at her torso but that was not going to be the end of it as he quickly tossed it at her to make her block the attack while charging in and then using a shoulder charge to send her flying back


But just as he was about to connect with a strike, his fist was blocked by Chouji, only this time, he noted two things that were different. The first was that the fat Konoha ninja had suddenly slimmed down to being a muscular youth, and there were literal wings of chakra behind him, in the shape of a butterfly's wings. Chouji spoke sternly as he had consumed the last pill despite the risks and now all of the fat in his body was turned into chakra, it helped matters that he had actually eaten a large loaf of the same bread that was made for long missions to act as an unofficial extra boost of power.

"Now you are going to regret this."

Jirobo did not have time to retort as Chouji did not hesitate to not only knock his fist aside but landed a powerful bare knuckle punch into the stomach of the Oto Ninja. Jirobo's smirk at the thought of his body being able to handle the punch disappeared very quickly and was replaced by a look of utter shock and pain as he was actually sent flying back. The blow however had also ruptured some of his organs and it made him realize that whatever it was that boosted the Konoha ninja now gave him the power to injure him.

He roared in pain and rage and tried to attack, but Chouji was not going to let him get any further than that and landed another bone shattering blow while also picking up the sword that Shandra had used earlier and quickly lashed out with a slash that cut into the chest of the Oto ninja before following it up with another bone crushing blow to the face that knocked Jirobo down. Already the once confident and blood lusting Oto ninja began to show fear as the power of the blow was unlike anything he had been hit with, even more so when his Second Stage Cursed Seal should have made him much harder to injure.

Chouji was not going to hesitate, not this time as he began to unleash several more powerful blows and also in conjunction with Shandra's sword. The punches and kicks, coupled with the sword wounds sent the Oto ninja reeling back in pain and blood was spilled in the whole battle itself. Chouji was not going to stop however as his wings granted him some measure of flight that allowed him a massive burst of speed to unleash a large number of blows and soon Chouji smashed a powerful descending heel kick that drove his foe to the ground.

Jirobo tried to get back up and finish the fight even with all the pain that he was feeling right now. But Chouji spoke to him with the intent to kill him once and for all as he thought about his life and what he had gone through as a young man. He also thought about how lonely his life was before meeting Shikamaru and how they became fast friends, even more so with Ino being his other friend, bossy nature aside. All of it was now in his mind as he moved in for the kill.

"You insulted me, my size, my team and more. You have really angered me, but you also insulted my FRIEND! THAT I WILL NOT FORGET! DIE!"


Jirobo's cry was cut short as Chouji smashed both his fist into the ninja's chest and it was soon followed by him being stabbed in the chest once more when Chouji managed to take the two handed sword and with all of his still present chakra channelled it into a form of cloak around the sword, he was no expert in the chakra flow method but it proved more than adequate in killing the foe before him. As he pulled the sword out of Jirobo's body, he moved towards Shandra who was still badly injured herself and tried to help her up as she then took her sword from him and used it as a makeshift walking stick to help herself.

The woman smiled at his actions and spoke to him in a welcoming tone.

"By the graces of Fandral, you are all right?"

"Yeah...but, I don't think I am going to make it...that last pill, equals death to one like me."

Shandra did not responded to that as she gripped the side of her ribs in pain and after fighting off the sensation of pain that ran through her body, she spoke.

"Don't say that, help is coming...and we have to get to the others."

Chouji recalled his promise to catch up with the others and come to their aid and he nodded as they tried to move. But they could not go any further as they rested on the ground and it seemed that both Shandra and Chouji were not going to be able to move any further. However, it was not long before the Zealot detected movement behind them, she turned to face them with her sword in hand even in her injured state, but she soon relaxed herself when she was able to recognize that help was on the way as she had hoped they would.

Sure enough, they were soon greeted by none other than a squad of ANBU, Jonin and Medic Nin with Shizune coming with them to provide leadership along with Shino leading the way with his bugs going ahead of them all to track down the others. They were not alone either as Shandra's allies who were free to help with the mission were coming along. Once the teams arrived to the two wounded warriors, they were to be checked out, and once secured, the others would go ahead and reach the others in the team. However, one of the group went ahead while Shino helped withy security detail.


The others in the Konoha team were still chasing the Oto ninja and it was clear to the Oto Ninja that unless they stopped their pursuers, their mission to bring Sasuke Uchiha to Orochimaru would be for nothing. And they were not going to let that happen, and as such, one of them had to stay behind. And they already had one in mind from their team to do just that.


Naruto growled at this as he, Neji, Kiba, Akamaru, Rock Lee, and Shikamaru were forced to stop their pursuit as they were now facing off with none other than Kidomaru, the multi-armed Oto ninja was firing off a large number of that chakra enhanced web from his mouth to force them to stop and evade the attacks to avoid the attacks. That was undeniably disgusting to the blonde Shinobi and soon it was not long before the Oto Ninja summoned on massive looking spider Summon. Apparently the Oto Ninja had volunteered to stay behind and stop them in the same fashion as the large one of their group had done and that was something that none of them needed right now.

Kidomaru had laid out a very deadly amount of traps and managed to catch a few of them off guard and with his Spider Summon providing support, the ninja team from Konoha was forced to fight the enemy before them. Naruto unleashed several blasts of Wind chakra to force Kidomaru to back off along with his Spider Summon, and he was not alone as Rock Lee attacked at the same time along with Neji. Shikamaru was there to support them using his Shadow Manipulation Jutsu. But Kidomaru was not worried that much right now as he focused on delaying them and then kill as many of them as he could manage.

The Oto ninja then used his Spider Summon to delay the ninja while he suddenly unleashed smaller but more numerous Spider summons that quickly began to move around and unleash more of the webs in secret. This proved to be dangerous indeed to the others as they tried to take Kidomaru down as his Spider Summon finally disappeared from the field. They barely had time to react to the webs when Akamaru and Kiba were caught along with Shikamaru, Naruto, and Neji. Kidomaru smirked and was about to end them when Naruto quickly used the move he had used before in a number of battles. He released Holy Talon as the sword began to spin at high speed while staying in the air and soon moved towards Kidomaru, forcing him to stop the attack and soon the sword came to free Naruto and he soon turned to free Neji.

Kidomaru swore to himself at the sight of that.

(Damn blonde and that sword of his, not to mention that Hyuuga brat's ability is going to make this tough. Got to separate them somehow and take them down one by one.)

Neji quickly spoke to the others as he cut through the webbing with the Gentle Fist holding them.

"You all go ahead, this guy is mine."

Naruto looked at Neji with surprise and so did Rock Lee, as the green spandex wearing Genin spoke to his partner.

"Are you sure about that Neji?"

Neji responded as he quickly began to cut down more of the webbing as Kidomaru bombarded them with more of the stuff from his mouth. He did so in order to keep his team mates from being caught and pinned down to allow the rest of the team to escape with Sasuke.

"Positive, apart from Naruto's sword, my gentle Fist is able to bypass his chakra webbing. We can't delay any longer fighting him here like this. The longer we delay the more likely they will be able to get away with Sasuke. And there's a chance that Orochimaru may very well send out more of his forces to support them in the long run. Go! I can handle this!"

The others nodded and soon moved out, Kidomaru was annoyed at that and was about to unleash more of his webbing at the fleeing ninja, but Neji stopped him by firing a number of kunai at him, forcing the Oto Ninja evade the attacks just as Neji quickly closed the distance between the two of them to strike with the Gentle Fist and end the foe before him. Kidomaru however managed to evade him and then unleash a massive burst of his webbing to force Neji to cut through it.

Neji did just that and now it became clear that the battle was going to be between him and Kidomaru. The Oto Ninja was now fully aware that this ninja had the ability to cut through his chakra enhanced webs and that was a cause for concern. But he was aware that the Gentle Fist was a close combat style and as long as he kept his distance, he had the chance to take him down. That was enough to boost his morale and also make him a bit cocky as he spoke to Neji.

"You might be able to cut through my webbing fool, but I am still going to win this fight once I figure out where to hit you where that Kekkai Genkai of yours can't protect you."


Neji focused his mind into the fight as he was now alone to fight Kidomaru and he knew that he had the skill needed to face off with the user of the chakra enhanced webs. He had already fought him before and he was more than aware on how the presence of the Cursed Seal can make things very difficult for him, but he focused himself on dealing with this foe, as he had already placed his hopes and belief into Naruto as well as the others on their team to see this mission to the end.

For now however he was going to deal with his foe and quickly began to use his Gentle Fist and the Byakugan as he quickly was forced into a defensive battle to block more of the chakra enhanced webbing. He was already aware that his fighting style was more than able to cut through them, but he knew that this was a strategy to keep him from using the Gentle Fist. And he knew that he would soon be exhausted and then he would be vulnerable to the attacks of the Oto Ninja. But all he could do now was to defend himself and wait for a proper opening to strike though he kept in mind that Kidomaru was too powerful for him.

Yes, Kidomaru's power was higher than his own and thus he was facing a foe that he knew could outmatch him. Yet Neji knew he had to focus as best he could so he could come to his friends' aid. As he blocked and cut more of the attacks from the Oto ninja, he was getting weary and already the pain in his eyes told him that he had been using the Byakugan too long and he had to stop. But he could not either as doing so would leave him open to attack.

Kidomaru grinned as he was getting ready to finally end the ninja before him. He had already gotten all the data he needed and quickly changed tactics. The Oto ninja charged at Neji and Neji was confused briefly before he was forced to block the incoming strikes from the eight armed ninja. As he attacked, he was surprised when the Oto ninja suddenly detonated into smoke.

(Kage Bunshin!)

But not a regular Kage Bunshin as he was suddenly covered in a massive amount of chakra enhanced webbing. The webbing covered Neji and that was a fatal moment for him as Kidomaru quickly came in and attacked him. Neji grunted in pain as Kidomaru attacked with a number of blows into his body while he was restrained. Neji managed to fight the pain as best he could and managed to use his Kaiten to break free, yet once he stopped using the Kaiten, he was attacked by Kidomaru and sent back with more pain and before he could move, he was restrained once more by several blasts of chakra webbing.

But before Kidomaru could make his move to end the Hyuuga's life, someone else decided to get involved and stop him right there and then. Several arrows came from out of nowhere and forced the eight armed Oto ninja to back away from his intended victim.


Kidomaru glared at the new arrival who had somehow managed to keep him from attacking Neji completely. Coryin managed to avoid the incoming chakra enhanced webbing and fired several more arrows at the Oto ninja until she was next to Neji and decided to see how he was feeling as he began to use his Gentle Fist to once more free himself.

"Neji, are you all right?"

Neji looked at Coryin and nodded.

"I am fine, but I was not expecting to see you here of all places."

The Falcon Ranger nodded as she looked about for the recovering Oto ninja.

"You're Hokage sent us to escort the medical team an to help you out, my fellow warriors and I went ahead to support you all if possible. I went ahead while they tended to your comrades in the back, namely your large friend Chouji."

Any other comment was cut short as the Oto ninja moved back to attack them with more of the chakra enhanced webs to pin them down. Coryin quickly moved along with Neji while Neji quickly tossed out a number of smoke bombs to give them a level of distance from the enemy before them. Coryin quickly aimed her bow and fired several arrows in the direction of the enemy. Kidomaru moved away from the arrows but had to fire a good deal of his webbing to create a form of shields as the arrows suddenly exploded.

Kidomaru was not the least bit pleased and decided that the best way to end this fight was to kill the female archer as her skill was rather high. And with her protecting his former foe he could not eliminate them and catch up with the others to deal with the rest of the Konoha ninja chasing them. He made his move by firing a number of chakra enhanced webbing at the pair once he was able to spot them through the now dissipating smoke. Neji was able to counter this while Coryin quickly unleashed a hail of her own arrows as the ninja who was attacking her and Neji. She had not faced this one before and she felt that he was not going to be an easy foe to best.

The same went for Neji as he knew that he had to be careful with this foe as he attacked with Coryin with the intent to double team the enemy. Kidomaru however quickly evaded the attack and suddenly unleashed a large amount of golden webbing from his mouth and created some form of armour that covered his body and allowed him to create several blades in hand. This forced Neji to back away and Coryin was quick to counter attack with several arrows of her own.

However the armour made from whatever this golden thread was deflected the attacks, much to the annoyance of the Falcon Ranger as she backed away to get herself some space. This was a bad move as the Oto ninja fired several more of the regular webbing from his mother and it caught her off guard as she was now being held down by the webbing herself. Kidomaru quickly moved in and unleashed several of his new golden thread in the shape of spears to skewer the Ranger.

Coryin was not afraid of that and though she was being held down by the webs, it was not long before Neji made his move, coming to her rescue and cut the web while using his Kaiten to deflect the attacks. However before he could react in time, Kidomaru came in and armed with what appeared to be a spear made entirely of the golden thread. Coryin however quickly came to. Neji's side with her swords and managed to deflect the spear, allowing Neji to close in towards his foe and strike hard.

But once more the armour that the ninja had deflected the attacks, making Neji realize that he needed to focus more of his chakra into the attacks. He did notice though that the armour prevented Kidomaru from moving a lot faster so that would be the opening he and Coryin would need to end his attacks on them once and for all. Before Kidomaru could attack with his weapons to skewer Neji, Coryin moved in and blocked them before landing a hard kick on the face of the attacker. The golden thread armour took most of the hits and that allowed the Oto ninja to attack with his weapons tearing on Coryin's side, the leather took most of the blow but was torn off and now there was a shallow wound on the Ranger's left side. Coryin bit back the pain and quickly slashed with her other sword at Kidomaru's eyes, forcing him to back away and even more so when she followed up with a stab at said location.

He dodged, ducked and quickly leaped upward to avoid the attack and fired another pair of golden thread spears at the Ranger who evaded one, but quickly suffered a shoulder wound as her previous wound slowed her down enough for Kidomaru to land another shot at her to prevent her from being able to attack him again. Coryin however forced herself to yank out the weapon that was buried in her shoulder, the wound was not deep enough to warrant her attention fully, but it did mean that she would not be able to fight well, even more so with her bow as she held her bow at the left hand.

Kidomaru moved in to finish her off, but then Neji attacked and this time he was able to spot the weapon points of the golden thread armour of the Oto ninja and he quickly attacks, this time however channelling more of his chakra into both his fingers to use a more powerful yet precise version of the Gentle Fist and into his Byakugan to increase it's effectiveness in locating the right areas to hit. Soon the results were seen as Neji's attacks reached such a point that Kidomaru's armour was shattered by the attacks of the Hyuuga genius and that was something that he was happy for, though he made sure not to lose his focus on fighting the Oto ninja.

Kidomaru's next attack proved that Neji's caution was not unwarranted as the ninja fired several more of the golden thread spears at him but also fired a regular stream of webbing. He dodged the attacks of the golden thread spears and cut the incoming web. That however gave Kidomaru the opening he needed as he leaped over Neji and fired another amount of the webbing to pin down the Hyuuga by aiming at his arms and legs. Neji was soon unable to move and Kidomaru moved in for the kill, but he was intercepted by Coryin as well as Coryin's familiar. The massive bear roared out loudly and forced Kidomaru to now play a game of avoiding the massive maw of teeth.

This was the opening that both Neji and Coryin needed as they recovered their strength and Coryin quickly took out a vial of liquid and drank half of it and poured the rest of the liquid on her wound. She hissed a bit from the pain of the liquid hitting her wounds but the pain faded and now she was back into the fight and so was Neji.


Coryin was worried a great deal about her familiar but right now as long as the ninja\s attentions were on her and Neji, then it was not a problem. She was now back to using her bow and arrows while Neji moved in to attack Kidomaru, who was less then amused at this turn of events before him. It was here that the Spider like Oto ninja decided to go all out by switching to his Second Stage Cursed Seal. That transformation was enough to catch both Neji and Coryin off guard as the now monstrous looking eight armed Oto Ninja unleashed his chakra enhanced Golden Web and began to make a bow out of it and began to unleash arrows made of the same substance that the bow was made out of.


However the arrows were merely used to probe the defences of the two fighters, and when they avoided the attacks, he quickly fired another arrow but this time this one had a length of webbing to reel it back. He yanked the arrow back to allow him to fire it again, all the while firing a few unlatched arrows to make them move and also hit them when they least expected it, sometimes firing more than one arrow at once.

And it seemed that the bow made from the golden thread had massive tensile strength that naturally allowed the arrows to be fired with greater speed and accuracy which made Kidomaru a deadly sniper. This was testing Coryin a great deal as her skills as a Falcon Ranger were being tested considerably by this new foe before her. The same went for Neji as while he could evade or deflect the arrows, his wounds and exhaustion were playing into the fight along with the fact that his chakra levels were not at the best of levels. The combination of unwired and wired attacks had effects as both Coryin and Neji were not able to move well enough to escape the attacks and they were quickly wounded. Kidomaru was not going to let up as he pressed everything to his full advantage and soon the Falcon Ranger was wounded badly with a number of cuts on her body, namely where her armor was weaker and did not give her the best amount of protection.

Kidomaru smiled at that and soon directed his attention to Neji and fired several times at him, seeing the weakness now of the Byakugan after observing just how Neji would dodge the blows he sent in his direction. And soon he decided to force the Konoha ninja to make a move that would kill him. He aimed his unguided arrow at the wounded Falcon Ranger and Neji reacted as he hoped that he would, moving in to block the arrow coming at Coryin, but as he blocked that arrow, the guided one actually came in from behind and soon it was too close for Neji to effectively block or dodge from.


Coryin watched in horror as the arrow managed to pass through Neji and she barely dodged herself. Kidomaru was pleased as he had already learned enough to know that there was one area of the body of a Byakugan user that the Kekkai Genkai could not defend against due to his observations on how Neji would defend himself and he was able to deal a fatal blow to the Hyuuga ninja. He gloated at this as Neji was barely able to stand/

"Told you that I would find out your weakness sooner or later pretty boy. You might be a Hyuuga prodigy from what I was able to see, but you die either way!"

" are the one who is going to die."


Neji looked up and replied.

"I am aware of the weakness of the Byakugan, and I am not dead, you missed my heart after all. Now it's MY turn!"

Neji quickly focused all of his chakra into the thread and with considerable effort from him in his current state sent a powerful crippling pulse of chakra down the thread. The blow had been totally unexpected by Kidomaru and he finally realized that Neji had moved briefly at the last moment. By moving at an angle at this moment, he was able to move his heart out of the way and had used his own body to contain the guided arrow and use it's link to him to weaken and severely injure him with his chakra.

The results were easy to see as Kidomaru was no longer able to move and this allowed Neji the chance to finally finish off the enemy before him.


Neji quickly moved in and finally unleashed the full force of the Byakugan and the end result was the death of Kidomaru even in his injured state. The massive barrage of attacks that Neji unleashed using the full might of the Byakugan and the Gentle Fist, was impressive as blow after fatal blow smashed hard into Kidomaru who despite being in his Second Cursed Seal form was injured heavily and fatally as well. Kidomaru was sent back in a broken and mangled heap and soon he knew that he was going to die before his foes. However he replied while death began to claim him.

"You may have...killed me...but you will all fail. Sasuke...choose to work with Orochimaru-sama. You...waste everything as he is not coming back. He-He will go into shadows and will never come back to you at all."

Neji replied to that even as he was still in place.

"You are wrong...Naruto will bring him back, and he will be...he will be tried for his crimes as a missing nin. Naruto will do all he can to save him from himself even if he refuses Naruto's aid, and Naruto will be stronger for this. But for you...this is your end."

Kidomaru merely grunted in pain and anger as life left him at last.


Neji stared at the now dead and defeated Kidomaru and he felt pleased to some degree that his foe was bested, but he moved to Coryin as the injured but alive Falcon Ranger was now on her feet. The woman had several wounds on her body but she was still smiling and leaning on her spear. As he moved to her, he nearly fell to the ground but the Ranger was able to be near him and caught him before he landed face first in the dirt.

" all right Neji?"

Neji gave a nod and replied.

"Yes, you?"

"I've...been better I guess, we'll...have to wait for rescue ourselves it seems."

"Yeah...thanks for coming in and giving me a chance to end him before it got worse."

"You're welcome."

Both of them managed to help one another to their feet and move to where Coryin's familiar was and despite his weakened state, Neji managed to free the massive bear and the creature helped them by allowing them to lean on it for support as they soon made it to a nearby tree and leaned on it while sitting down as the massive bear familiar, exhausted by it's own wounds laid down to rest. The Falcon Ranger's injuries in her case was not as heavy as Neji's own injuries and that was why she was able to get a special healing salve to deal with some of her injuries and then tended to Neji's less serious wounds. Neji smiled at that as he spoke to the Falcon Ranger.

"Thanks...but I don't think..."

"You are not dying on me or anyone back in Konoha, you hear me? Help is coming."

"I know..."

Both of them finally begin to pass out from the exhaustion of the battle that they were all part of, but before things could get worse, they were soon greeted by a very welcome sight. Shino came before them and quickly used his Bugs to deal with the removal of Kidomaru's body and also secure the area as a medical team of ninja with Shizune herself in the lead came over to tend to the injured Hyuuga and the Falcon Ranger. Shizune scanned both of them and was a bit worried for only a moment or so before she became confident that she could heal them along with the others despite the grievous injuries that they had on them.

"Quickly, get a stretcher in here to secure Neji and Coryin! Make sure that they are properly secured and are not going to be injured further!"


Hana Inuzuka herself had come along to help with the medical team with her own Nin dogs and while she was hoping to help her brother, she had to help the injured Bear. She was not alone however as two other ninja were there to help...Haku and Zabuza.

The former Kiri ninja whistled at the mess briefly and spoke to the two with him.

"Those Oto nin can fight, I'll give them that."

"I know Zabuza-sama, you think that Kimimaro would be with them?"

"Possible, I have no idea if the last of the Kaguya Clan are going to meet up with them. But even with his condition, he would do it for Orochimaru."

Hana looked at the man and knew that he was being serious and while she was trained to be tough and strong as a Konoha ninja, and as a member of the Inuzuka Clana, she worried for her brother and Akamaru. But right now she had to focus on doing what she could for the rest of the Medical support team.

She quickly ordered the medic nin to help Coryin and Neji while she turned to the bear. The creature might not be one of the nin dogs her clan raised, but it was an ally of their village. And it seemed that the bear was aware of her being a healer of animals and did not resist her actions. For that she was grateful as she began to drawn on her healing knowledge of animals to save this creature from harm while the others were being treated until Shizune and the rest would make it here for the more serious treatment work.

As the ninja worked on doing what she asked, she turned to the remaining Dargernian warriors who were with the Medic Nin team and relief force and spoke to them. They agreed and as Coryin's bear familiar was being treated, they packed up and moved ahead, but this time they were not alone as a certain ninja came along with them.

He hoped that he was not going to be too late to lend his aid...after all, this was something he had to prevent before it reached a point that it could not be halted. But if it came to that, if Sasuke went too far, he would stop him himself and help Naruto bring him back alive.

That was what Kakashi promised himself as he and the others moved forward for the coming battle should Orochimaru send more of his forces.


Meanwhile, Naruto, Rock Lee, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shikamaru were moving through the area after the remaining Oto ninja, there was no telling just how far they were from them due to the delays they had to deal with, along with the depleted team strength. There was also the fact that none of the ninja they were chasing had unleashed their full power with the Cursed Seal. All they could do right now was work in cutting the distance between them and the remaining bunch of Oto ninja.

Kiba was once more in the lead along with Akamaru as they were the trackers, and through smell alone this time. With Neji gone to deal with the eight armed Oto ninja with the spider themed abilities, the only tracker pair were the Inuzuka youth and his Dog familiar. Shikamaru was soon able to speak.

"We've got a lot of ground to cover and all we can hope for is that Orochimaru does not get too impatient and sends reinforcements for these guys."

Rock Lee spoke as well on that matter.

"Shikamaru-san is right, it might be possible that Orochimaru will send reinforcements if he feels it is worth the risk. He wants Sasuke badly after all so he will do all he can to secure him."

Naruto silently agreed and he hoped that they were going to make it in time, Sasuke had a lot to answer for, and right now, all he could hope for was to make sure that he not only stopped Sasuke, but also to keep his promise to Itachi to not let Sasuke be consumed by Death Fang. It was quite possible that the evil counterpart of Holy Talon would be interested in this and the last thing he wanted was for the sword to pick Sasuke.

However as they began to close the distance, Akamaru barked out in warning and Kiba was quick to pick up on what was it that got Akamaru on the rise.


The ninja scattered quickly as none other than Sakon and Ukon were now before them and already was using his initial Cursed Seal form. The ninja scattered as the lone Oto ninja moved to fire several shuriken at them and when they tried to move at the back, the other conjoined twin Oto ninja. However they were not alone this time as a new arrival came and one that Naruto was quick to recognize.

"Kimimaro of the Kaguya Clan."

Naruto had been told by Zabuza what Kimimaro as a child looked like in the brief time the rogue Mist Seven Swordsman had seen the last of the battle loving Kaguya Clan. And he had been shown an image previously by Holy Talon what the last of the Kaguya Clan would look like now. And this new arrival certainly looked like it, and the fact that Holy Talon spoke to him about the young man's aura made him more than convinced.

(("I do not sense any blood on him, but his aura tells me that while he has not spilled blood yet, he has the aura and nature of a killer."))

Naruto and the others could not help but be wary of the new arrival as the man looked at them and then directed his attention at Kaguya. And the power the man had over the others of the Oto ninja was clear as the normally foul mouthed female member of the group spoke in shock.

"Kimimaro?! What-What are you doing here?"

Kimimaro spoke seriously and calmly at his fellow Oto nin.

"You and the others were ordered to bring Sasuke Uchiha to Orochimaru-sama, why have you been taking too long?"

"Not our damned fault! Those damned Konoha bastards and brats..."

"Enough Kaguya, you and I shall go and deliver Sasuke to Orochimaru –sama. Slow down for no reason and I shall strike you down myself."

Kaguya briefly glared at the last of the Kaguya Clan but did not reply sarcastically and soon they got ready to move out. But naturally Naruto and the others did not plan to let them leave as they moved in to attack and secure the container itself.

Kiba and Akamaru attacked the Oto ninja pair named Sakon and Ukon, while he did that the others moved in to attack Tayuya and secure the container. However was easier said than done as Tayuya and the new arrival unleashed a combined attack with the guy actually firing what appeared to bones with the female using her flute to create Sound based Genjutsu. That combined assault forced Shikamaru, Naruto and Lee to break away from their attempt of securing the container as they had to evade the incoming projectiles and also fight the Genjutsu, this allowed the two to secure the container once more as they began to move. The Inuzuka youth turned to the others and spoke seriously to them as soon as they recovered while he and Akamaru were deep in the fight with Sakon and Ukon.

"These two belong to me and Akamaru! Hurry up and stop them before they get Sasuke to the Valley and we lose them!"

Naruto nodded and so did Rock Lee, and Shikamaru even if it was clear that while they agreed with the idea, they were not comfortable with the whole thing. But they pushed onwards and Kiba as well as Akamaru got ready to face off with their own foe, all he could hope for was that he could defeat this guy and his conjoined twin and catch up with Naruto as well as the others. As he and Akamaru faced the Oto ninja, Sakon sneered at the two and spoke.

"You really think you and your little mutt can stop me and my brother from delivering Sasuke to Orochimaru-sama? Hah! We'll see you both dead for your insolence!"

"Blah, blah, blah! Talk is cheap! Come here and get some!"

Akamaru barked out and growled a number of times, showing that he too was in full agreement with Kiba as the two attacked Ukon and Sakon despite the fact that the twin ninja brothers were now using the first level Cursed Seal. Kiba was more than ready for this battle has he now had an idea on how this guy fought, thanks to the memory transfer spell used by Naruto earlier but he did not allow his overconfidence to get the better of him.


To be continued...


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