Naruto The Twin Swords...

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Chapter 35 Broken Alliance...

Part 3

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Kiba and Akamaru were now being forced back by both Ukon and Sakon as the pair of conjoined twins were not going to make this fight the least bit easy. He had never fought with an enemy like these two before and the same could be said for Akamaru. But neither of them were going to back down from this battle in the least as they were not going to fail this mission. They owed it to Hinata who was still recovering back there in Konoha for what Sasuke had done to her and to others as well. With that in mind the two began to attack the pair and since the conjoined twins did not have that many long range attacks.

Akamaru barked and moved away to get some distance and then Kiba moved in to attacked the two with several Taijutsu attacks based on his clan s style of fighting. The twins were not going to be easy to deal with in Kiba s mind and he had no doubt that the same went for Akamaru as they moved into engage.

Ukon and Sakon focused themselves and were now engaged by the two of them with Akamaru taking the form of Kiba to make things a lot more difficult for the two to deal with the Inuzuka heir and his canine familiar. The four traded blows with one another once more as Ukon and Sakon were able to defend one another from the combined two sided assaults of the Shinobi and his Nin Dog, but that hardly meant that Kiba and Akamaru were solely on the offensive as the conjoined twins proved to be more than able to unleash close combat attacks, namely when they took to using a combination of shuriken for ranged attacks and then using either Taijutsu or with kunai to even up the odds.

Kiba moved back to avoid several shuriken and managed to use his hands to block an incoming stab from a kunai to his side by Sakon. Ukon on the other hand attacked with his own kunai, only for Akamaru to come in and bite down hard on the attacking arm, making the other twin scream in pain and anger at the sudden attack on his person.

Kiba smirked and moved quickly to land a blow of his own on Sakon, forcing the pair back from him and Akamaru.

"Nice move Akamaru!"


The conjoined twins snarled in anger and Sakon spoke out their disgust.

"You think you've won this fight you flea bitten rat?!"

Kiba snarled at the insult sent into his direction and retaliated with his very own insult towards the pair.

"You might be literally joined at the hip, but this fight is not going to be easy for you and your brother."

Ukon snorted at that and spoke darkly at his foes and the same expression was in Sakon's face as well.

"You have won nothing! You are all going to die, you and that flea bitten mutt of yours!"

The twins soon attacked both Kiba and Akamaru, the small nin dog avoid a number of shuriken unleashed by Sakon while Kiba blocked with his kunai a number of attacks by Ukon. But then the two switched their attacks as it was now Ukon who fired kunai at Kiba as he closed in for a close combat attack, while Sakon quickly landed a few blows on Akamaru. The blows and change of attack style had caught Kiba and Akamaru off guard and it was clear to them that despite the fact that they were not using their Cursed Seal, the two were not going to go down without a fight.

That did not mean however that the pair were not going to make the fight easy as Kiba managed to get close and evade the next attack and landed a two punch combination into his foe s face. He was not alone either as Akamaru quickly attacked Sakon with a slash of his claws into the face of the twin. This made the battle a lot more serious between the two fighting groups and soon Kiba moved back along with Akamaru in order to get some more room.. The same train of thought apparently was with Ukon and Sakon as they moved back to get some fighting room as well as a chance to get their breath.

However, Kiba and Akamaru were not going to stay idle for long and neither were they going to let Ukon and Sakon the chance to attack them. The dog leaped over his partner as Kiba finally used the very same Jutsu to transform Akamaru into a copy of him and soon they moved on the offensive to end this fight once and for all. Though in the back of their minds, they knew that it was hardly going to be an easy fight and they were proven right as Ukon and Sakon unleashed their Curse Seal.

Now things between him, Akamaru and their joint foe was about to get to a head. And the truth of the matter was, he would not have it any other way, and neither would Akamaru. But naturally neither of them had any desire to fail and lose their lives. They had their mission and their duty and they were not going to fail at all.

With that in mind, Kiba gave Akamaru a nod as they had been making sure to train with one another in their off hours prior to the mission that the two of them were now part of. It was going to be a battle to the end and he was more than ready for what was to come. He and Akamru would not give up, they owed Sakura, Hinata, and Ino that much.

All they could hope for was that the others in the team would finally capture Sasuke and stop Orochimaru and the rest of his forces from getting the Sharingan.

All of that however was no longer the concern of Kiba and Akamaru as they fought once more with Ukon and Sakon. Here they were going to be fighting for their lives as well as their duty as Konoha ninja...and neither human nor dog nin had any intention of losing this fight.

And judging by the expression of the two conjoined Oto ninja, they shared the very same sentiment as their foes did.


Naruto could not help but feel uneasy with the situation they were in, his faith in his team was not in doubt, but that did not lower his feelings of worry about the fact that their team was lower in numbers. They had already lost one of their heavy hitters, Chouji, then they lost their four trackers, Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, and Neji. He had no doubt about the skills of Lee and Shikamaru, but he had no doubt that this fight was only going to get a lot more complicated.

Shikamaru saw the expression on the blonde s face and spoke.

"We ll be fine Naruto, we can be assured that at least our targets are going in a linear direction. Yeah, but that hardly means that this is any better. Orochimaru is going to be sending backup soon. And I for one have no doubt that despite this team s power, that snake summoning bastard is not without any tricks left."

Rock Lee nodded by gave the team a grin and replied in his usual manner.

"Be that as it may Naruto-san, but our fires of youth will not go down without a fight! I for one will not let Sasuke-san be taken by Orochimaru. Sasuke-san has much to answer for back in Konoha and I will not allow justice for those he injured be denied. It saddens me that he has allowed his youthfulness to be tainted, but it is his choice after all to do so."

Naruto gave a grim nod at that and the same went for Shikamaru as well. Naruto reached out with his senses to determine what was going on ahead of the rest of the team. There was still the fact that they had to contend with Tayuya and Kimimaro and while they knew how Tayuya operated, Kimimaro was still an unknown to the three of them namely on how he could use his clan s Kekkai Genkai to the fullest and also what was the effect of the Cursed Seal on him in this kind of battle.

However that train of thought stopped when they were suddenly assaulted by a hail of kunai. The two other ninja scattered while Naruto drew one of his swords to block and cut down the incoming weapons. It became apparent that their target or rather targets in question had decided to stop and the three of them got ready for what was to come before them. However it was not long before they came face to face with none other than Tayuya s summoned Ogres and none of them looked the least bit happy to see him and the others as well. It became obvious that like the others, the only female in the Sound Tea had decided to stay behind to delay them as they could not see any sign on Kimimaro and the container that housed the renegade Sasuke.

That train of thought was confirmed when Tayuya directed her question towards Naruto himself, no doubt after seeing him in action before, recognized him as being a more legitimate threat than either Rock Lee or Shikamaru.

"Why are you risking your lives for him?"

Naruto already had an idea on who the woman was referring to and replied.

We are risking our lives because he is to be brought back to Konoha to answer for what he is done. And I will make sure that you and the rest of your group get the same treatment."

"Tayuya snorted a bit at that yet nodded as she was well aware of the crimes Sasuke committed prior to them evacuating him from Konoha after they broke him out and stole that sword from the blonde before her.

"Lots of luck with that, shame really, compared to that Sasuke brat, you are a lot more promising. Not to mention better looking."

Tayuya was not joking in that regard as well since she actually liked the blonde since he was a hell of a lot better on the eyes. That brat they rescued was okay, but he did not strike her personally as that good despite the Sharingan, but she would not go against her master. That did not however mean she did not have own opinions on certain things. Plus...she certainly had some less than pure ideas concerning the blonde.
Naruto snorted and replied.

"Forgive me for not reacting with joy on that, I m already spoken for a hell of a lot of times over."

"Hmph...I noticed that actually, you have Kin with you...that traitorous harlot."

Naruto glared darkly at that and Tayuya noticed that and replied with a smirk.

"Ooh...I hit a nerve huh? Well she DID side with you against Orochimaru so my statement is rather accurate. But then again, you did save her life and you gave her one hell of a reason to stay so I guess that s no skin of my nose. She s rather weak to begin with that hardly bother s me that she broke free, less weaklings for us to watch. But enough about that, I will not let you carry on any further!"


Naruto soon found himself, Shikamaru, and Rock Lee facing none other than Tayuya and her now summoned Ogres. The three Konoha ninja were not happy with this as the new arrival Kimimaro had now taken the container from the other Oto ninja and they had to face the woman before them. They were well aware of her power and they knew that they could not look down on her if they wanted to. The three ninja quickly moved out of the way as they were quickly attacked by the three Ogre summons, but they also made sure to keep an eye on the female ninja.

She was obviously similar to Kin in the fact that she used her flute to activate Sound based Genjustu which could render them immobile for her summons to hit them hard and fast. Not to mention the fact that she might have greater powers of said Genjutsu if they allowed her to use her Cursed Seal. That much the three of them learned early on in the battle their Kage Bunshin had with them. However, they also had to be aware that she had yet to use her full control of the Cursed Seal. The three moved back and soon Tayuya unleashed her ogres on the three of them with her supporting them using her Genjutsu to affect the three Konoha ninja.

That was not the only thing that Tayuya was doing to fight the three Konoha ninja before her, she also began to use some weapons of her own, namely kunai and senbon to maintain distance while her Ogre summons kept them off guard. She however made sure to be careful of the blonde Chuunin who was with them, along with the one who had the ability to use Shadow Jutsu. She had observed the two in the Chuunin exams prior to the invasion and knew that they were not to be underestimated, even more so when she had to deal with that Kage Bunshin trap they had used to flush them out as well as get a feel for their fighting styles.

Naruto was now facing the Ogre summon armed with the club and instead of using Holy Talon placed the sword back and removed him his storage of weapons one of his spears and used it to fight with the Ogre using his Lancer training. He blocked the incoming strike though the blow was hard on him and he quickly moved away from the next attack heading at his direction. The Ogre was not going to let him get away though as it came at him with the club ready to smash him into goo. He quickly used his spear to vault over the arc of the club as he landed a powerful spinning heel kick to the face and he yanked the spear out of the ground and smashed it s blade into the face with one powerful smack.

The other Ogre moved in to kick Naruto from behind, but Shikamaru was more than ready to back up Naruto and the others and he used his Shadow Binding Jutsu to stop the Ogre and forced it to kick the other Ogre in the face instead of trying to splatter Naruto all over the floor. The other Ogre charged at Shikamaru but was soon intercepted by Rock Lee who landed one killer of a side kick into the face of the Ogre.

Tayuya however was not undone as she began to use her flute and it would make things a lot more difficult since the redhead also began to toss a number of senbon and Kunai at the three. This forced them to focus on defence and leave them vulnerable to attack by the three Ogre summons of Tayuya. Shikamaru could already tell that they were going to be delayed once more before they could go after Sasuke. That was when he decided to make the call as Naruto and Rock Lee landed next to him.

"We can t stay here any longer than we already have because the longer we stay here, the further they get from us. Naruto, you and Lee go ahead and catch up with Sasuke and Kimimaro, I ll stay here and deal with the resident flute player and her little entourage."

Naruto and Lee were not pleased with the idea but Naruto and Lee knew that Shikamaru had a point, they had to stop Kimimaro and Sasuke before they escaped from them. Even then they were not the least bit pleased with leaving one of their own behind even more so when they had to leave Chouji, and Neji.
Shikamaru however being the smart one that he was spoke sternly.

"You all know that this is how it has to be, if we delay with her, Sasuke gets away into the border near the Valley of the End, and we will have lost them. I can handle this, get going now!"

Naruto was very reluctant at this and the same could be said for Lee once more, but they nodded and Naruto was the one to move ahead. This action naturally did not sit well in the slightest with Tayuya as she felt that she was being looked down upon by the three ninja before her. And if there was a number of things that could set the short tempered Kunoichi off without fail, it was being looked down upon.


She was about to attack once more but then several shadows came right at her courtesy of Shikamaru, thus she had to break off the attack she had in mind. This was the opening that Naruto and Lee needed as they headed out. Shikamaru knew that he was going to be in for a very interesting fight though at least he can take comfort, slight as it was, in the fact that thanks to Naruto s Kage Bunshin, he and the others had an idea on how they fought with one another. That however was tempered by the fact that the Cursed Seal was going to make her stronger.

And he could not help but feel very annoyed by the fact that he had volunteered to fight an obviously fierce and foul mouthed woman, who as far as he saw was far smarter than her foul mouth would suggest...reminded him a bit of the time he fought with Gaara s big sister as it were.


Tayuya was well aware of the abilities of the boy before her, he was of the Nara Clan and their use of Shadow to kill, ensnare, or control enemies were well known. That made her aware that as much as she wanted to chase after the blonde and the weird one with the soup bowl haircut, she could ill afford to turn away from him. But that hardly meant that she had lost her desire to make guy pay for stopping her from finishing those two off earlier when she had the chance. And she made her disgust evident to the Konoha Chuunin.

"You really think you can stop me from killing you and those pest allies of yours?!"

"Honestly...yeah, I am going to stop stop wasting time you stubborn woman."

A vein appeared on Tayuya s face, obviously she was NOT in the mood to be insulted as she took out her flute and then her summoned Ogres were at her side, ready to heed her commands.

"Stubborn am I? You are DEAD!"

The young heir of the Nara Clan however glared and replied as he took out some of his kunai that had light bombs attached to them.

"You ll have to CATCH ME FIRST WOMAN!"

Shikamaru knew this was not the wisest move he had made but if that gave Naruto and Lee more time to get Sasuke then he was ready for this. He might act like he...oh hell, he was a lazy guy in more ways than one, but when push came to shove, he was ready for anything and even ready to risk whatever was needed to win the battle. And right now he had to keep faith in not merely himself but the others as well. It was a tough call to have to leave behind Neji, Kiba, Akamaru, and Chouji, but that was part of the risk of being a Shinobi and he had faith in both of them as they had been training long and hard to be stronger and there was a reason for that as well, and it had to do with Naruto.

Ever since the blonde came back from helping bring Tsunade, he and no doubt the others saw a major change in the blonde. He was more mature...serious, dedicated to his training, and was a lot more focused this time around, making him wonder why Naruto had not shown this level of dedication before in school. Of course unlike most of the others then Shikamaru was sharper than most and knew that Naruto did a lot of pranks for recognition. He might never admit it, but the time Naruto did that graffiti stunt on the Hokage monument in broad daylight made him well as be impressed as to how he managed to pull that off before he was caught by Iruka.

He was still the same though even with all the increases in his maturity, and growth as a Shinobi, he could still be such a dunce, goofball, funny, and still have the proverbial heart of gold. He never let the power get into his head and that was something that Shikamaru respected since the kind of power he had now would have gotten into anyone s head. But Naruto was still the same guy he called a friend, sure he was not pleased at times by Naruto s bullheadedness but he knew that Naruto was a good ninja...not the smartest, the strongest, the fastest and all that, but still worthy of recognition.

And what he might become in the years to come...he was very eager to see this and also improve himself so he could stand alongside Naruto. The blonde had something about him that spelled a future worth looking forward to, and he was going to make sure that he would help Naruto reach that future. There was no doubt as well in his mind that the same sentiment was in the others who had stood back to fight the rest of the Oto group. They too would train their best so that they would not be left behind and stand with Naruto.

After all, Tsunade-sama had a strong faith in the future generations of Konoha s ninja, and today, they were that generation, along with Naruto. SO they were going to stand up and be ready to be called upon to do what is needed of them.

All of that was shoved aside for now however, he had a fight to win and a mission to complete.


Naruto was not leased that the team was now reduced to him and Rock Lee but he knew that it was part of the risk they had to take as ninja. Neji was strong in his own right, so were Kiba, Akamaru, and Chouji so he had to have faith in them as well as himself, Rock Lee, and Shikamaru. They were his friends after all and they were not going to give up or allow themselves to die without a fight. For now he and Lee had to hurry and catch up and right now he was trying his best to reach out with all of his senses to try and locate Kimimaro and the container housing Sasuke.

The blonde had no doubt that they would soon have to fight the last of the Kaguya Clan and he was not going to hold back, and he could tell that the same sentiment was there in Lee. He however kept in mind that he was the wild card, having not been there when they attacked Konoha to liberate Sasuke and had not been there when he used the Kage Bunshin so they had no idea of his skill level and what he could do with his Kekkai Genkai. But it was fairly obvious from Tayuya s reaction that he was powerful and thus even with his levels of personal growth, there was no way Naruto was going to look down on him.

"We have to be careful Lee, I have no clue how powerful this Kimimaro is since he only appeared now."

"I agree, all we know is that he is the last of the Kaguya Clan and the holder of their Kekkai Genkai as Zabuza-sama said. If he is the last of their clan, wields their Kekkai Genkai , and was feared even by them to the point they locked him up however, then there is no doubt he cannot be underestimated."

Naruto nodded at that and soon they entered a massive valley through the woods they were in moments before. And soon they spotted the container out in the open, normally had they been normal people, they would have rushed in, but they were not. They were ninja and the whole situation spelled trap to them so they moved carefully forward. They were very wary of this whole thing and as they moved closer, their wariness was rewarded when Kimimaro came out from hiding and stood before them.


Naruto and Rock Lee now faced off with none other that Kimimaro, the apparent leader of the Oto ninja team they were pursuing, and as they recognized him from Zabuza, the last survivor of the Kaguya Clan and the wielder of their Kekkai Genkai. They were also informed that even among his blood thirsty kindred, Kimimaro was deemed a dangerous fighter, no doubt due to the Kekkai Genkai he had. Zabuza was not very open on the details since he only heard of it in passing, but it had something to do with being able to manipulate the bones and grow them back.

"None of you will be able to stop the transformation now, soon your former comrade will belong to Orochimaru-sama and I will see it will happen. Come forward you worthless garbage."

That insult made Naruto s blood boil, but his taunt did not get Naruto fully riled as the blonde Chuunin managed not to go charging after the renegade and making a mistake that would get him injured or killed. He and Rock Lee focused their attention on Kimimaro who quickly revealed that he was indeed a lot more dangerous now that he was going all out.

However, just before things could go further, something happened to the container that housed Sasuke. And whatever it was, it was not the least bit good in the mind of the two Konoha ninja, even more so when they saw the look of acceptance from Kimimaro. The container soon began to unleash even more of the intensely foul chakra that Naruto and Rock Lee could feel without question and soon the container began to fall apart. The chakra that came out was dark, violet, and very corruptible to the senses. It was thick with anger, hatred of the world, greed, everything foul that one could describe and then as it began to loosen. Naruto and Rock Lee saw the sight of Sasuke, but this time the same black flame like tattoos were on him. The blonde Chuunin could feel the dark energy coming from his former team mate and he growled in disgust at what he was sensing.

Even the normally chipper and kind hearted Rock Lee glared at the energy he was sensing from the former Team 7 member. He may lack the chakra abilities of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, but he was still able to sense the chakra and he did not like it one bit. The fiery inferno of black chakra soon abated and Sasuke turned to face them. Both of them were not the least bit happy with what was happening before them, even more so when Sasuke suddenly laughed at them and spoke intently to Naruto.

"So you finally caught up with me dobe?! Ha! Too late...your house in that pathetic little village is gone, burned to cinders. And those three whores of yours...are they still alive?"

That angered Naruto but he kept his peace and even Lee glared at Sasuke, no longer seeing him as worthy rival, but a beast that had to be caught and dealt with by the Court of Konoha. He would not become a missing nin and kill Sasuke against orders unless Sasuke became too dangerous to leave alive.

The Uchiha youth laughed at the looks given to him by his former fellow Ninja and soon turned and spoke to Kimimaro.

"I am off."

Kimimaro looked at Sasuke who turned and left as he focused his attention to the two Konoha Ninja who were before him now.

They tried to follow, but it was perfectly clear to the two of them that Kimimaro was not going to make that an easy mission to accomplish, that will not stop the two of them as they both attacked at the same time.

Still, they had their mission and that was get Sasuke who had just fled, but not after taunting Naruto about what he had done to Hinata, Sakura, and Ino.

He was not the least bit pleased when Sasuke managed to escape them along with calling Hinata, Sakura and Ino whores...that insult was truly debased and disgusting in his mind but he did not let his anger get the better of him as he knew that they had to deal with Kimimaro first before they could go anywhere.

Kimimaro was no fool either and focused on the two, well aware of the reputation that Naruto had, after all, he was the one who had caused considerable damage to Orochimaru in a number of battles. That alone made the normally calm and level headed Oto Ninja angry as he had a great deal of loyalty and admiration for the former Konoha ninja and Sannin. Though he was aware that he was merely a tool of the Sannin, he accepted that role and would do anything he deemed necessary in order to help achieve the dreams of the Sannin. And if delivering Sasuke to Orochimaru was the way to achieve that dream, then so be it.

With that in mind, the last of the Kaguya Clan summoned his Kekkai Genkai and to the surprise of both Konoha ninja, his bones literally popped out of his body. The two were not the least bit pleased by the undeniably creepy sight and even more so for the words that came out of the last Kaguya s mouth.

"Come now your match!"

They moved in to engage the last member of the now decimated and extinct Kaguya Clan and soon the fight began in earnest. Naruto evaded several prices strikes made by the razor sharp bone coming from the body of the Shinobi and quickly slashed with his swords to imbalance Kimimaro, but the fighter was able to evade them and also block the powerful spinning kick combinations of Rock Lee.

The two moved in for the kill and Kimimaro did likewise as Naruto leaped overhead to land a powerful slash to his neck, which Kimimaro ducked under and managed to fire a rising kick from his position, Naruto however quickly moved to using the flat of his sword to block the kick, and soon Lee came in with a kick aiming for Kimimaro in his current position which in hindsight was vulnerable to attack., But the last of the Kaguya was quick to use one his bone swords to stab into the ground and block the incoming strike as Naruto leaped over him.

The blonde Chuunin wasted no time at all launching several slashes with his sword at Kimimaro and soon he threw several shuriken at the last of the Kaguya Clan but he kept him mind that there was one problem for him and Rock Lee. Since Kimimaro had not been present in the battle they had no idea just how powerful he was when using the Cursed Seal. And judging from what they had seen from his reaction to those of his unit, he was not the least bit accepting of them entirely. That coupled with what Zabuza told them of him, made both ninja very wary of the silver haired fighter before the two of them.

Naruto fired several kunai that Kimimaro blocked while Rock Lee closed in with a pair of Kunai in hand and soon began to trade blows with the fighter, he blocked several slashes and thrusts, responded with his own before flipping back and then tossing the kunai down towards him, which were deflected, only for Naruto to come in and strike with his swords in a double sword style attack on the ninja before him. Kimimaro growled mentally but still remained as calm as before when he fought with Naruto as he had to admit that his initial assessment of the two ninja was proving to be a bit short than he would have liked to admit to.

But that hardly meant that the situation was in the favour of Naruto and Rock lee as Kimimaro was more than capable in fighting off the two of them, and had occasionally managed to force them to move to fighting defensively.

(( Master, this foe is very well trained and no doubt is the true leader of the ninja we were fighting. There is no doubt he will be a major obstacle as I have seen few fighters on the side of my creator Faldren and that of the followers of Chorvax to be able to fight this well. ))

(True, he lives up to the name of the Kaguya is what Zabuza-sama told me is accurate.)

(( Yes, but I have sensed not merely the Cursed Seal on him, he seems to be afflicted by some sort of sickness that is killing him. ))

(Hold it...he s dying?)

(( Apparently so...the effects have become a lot more potent now. That will mean that he will soon die if pushed well beyond his limits as the sickness in him apparently cannot be cured. But I have no doubt he will not stop fighting you and your friend until he either succeeds in allowing Orochimaru to take Sasuke, or he dies in the attempt. Either way, he is truly loyal to Orochimaru and I doubt we have either the time or the freedom to try and turn him. We must evade/neutralize him or outright kill him Master, there is no other option if we are to catch up with Sasuke. ))

The conversation ended as the two of them were soon attacked by Kimimaro who was not in the mood to stay quiet and still for long. The attacker landed in front of Naruto and used two bone swords and began to trade blows with Naruto who countered well enough before Lee came in and began to trade blows with Kimimaro to allow some distance between Naruto and Kimimaro. The last of the Kaguya Clan was not the least bit pleased by the interference but now focused his attention on Lee who was quick to use punches and kicks, as well as knee and elbow strikes to keep Kimimaro occupied. The bone wielder was quick to get some distance after avoiding a double kick and punch combination from the Taijutsu user and was about to use his Kekkai Genkai to allow him to fire his finger bones as bullets. However, he was forced to change tactics when Naruto attacked, only this time the blonde had taken out his Reflex Bow which he had in a scroll for safe keeping and began to fire arrows at Kimimaro.

This was something that annoyed Kimimaro as he turned his attention once more at the blonde who fired more arrows at him. He responded in kind to fire some of his finger bones as bullets but soon Naruto stopped firing arrows, just as Lee came back into the fight and nearly took Kimimaro's head off at the side had it not been for him using his bone sword to block the incoming blow. Lee quickly angled his body downward and used his hands to allow him to spin his legs like a propeller blade and managed to land a kick on Kimimaro before he could react. This then gave Lee the opening as he used his arms like springs to send him into the air with a kick aimed right at Kimimaro.

That move was dodged by the Oto ninja and he tried to stab Lee while he was in flight, only for Lee to twist his body out of the way of the weapon and he then moved to grab the arm of the ninja and use it as a means to land a kick into Kimimaro s chest...only for his ribs to come out like a macabre Venus fly trap...forcing Lee to move away to avoid being wounded severely.

He is soon joined by Naruto who had placed aside his bow and went back to using his sword as the blonde spoke.

"Damn...he s good, Zabuza-san was not kidding in the slightest that he is so dangerous that even his on clan were scared witless of him."

"True indeed, but we cannot let him stop us Naruto-san, you go and pursue Sasuke."

Naruto did not like that one bit and spoke once more.

"While you stay behind and hold him ?! No way, we already are depleted as it is Lee, I am not leaving!"

"You have to...we re already getting closer to the border and if Sasuke-san escapes, then we will be very hard pressed to find him as well as any of the bases held by Orochimaru. We have little choice here Naruto-san, you must go on without me and stop Sasuke."

Naruto disliked this immensely but also knew that Lee had a point, unless they stop Sasuke right now, then he would disappear out into the other lands and while he could track him using Holy Talon, he was not sure that he could do so with the fact that there was no full proof idea on how many bases Orochimaru had to operate, along with the fact no one knew the exact location of the Otogakure at this time. But Jiraiya had mentioned that Otogakure could be a misleading name since it would be outright foolish for Orochimaru to stay in one place indefinitely, not with the crimes he had committed. Plus Kin s report on the matter some time ago proved that there was no such village at all, merely a name to serve as misleading and bases were all there was.

That meant that if Sasuke was not caught soon, there was no telling where he would be in the long run if they were able to go out and find him. And while he would not have hesitated to do the whole thing himself if it ever came to that stage, Naruto knew that he had far too much to focus on right now and his friends needed him to be all right and safe.

Thus as much as he was against the idea personally and for good reason he finally agreed.

"All right careful all right?"

"I will. Get going Naruto-san, and make sure to never let your youth burn out."

Naruto grinned at that and re-sheathed his sword and quickly unleashed several shuriken at Kimimaro who countered as he charged at the pair. He was will aware of what they had in mind and had no intention of letting them do that at all.


Lee readied himself and knew that this was going to be a serious fight, Kimimaro might lack either Neji s Byakugan or Sasuke s Sharingan, but the Kekkai Genkai he had meant that he was not going to be an easy foe to face. It made it all the more difficult as he had no idea on what else Kimimaro was capable of doing as he was not among the Genin from Oto that he and the others fought with before. This meant that he could not afford to be the least bit distracted and all he could hope for was he could buy Naruto enough time to track down and secure Sasuke.

But he had made it this far and he was not going to let himself be distracted by the fight that was before him and he was not going to give up either. This was something he knew was part of the many risks a ninja had to be prepared for. He got ready as he and Kimimaro had already done their greetings and soon he charged at the fighter.

Kimimaro on his part unleashed his bone blades and soon charged towards Rock Lee, he could already see that the young man before him favoured Taijutsu and would prove to be an interesting if slightly dull fight. He quickly began to unleash slashes and thrusts at Rock Lee who was quick to use his arms to deflect the weapons by aiming for Kimimaro s arms and those blows he could not deflect he avoided. Lee leaned backwards and landed a kick on the Oto Ninja s wrist, forcing Kimimaro to lose his grip on the bone blade he had in that particular hand. Lee then righted himself and then used his legs to propel himself into an elbow charge into Kimimaro. The Oto ninja countered by moving his blade to the side and in the middle of his body to block the incoming strike from the Konoha Genin, the move that Kimimaro used worked but that hardly meant that it phased Lee as he quickly spun his body to unleash a powerful side kick while moving his body down to allow his hands to give him some ground.

The forced Kimimaro to leap back and then flip over the ninja he was facing and then catch the bone blade he had lost earlier and soon the fight was back on as Lee unleashed blow after blow to Kimimaro in order to keep the pressure on, he had learned enough to know that this foe was not to be trifled with and with time against them, he had to hurry.

There was no doubt in his mind that Sasuke had gone beyond was could be considered acceptable, but he knew that it would only be up to the Council and Tsunade-sama on what was Sasuke s fate, he and the others knew that, but it was his friends that he was concerned with. For now though, he had to maintain his focus on beating his foe. This was by far the hardest fight he had been in apart from facing Gaara of the Sand back then in the Chuunin Exams and he was more than aware of not taking this foe lightly.

As for Kimimaro, he still felt that the ninja before him was nothing more than garbage, and would have preferred to face the one who had that sword, but he knew that beggars could not be choosers. He was here to do all he could to make sure that Orochimaru would finally gain the body of Sasuke Uchiha and the Sharingan for his very own plans and he was not in the mood to be denied. The boy would be able to handle himself now that he had control of the Cursed Seal like him and the rest of the Sound Five, and while a tiny part of him was eager to see the results, he had his duty and he had no plans of messing it up one bit.

(As long as I am of use to Orochimaru-sama then I will fight to the death no matter what happens in this battle.)

As for Rock Lee, he was more than aware that he did not have enough data on this foe before him, even after seeing him in action. Zabuza had given them some details but since few had ever seen the Kaguya Clan s Kekkai Genkai until now, this was not going to be an easy fight in more ways than one. But in a way this was going to be a challenge that Lee looked forward to, even though he had originally wanted to face Sasuke. Fighting Kimimaro would be the ultimate test of his skills and he was not going to disappoint himself and also Gai-sensei.

Besides he did have a few things that could be helpful, some medicine to help him in battle, along with some new moves he learned in combat sparring with his now girlfriend. All he could hope for was that he had developed enough to be able to hold his own along with aid from the medicine that had been left there by Gai for him after their own mission prior to him being tapped to deal with this one alongside Lee.


Naruto continued to track down Sasuke and hoped that he could finally stop him before he crossed the border. He knew full well where they were both heading...the Valley of the End. This was the place where Madara Uchiha, who had been head of the Uchiha Clan long ago before becoming a traitor, had taken command of the Kyuubi somehow and then used the massive being to wage war with Konoha. It was here that he, and the First Hokage...his beloved Tsunade s Grandfather Hashirama Senju fought one another. The battle was such that the entire valley, which was once a simple area surrounded by hills, forests, and some mountains, was forever altered from the various battles and Jutsu used by the two powerful ninja of their time...with the Kyuubi being part of the whole mess.

It was here that Madara was killed in battle by Hashirama even when the former Uchiha Clan leader had used his Sharingan to enslave the Kyuubi into it s control.

(( Damn this place...I hate it! ))

Naruto heard the anger and disgust in the voice of the fox being residing in him and considering the history it had with this place, he could not blame it for the angry reaction. There was no doubt in the blonde s mind that he had to be wary if they were coming here and would soon deal with Sasuke. Even if there was no sign of anyone coming to help Sasuke he would not put it above Orochimaru to have prepared some form of contingency force to make sure that he got what he wanted.


And Naruto was right in that regard...for as he pursued Sasuke...


Orochimaru was none too pleased to be dispatching yet another team of ninja into the battle field to recover Sasuke, but he was getting desperate to secure Sasuke so he dispatched a strike team of Jonin to secure Sasuke. He had no doubt that the Sound Five would do their mission well but there was a great deal of things that had yet to be dealt with and right now he would need to be alive to do this.

Soon the dispatched Sound Jonin were on their way, eager to do what Orochimaru had ordered them to do in this situation. They were to fight off anyone sent by Konoha to delay the arrival of the Sound Five and the rogue ninja Sasuke. As he looked at the ninja, the former Konoha ninja gave a growl of pain as the effects of his soul being rejected by the body hit him again. He knew that he could not use this body of his forever and right now he was fighting to keep himself stable until Sasuke was brought to him. Yes he would teach the boy all he knew to allow him to finally fulfil his life s goal of slaying Itachi, but then he would take his body and the Sharingan for his own soon enough. And with it, he would finally achieve his own goal and become a true immortal.


Unknown to all...

Death Fang watched the events unfold before it in it s new base of operations, the dark souls that made up the Chaos Dragon Sword were eager to see this event play out to see how things will end. But that was not the only reason the evil sword was watching Naruto and his team fight Orochimaru s forces, it was looking for new potential pawns to use in battle or even potential masters, and already quite a number of things had gained it s interest on the whole affair before it, even more so when it turned it s attention to the young blonde carrying it s counter part.

Naruto had begun to grow stronger, a thought that delighted the evil sword greatly, relishing the thought of finally slaying the blonde who was the chosen wielder of it s twin. Perhaps it could even take the power of this...Kyuubi or even have it join forces with it. Most would think that Death Fang would suffer no other forces of darkness than those of it s creator Chorvax and those of his creator s followers, and in truth they would be right. But it hardly meant that the swords dark nature was against the idea of forging alliances with those who were of dark natures and intents, and this demon fox was proving to be considerable interest to the Chaos Dragon forged sentient sword.

Thus it decided that it was now time to send some...assistance to the one it deemed to have some level of potential to serve as it s master. But like before, only it will decide who was truly worthy of it s power and support. If this Sasuke did not have the potential that would make it change it s mind about him being a worthwhile master, then it would use the boy as a pawn to test Naruto until the time came that it found someone worthy as a master.


In the Valley of the End...

The blonde Chuunin was more than ready for any other trap coming at him, but so far it seemed that his target did not have any other form of backup heading this way and soon the blonde arrived t see none other than Sasuke Uchiha looking at him intently. He reached out with his senses and could tell that a lot had changed in his friend, further reinforcing the sick feeling he had when he saw Sasuke break out of that darn container that he had been stored in from before. Sasuke soon moved to draw the sword he had stolen from the blonde s now ruined home and was pointing at him with a clear intent to use the blade on him.
Sasuke and Naruto faced one another now in the Valley of the End. Naruto knew the significance of the place they were in right now but cared little for it. He drew Holy Talon as he knew that the sword Sasuke stole from him would be more than able to cut through the swords he had with him right now except Holy Talon. Naruto glared at his former team mate and could not help but feel the bile in his gut rise and the feelings of anger came to him. But he calmed himself before speaking seriously to Sasuke.

"What the hell have you done Sasuke?"

The question apparently was something Sasuke found very offensive to himself and his response to that was more than enough to prove that to Naruto. That coupled with the fact that he was showing great disdain and arrogance in his expressions only added fuel to the fire.

"What have I done? You ask such a stupid question dobe! All I wanted was the avenge my family, kill that bastard Itachi and bring honor back to my clan!"



"I m the fool? Me? You re the one who was doing all he could short of committing fucking suicide to fight foes you have no idea about?! You nearly got turned into a Werewolf by the ones we had to kill because you IGNORED ME and went after the Alpha on your own?! You nearly got yourself killed damn it! WHO'S THE FOOL HERE?!"

Sasuke growled and spoke once more.

"Enough! I grew tired of you Naruto...always trying so hard to be better than everyone else. Don t you think that I do not pay attention to how many times you tried to beat me in everything but can t? You know why? You don t have any reason to be stronger! All you have are those bonds with others, what good are they when they are all DEAD?! You have no idea what I had endured first hand."

"You think I don t know that?! Yes, I know that I can t understand what losing family is like because I never had a family. But that does not mean I end up betraying all I knew and loved for power! You really think killing Itachi is going to bring your parents back from the grave?!"

"No...but that power you have...that sword could give me that power...power to avenge my family, bring honour to it s name after Itachi sullied it with the blood of everyone that night! But no...instead it chose you...YOU! THE DEAD LAST OF THE VILLAGE! I want that power but it s yours now...but I will not be swayed. If gaining the power I need to end you and to end Itachi once and for all is to be gained by siding with Orochimaru then so be it!"

Naruto shook his head at all of this and looked at the former ninja of the village and knew that he had no other alternative right now but to fight Sasuke and defeat him. This was the only way to make sure that not only did he prevent him from siding with Orochimaru, but to make sure that he was able to make sure that he would never be a threat to anyone ever again. With that in mind, the blonde Chuunin sighed and was more than ready to finally stop Sasuke in his tracks.

"Fine, I guess that I will have to stop you cold, I will do whatever I have to in order to stop you from siding with Orochimaru Sasuke even if I have to beat some damned sense into that thick head of yours. You are going back to Konoha and face trial for your actions."

Sasuke sneered as he readied his stolen sword and replied.

"You think it s going to be that simple?! It was once, but not anymore, with the Cursed Seal now at my full control, I will make you regret ever coming after me!"

"Talk is cheap Sasuke!"

Both of them quickly charged in, aiming at one another with lethal intent, Naruto knew that the only way to defeat Sasuke who was now lik this was to fight as if he intended to kill or cripple him, he resisted the darker side of himself that demanded he end Sasuke s life, recalling the many things he knew of his former friend and team mate and of course what Itachi said before.

(There was more to the Uchiha Clan Massacre than anyone in Konoha realized...that is what Itachi said...what did he mean?)

Naruto quickly placed such thoughts aside as he and Sasuke were drawn into battle. The sword he had was one of the few things Holy Talon could not cut easily so he knew that this was going to be a tough fight to the bitter end. But he knew that this was something he had to accept as there was no turning back for him...and the same could be said for Sasuke.

Any other thoughts ended as one sound reverberated in the Valley...the sound of swords.


The battle between former friends and team mates began in earnest.


To be continued...


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