Naruto – The Twin Swords

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Chapter 7

Part 2

Swords Clash Kusanagi VS Holy Talon

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((" ")): Holy Talon's voice


'Hatred…is like a ravenous snake that chases it's own tail, it captures it and feasts heartily…unaware that it is consuming itself in the process. Or like a deadly disease that gives strength…but also consumes the body within.'

'Hatred gives power…but demands a very high price…never give into you're hatred and let it rule you for the rest of your life…for along the way… you may very well become the very thing you hate.'

The words of a priest administering aid to his people…


In the Forest of Death…

Naruto and Sasuke wasted little time in their combined attacks on Orochimaru, Sasuke threw several shuriken at Orochimaru, forcing the ninja to back away as he summed Kusanagi back to his side, and just in time to block Naruto's series of slashes that came for both his head and neck. If the S-ranked ninja didn't block in time, either strike could have seriously wounded him. But as he blocked, Naruto then leaped over him and as he landed, attacked Orochimaru with several more slashes and thrusts, forcing him back and just in time for Sasuke to attack him, the Uchiha managed to avoid the attacks from Orochimaru and land a few blows as well, forcing the ninja to leap to the trees.

Both Sasuke and Naruto fired several shuriken at his direction, which he managed to avoid well, showing his skills as a ninja to the pair, but Sasuke and Naruto were far from deterred as they leaped up after him. Sasuke summoned his Demon Wind Shuriken and tossed it right at the snake summoning ninja and then Naruto used his favored jutsu.


Several Shadow Clones were now alongside the original Naruto and they also used the same move Naruto used before when he faced Orochimaru for the first time. The clones of Holy Talon also glowed a bit as they and the original were released by their holders and with the same gestures as before…the swords spun and were like glowing spinning circles of death and were unleashed at Orochimaru's direction.

The flying weapons came right at Orochimaru at high speed, forcing him to move from tree to tree, but when he got to one branch, the Holy Talon cut the branch off and allowed the Demon Wind Shuriken to come back to Sasuke and cut Orochimaru on the right side of his stomach, the snake ninja didn't show any pain but smiled as both Sasuke, Naruto, and his clones moved in to attack.

Sasuke launched several more shuriken at Orochimaru which he blocked with Kusanagi and evaded, but that gave Naruto the opening he needed to close the gap and slash Orochimaru on the chest, the snake ninja evaded the strike, but only barely as his front was cut and despite his smile…he was burned by the contact of Holy Talon's cutting edge on his chest. Sasuke then threw another kunai that Orochimaru deflected but Sasuke then closed in and then attacked with several powerful punches and kicks that managed to hit Orochimaru.

(They certainly work well as a team…I can't have Sasuke relying on them…he has great potential…but lacks…a certain degree of ruthlessness…and Naruto and that pink haired girl is preventing him from fully getting it…I will have to deal with that soon enough. But that will be for another time…I will need to see just what else they are capable of.)

The snake ninja then used Kusanagi along with several snakes from his left hand to attack both Naruto and Sasuke, the snakes this time fired out several large swords and some of them released swords in their mouths, this forces the two ninja back. Naruto then realized that if they tried to pursue Orochimaru, then they would leave Sakura undefended.

"Sasuke, we have to pull back!"

Sasuke looked at Naruto with surprised eyes, the blonde was by far giving Orochimaru a hard time, but now he wanted to pull back?!

"What are you talking about?! We have him right where we want him?!"

"That's what he wants…and we're leaving Sakura defenseless here! We need to make him come to us, not go to him!"

Sasuke growled angrily, but he had to admit that Naruto's logic was understandable…but he was not happy with the idea of backing down and moved back and so did Naruto, and Orochimaru didn't like that as they were denying him the chance to deal with them piecemeal. He had planned to take Naruto out of the equation, but not by killing him, he planned to deal with Naruto's gifts first and render him powerless to fight back. He then decided to focus his attacks on Sasuke and try to open a weak point in Naruto's defenses. And the best way was to goad Sasuke into forgetting his defenses.

"Such a shame Sasuke-kun…and here I was hoping that you would be as skilled or more so than the OTHER Uchiha that I knew…it seems you don't have what it takes to kill him after all."

The moment Sasuke heard that, his anger grew to mammoth proportions as he focused all of his attention to Orochimaru.

"You know HIM?!"

"Really now…of course I do…"


Orochimaru smiled warmly at that, goading Sasuke on.

(Wonderful, this will work well to my advantage!)

"If you want those answers from me Sasuke-kun…then fight me…let me see if you truly have what it takes to kill that one person who I KNOW you want to kill so badly."


"Shut up Naruto…you…you WILL tell where he is…if you don't…I'll KILL YOU!!!"

"Let me see if you really can Sasuke-kun!"

"Don't listen to him….!"

Sasuke ignored Naruto and charged right at Orochimaru, much to Naruto's shock and surprise, the Uchiha wasted no time and attacked Orochimaru with the innate ferocity that resembled a man possessed by demons. Naruto was torn in his duty…one was to aid Sakura and protect her from attack…the other was to his team-mate Sasuke so to make sure that they defeated Orochimaru. The blonde wanted to help Sasuke, but he had to protect Sakura as well, he decided to do what he can by supporting Sasuke and hope that it would work to their favor.

Sasuke wasted no time as he took out three kunai in each hand and fired them at Orochimaru, forcing the ninja to block with Kusanagi and the then traded blows with Sasuke as kicks and punches were sent flying. Naruto could only watch and wait for an opening since if he used his more powerful attacks, there was a big chance Sasuke would be caught in the aftermath of his attack and Orochimaru could attack them both, Orochimaru then blocked a series of kicks from Sasuke and that gave Naruto the opening he needed as he attacked as well…charging with another powerful lunge, aiming to slice off Orochimaru's head….however the ninja was not going to give up. He placed Kusanagi aside and the made several seals and unleashed a wind element attack.


The wind element attack proved to catch the two Genin off guard as the two of them were knocked back at a considerable distance…Naruto skidded to the ground while Sasuke flipped back to his feet…the unexpected attack stopped their offensive and that allowed Orochimaru some breathing room, he then smiled and directed a smaller version of the previous attack and included the element of fire…creating a very large sized fireball.

Naruto spotted it and knew that it was intending to kill them and Sakura and quickly jammed Holy Talon into the ground and chanted in the same archaic language and then released the spell.


Energy began to form around the three Genin in the shape of hexagonal scales, like that of a Dragon's own scale pattern, the glowing shield surrounded them and the fireball exploded around the glowing red shield and covered them with fire…Orochimaru looked on and clapped as the flame faded to show that the energy shield was still active and protecting the three Genin.

(Impressive… this is the first technique I have seen that relies on no hand signs…but I doubt Naruto can keep this up. Time to add on the pressure and get Sasuke…he is powerful…but he must be taught to discard them all…and his hatred will be the key.)

"What are you doing there Sasuke-kun? Cowering in the dirt because you're so weak?"

"DAMN YOU!!!!"

Naruto barely got the shield down as Sasuke once more charged and this time, had several Windmill Shuriken in his hands as he tossed them at Orochimaru. Orochimaru evaded them but was a bit surprised to find himself suddenly surrounded by metal wire that tied him down quickly and effectively. Sasuke smiled at that and then began his own hand seals and unleashed a Uchiha clan favored strike.


Sasuke unleashed a powerful torrent of flame from his mouth and used a guide wire to cover Orochimaru in flames…the ninja shouted out and was covered in the fire as Sasuke landed back as the flames consumed the tree…

The other Genin watched the fight as it escalated to that level and many wondered if there was a chance Orochimaru was finally dead. However they were proven wrong as Orochimaru erupted out from the tree and forced Sasuke back as he had to avoid being skewered by the Kusanagi. That was when Orochimaru attacked with his own set of punches and kicks to Sasuke, who was able to block most of the attacks, but not a powerful kick that sent him flying back and hitting a tree.


Naruto leaped in and attacked as well, using several of his techniques with Holy Talon, Orochimaru avoided a powerful thrust that would have skewered him at the throat if he didn't move away as fast as he did. The two once more faced on another as Naruto held Holy Talon once more in the same position as before and got ready to face Orochimaru…but he knew that at this rate, he might not be able to defend both Sasuke and Sakura in their current states. He put that out for now as he charged right at Orochimaru as they crossed swords once more.

Orochimaru was able to get his sword ready though it's strength was waning in front of the power of Holy Talon, but he was not going to give up just yet as he traded several blows with Naruto. The blonde ninja evaded a stab with a side step, he struck the Kusanagi down and leaped at Orochimaru with his sword in the air….aiming right at Orochimaru's neck in flight, the snake ninja bend backwards, evading the blade of Holy Talon as Naruto landed and attacked with a powerful rising slash that Orochimaru blocked with Kusanagi, the snake ninja moved back with powerful yet graceful speed and then unleashed a special brand of attacks…consisting of stabs moving at high speed…making the glowing Kusanagi blade look like a blitz of light.

Naruto managed to evade few and then began to spin his sword using his right hand and moved the sword around his body to cover his body zones, the method of defense was able to frustrate a good portion of the attacks with his sword…the attacks lasted for a few minutes as the stabs were answered with spinning defense. Orochimaru then backed away but not before firing a powerful slash that cut Naruto on the upper right arm…wounding the blonde ninja and forcing him to release Holy Talon, Orochimaru then attacked, intending to deal with the blonde ninja permanently…but Naruto caught Holy Talon with his left hand and in a reverse grip slammed the Holy Talon right into Orochimaru's right arm…cutting it clean off.

As Orochimaru moved back, this was the opportunity Naruto waited for…despite the pain in his right arm and his growing exhaustion, the blonde was not done as summoned more clones to his side…there were at least twelve Kage Bushin that now surrounded Orochimaru, and they quickly attacked.

The first two clones were dispatched by Orochimaru in hand to hand combat…and so were three others, but the remaining seven were able to get close enough to stab Orochimaru with their swords to hold him steady as Naruto held the Holy Talon on both hands and charged with the blade glowing.


The clones disappeared as Naruto unleashed a barrage of powerful punches, kicks, and slashes that were moving at high speed, Orochimaru could only block as best he could, but one such kick broke through his defenses and sent the snake ninja flying into the air. Naruto then leaped upward and then slashes at Orochimaru several times with smaller versions of the Dragon Wave. The waves exploded on Orochimaru and sent him flying even further until he broke the tree cover of the Forest of Death and when the smoke faded…the snake ninja looked up to see Naruto with Holy Talon in both hands and the sword glowing and he spun his body once more with the sword facing the side…making Naruto look like a top with a blade on the side…In a span of a few moments, Naruto gathered enough force in his spin and the energy around Holy Talon glowed pure gold in light and Naruto then spun for the last time as he and Orochimaru met half way with his flying and Naruto falling.

The blonde ninja then sent the sword slamming into Orochimaru with amazing force as the impact…while blocked by a snake summon…released a shockwave that shook the trees to their roots.


The Holy Dragon Sword sliced through the snake summon easily and sliced through Orochimaru's remaining arm and sliced him at the side. The energy acted like a massive hammer as the snake ninja was send slamming down hard into the ground with amazing force…the ninja hit the branches…but the force of the technique Naruto used had sent him smashing through the branches with intense force…as limbs from trees were broken off and as soon as Orochimaru hit the ground, it was a powerful explosion of pure force that sent dust right out of the ground in a large cloud. Naruto landed on the ground, but he was getting weary and he had to worry about the energy he used up…namely in his body. He then decided to look through the dust cloud to make sure that Orochimaru was dead. Holy Talon was concerned for it's wielder and voiced that very same concern to him.

(("Master Naruto…we need to heal you're wounds!"))

(I know…but I have to make sure he's dead.)

(("Master! Look out!"))

Naruto had enough time to react to that warning as the Kusanagi came right at him once more and then Orochimaru appeared…regenerated and smiling and then did a few hand seals and Naruto found himself unable to move to defend himself or attack.

"What the?!"

Orochimaru smiled at the look of surprise and turned aside to show his decimated body before…with massive gaping wounds and burns all over it.

"Very impressive Naruto-kun…you were strong enough to actually force me into discarding a part of my body…and I haven't resorted to that in quite a while. You are impressive…if you weren't protected by that sword…and you're resident which I have no doubt is still in there. I would have considered branding you as well as Sasuke-kun. Before you were not my concern…but now…you are different…you are a threat to me…and my plans for Sasuke-kun. I know this isn't temporary…but for now…I get to pay you back for those wounds."

With that, Orochimaru began to savagely beat Naruto with punches and kicks and he then used his tongue to hold Naruto as he sent the boy slamming into several trees with considerable force…if it hadn't been for his newly enhanced physical traits, Naruto would have been grievously injured as he was slammed around by Orochimaru. The snake ninja however knew that while he was enjoying the payback…the battle had taken a considerable deal out of him and he knew that he still had Sasuke to deal with. As soon as he tossed Naruto aside, and the special jutsu he used to stun the blonde was still in effect.

Naruto however was not giving up as it was never his way and it was never in his blood to surrender to any foe…no matter how powerful they truly were. Holy Talon then glowed light gold and in a moment as Orochimaru was about to attack with Kusanagi as he was fallen on the ground, as soon as the light faded from Holy Talon, Naruto got to his feet and then with several strikes, stopped Orochimaru's attack on him and forced the snake bastard back and with one powerful strike, with all of his energy at this moment as he was still badly injured, he struck the middle of Kusanagi with a power blow with Holy Talon within one hand..


The technique was well named as Holy Talon smashed on Kusanagi…and broke the weapon cleanly in half…Naruto grinned at the look of surprise on Orochimaru's face as he moved back and got into position once more to defend himself, but he had used up a lot of his physical strength in the fight for the time being since while he had received training it was only five days worth…and he was not yet ready to tackle full fledged foes like Orochimaru…Holy Talon took note of that and knew that as soon as Naruto had gained enough training, he could give more essences to his master.

Orochimaru smiled at that and attacked, but made a motion hidden behind his back as the broken edge of Kusanagi flew at the same time of his attack, Naruto blocked the first strike from Orochimaru but got cut on the back by the broken part, Naruto bit back the pain of the unexpected attack and then forced Orochimaru back as he turned and used the same move as before and crushed the flying part of the sword that struck him from behind. He then faced Orochimaru and smirked.

"Nice try snake face…but you're luck's run out."

Orochimaru smiled and replied…

"Not entirely Naruto-kun…"

The snake ninja then fired out another snaked from his mouth to distract Naruto and as Naruto struck with his sword and sliced the newly released snake into two halves…Orochimaru rushed in and then attacked with a powerful attack to the nerve center, managed to stun Naruto and force him to fall to his knees, the strike wasn't powerful, but it was enough to cut Naruto's strength in half as the blonde ninja fell back with a thud, he got up however and was holding onto Holy Talon tightly. However the attacks had drained him as Orochimaru moved in and kicked him aside as Naruto was now near a rock and needed to recover as he was slowly reaching exhaustion.

Holy Talon knew that and decided to summon as much energy as it could spare for it's master…since Naruto was still a novice in terms of being a Dragon Champion, it could not unlock all of it's power to aid it's master until he was strong enough to handle it. The sword summoned the green and silver flames and it surrounded Naruto once more and began to heal his injuries and recover his stamina, but with the number of injuries it was a bit longer than before.


Sasuke recovered in time to see Naruto being wounded and was now too exhausted and wounded to continue fighting as he was kicked aside by Orochimaru…though he recovered and held his ground…this allowed Sasuke to make his move as he charged into the battle, planning to deal with Orochimaru and get some answers on where his true target was.

Orochimaru looked at his sword and was impressed that his Kusanagi was broken in half…the glowing blade could be rebuilt, but it was still a bit troubling that the Holy Talon was able to destroy the Kusanagi despite the Kusunagi's legendary status. Such a weapon would be useful and even if it would not respond to him, there would be other ways…

However, he was not going to get much of a chance as Sasuke came at him once more at full fury, but with Naruto a bit out of the fight it was easier as the Snake ninja placed aside his sword and then blocked several more attacks from the skilled Uchiha survivor and Sasuke was not letting up as he fired several massive fireballs at Orochimaru and the snake ninja was hit by several of them and when Sasuke recovered, he was suddenly attacked by Orochimaru and forced away…

Naruto was about to move in, but Orochimaru noted that and fired another massive wave of snakes that all activated their hidden weapons in their mouths, forcing Naruto to use another technique to stop them. With another powerful slash, the blonde ninja unleashed a powerful blast of fire at the incoming wave of snakes.


With Naruto distracted, Orochimaru made his move and quickly stopped Sasuke with his tongue and used his latest gift on the young Uchiha as Sasuke was unable to attack at him being in close range….Sasuke had no time to react as Orochimaru bit him right on the area between the neck and shoulder. The Uchiha felt immense pain as the bit occurred and he felt strange sensations in his body occur and he was released by Orochimaru as he tried to control the massive burning sensations that he was feeling.

Naruto burned through the snakes and saw what was happening and he rushed over to Sasuke and despite the still remaining effects of pain from his still present injuries as he had decided to ignore the advice of Holy Talon to let it fully heal his body. As he made it over to Sasuke he caught his team-mate and looked at Orochimaru with intense anger.


"I gave him my calling card…a symbol of power…soon he will come to me for power…the power he desires to defeat the man he seeks. He will come to me…and nothing will stop him…not even you Naruto-kun."

"Damn you, you bastard…I won't let you have you're way!"

Naruto charged right at Orochimaru and unleashed several more slashes, thrusts and stabs at Orochimaru and Orochimaru was forced to rely on his speed and agility to avoid the attacks being thrown at him by Naruto and used snakes in the form of swords to slow down and distract Naruto, Naruto however was in the grip on another technique as his eyes glowed once more and the Holy Talon began to glow deep blue…and then Orochimaru stopped and that was when Naruto attacked as he charged and struck out at Orochimaru…


Naruto began to move at high speed, seemingly fading in a burst of light, only to appear once more in an angel around Naruto…the trick was the same as Kage Bushin, but Naruto was actually using a short range teleportation spell that gave him the ability to move rapidly…however, it was only a short range spell and was not able to teleport him at vast distances…However it was enough to give him an edge since the spell relied on his use of Holy Talon's mystical energy reserves instead of hand seals. That fact became evident to Orochimaru as his attacks with snakes were unable to hit Naruto in any angle and then Naruto closed the gap and unleashed a massive barrage of slashes and thrusts that totally caught Orochimaru off guard and the snake summoning ninja was barely able to evade the attacks as the blows cut and pierced his body as he tried to evade Naruto…Naruto pressed the attack, intending to cut Orochimaru to shreds and the snake ninja knew that despite his smile, his body was already suffering from multiple wounds and he knew that the best chance to win now was not to try attacking Naruto head on…but to outwit him. The power being given to Naruto was not that of the Kyuubi, but of a totally different and unknown nature…and therefore, until he knew more…he could not afford to continue fighting with the blonde ninja and the living sword he was carrying.

The attacks that Naruto used were not just fast and powerful, but could also released powerful and unseen wind currents that were razor sharp as well as Orochimaru's clothes were showing large tears and went sans there were already wounds on his skin and flesh. Only then he used his snakes that he was able to escape as Naruto unleashed a powerful glowing slash that was like a massive crescent that sliced through the trees and boulders behind Orochimaru. The snake ninja smiled at the power he witness and was a bit saddened that he would not get the chance to see it.

"I will be leaving Naruto-kun, you have been very intriguing…far more than I suspected or thought possible."

"Come back here and fight me coward!!!!"

"Soon Naruto-kun…soon we will fight and no matter what…you will die…and Sasuke-kun shall be mine!"

"I'll never let you take him!!!"

"Foolish…he will come to me of his own free will…now I bid you farewell."

With that, Orochimaru took his leave…Naruto managed to recover his stamina but he was tired…very tired and walked over to see that Sasuke had somehow slipped into a coma, but was alive. Holy Talon confirmed that as the blonde ninja ran the living sword over Sasuke's body.

(What the heck did that bastard do to him?)

(("I am not sure…but I sense something evil flowing in his veins…whatever it is, it resembles some form of toxin that is now melding with his body."))

(Can you remove it?)

(("I'm not sure…this is unlike what I know back in my world…and removing it would mean removing his only blood, it's fused entirely with him."))

(Damn!!! Is there any other way?)

(("Unknown for now…but I can tell you that it's not natural…only when I find the source and study it can I create a counter Master Naruto…but we have to recover…you're body is beat up and you've exhausted yourself considerably."))

With that, Naruto helped Sasuke to his feet and took his team-mate to where Sakura was, she was still asleep, but was recovering well, he placed Sasuke down and then sat down himself, cradling Holy Talon, trying his best to recover his strength, but Naruto was wounded badly and as the other Genin teams began to move out, Naruto then fell asleep, his exhaustion winning over his desire to remain awake and protect them from danger. It was then that things were about to get even more hairy for Kakashi's team. But not all the Genin teams were leaving the scene after witnessing the battle before them.


"Lee! What are you doing?!"

Neji asked heatedly as the green jumpsuit wearing Genin leaped down and headed off towards the stricken trio of ninja. Tenten looked at their team-mate with some surprise and wondered just what he was getting himself into.

They had intended to move on and possibly avoid contact with the snake ninja when Lee took off and now they had to stay behind and try to reason with their wayward team-mate…but they were getting nowhere fast as Lee moved away.

They were not the only ones with problems however as Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino followed Hinata who made her way towards Naruto and his team, and she was holding the healing ointment as well. Hinata didn't respond to Kiba's pleas to wait up for them as she focused her attention on helping Naruto.

Gaara and his siblings decided to move on, though Temari was worried and hoped that the blonde ninja was not going to be counted out in the test, she was in the mood to see more of the guy in action…there was something different about the way he moved and fought that was attractive…along with his looks…but for now…they had to move on.

Orochimaru moved on and encountered the Sound Trio, Zaku looked at his master with some worry.

"Are you all right Orochimaru-sama?"

"I am fine, now then if you are ready…deal with that group in any way you wish."

"Yes Orochimaru-sama."

The three ninja left…unaware of the fact that they had looked at the battle with Naruto and the wave of snakes and they were blinded by the explosion…thus they had no idea of the bite that Orochimaru had given Sasuke…the only thing they saw was Sasuke being knocked out and Naruto using another powerful attack technique that seemed to drain him even further.

As they left to accomplish their mission, Orochimaru left the scene and smiled at the soon to occur outcome..Sasuke was a strong person and soon, with the gift he gave him, the Uchiha will be stronger than before


Anko made her way deeper into the Forest trying to find the source of the massive sounds of battle that she had heard before…however, it was then that she spotted movement nearby and when she saw who it was, she growled and changed direction and when into an interception course.


Rock Lee made his way to Sakura was looked her over carefully, and he was relieved that she was all right, but in her wounded and recovering state, she was vulnerable to attack from the other teams. The pink haired Kunoichi was now recovering her full strength and was able to open her eyes and get up…she looked in surprise to Rock Lee.

"What the heck are… wait…where's Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun!"

"They are over there…they fought Orochimaru with all that they had…and forced him away…but they are very exhausted…and can't fight anymore."

Sakura turned and found her two team-mates on the ground in utter exhaustion. She then looked at Lee with a wary eye.

"Are you…?"

Lee shook his head.

"No…we both have the same scroll on our teams so there is no need for me to take yours…but after that display you gave, I was so impressed, and I swear I will protect you Sakura!"

"My…what a pleasant look this is."

Lee and Sakura turned as they spotted the Sound trio before them, Dosu gave a laugh and spoke.

"It seems Orochimaru-sama was right that when they were exhausted, they would be easy prey…I was ordered to kill Sasuke only…but that was before, now I am to kill not only him, but that blonde kid as well. And then you…"

Lee stood up and went to his combat stance.

"I will not let any of you lay a hand on any member of this team, namely Sakura."

Kin snorted at that was not pleased with Lee's words

"Why should you care? They aren't you're team-mates and you are alone after all."

"I do not care…if you think I will let you harm Sakura or her team-mates while they are in this state, then you are wrong. I made a promise to protect her and her team-mates and I am not going to change my mind…you want them, get past me first."

Lee said with his nice guy pose…in the very same way that Gai used to do…complete with glinting teeth.

Zaku snorted and replied as he got his hidden trump card ready to finish Lee off so they could get to killing both Sasuke and Naruto. At first he had been worried about the massive amounts of power Naruto wielded with Holy Talon, along with the exceptional combat skills and techniques wielded by Sasuke in combat, but with the two of them out of power, chakra, and stamina, they were easy pickings for the team.

He fired out several powerful bursts of pressurized air at Lee, but the agile and highly skilled Genin moved away from the attacks and attacked them as all three Sound ninja made their move and converged on Lee…but they were going to get into a serious fight as Lee began showing them his skill in extreme Taijutsu as the three Sound Genin attacked him and he unleashed a powerful spinning kick that sent the three Genin flying and they were forced to rely on their skills instead of their close combat skills.

Lee knew that he was at a serious disadvantage since it was against three foes and he recalled what had happened to Kabuto when the bandaged one named Dosu attacked him with that arm with the unknown device on it…he realized that it was now time for him to use THAT jutsu.

Lee recalled that in the past he had been the only one of his team to master the jutsu known as Lotus, taught to him by Gai-sensei. Once he did so, he was told that it was a forbidden jutsu and used only under the most dire situations or to protect someone you cared for.

The lesson of Lotus also pointed out to him that since the body had eight gates that regulated chakra flow. The Lotus required the user to open these gates in order to acquire more chakra than possible normally, and it had to be done personally. The increased chakra increased speed, strength, power, and the ability to inflict greater moves than normally possible…however it had a deadly side effect…the body could only handle so much power before it would suffer and break down, and the chakra gates themselves would be damaged badly and if the gates are not closed in time, it would severely cripple the ninja using the Lotus. And since humans could only use a full 20 of their chakra, using a full 100 would destroy them

That was why he was forbidden to using the jutsu by Gai unless the situation truly called for it. And considering his situation with three ninjas to face…he would have to fight his hardest to protect Sakura. And as soon as he singled out Dosu…knowing of the man's fighting skills and his unique ability, he would be a serious threat.

Lee attacked Dosu and following the same method as before when he faced Sasuke he released his bandages and unlike before…he was able to complete the jutsu of the Initial Lotus, or the first stage of Lotus…while it was weak it was certainly lethal in it's own right and as he brought himself and Dosu down he intended to finish this fight quickly.

However Lee spotted Zaku who had created a powerful gust of air and this saves Dosu…it was then that Dosu moved in and attacked with a punch, which Lee blocked, but as Dosu leaped back, and he tried to follow him…lee felt his body suddenly lose control and his ears began to bleed….Lee falls to his knees and Sakura recognized the move.

"That's the one you used to hit Kabuto-san with!!!"

Dosu smiled…

"Correct, my attack is not merely physical, it's pure sound, the device on my arm acts as a sound amplifier and is chakra imbued…the normal human ear can only hear sounds up to the range of 150 decibels…any higher and that will result in loss of balance and bleeding in the ears…quite effective actually."

Zaku however was not going to be outdone by his friend and also joined in.

"As for me, my arms have special air vents that allow me to create heavy, pressurized air and supersonic currents of air as well…so I can create cushions and powerful currents that can cut through objects like a blade."

The Sound Genin then continued their attacks, with Dosu leading the strike at Sakura so they could deal with both Naruto and Sasuke. But Rock Lee was not giving up and blocked them with a Whirlwind kick, Dosu blocks it and strikes with a much higher sound wave from the amplifier on his hand…taking Lee down and leaving Sakura vulnerable.

The pink haired teen however was not going to give up and took out her kunai willing to fight to protect her team-mates…she was not going to let anything happen to them…and Lee, she owed him and she saw him for a brave, kind hearted, and strong. She threw her kunai at Dosu, but the Sound Genin blocked them away, Zaku blacks another attack and Kin grabs Sakura by the hair and smiled at her victim.

"Growing long hair…you're not going to be of much help to anyone…hey Zaku…kill her precious team-mates before her...start with the dark haired one first…I have a plan for the blonde one."

"Right then, this won't take very long…"

Sakura began to cry and think about how weak she was compared to both Naruto and Sasuke.

(I am so useless…I can only do small things for them…they always protected me….and I did nothing…)

However she realized that this was a chance to truly prove that she was a Kunoichi…not a damsel in distress…she saved Naruto's life when she took the Kusanagi in the stomach and how Naruto saved her with the power of Holy Talon, and he had exhausted himself to help Sasuke force Orochimaru back. And she then recalled the words that Naruto said about her being the smartest of the group…and how Naruto had fought his best to protect her and Sasuke.

(Naruto-kun said I was the smartest and he liked better if I was myself…I'm not being myself, I'm being a coward…he and Sasuke-kun have protected me…and Lee-san protected me…and they…they are now needing my help…I will NOT be the weak one!!!!)

Sakura managed to reach into herself as she grabbed a handful of dirt in hand and one kunai in the other. Kin expected the kunai to be aimed at her but she was blinded by the dust in Sakura's hand. Sakura then pulled forward and sliced off her own hair, releasing herself from Kin's grip. However, she was far from done as she got to her feet and recalling the Taijutsu she learned as a student in the Academy, she grabbed Kin by the front of her dress and tossed her over as she leaned forward and tossed the Sound Kunoichi over and she slammed right into Zaku…causing the Sound Genin to focus their attention on her once more.

Sakura got to her feet and fired several of her kunai right as Dosu who snorted and blocked them as she closed the gap…he then punched Sakura, but instead of following the same situation of Lee did, the Sound Genin found himself hitting Zaku instead of Sakura as the pink haired Kunoichi exploded in a puff of smoke.

(A replacement jutsu?!)

Dosu had no time to react as Sakura appeared and kicked him right in the back, forcing him to collide with Zaku who was still uneasy from the unexpected attack of his partner's sonic amplifier. Sakura then faced off with Kin who was far from happy with what had happened to her and she then clashed with Sakura' the two traded punches and kicks for a moment and then Kin fired several kunai at Sakura and the pink haired Kunoichi dodged them…however, that was Kin showed her own skill as the bells began to ring…and Sakura suffered the same effects as she lost her accuracy in throwing the kunai as her kunai flew in all directions. Kin charged with her own kunai intent on finishing Sakura off herself for the dirt in the eyes…But Sakura recovered in time and blocked her attack with her arms, but her sense of balance was also gone as Kin managed to knock her aside and attack again, hitting Sakura with a cut on the left arm. Sakura however was not giving up as she moved away from Kin's next strike and moved back to Sasuke and Naruto and managed to tackle Zaku who was about to attack her fallen team-mates…she bit him right on the arm, making him scream out in pain and he swore as he tried to beat her away and she was getting a lot of injuries but held in defiantly and Zaku was force away from them as she kicked him hard in the gut and forced him back from her team-mates…but this allows Dosu to close the gap and fire out a punch that Sakura blocked…but she too suffers from the sonic amplifier effect as she fell to her knees and had bleeding in her ears, but not before she throw a kunai right at Dosu that forced him to move away.

Sakura fell to her knees trying her best to bite back the pain she was feeling as she focused on defending her comrades, but her wounds were really getting to her as she fell to her knee as she tried to get up once more.

In was then that several kunai hit the ground between the Sound Genin and Sakura…and sure enough, there came the throwers…Ino and Shikamaru of Team Asuma, and Chouji in tow. But they were not alone as well.


Ino and her team arrived on the scene quickly after seeing Lee down and badly hurt and when Sakura had been fighting her best. She might be rivals with Sakura, but she and Sakura had a lot of history together…before they officially competed for Sasuke, they had been best friends in their younger days when she had helped Sakura get some self esteem when she was picked on because of her forehead, and now things were not looking good for her former friend. She still didn't know what to do with her reactions to Naruto's sudden changes, but for now she was not going to let things go unheeded.

It was also when Hinata and her own team were there, also protecting the others, including Naruto and Sasuke. Ino was surprised to see that Hinata was there and so were Kiba and Shino. They were a specialized tracking team, with Hinata's Byakugan, Kiba and Akamaru's nose and Shino's destruction Bugs…they were not pure fighters despite the skills Kiba and Shino had, and Hinata's own use of the Hyuuga fighting style though she had yet to see the shy girl use the style herself. However it seemed that for now, they were the ones who were going to do the fighting as Hinata and her group were busy tending to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Hinata gave a very worried look and began to use her healing ointment on her crush…she forced back her normal reactions to Naruto and tried not to think about how his muscles felt underneath her hands as she applied the healing ointment on his wounds and bruises.

(Please Naruto-kun…be all right!)

As soon as she was done with that, she went over to tend to Sakura, who was still bleeding from some of the gashes she suffered from Dosu, Zaku, and Kin when they were able to fight back on the pink haired kunoichi's onslaught earlier. Sakura was surprised to see her rival Ino and her team show up…and then Hinata and her team appeared as well.

She then looked at Hinata and asked.

"Hinata-san, what are you…?"

"I-I-I wanted to h-help you…we already have our own scroll so we…we're not here to fight you Sakura-san…we just want to help."

(More like you want to help Naruto-kun.)

She couldn't find fault in Hinata helping Naruto…after all, the girl had a king sized crush on the blonde boy. But now with all that has happened, she couldn't help but feel a bit…envious at how Hinata looked as she went back to tending to Naruto as she resisted her urge to faint. She was still trying to get used to Naruto's changes and as such, she was wondering what and how to act in the presence of her team-mates.

Hinata placed another amount of healing ointment and prayed that she would not faint as she treated Naruto of his wounds, while Kiba and Shino protected her and made sure to keep an eye on the Sound Trio before they tried anything to stop their team-mate.

Chouji however was not in the mood to fight and would have left, forcing Shikamaru to hold him by his scarf…however, it was then that Zaku made the mistake of calling Chouji fat. The moment that word entered Chouji's ears, he turned about and gave a death glare at Zaku…Shikamaru knew that if there was one thing Chouji despised…it was that word…

"What did you just call me?!"

Zaku snorted and replied smugly.

"Let me repeat then…you are a fat coward."

Chouji roared out loud and shouted back at Zaku…


Chouji then released steam out of his nose as Shikamaru and Kiba shook their head as they thought at the very same time.

(Chouji HATES the word fat…so much so the word's considered taboo for anyone to say while near him!!)


Sakura was confused and silent, while Hinata was as well.

Chouji shouted to both Ino and Shikamaru and he gave a battle ready look.


Ino and Shikamaru were ready to fight and it didn't take long for them to make their move….Chouji started rolling the ball literally as he leaped up into the air and then summoned his chakra and used his family's signature jutsu The Baika No Jutsu. Chouji quickly became a massive sphere and in a moment his head, arms, and legs went into the ball and he roared out like a tank, and it was aptly named as Chouji shouted.


Zaku tried to stop and finish Chouji off, but discovered quickly that his Air Cutter technique was worthless since the speed and rotation of the Meat Tank technique Chouji was using rendered his Air Cutter worthless. Chouji leaped up and was about to crush Zaku as Dosu tried to interfere, but was quickly restrained by Shikamaru with the Shadow Binding Technique and then Ino used her Mind Transfer Jutsu to take over Kin's body, just as Zaku called out to her to help them, but Ino controlled Kin and threatened them that if they didn't hand over the scroll, then she would kill Kin…however Dosu and Zaku were not moved as Zaku fired a powerful blast at Kin and knocked her back to a tree…making Ino bleed in the mouth, and Chouji was hit and felt dizzy as hell, forcing him to stop using his Meat Tank when he deflected most of the blast from Kin despite her being forced back into a tree. Shikamaru then saw his jutsu fade as they were told by Zaku and Dosu that they were after Sasuke and Naruto only, not the exam. They were also ready to kill Kin to kill Ino as well, and Shikamaru knew they had lost this fight.

It was then that the Sound duo noted the other team who were looking ready for a fight….or at least two of them were as Hinata was tending to Naruto.

The two remaining Sound Genin were ready to fight, as Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino got ready while Hinata tried to gather her courage and fight. Lee's other team-mates, Neji and Tenten then showed up and Neji commented that Lee must have messed up to be in that state when Tenten spotted him on the ground.

Neji called them a second rate team for attacking Ino's group and Zaku dared him to come down and prove his words and that they were all cockroaches. Neji replied that Lee was part of their team, and they went overboard with him and he activated the Byakugan and that got the attention of everyone, including Hinata. But as Dosu tried to goad Neji into fighting…the Hyuuga then noted a pair of charka signatures coming to life and replied.

"Looks like I don't need to."

Dosu was confused…but only for a moment and his eyes widened as Naruto was now on his feet and cracking his neck and knuckles, the blonde ninja stretched his arms a bit and yawned.

"Ah, that felt good…what the?! Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Lee?! What are you all doing here?! And what did…Sakura-chan?! What happened to you?! Who did this to you?!"

Zaku replied.

"I did that…though the hair cutting bit was her own move."

Naruto gave Zaku a dark glare and with a smack of his foot on the ground, Holy Talon flew and landed into his open right hand quickly and expertly as he roared.

"You bastard! I'm going to make you pay for that!!!"

But it was then that Holy Talon gave Naruto a warning.

(("Master Naruto!!! You're team-mate Sasuke…something's happened to him!!!"))

Naruto turned and spotted Sasuke on his feet but he was covered in a dark swirl of purple chakra that seemed evil…completely evil of some sort. This was not looking good, the chakra felt the same as Orochimaru's…but mingled with Sasuke's own chakra, he then spotted a seal forming on the place where Sasuke was bitten.

(What is that seal?! Is that what that snake bastard placed on Sasuke?!)

Inside his own mind, Sasuke was tortured by his younger self…talking about his lack of power to stop the massacre of his clan, and in the end, the younger version of him tore his face to reveal Orochimaru's face and eye…telling him that if you want power you must get it…no matter what the source.

Sakura was happy at first to see Sasuke on his feet, but her joy faded as she saw the sudden changes that Sasuke had just gone through the others including Ino were frightened by what they were witnessing in front of them at this very moment, it was then that Sasuke spoke to Sakura.

"Sakura…who did this to you?"

Naruto didn't like this…there was something different about his team-mate, the voice was the same…but with an eerie tone to it, almost like Orochimaru's. Sasuke repeated the question and more forcefully at Sakura as he answered that Orochimaru gave him the power to be an avenger to avenge his clan…and it was time to see this power in action, and when he asked again, Zaku replied.

"I did that…so what are you going to do about it?"

Sasuke smiled…and replied as the chakra faded and revealed flame like patterns all over his face and arm.

"I'm going to make you pay dearly for that."

Dosu knew what was happening and was in absolute fear…Naruto's revival was enough make him very cautious, but this was even worse.

(My God! He has the Cursed Seal…and he's alive…that chakra…we can't beat that much power!!! We have to pull back now!!! What the hell is going on here?! Why did Orochimaru-sama give Sasuke the Cursed Seal when he wanted us to kill him?!)

Zaku snorted and despite Dosu's warnings, got ready to attack. Shikamaru quickly called Ino to return to her body before she was mistaken for the enemy, and Chouji to retreat now. Chouji asked his team-mate what was going on as Ino was back in her own body…Shikamaru had no idea. Kiba sensed that things were about to get really out of hand and called his team to back away, and they did so as only Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were left to face both Dosu and Zaku, while Neji and his team looked on.

The markings on Sasuke's body began to spread more and glowed like fire and that made Dosu even more frightened as the glow faded and black flame markings were all over Sasuke's face, and the Sound Genin sensed the massive energy Sasuke was releasing, and while not the same as Naruto's when he sensed it…it was not weak in the least.

(This is too much for us…we need to back away now!!!!)

Zaku however was not budging.

"Dosu! Don't be afraid of those two guys! They're already half dead after their battle with Orochimaru-sama so we can take them!"

"No Zaku!!! Don't engage them!!!! You don't understand what's happening!!!!"

Zaku paid no attention to that as he unleashed his jutsu.


Naruto quickly responded and jammed Holy Talon into the ground and chanted the spell.


The impact of Zaku's attack tore up the place and everyone braced for impact, and as soon as the winds died, Zaku was smiling and commented that they were all gone…but to his shock, his Maximum Air Cutter was nullified by Naruto's Dragon Scale Defense spell as the spherical shield of energy was intact and those inside were safe, namely Rock Lee, Sakura, Naruto, and even Hinata, Kiba, and Shino. The shield faded and Naruto was in his defensive position once more.

"I don't believe it!!! How could they be…"

"Believe it fool…"

Zaku then was hit by Sasuke's back hand…the speed given by the Cursed Seal allowed Sasuke the chance to evade Zaku's attack and he knew that Naruto's Dragon Scale Defense spell would shield the others as he took to the attack. Zaku was sent flying and smashing into the ground next to Dosu…Sasuke then made the hand seals and unleashed another fire technique of his clan.


Sasuke unleashed several fireballs at Zaku and when Zaku angrily shouted and used his air vents to turn off the fire, he was stunned that there were shuriken in the flame that he couldn't stop with his air attacks. Dosu gave him a warning, but it was too late as Sasuke moved in and grabbed Zaku's arms from behind and forced him to his knees.

The other teams watched in shock, as this was not the same Sasuke that they knew before, and so did Sakura as she saw just what Sasuke intended to do…Naruto saw likewise and shouted.

"Stop it Sasuke! You're not yourself!!!"

"Quiet Naruto…I noticed that you're very proud of you're arms…let me see if I can fix that."


Sasuke didn't care as he pulled and dislocated Zaku's arms…making the Genin scream in pain and fade into unconsciousness from the shock. He then turned his attention to Dosu and gave a smile devoid of any emotion except the desire for blood.

"You're friend was disappointing…I hope you can entertain me more than he did…"


Naruto realized quickly that this was what Orochimaru had done to Sasuke and he didn't like it…what that seal was doing to his team-mate was making him a mindless killing machine and if something or someone didn't stop him here and now, there was going to be a serious mess to clean up…as he looked at Sasuke making his way to Dosu who was petrified in fear as he had already brutally dislocated Zaku's arms. Holy Talon noted that as well and spoke quickly.

(("That seal's turning him into a berserker!!! Master Naruto, we have to suppress it now in some way before he is totally under it's influence!!!!"))

Sakura also looked at her crush and wondered just what he was doing, but she knew she had to stop him fast, she got up and ran towards Sasuke and so did Naruto. Sakura hugged Sasuke and begged him to stop this before he lost himself…while Naruto grabbed him by the shoulder and stopped him.

"Don't do this Sasuke…this is what Orochimaru wants…he wants you to use that seal so he can control you! Stop it right now!!!"

Sasuke listened Sakura's pleading and then looked at Naruto's serious expression and in that moment he understood the situation as the markings began to recede from his face, arms and body and he fell down to the ground in shock as he looked at his hand.

"What…what happened to me?"

Sakura and the others looked on in worry as the other Genin teams of Konoha waited for the outcome…Dosu realized that there was no way they could defeat the group before them…they had seen the power Naruto and Holy Talon possessed, and coupled that with Sasuke's skills, his Sharingan and his newly acquired cursed seal…his team's attempt of assassination was doomed to death…so he did the next best thing.

"Sasuke-kun…we cannot hope to beat you and you're team-mates, so we will make a deal…our scroll for our safe passage."

With that, Dosu offered the three Genin the Heaven Scroll to compliment their Earth scroll, the two ninja looked on, while Naruto was not entirely convinced as he pointed Holy Talon at them.

"You're just leaving? Why?"

Dosu looked at Naruto and knew that blonde ninja deserved an answer..after all, he had shattered Orochimaru's Kusanagi in half…and that was a feat in itself.

"We might be asking for much…but we need to confirm something. But we will say this…the next time we face each other in the Chuunin exams…we will not run or hide."

As Dosu left with Kin and Zaku with him, Sakura cried out.

"Wait! Why is Orochimaru after Sasuke-kun?! Why him?!"

Dosu turned and replied honestly to Sakura's question.

"I don't know…we were only ordered to kill Sasuke-kun."

Sakura was not happy, and Dosu himself had his own thoughts.

(You ordered us to kill Sasuke-kun…but you then give him a Cursed Seal…what are you planning Orochimaru-sama?)

As Dosu left, Ino and her group came out of hiding and so did Hinata and her group, hoping to check on the conditions of both Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Lee. While Neji commented to himself.

(Both Naruto and Sasuke have powerful chakra…very powerful…either way both of them are deadly rivals if the Chuunin exams are finished.)

Naruto looked at Sasuke who still had the Sharingan active and he put two and two together after recalling what he had seen his Jonin sensei Kakashi be able to do with his Sharingan.

"Sakura-chan…Sasuke…I know why Orochimaru came after us. And I know what he wants from you Sasuke."

"What is it Naruto-kun?"

"What does that guy want from me?"

Naruto looked gravely at his two team-mates and replied.

"He wants the Sharingan…you're Sharingan Sasuke."

That stunned both Sakura and Sasuke as they looked at one another as Naruto looked on into the forest…knowing that Orochimaru was not the kind to give up…but neither was he…no way was he going to let Orochimaru have his way with anything while he was alive!


To be continued…


Author's Notes:

The fight is over and now the result is in…Holy Talon wins and Kusanagi has been split in half and Orochimaru has been give a serious beat down…though Naruto is exhausted by the fight and is out for the time being and Orochimaru has infected Sasuke with the Cursed Seal.

Don't worry, he'll recover soon enough and be back on his feet, after all, it's only been the first day of them being in the Forest of Death.

I guess you're all wondering why Naruto is out and exhausted and why he didn't win hands down with the fight with Orochimaru, well, it's very simple. If I made Naruto too powerful, then there's no fun in it afterwards. I mean, think about it, if the hero's got too much power, then he always wins, the thrill's gone because you know he always wins. And while I want to have the good guys win, I don't like it if they always seem to win without effort. I want to root for them and cheer that they overcome the obstacles with all they have and beat the enemy with effort.

Remember, Naruto had to hustle and train in order to be where he's at in the series…and in this story…he is a new Dragon Champion and despite all that power given to him by Holy Talon, Lord Faldren and Holy Talon had admitted that for him to unlock his full mastery of the powers given to him…he has to train long and hard to master them, since in the terms of Dragon Champions…he's still pretty green. I will describe the past Dragon Champions and just how skilled they were compared to Naruto in the later chapters so we can see how much Naruto needs to train to be at their level to live up to their reputation.

Son Goku of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z might have been a Saiyan with amazing physical and martial power and he could become Super Saiyan…but even he had to train long and hard to become the Super Saiyan and hero he is now. Superman might have had a lot of powers, but he had to spend years in the Fortress of Solitude to master them and use them well. Batman trained nearly his entire life to be the genius detective and crime fighter he is now…these guys had a LOT of potential, but they still trained to fully master their powers…and I want Naruto to do the very same thing with Holy Talon as well…since the higher level powers are not yet available to Naruto at the very moment.

If he gets ALL the power right off the bat and doesn't have to work for it, then where's the fun in that?

Of course the Kyuubi is still around…I certainly didn't state that he's gone…and if you're wondering what happened to him…then you'll find out soon enough.

Here's a little something for you all…think of this as a preview of sorts…


Naruto looked at the items before him and looked at the four beings before him and shook his head. He then directed his attention to the leader.

"No way…how come I have to wear this stuff?!"

"Listen laddie…"

"My name's not laddie, it's Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Whatever…listen, them clothes you're wearin' at the moment are all right and all fer everyday things…but you're goin into a very good tournament. And you should at least look LIKE a Dragon Champion…them clothes ain't going to do at all fer such a great occasion."

"My brother's right lad…and you'd look good too…nothing gets them lovely ladies hot an bothered with a good looking strapping young man in good working protection like that. Plus you'd give great honor to the name of Dragon Champion if you look the part."

"But these look so heavy!"

The other two spoke and the first was a woman.

"Do not worry about weight Dragon Champion, the metal that makes them up will not weigh you down."

The other stranger then spoke.

"My sister is correct, the metal is as light as cloth…but is as hard as Dragon scales…only very powerful weapons, spells, and attacks can break through them…they will truly serve you well."

Naruto sighed and decided not to argue…after all he had seen, having some protection would be a good idea.


What is the preview about…well, we shall see soon won't we? On to the rest of the trip through the Forest of Death and into the preliminaries!!!

Things are going to be interesting for the time being and just so you all know, Anko will be fine as she is still in the story, as to what happened to her when she chased Orochimaru? We'll find out soon enough!!