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"This means thinking!"

(Right now Naruto is 12 and Deidara is 14...young ages I know...)

"Pieces of meat," A young spiky haired blond declared.

"What?" Came another voice, one of a longer haired blond.

"We're nothing but pieces of meat, ones to be stared at, judged, rated, and used for anything. I want out of this place...they hurt me."

"I know, Naruto," the other blond said as he pulled on his permanent collar, "They hurt me too..."

"Youkou, Enkai," Those are their slave names, it's to protect their already shattered lives just a little bit in the public eye. "Get cleaned up, we have a potential buyer," The white haired man said, waving his hand to the workers to signify "Begin Cleaning". The two boys were roughly pushed into a small hallway.

"Deidara," The young blond whispered to "Youkou", "I'm scared.." Deidara had no time to comfort Naruto, for the young blond was roughly pulled by his collar into a small room. Moments after Deidara flinched as the young boy screamed, probably being stretched for services. The older blond was roughly pushed into the same room as Naruto, being pushed to the cold, hard floor, he patiently allowed the strangers to stretch him with lubricated fingers. Later, Deidara was roughly thrown into an ice cold bath, yelping from the sudden coldness, Deidara looked for Naruto. He was quietly sitting on a cold, plastic chair waiting for the strangers to dry his hair.

"Hey," Deidara said suddenly, trying to get the strangers attention, "How long will we be gone? Do you know?"

"Hm.." The stranger pondered, "Three years, yeah that's it, a really respected opinionator bought the two of ya."

"Both of us?"


"Alright, yer done now." The man told him, "Off to meet the new master,"

"Whatever," Deidara said coldly.

"Hey," the man said, clearly upset, "You definitely do NOT talk like that, you are a mere slave!"

"I can talk however the fuck I want to." Deidara replied smugly, this resulted in a rough slap on the head.

"You're lucky you'll be leaving this place, or else I'll be kicking your ass."


The man then proceeded to clean Deidara's collar. Each slave had a different color to tell them apart. Deidara's was pink and Naruto's was blue.

"Now get the hell out of here!" The man yelled, roughly pushing the naked boy away.

Deidara ran out the door, not wanting to talk to the man anymore. "Think's he's better then me? Hn. If I wasn't stuck as a slave I'd so kill him...Deidara stopped his savage thoughts as he saw Naruto sitting tiredly outside of the Boss's office.

"They're in there, signing papers, I think...we're really going to be together for another 3 years!" Naruto said happily, "Maybe they'll feed us better?" All they got to eat was a small bowl of rice and a small cup of water, 3 times a week.

"I hope so, Naruto...but that's good news, un!" Deidara said happily.

"I wonder what he'll be like..."

"Me too, yeah." A slight draft of cold wind came into the room, making the two naked boys shiver.

"It's cold in here Dei-dei,"

"Don't worry," Deidara said to the shivering boy, and embraced him in a warming hug.

They stayed like that for a while, until they heard a creak of the office door, signifying someone coming out. They quickly moved apart and both dropped to the floor and bowed to the owner of the Slave Industry.

"Get up, you whores." Came a voice. They both stood up quickly. The words never hurt, they accepted long ago what they were and what they had to do. Even if they didn't want to do it. "Come meet your new master." The man said smuggly.

Naruto and Deidara merely nodded and walked into the room. There they saw a bundle of paperwork in front of a jet black haired man.

"Bow, brats!" The owner demanded. They instantly dropped to their knee's their foreheads resting on the carpeted floor. A smirk was plastered on the man's face. "Now," the owner continued, "It is a great pleasure, Lord Orochimaru, for you to take not one, but two of our best slaves for 3 years! Not to mention the bundle of cash for...feeding and bathing our slaves!" "Fucking suck up," Deidara thought to himself, sure Naruto was thinking the exact same thing.

"Youkou, Enkai, it is a pleasure finally meeting you," the snake like man said, "A wonderful pleasure..." The smirk failed to leave his lips. "You may rise now." The two blonde's did as they were told and sat up, making sure not to leave each other's side. The snake-like man averted his gaze to the establisher. "If you don't mind, I would like to take them as soon as possible."

"I trust that they are fully trained?"

"Yes, Enkai has been here since he was six, and Youkou has been here since he was five. They have both been fully trained for whatever their Master's want of them." The man replied politely.

The white haired man nodded, "Of course, don't let me keep you," He then faced the two boys. "Have fun with your knew master, whore's." He said in a whisper. The snake-man smirked, starting right now he had full access to their bodies and their lives.

"Let's take you home then," He said kindly, but if you listened closely, you could tell the words were laced with venom and lust.

"Of course, just make sure to take these papers with you as well, all the information of these two slaves are on here."

"Of course, I wouldn't want to forget these," He said, grabbing the papers, "Thank you for these,"

"No, thank you!" The overly polite, twisted adult replied.

Orochimaru grabbed the two by their collars and dragged them outside. Naruto winced at the sunlight, and Deidara had to shut his eyes. They haven't seen the sun in a while, they usually only do one-night pleasuring, and that takes place at night. (AN: Duh...)

"Itai..." Naruto whispered quietly. Orochimaru turned towards the younger boy and kicked him in the stomach.

"You will not talk unless instructed to do so!" Orochimaru yelled.

"Hey! You can't just do that!" Deidara yelled.

"Actually," Orochimaru began, giving Deidara a swift kick in the stomach, "I can, I am your Master, you are my slaves, you have absolutely NO rights. Understand?"

Deidara nodded, "Yes."

"And you will call me Master, at all times."

"Yes, master." The two boys said in unison.

"That's better," The older man said, shoving the two boys into his silver car.

"We're going to be having a lot of 'fun' for the next three years." He chuckled. Not a nice innocent chuckle, but a low, sadistic chuckle.

Naruto and Deidara no longer fear hell...they just realized they're in it.

"Let me check out your slaves," A cool red head announced to the white haired owner.

"Of course, if you find someone of interest, please let me know."


The red head looked around the large room, he felt like he was in a pound. All the slaves were locked up in cages, no blankets or anything to help them keep warm on the cold, cement floor. They didn't even have any clothes. He felt completely disgusted of this place, if he wanted, he could probably report this place, but if he did that, who knows what will happen to the slaves? He took a good look around, noticing many more boys then girls. "Wonder if they had to get surgery or something to not get pregnant," Sasori thought to himself. He looked around, noting most of them had pathetic names created. He looked through the caged bars, noticing no water or food there and no bed. The slaves inside were dirty and had terrified looks on their faces, some even had a challenging look on their face. One even had the "If you even think of hurting me, you die" kind of look. But, none of them caught his attention. "Maybe some other day," He sighed to himself.

"Find anything you like?"

"No. Not at the moment."

"Well, we had a couple of male slaves getting into a three year contact, they left today. They look like your type. Here's some pictures of them, usually I don't do this here, I usually do it online, but you seem like a nice paying- er nice looking man in need of a slave?" The man handed the red head the pictures and information. The two blonde's were sprawled on a table, chained to the sides, making sure to get all the right angle's and show the buyer exactly what he was buying. "They're both very good friends, maybe come back in three years and purchase them?"

"I will come back when I feel is neccissary, and perhaps I will find someone." The red head replied cooly. "Mind if I keep these?"

"Uh, yes, of course! Have a good day, sir!"

Naruto and Deidara stared out the window watching trees zoom by, faster then they've ever seen before.

"Sugoi..." Naruto mumbled carefully, making sure Orochimaru couldn't hear him. They watched the trees, the green grass, and the sparkling blue lakes in the background.

"Yeah..." Deidara muttered, being careful that Orochimaru can't hear him.

The car soon began to slow down, then eventually came to a stop. Orochimaru slowly got out of the front car and opened the trunk. Deidara and Naruto watched curiously as Orochimaru brought out something metal, and headed out towards the back seat, where the two boys were sitting.

"Now, slaves, this way will be easier for me so..." Orochimaru never had to finish his sentence, as a hard object came in touch with both of their heads then...


"Where's your slave?" Came a bored voice.

"I didn't find one that I was interested in. The head guy said there were some good ones that were bought for three years and said I could check them out then. But that requires waiting. I hate waiting."

"I know you do, but there's nothing we can do about it."

"Hm, hey where's your little brother? I found something that he might be interested in."


"One of the slaves have been bought already but will be back in three years. I think he'll like him."

"Let me see him, Sasori." Said man walked towards the long black haired man. "Hm.." He said, looking over all the pictures. "The smaller one, right?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"Sasuke will like him, indeed, of course, I would have bought him if I never already bought a slave of my own."

"You can always buy more."

"Let's just say this is my gift to my brother."

Sasori just rolled his eyes and went upstairs. "I trust he's in his room?" Getting no response, he kept walking anyway.

"Sasuke will definitly like that one," the black haired man said to himself, "Definitly."

"Sasuke!" the black haired man could hear Sasori yell. Pft, he was probably in one of his emo moods, next thing you know...


...Sasori will get pissed off at having to wait and break the door open again.

"Damnit Sasori!" The man heard his brother yell.

"Damnit Sasuke!"

"What do you want?"

"I got a present for you..." Sasori said handing Sasuke a stack of pictures and filed papers.

"What is it?"

"Let's just say it's a little present from Itachi."

"I like it. I want him. When can I get him?"

"Three years. We'll go together. I have my eye on someone as well."

Naruto awoke with a pounding headache. "Itai..." He muttered. He quickly tried to relieve the aching by rubbing his fingers on his temples, but he was restrained. "What the..." He opened his eyes more clearly trying to figure out why he couldn't relieve his headache.

He was chained.

He was chained onto a table.

"What the..hell?" He looked around the room frantically searching for Deidara.

He couldn't remember anything after watching the pretty lakes zoom by. Where was he? Where's Deidara? Naruto started to panic and started to thrash his body around in helpless attempts to get free and find Deidara.

"I see you're awake now." Came a voice. Naruto froze. "Don't worry, your precious little Youkou is fine, and don't worry, once I'm done tending to him, it will be your turn. Be patient. With that, he was unchained from the table and fell onto the floor. "Just wanted to make sure you knew your place, as a slave that deserves to be locked up. And when you're naughty, you will be punished. Understand?" Naruto never answered. "I said understand?" Orochimaru's voice grew dangerous, this worried Naruto so he nodded. Not like he was doing it because he wanted to, just to get on his good side. IF there was a good side... "I also expect you to bow whenever I arrive, got it? That's how you were trained, right?"

"Yes..." Naruto replied quietly. Orochimaru's foot stepped on the boy's back, causing him to bow.

"Don't make me do that every time." With that he left.

-With Deidara-

The boy woke up on a soft bed. His first instinct was to get up and figure out where he was. He couldn't possibly still be in the Slave Industry building, they offered no beds there, not even blankets..then where...He came to a conclusion. He has a new Master. There for, he's at his new Master's house. He tried to get up but he was tied down. His legs were spread far apart and were attached to each side of the bed. His hands were tied together as well. But the worst part was he was on his stomach, unable to look up, if he tried moving he was sure he would hurt himself considering how tight the ropes are on his feet.

Deidara froze when he heard the door open.

"Well, finally awake I see? I would have done this while you were sleeping, but it wouldn't have nearly been as fun."

"What?" Deidara asked confused.

"I told you..." Orochimaru slapped Deidara across the face, "..not to speak unless spoken too."

"Sorry, Master."

"I'm sure you are, but you disobeyed me after I told you quite clearly not to speak unless spoken to. So," Orochimaru said, undoing his shirt. "That deserves punishment." He quickly unbuttoned his pants and slid his boxers off.

Deidara whimpered as he felt contact on his skin.

"Don't be afraid, pet, the pain will be gone when this is all over with." "Yeah, like that helps at all."Deidara said to himself. Without warning, Orochimaru thrusted himself into the unprepared blond. Letting out a pained screech was all he could do. "Screams are nice, but I want moans too." Orochimaru whispered into his ear, making Deidara shiver.


"Moan." The snake yelled and punched Deidara straight on the back, the rope on his ankles moved a bit, drawing blood.

"I'm not moaning for a bastard like you!" Deidara yelled. This only enraged Orochimaru more and he planted a fist on his back once more, a sickening crack could be heard. Deidara winced at the sudden pain in his chest, his breathing was becoming hoarse.

"You're lucky I signed that contract saying I'm not allowed to kill you, however..." The man looked evilly at the boy. "There have been 'accidental' deaths." Deidara widened his eyes.

"Now moan, or else there could possibly be an 'accidental' death."

Deidara nodded, signifying he heard what the man was saying and dragged him on his knees. His legs were still bound to both sides so it was terribly uncomfortable for the blond. The snake bit onto the boys sensitive neck, Deidara faked a moan.

"Good boy." The man congratulated the young blond and left bite marks all down his necks making him scream and force moans. The snake grabbed onto Deidara's manhood and squeezed.

"Gah!" The boy screamed.

"Mmm," the other man moaned, "That's what I like to hear. Now let's speed it up a little bit." Orochimaru gave Deidara one more rough squeeze before pushing him back in his original position, and just like before, unwarningly slammed into him. Deidara forced out a moan, but he wants all this horrible stuff to stop. He doesn't like the pain and never thought he made a good slave, but everyone else apparently thought otherwise. On and on he was slammed in to. He struggled to get out of the rope but every time he tried, blood shed. His eyes were full of tears and he wanted to die. It hurt so much. He could feel the blood coming from his entrance and flowing down his leg. After what seemed like forever, Orochimaru finally reached his climax and released inside of Deidara. It felt horrible. He could feel the mix of cum and blood inside of him.

"There..." He said panting a little, "I'm done with you for today. Too bad I have to go for a bit, I could have had a little fun with Enkai too." The smirk has returned. "Bastard, if you did that I'd fucking kill you!" "Let's go," Orochimaru said after roughly and mercilessly undoing the ropes that dug into his skin. He grabbed his collar and forced the damaged boy to walk quickly back into the cages for the two slaves.

"Itai!" Deidara whispered as he got thrown into the cage.

"Heh, I trust you can't walk right now, Deidara, so I won't worry about you escaping...but...I'm going to have to chain the two of you up, by the hands, at least." Orochimaru said as he tied both of Deidara's burning hands on a pole with handcuffs. He did the same to Naruto beside him. "See, you can sit down if you want. You're lucky I'm letting you do that." He said lowly. Then he left.

"Deidara..." Naruto whispered.

"Yeah, Naruto..." Deidara muttered out, his throat still hurt from screaming.

"What did he do to you?"

"Nothing, Naruto.."

"But you're bleeding! And..and you were screaming like crazy before!"

"He just...did some bad things...don't worry about it, I'm fine."

"He disgusts me," Naruto said, his eyes were clearly filled with disgust.

"Same here, Naruto but we'll get through it, trust me."

"Deidara?" Naruto whimpered.


"I'm really, really scared...I don't want him to hurt you or me at all."

"Don't worry, Naruto, like I said, we'll get through this. I'd hug you but these jerks are holding me down. I'm sure they don't mean it. That's they're job, anyway, so, I have come to the conclusion that they're in love with me." Deidara smiled.

This made Naruto chuckle. "Atleast he still hasn't lost his sense of humour." Naruto thought to himself.

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