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An irritated sigh escaped pink lips. He was so bored.

"Sasuke sure is taking his sweet time." He mumbled to himself. "He didn't even leave me with anything to do!" Sasuke promised to come back after school tomorrow. It was night time right now. Naruto rolled over in his bed, shifting positions every minute or so. At least that gave him something to do for a little bit.

He stopped rolling over, staying as still as he could manage. He stared out the locked window sadly. Sasuke wasn't going to let him out for a very long time.

Sasori sighed. This wasn't going well. His ideas weren't matching up how they were supposed to when drawn on paper. It just wasn't right. But he couldn't give up. He had to get this done by tomorrow. He really should have started earlier. Looks like another all-nighter for him again.

"Fuck." He scratched his head. "Deidara, go take those bowls to the kitchen. If you get bored, go play a game with another slave, or help the maids. I don't have time to keep you entertained for the whole night."

Deidara sighed as he was sent away by his Danna. Guess that back massage didn't turn out as great as it could have. No matter. When his master was finally done his stressful work tomorrow, he would be ready to keep him company.

Another sigh. That really was all he was good for lately. Company. He didn't have any special traits, he couldn't cook that well, he didn't have too much experience at cleaning, he wasn't a strong one and all he did was complain when he got bored. Other than sex, he was pretty much useless.

And that made him pretty sad.

For he wasn't even sure what Sasori had wanted out of him. He told him he wasn't bought for his own personal pleasure, so what? He hasn't been doing anything much, a maid that already lives here could be used for what he's been used for. So why waste all that money on him? It didn't make any sense.

But Sasori must have had his own reasons, so he didn't think about it much longer. While he was waiting for Sasori to finish, he decided he really wanted to take a bath. Was he even allowed to? He didn't even know where one was. He'd have to find a maid and ask. He looked around, trying to decide where to start his search in such a gigantic house. He decided he would try the kitchen. There weren't many servants in there before, but maybe there will be now. He traveled the long hallway, finally reaching the rather large kitchen. It was a separate room for servants to cook and eat in. Across from it was the library, the one where Sasori coached him through his cooking in. Now that he thought about it, the kitchen was big enough so Sasori could stay in there and coach him through. Guess he wanted some time to read.

Deidara peeked into the plain, yet large, cooking area. In there he saw two maids. He smiled at himself and lightly knocked on the door, grabbing the two ladies attention.

"E-excuse me..." he asked quietly, "you wouldn't happen to know where the bath was, do you, un?"

Maid Number One giggled to herself. Maid Number Two smiled kindly. "Yes, we do, young sir. Would you like us to accompany you?"

"Yes please, un." He said with a smile, "I'd probably get lost."

"What's your name, cutie?" Maid Number Two asked, linking her right arm with his left.

"Deidara, yeah..."

"Deidara? That's a cute name." Maid Number One complimented, linking her left arm with his right.

"I've heard that name before," Maid Number Two said, "from the other maids gossiping."

"Gossip about this cutie?" Maid Number One asked. Deidara blushed. He was getting a little too much attention from these two...

"Hmm... I can't seem to remember what they were saying. Are you knew here, Dei-chan?"

"Dei-chan...? Um, yeah, un... I am."

"Maybe that's what they were talking about."

"Are you a servant? Where's your uniform?"

"Servant, un?"

"Isn't that why you're here? Weren't you just recently hired? Sasuke-sama might get angry if you don't wear your uniform, you know." Maid Number One warned.

"Um.... I'm not a servant..."

"Eh?" They both said in unison, stopping their walking.

"I'm a slave... this collar is my uniform, basically." He said, giving them each strange looks, "didn't you see it, un?"

"Uh... no." That was strange. It was so obvious.

"Who's your master then, sweetie?" Maid Number Two asked as they began to walk again.


" your... master?"

Yeah... un. Is something wrong?"

"N-no... we just never thought he would be the type of person to buy a slave. He's not a very... sociable type of person. He doesn't seem that friendly, we never really talk to him. But he does have a foul temper, as does the other two that reside in this house."

"Oh, yeah, he really does have a temper, un."

"You poor dear." One of them said as they approached a door. "You must have experienced something horrible." Damn right, he has.

"This is the bath house," they said as they opened the door, "will you need any help?"

"N-no..." he stuttered, looking down, "I think I'll be alright."

"Are you sure? You're welcome to ask for help, we're very hospitable here."

"N-no... it's okay, yeah." The two maids looked at each other, as if having a silent conversation with their eyes. Maid Number Two smirked, turned around, and locked the door.

"At least let us help you get undressed." They both insisted.

"No! Please, let me do this myself... I don't need help, un." He began to back away from the two psycho maids. He was really scared right now...

"Nonsense!" Maid Number One said, hastily trying to tug off his shirt.

"Hey! I said I could do it by myself, un!" Deidara yelled, getting a little angry.

"Hush little slave boy," Maid Number Two said gently, "we're only trying to help you." Deidara tried to get away, but aside from what their appearance tells, they were pretty strong. He couldn't believe he was being ganged up by a couple of tiny female maids.

"I told you, un! I don't need any help!" Maid Number Two shook her head, slipping the shirt over Deidara's head. Receiving an opening, Maid Number One slid his pants down to his ankles.

The two maids gasped. "Deidara!" Maid Number One exclaimed, "you're so thin!"

"And your skin is full of wounds!"

"Tch." Deidara said in anger, "I told you. I'm a slave, yeah." Deidara said, gathering his clothes from their hands, trying to cover himself a little.

They both stood there, un able to form coherent words.

"Alright ladies," came a voice form within the bath, "you've had your fun. Please leave now, I'm trying to bath." All three looked to the source of the voice.

In the bath were two males. One, very large and muscular, the other, smaller, more delicate.

In the bath were Kisame and Uchiha Itachi.

"Itachi-sama!" One of the maids exclaimed, "forgive us for so rudely intruding!" They profusely bowed to him while Deidara watched, completely dumbstruck. They must have been watching. But why didn't they stop them earlier? Jeez.

After apologizing some more, they left the room with red faces.

Kisame laughed, "boy, kid, you sure have found some fun for yourself."

"Fun, un? That wasn't fun." He pouted.

"Don't pout, Deidara," Kisame taunted, "hurry up and rinse off. You look a little cold." Deidara looked around for the faucet to wash off.

After washing up, he grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped himself up, slightly embarrassed of showing the two men his private areas.

He entered the bath, sitting across from Itachi and Kisame. It was weird being in such a large bath, he was never allowed such luxury. He was usually thrown in an ice cold washing bin. This was far nicer.

"Where's Sasori?" Itachi asked.

"Um... he has a lot of work to do. He sent me away so he could get it done, yeah."


"Poor boy's being shunned by his own Master." Kisame teased.

"No, he just has work, un..."

"Kisame." Itachi warned. He smiled a toothy smile.

"I know, I know. I'll be nice." He said, smile never faltering. He softly motioned for Itachi to turn around. He picked up a sponge and gently began to wash Itachi's back.

His gentleness was surprising to Deidara. Back when he first met him, he thought he would be a brute. He certainly looks the part. But he's actually very nice and caring—aside from the light teasing the blond was being pushed upon.

When he was done cleaning Itachi's back, he smiled kindly at the raven haired man. Without a word, the long haired man turned around, patting Kisame on the head like a puppy. In appreciation, he kissed the raven on the cheek.

It was nice watching the two exchange such loving embraces. Their relationship wasn't a hate and fear one, clearly not. He knew what one of those relationships looked like. It didn't look like Itachi wanted to beat Kisame, no. And Kisame didn't have that look in his eyes. The one that feared and hated the very soul of his Master. No, what he saw was something different, something unfamiliar. He saw kindness in Itachi's eyes, loyalty in Kisame's, and admiration and love in the both. That kind of master/slave relationship... that was the kind of relationship he dreamed of. But he never truly received it. Not enough to set him free. While he was with a kind Master, he must have done something to upset them, to make them send him back instead of setting him free. Yes, he must have done something wrong.

"Deidara?" Kisame asked, looking him in the eyes, "do you want me to wash your back, too?"

"Um..." he looked towards Itachi, almost like he was looking for permission.

"...sure. Thanks."


Naruto pondered exactly what he was going to do. The door was locked on the inside, the windows wouldn't open, either. But then again, he was a little glad. That would be a long fall down. He really had no escape. It wasn't fair. Sasuke wouldn't be back until tomorrow. Granted, if he wanted, he could probably sleep until he got back. It was dark, anyway. But the problem was he wasn't tired. He needed something to do. He looked around the room, looked for something, anything, to entertain him. He searched through the closet, behind the mirror, in the dresser, then under the bed. That's when he saw it.

A bright blue bouncy ball.



Sasori growled at the paper. He was out of ideas at the moment, he just couldn't think right. He had a deadline to reach, and he wasn't even close to finishing. He just had too much stuff on his mind. Too bad none of them involved puppet designs.

He used everything he could think of in his countless other designs. Nothing he put on this puppet just seemed right. He had the outline almost down, he could worry about appearance and color later. But right now he has to think of gadgets. Today, he was creating a fighter puppet. For war. His work was highly classified, they were Japan's secret weapon. If they were ever caught in a war, with these weapons, they were sure to win.

And if anyone else that weren't required to know caught wind of his work, they were both in big trouble. Deidara saw him working. But he didn't quite know exactly what he was working on. All he knows about is that they're puppets. His art. His love. His very own beautiful, eternal creations.

And that's why he wished that their use for war wouldn't be necessary in his life time.

For if they were hurt, harmed or destroyed, he...wouldn't know how to react. His precious creations of eternal beauty... would be destroyed. Gone. Forever.

And he didn't think he could live with that.

He shook his head. He didn't have time to be thinking about the sake of his own puppets. He just needed to get this done. He was having a few colleagues over to discuss their future plans tomorrow, after he handed in his work. Two men of the same company, working for the government. Creating weapons of mass destruction was their career. The government needed to make sure, if they were ever to have a war or some sort of... dispute between another country, that they would be ready for anything. They weren't going to just use guns and grenades, oh no, they had far more ingenious weapons then the rest of society. They were on top of the weapons industry, for sure.

He grabbed a ruler and set to work.


Sasuke quietly continued to work on his homework, the empty bowl of stew on his desk. He should probably put that in the kitchen for one of the maids to take care of after his homework was complete.

He was still angry at Naruto. How dare he tell him to leave. He had no right.

So he really got what was coming to him. He deserved to be locked up in that room.

Sasuke growled lightly. He was pissed off. And this homework didn't help. So he decided to take a break. He'll bring the empty bowl back and maybe go in the library and read some manga for a little bit. He can finish his homework later.

He got up from his chair, grabbing the white bowl. He leisurely walked towards the door on the other side of his room, he was really in no rush. He opened the door, raising a delicate eyebrow once he heard a peculiar noise. It was persistent, occuring every few seconds or so. A banging noise, getting louder and louder as he approached Naruto's door. He stood outside the door, debating on whether or not to open it and yell at him.

He decided against it. He just stood there, trying to figure out what that noise was.

He heard a mumble from behind the door. "And with a flash of blue lightning, he continued to bash the door, waiting until the poor piece of wood collapsed under pressure!!"

Looks like Naruto found the bouncy ball.


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