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Lost But Not Forgotten:

What would you do if someone you knew got lost and was never found? Would you stop looking? Would you try to find him/her by yourself? Stop at nothing to find them? And if you found them, what would your first instinct to do be?

This is a story about a girl taken from everything she has ever known to a place she knows nothing about. It's about a girl who finds hope & faith in unexpected ways. It's about a girl who finds friendship with the animals around her. And never gives up that she will be found.

"Love is a Hope that can not be forgotten. For if it is forgotten, what will there be to live for?"

I opened the door of the small cabin I had made with my own hands & the help of my friends. I was a girl of 15/16 years of age. My last contact with humans, except for the Coast Guard, was when I was six years old, on cruise liner with my family. I've been by myself for ten years & have barely been in contact with humans.

So when I saw the boat, my first reaction was to run out and talk to them. But instead I turned around & closed the door. Any human contact right now would be fatal to what I had going on. I would be ripped from my home & taken back to live among other humans. Besides it would take the crew a couple hours to find this place if they were even looking for me. Which I doubt they were since it had been 10 years since I had vanished from the cruise liner and probably wouldn't recognize me.

But I couldn't stay inside the cabin all day. Well it was more of a hut anyways, covered in brush to keep the predators out & so no one could disturb me if I didn't want them too.

I started to clean up my living quarters. I put the food away--in the warn out basket that I had made from vines and some bark--so no animals could get it, I made my bed, straightened the firewood pile, & put my boots on. I had made a whole ward-robe out of animal skins. I ate the meat and anything else that was digestible. I had grown a lot in the past 10 years.

I grabbed my robe and put it on. Grabbing my weapons and bag, I headed out-side, carefully. I could hear the humans crashing through the woods, coming straight for me. I put as much distance from my home and them as I could in such short of time. I heard them stop and go quiet. Hearing a noise behind me, I drew an arrow and put it in place on the bow & spun around. Not only were there men, but also women. One of the women started forward, but I drew the arrow to the bow & pulled back.