I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up.

It's amazing what a little simplicity can do for you. Bulma's grin couldn't be wider as she held her daughter's hand and her arm hooked into Trunk's as they walked the strip of the movie theatre. She hadn't had a night out in months and spur of the moment brought her here to see a brand new comedy that had her daughter giggling like crazy and Trunks actually smiling. Her own belly hurt from all the laughter. Now leaving she was disappointed it couldn't last longer.

Paparazzi waited for them on the outside and the flashes of cameras were everywhere. She picked up her daughter just to make sure she didn't get lost in all the pushing by the bouncers and security guards as they were ushered to their limo. "Mr. Briefs, how far along is your girlfriend?" a news reporter question.

Trunks readily shouted back, proud and happy, "Seventeen weeks."

"Do you know the sex yet?"

He shook his head, "We want to be surprised. I'm kind of hoping for a girl. So she can be as strong and smart as my mom." Bulma grinned and was surprised when he hugged her, kissing her temple. There was a bunch of 'awws' from the audience.

She was quick to reply, "He knows how to talk to the ladies, obviously." The crowd laughed.

"The wedding of the century is only a week away, how do you both manage to still have time to come out? As Chairman, Mr. Briefs, and CEO and owner, Mrs. Briefs, is Capsule Corporation still getting the care it needs?"

Bulma was about to answer but found her son take the lead. She smiled inwardly. "Family always comes first, we've have always been big about that on Capsule Corps. We have dedicated workers that we call friends that continuously labor to keep up with the rigid deadlines. Our personal life with never intercede with the needs of the company. As we have demonstrated, especially since mom's close call with cancer."

Bulma shot a subtle glare. He knew how to work the crowd so well it was annoying. Their grievances about Capsule Corps faded and the questions sprang up about her illness. "Mrs. Briefs, your final appointment is tomorrow. Is there any reason to believe the cancer is still there?"

"No. I've done the chemo and the radiation. I am a hundred percent free of cancer. I've learned my lesson and I hope other women of the world did too. Get yourself checked. It's not something to put off. Now we are going to go out for ice cream before the little one has to go to bed."

"One more!" Someone anxiously screamed. "You said you are big on family so I feel I really need to address this. Are you and your husband getting a divorce?"

Bulma's eyes scanned the many familiar faces for the jerk-off news reporter to bring up the very one topic she didn't want to talk about. The crowd got terribly silent and parted so she could get a direct pathway to him, sending her ice blue glare directly at him. "Every relationship has it's troubles. Aside from that, thank you for bringing such a topic up in front of my children." She guided Trunks into the limo where Bra waited. "What's your name?"

He licked his lips suddenly nervous. "Nik Hibeki. Japan Times Reporter."

"Let's hope you have other talents, Nik. I think Japan Times is about to downsize." She waved and smiled to everyone else, sending one last glare toward him before dropping into the car and slamming the door.

She snatched her phone from her purse catching the eyes of her daughter and son. "What?"

"It was just a question."

Bra replicated, "yea it was just a question." Trunks turned and tickled his little sister making her squeal.

"Well, it was stupid question." She fought lamely, quickly dialing her secretary. "Pilt. Have Japan Times fire Nik Hibeki." She snapped shut the phone throwing it aside.

"Momma." Bra ventured, coming over to sit on her lap. "What's divorse?" Bulma looked at Trunks aggravatingly but he only grinned.

Bulma quickly changed the subject, "What kind of ice cream do you want?"

Bra instantly screamed out, "Chocolate!" It's Vegeta's favorite so of course Bra indulged in the flavor more so than any other.
"Mom." Trunks ventured, "What if he has kids?"

Bra repeated, "Yea what if he has kids?"

Trunks wrapped an arm around her head, "Driver, pull over, we got to dump something off on the side of the road." Bra shrieked in protest into his armpit.

"Kami, I didn't know I was going to get the third degree!" Bulma hurriedly called back Pilt and only ordered him to be suspended for a short time. She threw the phone aside, "Happy?"

Bra shot a double glare, "Happy?" Bulma grabbed Bra's leg pulling her off the seat, and her screams of laughter filled the car.

Bulma threw her pants in the laundry basket and then her shirt and bra before pulling on a extra long pajama gown and crawling into bed, throwing over her big billowy blankets and settling comfortably into their warm embrace, ignoring the empty place beside her. She reached over for the light switch but her consciousness stopped her from flipping it off and her hand dropped to the latch on the drawer and reluctantly, she slowly pulled it open. Silence filled the room after that. The divorce papers laid inside. For a month now they were left unsigned but not forgotten. Life had gone on and her world had continued to rotate.

It was actually pretty normal. It was quiet. It was relaxing. There was other things she could think about now. There other people she could invest her time in. There was a whole entire world out there that she hadn't realized until now and for the past month, she had lived it.

Bulma reached for the pen that she had kept in the same place and placed it between her teeth. It wasn't that it was a hard decision. All signs pointed one direction. Vegeta wanted this. He decided this and in doing so helped her see that life would be much better off without him. She had been a foolish kid living on hopes and dreams when they first began. But their life was a downward spiral. There was no salvaging the pieces of a broken home. It wasn't going to happen. Realism had to be brought to the forefront of their lives before their children paid the price.

What kept her from signing the papers, believe it or not, was stubbornness. Giving up was something quitters do and Bulma Briefs was anything but a quitter. She was an analyst and a mathematician, and a scientist. There had to be numerous ways to fix this problem. But as with all experiments, when there are multiple incorrect pieces of data, it's time to throw out the project and start anew.

She threw the pen in the drawl and slapped the papers in the empty space on the bed, throwing herself back on the pillows to stare at the ceiling. What had caused Vegeta to come to this radical decision? He hasn't even spoken to her since. Something had to happen. She doesn't even know if the pills she gave him work. He was supposed to come home once the medicine started to affect his memories.

Bulma flung off the covers off and ventured out her balcony. It was slightly chilly, her skull receiving most of the cold air. Her gaze landed on the GR as she leaned upon the railing. Lights shined on the grass from the round holes. Trunks worked diligently within it's confines. Since he started the anti-depressants, he's had trouble sleeping so he's picked up a nightly regime of training. His attitude has changed for the better. He's different though. When something bothers him, he makes it known. Talking daily with Takashi is forcing the doors wide open and keeping them that way. She supposed it's better that way, it's just taking some getting use too. Finding out that he doesn't like watching the Late Night Show and that he hates Cheese Puffs and that he has always disliked the shirts that she's bought him since he started high school, takes some readjusting too.

Bulma shut the doors to her balcony, closing the blinds. She was incredibly antsy tonight. She paced before her bed, running her hands through her short, short, hair and groaning out in frustration.

If Vegeta were here, no doubt she would pick a fight with him just to have one. A grin flushed her lips at the thought of it. They've had hundreds of petty arguments based on boredom. If those stupid disagreements happened in the bedroom, then no doubt they'd end up hashing the rest of it in bed. Her cheeks flushed in memory. It's been so long since she felt the texture of his powerful hand.

Why was everything so fucked up again? Why were they on the verge of a divorce? Bulma sat down on the edge of the bed trying to remember. Haven't they always fought and got on each other's nerve? Hasn't life always been a war between them? If it's not one thing, it's another. It's how they liked it. It kept everything balanced and equal in the world. It was entertaining and funny.

When did it stop being that way?

Bulma eyes dropped to the floor. She figured it all changed when he stopped viewing his life as worthy. His past was more important to him than his present and no amount of love could change that. It hurt her deeper than she thought it did. Vegeta and the children are her world. If he doesn't feel the same way than how can they continue going on?

Bulma glanced back at the papers. It was for the best, wasn't it? Bra was doing fine without him. Trunks was adapting. And though there was a gaping hole in her own life, she was learning to cope. Another year of pretending, forcing her work in that spot where Vegeta should be, will help.

Bulma snatched up her jeans. She needed to talk to him again. There was no doubt about it. Why did he give her the papers? Something had to have changed. For the first week, that was all she could think about. Something happened but he refused contact with her. Then she started to contemplate surrendering to the seemingly inevitable path to divorce and talking to him no longer prevailed in her mind so she had given up on trying.

She found his home an hour from her own, deep in some wooden terrain beside a waterfall. The place was surrounded by a ki shield, unbreakable for someone like her. But if Bulma knew anything, it was how to get through it. She aimed her powerful cannons for the mountain range beside him and pressed the red button, watching the firepower explode the stonewall.

Vegeta flew out of his home, dispelling his own shield to make it through and blasted the thousands tons of rubble from crushing his domain and from killing her. She calmly walked out of her car and up to his house as he dropped down beside her, "Are you fucking nuts, woman?" He barked at her.

The sight of him was intoxicating. He was healthy and composed. His eyes were clear and focused, his skin well-tanned and unblemished. He was thick-boned having regained all the weight he had lost. Most of these things, she hadn't even noticed were wrong to begin with. When had he lost weight in the first place? When did his tan start to fade and his skin become pallid? Her memory of him, the last time she saw him, became altered by this moment of perfection.

"Well if you just talked to me like normal person!"

"A phone would be normal!"

"Oh, you suddenly know how to use the phone!"

"Talk to your son? He and I communicate just fine that way!"

Bulma pulled back, blinking. Vegeta was speaking differently. It was almost as a normal human would converse. She sucked in a breath to calm the atmosphere, "Can we talk?"

"Aren't we?" he replied sarcastically, glaring at the destruction that surrounded his home. Vegeta spun on his heel and marched inside, caring little if she followed. She took it though as an invitation.

Stepping into his house, she looked around at the place he had bought. It was different from the one she had made with the katchin metals. There was amble space, a kitchen, a living room, and down the hall appeared to be a bedroom and bathroom. She took an uneasy seat on the couch. Her stomach ached in terrible heartache. She felt like she was invading a stranger's home.

Vegeta laid his hands out on the island bar in the kitchen and stared at her. "What?"

She blew out a bit of air. She was terrified he was going to ask her if she wanted something to drink. Bulma wasn't sure she would be able to handle a radical change as that. "I brought the papers."

She watched his face, searching for anything that could betray what he's feeling. But he made no alteration in his features. "Fine."

She unfolded and placed them down on the coffee table. Bulma noticed her hands shaking. "I want to know something." She refused to look at him. "Why are you doing this?"

"Tsk." Bulma glanced over at him. He leaned back against the kitchen sink, folding his arms over his chest. "I simply handed you the papers before you could hand them to me."

She rapidly shook her head, "I would never-"

"Bullshit. From day one, you have been trapped into this." Her brows knit as she flipped her eyes upon him. "You attempted to make this work and I applaud your effort. But it's over now, Bulma. You fight because of pride but this is not surrender. This is a stalemate and it is time to walk away."

Bulma slowly stood. Her back strong and stiff, her hands clenched at her side. "I have never been trapped. So wherever you got that from, you need to just forget it. And I fight not because of pride but because I love you and I have always loved you from the moment I put you in that stupid pink shirt." She smiled, recalling the image perfectly,

Vegeta stepped out of the kitchen and stopped at the base of the hallway, the nearest yet to reach her. His gaze was upon her and the lack of emotion in his gaze told her she was having little effect. He was too convinced by his own words, words he had repeated in his mind for the past month.

The time apart was necessary for their wounds to heal and for her strength to regain itself but in doing so, the silence had made his resolve intensify.

"It's time you face this." Her brows knit. "I don't love you." He turned his back. "Don't come here again."

A door slammed, shocking her senses and she looked around realizing she was alone. She knew what part she was to play next. One role required her screaming and pounding on his door, yelling all kinds of obscenities which would lead to a brawl no doubt and would fix nothing. The opposite role would have her collapse right where she stood, a heaving mess of sobs and tears questioning every moment they have ever shared.

Bulma did neither of these. For if she had taken on either part, it would mean she believed him and there was not a doubt in her mind that Vegeta loved her more than anything else in this world. It all seemed to click at this moment. The reason for the divorce, the reason he has separated himself from his family, and the reason he has completely become a different person. He realized he had tried to kill himself. He finally recognized he was a danger to himself and to others. He was giving her an out.

He's lost all hope on ever recovering.

Bulma shifted around the couch and moved down the hallway. She stood before his door for only a moment before testing the knob. He had left it unlocked. With a steady hand she twisted it and found him facing his only bedroom window. Though it probably once held a beautiful serene view, only rocks and boulders were before him now. He turned his gaze toward her and for a fraction of a second, perhaps she saw sorrow lay in his eyes.

She struggled with words. What could she say that she hadn't already said? How could she convince him to return? She had already confessed she still loved him and he had been unmoved. Vegeta never responded to words. He needed more than that.

Bulma lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her bare breasts for view. His eyes drifted away, "Bulma-" She unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them to her ankles and stepping out of them, standing before him completely naked.

"Tell me I mean nothing." She ordered, stepping closer to him.

He faced her, his arms dropped to his sides. "I would have killed Trunks." He responded distantly.

Bulma stood only inches from him, the silence echoing between them. She reached over and grasped his hand. "Tell me you don't love me." She rested his palm to her cheek leaning against it. His thumb brushing over her lips and she quickly pulled into her mouth, sucking on it before she guided his palm down her neck, over her collarbone and to her breast. She pushed herself against his hand, his eyes flicking down to her bosom and then back to her gaze repeatedly as he tried to talk himself out the situation.

"Your human love fixes nothing."

Bulma lowered to her knees before him. "Tell me." Vegeta only stared at her unmoving. Her fingers graced the line of his pants, moving down the length of him sleeping. "Tell me to go, Vegeta and I'll walk out the door." She slipped her hand down inside, gripping and stroking, waking him up. She watched as he shut his eyes. She pulled the waist of his pants down to his knees, exposing him to the air. "You'll never see me again." Her mouth encircled him, feeling him hit the back of her throat. She moaned, vibrating his skin and she heard him take a quick breath of air. His hand soon rested on her head, gently, perhaps wishing to grab ahold of the strands that no longer were there. It dropped quickly.

Bulma gasped when he gripped her by both arms and shoved her back upon the bed. He stared down at her huffing but she only smiled, worming around on the bed, opening her legs wider, enticing him. He pulled off his shirt and yanked his pants the rest of the way down before crawling between her knees.

His fingers twisted her nipple and she gapped, he was impassive gazing at her with an unsure observation. He leaned down taking the other in his mouth. Her fingers intertwined in his hair, holding him close. "Vegeta. Tell me. Tell me you don't love me." She begged. If by chance it was true, any further and she would never recover. She needed something. She needed words. She was human, after all. Vegeta stopped any other words by covering her lips with his own, their tongues finding one another instantly and for several minutes they only kissed, holding onto one another with their naked bodies pressed up close.

Soon, Vegeta felt her thigh in a subtle hint. He pulled from her lips and sitting back on his heels, he brought her into him, watching the process carefully. She was extremely tight after the months apart and his teeth clenched to keep from bursting. She bit her lip from pain but with a only a few strokes, she forgot quickly and her moans filled the room.

He kept twisting her in multiple directions to stop himself from finishing. She herself was working on her third by the time he couldn't hold back anymore and with her sitting upon his lap he held tight to her sweat covered body and they finished finally together. She gripped him harshly, panting in his ear, resting her face beside his. "Come home." She begged him.

It was what he had been waiting to hear. She had abandoned him, thrown him away, given up on him, and this entire month he thought he was going to watch his family from afar for the remainder of his life. He didn't understand separation. He understood together and not together. He wasn't going to beg Bulma to take him back. Takashi kept saying he had to apologize. He showed him movies and pictures of men who had no spine and no pride. Vegeta wasn't like that. There was no way he could buy a 'I'm sorry' card or a 'Please forgive me' teddy bear. It wasn't going to happen. So he opted to threaten Bulma with a divorce, scare her straight, and he would be forgiven.

He hadn't thought it would take her so long. Days past and he was beginning to think he would lose her. The medicine she gave him worked well with little side effects. He eats more than usual and he sleeps through the night, good side effects according to Takashi. He could go home but she never came back.

Seeing them on TV, continuing on with their lives, struck him hard. They didn't need him. They didn't want him. He was only a burden. He was messed up and it was so obvious that he was never going to be perfect. So it was better this way. He was glad Bulma never came back.

But she had come for him. She was fighting for him. By all rights, he doesn't deserve it, he was relieved she had finally come. Life was incomplete without her and without the children. He was a shell, simply waiting to be filled with life.

Love. Human love was a complicated thing. There were so many different kinds of love, so many levels and ways to love. It had taken him so long to understand love, to find it, when he had it all this time. It was right in his arms. It was amazing. It was inspiring. It was soothing. It was peaceful. He had found peace. Years and years of searching for a day of solace and all he needed was her and her affection.

Whatever the gods had planned in the future let it come. He was finally ready.

Author's Note: I wasn't planning on ending it but it fit so perfectly that I had too. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did, thank you very much for your devotion. I appreciate it. Jeeze, four years went by in that time. How crazy.