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Gnawing on a toothpick, Hood covered bright eyes. A grin carved upon soft lips and the silver eyes danced with joy.

"Let us get this party started." Lifting herself up, She hopped onto the hard, stone floor. Lifting her leg, a loud 'clank' noise echoed down the hall. Removing the steel point of her boot, she popped a very small device out of the metal. Clicking a button, a loud screech roared throughout the room. The metal bars shook and she grimaced. "and I forgot to put in the god-blessed Earplugs." She thought in the most annoyed manner. Throwing off her hood, she hurled the small device against the stone wall, breaking it. Turning to face the exit to her jail, mid-shoulder length black hair, the tips midnight blue. She grinned again. The gates smashed open, a pure, completely black Organoid roared at her. Gleaming red eyes and so dark that you couldn't even see the mouthline- this Organoid was filled with joy to see his master. "Obsidian!" Shouted the woman, hugging her Organoid.

The creature merely roared in joy. She rubbed the beast's head, a gently smile on her lips. "So whatcha say we destroy this base eh?" She said slowly. The Organoid roared again and the sound of Command wolves made her grin, yet again.

"Let us begin the rain of bullets!" She opened her arms and the Organoid's chest opened, cords struck out and pulled her in.


"Hahahahahaha!!" Laughed the large man from his spot inside his white command wolf. He had eight-slot Missile packs shooting all over the base. Specifically missing the jail-house. However, once he had seen the red beam of light burst from the jail house and into the camouflaged gun-sniper.

The woman was not happy. "A Gun-sniper?! A Gun-Sniper?! Goato why in the world am I in a blasted Gun-sniper?!" A screen popped up in hers and she glared at him. The man had short green hair, a goatee and a wrinkled face. He wasn't a skinny man, but that didn't stop his amazing piloting ability.

Goato was use to this, so he merely snorted in reply then spoke moments later. "Ah don't be so picky about it Dusk."

Dusk rolled her silver eyes. "Alright Obsidian! Kick it up!" The Gun-sniper roared and turned pure black, the orange cover around her turning red. Pressing the petal down, The gun-sniper leaped up and charged. Goato rolled his blue eyes and watched, stopping his bombardment.

Dusk reached and yanked a side-lever, causing the Gun-sniper to turn swiftly. The base was approximately twenty-feet away.

She could handle this. Pulling down a panel, she punched in a few numbers and she felt the Zoid turn quickly, her sliding down into the tail. Obsidian gave a impatient roar.

"Patience Obsidian, We want some fun first right?" She cooed, staring into the huge crosshairs. "Obsidian, activate Camouflage." As said, the gun-sniper turned invisible. Several Iron-kongs were charging out of the base. She whistled.

"Ouch, Anti-air missiles and four six-missile packs. That's an endless bombardment there." She aimed and fired the shot quickly. The Iron-kong on left quickly fell. She clicked another button and she was returned to the top. She whistled. "Let's get this party started!" Charging, the Optic-camouflaged went off and she leaped, biting into the Iron kong's Anti-air missile pack. He reached up and grabbed the poor gun-sniper by the snout, hurling it into a wall. Dusk grimaced as her head banged against a couple levers.

She gasped and held her head. "And no wonder my mom told me to wear my seat belt." She sneered. Obsidian snickered. "Shuddup you overgrown mechanical lizard." Quickly flipped a switch to her left, The Gun-sniper pulled two Zen-smashers out. They glowed a faint green and she pressed the farthest petal. The Gun-sniper leaped high into the air. "Hello Assassination unit!!" Quickly flipped another switch in the corner and typing in a fast code, the large packed unit on the back opened up. "Eighteen-missile launch!" She pressed a red button and the missiles were set free. The Kong's quickly shot several 6 missile packs at the eighteen shots, but only some were canceled. Re-clicking the Zen-smasher, she charged forward.

"You've lost!" She snarled. The Zen-smasher came in contact with the cockpit of the first Iron-kong, the other her eighteen-missile pack was let loose again and smashed into the disabled iron-kong's cockpit. She grinned. Obsidian popped out of the Gun-sniper and appeared on the top, giving a loud roar. "Goato, you wanna blow it up?" asked Dusk, popping up in a screen again.

The man looked thoughtful for …approximately two seconds. "Yep." He kicked back a side panel on the lower part of the cockpit and the Zoid bent down, pointing a double-barrel sniper-cannon at the base itself. Yanking down a wire, the beast's missile packs opened up. Pulling another side wire, the weapon binders on the hind legs aimed. "Bombardment!"

The explosion was so loud that the earth even shook.


The familiar, but foul smell of alcohol and sweat charged into Goato and Dusk's nostrils. Dusk smiled widely at the large amount of people in the gigantic base. It was an old Republic base that was abandoned during the war and rebuilt. The walls had vines climbing into them but it was rather home-y-er this way.

Atleast in Dusk's opinion. She smiled and announced their return. "Hey Everyone!" She shouted. Obsidian beside her snickered as the men all stopped to turn.

" 'Ey guys, Look who 'ere eh! Be shortey an' mister boss man!" Most of the people inside were men, though woman were inside. Obsidian snorted at the drunk bunch. They tripped over themselves toward Dusk and Goato. These two wore bandana's of blue and yellow, then both wearing a simple tan vest, tan pants and a red shirt. This was the uniform. Dusk however, wore a tank cloak with a hood that was currently down. She had a bandana loosely around her neck like a collar and red cargo-pants. Goato wore a tan cloak as well, but he had the tan pants on like the others.

"We just took out that base a hundred and eighty kilo's away!" He announced with a booming, proud voice. Everyone looked with wide eyes.

"Seriously boss?" asked a woman, having short messy blonde hair. He grinned in reply.

"Aye!" Dusk gave a small smile. These people were more then just her friends, they were her family.

And she'd prefer death then to part with them.


Dusk slowly walked into the cargo-room. Several Molgas were lined up. A couple blue command wolves, Goato's white command wolf. several Gun-snipers… Several Dark and Red Horns. Several Gustavs. Three Gojulas against the wall. A couple iron-kongs… They surely had a bunch of Zoids. Something was missing however. She knew they had more then two iron-kongs…

"We most definitely have five more Rev-raptors and two more Zaber Fangs… and were missing Mikri's KING-kong." The familiar sound of beating fists told her of the Kong she thought of.

"Requesting Open of Cargo-door from area Eleven! Emergency found a really damaged Zoid." Dusk quickly yanked the speaker from the side.

"Access granted. Please access code…" Dusk flipped the case and typed in four numbers. 8-7-2-1. "8721."

"Thank you." A loud click echoed throughout the room and the door opened, Five Rev-raptors, two Zaber fangs, and the KING-kong came into the Cargo room. A Gustav carrying a large red dinosaur-like Zoid. A woman came out of the cockpit of the KING-kong, hands on hips wearing a tan cloak and green Cargo-pants. She hopped down and expertly landed on a knob then landed safely. "Thanks for opening the door for me Dusk. We found this Zoid and it looks hurt pretty bad." Stated Mikri sadly. Dusk quickly hit a reset button once the Zoids had entered and the door shut. Dusk walked over to the cockpit of the dinosaur-like Zoid.

"Hmmm…" whispered Dusk, gazing at the Zoid. It was dirty, there were scratches all over it. When she reached to touch the cockpit, a dark-blob tackled her to the ground roughly. She coughed horribly. "Gah!" Spat Dusk, glaring into narrow blue eyes. The Organoid was furious! Mikri grabbed the creature around the middle, but it bit at her and she moved away.

"Dusk!" She shouted with worry. A loud roar echoed throughout the halls and Obsidian smashed into the lighter-colored Organoid. Dusk scrambled up and glared at the other Organoid.

"Obsidian!" Shouted Dusk, pointing at the lighter Organoid. The lighter roared loudly and got into a defensive stance. There was no possible way this Organoid could stand up to Obsidian, It was scratched and had many dents in it. She frowned at it. Slowly walking over to it, Mikri stared at her warningly but Dusk pressed forward. "Your companion's in there isn't he or she?" asked Dusk gently. "Obsidian has done that to Goato before. Please let me close? I want to help." She begged. The lighter Organoid growled. "I have no choice. Obsidian!" Obsidian quickly ran past the blue-eyed Organoid, quickly forcing the cockpit open. The mystery Organoid tackled Obsidian away, but Dusk had enough time to run and grab the mangled body of the thing that was being protected.

Mikri whistled. "Wow, he has definitely got some heavy damage done to him." Dusk ignored her friend. Giving a loud sigh and grinding her teeth, she gently placed her hand on his forehead.

"Gah! Trying to burn my hand off!" She grabbed the speaker and clicked it on. "Hey, I have an emergency situation, Hospital wing is requested to only have medication for…" She examined the many wounds she could see. " 'Bout grade Eight. I'll handle the healing, just get me Supplies. Thanks Bye." She hurled the speaker back on the hood and nodded at Obsidian, who had pinned the other Organoid down and allowed Mikri to tie him up. "Obsidian, grab the end rope, bite it off if you have to. We're bringing that Organoid too." She carefully adjusted the male so he was on her back and she huffed. "You owe me so blasted much when you wake up." She grunted to the long-haired male. He had shoulder-length dark-hair, wearing some odd cloak of sorts. Dragging the male to the Medical wing would take a whole- bunch of work…


Raven cracked his eye open slowly. It was pitch black around him and it was bothering him. He slowly began to raise and grunted when excruciating pain seared throughout his entire body. Glaring down, he noticed he wore bandages and a tan vest. His face curved into a snarl but the familiar joyous roar of Shadow made him turn to his companion.

"Shadow?" He muttered slowly, looking for his Organoid. A door opened and light streamed in. He quickly turned his head and saw his companion, tied to the bed loosely.

"You're awake I see." A smooth, but cocky voice reached his ears. Turning his head, now use to the light gazed at Dusk. She frowned at his Organoid, who growled quietly. A large, pitch black Organoid was behind her.

"Her Organoid is so dark I can't even see where the arm joints are…" Raven was quiet.

"You're in The Raider's base. Nothin' fancy we're just calling ourselves The Raiders. Your dinosaur-thing is going under intense repairs and you are currently under extensive medical care." She reached over and flipped on a small switch, the lights turned on completely. He glared at her warily. She crossed her arms. "Any questions?" She asked shortly. Raven gave a scoff and Shadow snorted. Her pitch-black Organoid snarled and ducked passed her, roaring loudly at Shadow. Shadow in return roared back. "Down Obsidian." Obsidian snorted but complied.

Raven gave her three seconds and she tapped her foot impatiently. "Not a trained soldier. Her patience for those interrogated is short." He inwardly smirked. "As a matter of fact, I do." His cruel purple eyes glinted. "Why are you helping a stranger that could very well destroy this entire base?" The woman made an odd noise.

"Well, you bare no insignia of the Empire, Or the Republic, Or the Guardian force for that matter. There-of you're welcome here until proven guilty. That is one of the rules of us members. Unless you bare some insignia then we can allow you in base. Judgment is judged by those who find you, if they believe you are not guilty, no one else may call you guilty unless proven." She twirled a small speaker on her finger. "Now then. Excuse me sir…Whoever you are. Name's Dusk. If you need something you can most certainly click that god-forsaken speaker next to you and type in number two. It'll connect you automatically to me after that." Suddenly the room flashed red and loud speakers blared.

"This is Vice-Commander Mikri, requesting Troop three to prepare for combat, Guardian force Molga and Gun-sniper approach from the North. Requesting back-up, I see a couple Gojulas in the back. Requesting all three to defend."

"Three? How many leaders do these buffoons have?" Raven thought slowly, gazing at the speaker.

"This is Commander Goato, one through twenty-eight of Troop one will accompany you. I will take the others to the East." Dusk quickly clicked a side button on her portable speaker and a small pad popped out. she pulled a stylus out and clicked a Zero on her pad. Her voice boomed and Raven inwardly grimaced at the loudness.

"This is Vice-commander Dusk, five through ten will mobilize to assist troop three, rest of troop two will search the perimeter. Level requested for this?"

"This girl is a Vice-commander…How pathetic."

"Gah! Problem occurred! They have a D-bison, I think that's a Lightening Saix and a blue…The Blade Liger!" The speaker in front of Dusk froze and scrambled noise.

"Van…Flyheight…" Raven's amethyst eyes narrowed sharply.

"…Better off Dead." Mikri's voice said quietly. Several loud cheers were heard on the speaker. Dusk grinned.

"Better off Dead! Mobilizing Rebirth." Raven gazed at her carefully. "Stay safe." She grinned and left. "Obsidian!" She shouted. The Organoid was glad to go with her. Raven quietly and stealthily sneaked out, following the woman with grace. Shadow quietly followed, being untied.

Dusk quickly turned and was met with a metal barred door. She quickly typed a very long alphabetical and numerical code. The door burst open and lights flashed on, reflecting off pure black, sleek armor.

Before him was a very large pure black Zoid. It had a dragon-head, two small Snipers on the side. Two curved blades on the side in default mode, standing tall against the body to not ram into anything. It had horns that gut backward, and completely dull eyes. Large fangs hung from its mouth and it crawled on all four with long claws. Several boosters were on it's hind legs, along with two very large ion-boosters on its back. Dusk turned to him. "Since you're here Sir, Why don't you come into Rebirth with me?" She smirked and ran toward the monster, gazing at it with a smile. The cockpit- The head- opened and Raven could only stare at the two seats. Dusk hopped into the control seat and Raven gazed at her.

"Coming?" She asked, a cocky smile on her face. Raven walked over and slid in, curious to this Zoid he had never seen before. The cockpit shut and Raven blinked, as it was pitch black. Dusk shouted into a speaker in the Zoid, as the inside looked made of stone. "Rebirth!" The inside seemed to flare to life, the Zoid glowed brightly and let loose a furious roar, shaking the base itself. The cockpit, which was still pitch black flashed red and the familiar shield on the inside covered them. Shadow was outside, gazing at his master along with Obsidian.

"Are you Mobilized?"

"Rebirth!" Laughed Dusk with joy. Her Zoid gave a joyous roar and stood tall, quickly charging out of the base. The door had opened and they were met with sand. Raven gazed at the familiar blue blade Liger and his friends.

"Surrender! We do not wish to harm you but we will if we have to!" Dusk sneered. She reached and grabbed the two side handles, pressing her foot gently on the pedal. The Zoid burst forward, everything seemed to blur by. The Blade Liger roared and charged, two missile pods popped up.

"Eight Missile pods?!" She shouted with worry. They fired and she quickly yanked a lever four bars forward. The Zoid jerked to the side and quickly blurred past the missiles.

"Obsidian!" Shouted Dusk loudly, her voice echoing. The black Organoid slammed into Rebirth, causing the Zoid to burst forward. Raven noticed a small latch open and a handle come down. She smiled and reached for it, yanking it down. The Zoid shook and he was sure that that odd red button had not been there five seconds ago...

Rebirth roared loudly, fangs long and sharp. Meant for biting. The Zoid quickly ran toward Van, him seeing only it flash toward him before it was facing him. He could see the menacing red eyes. Van quickly yanked a side lever and the blades ripped downward, pointing dangerously at the pilot of the odd Zoid before him. He smirked and forced his liger to quickly pivot, the blade coming very close to slicing the bottom jaw.

However, Rebirth leaped away and landed on all four. Van took this chance to aim and fired missiles. The Zoid quickly turned around and began to run away, the missiles followed.

"Hang on tight Oh-Great-Injured one!" She grinned widely and pressed the pedal to the ground.

"…Alright…now I cannot see at all." He stated flatly in his mind, seeing everything a complete blur. Dusk reached and pressed the red button, the shield flashed and was overcome with a grayish shield. Raven could now see clearly.

"Thanks Obsidian!" Said Dusk. She yanked a side lever and Rebirth turned quickly, firing the small machine gun on the upper shoulder-blade (Above the top boosters) at the missiles. Dusk pressed a few buttons and yanked a lever forward.

That was a booster lever. Raven felt something shift inside the Zoid and something popped out. He was again seeing the landscape pass by him faster then he usually would. The Rebirth Zoid charged toward the heavier Blade Liger, Which quickly tried to strike with a paw, missing.

Dusk quickly maneuvered away from the paw, typing in a few things and forcing Rebirth to run around the Liger.

Van himself began to grow irritating with this fast Zoid. He quickly turned and, with blades out he followed the Zoid. Noticing it coming up behind him within seconds, he grinned and hopped into the air, the back of his liger's paw smashing into the mouth of Rebirth and knocking it over.

Dusk winced and growled loudly as her Zoid shook. "I'll show you Van…" She hissed. She typed a few things into the side panels and another small panel popped out of a machine like a CD drive except with a pad with four buttons on it. She pressed all three, avoiding the only Silver button.

Rebirth leaped up, giving a roar it disappeared from Van's sight. He turned quickly to notice fangs coming at him. Zeke forced the Blade Liger to duck, then he turned and tried to dig the blade into the shoulder. He missed. He felt the Zoid shake furiously and noticed Rebirth was on his back. Quickly flicking on his shield, the Zoid was sent flying. Landing on all four shakily, the Zoid gave a roar and disappeared yet again.

"Looks like you need some help." Irvine's voice said swiftly, echoing in his Zoid. Van gave a huge smile.

"Irvine! This Zoid is so fast I can't even see it move!" Said Van slowly. He heard Irvine laugh. "Hey this isn't a joke…"

"I ride the Lightening Saix. I can defiantly see it." Van waited. "There it is. It is fast…" He noticed the Lightening Saix run past him, only leaving a trail of dust.

'Beep Beep Beep' Raven gazed at the small radar as did Dusk. "Gah what is that fast thing?!" She hissed. Raven felt Rebirth turn and stared at the familiar Lightening Saix.

Lightening Saix shot two small laser beams at the Draconic-Zoid. It quickly leaped to the side and charged. Lightening Saix jumped to the side again and Rebirth nearly tripped itself trying to turn. Rebirth leaped just then and the very large, the only heavy looking objects on the Zoid stretched open, disorienting the air, meaning heat was streaming out.

Dusk had pressed the silver button. A screen to the left appeared, showing Rebirth's build. It flashed red and said 'Alert' In big red letters. It showed the boosters, then measurements scrolled on the screen. Dusk smiled at Raven. "Hold on tight. Don't want you getting more injured now do I?"

"Heating at twenty Percent." Rebirth landed on the ground, the boosters still streaming heat out. The lightening Saix quickly charged, smashing into Rebirth, who could not dodge the fast Zoid. Rebirth quickly raked its claws against Saix, who nearly tripped. "Heating at Seventy percent."

"Heating?..." Raven did a complete look throughout the inside of the Zoid. There were many, many buttons, atleast Eight levers. But that heating confused him, Boosters didn't heat, they cooled.

"Booster at hundred Percent. Igniting."


Flames burst out of the booster on the back of Rebirth, quickly forcing the Zoid to move. Dusk quickly yanked two low levers she nearly had to bend down to reach. The chairs seemed to stretch backward, as if adjusting to the burst of speed that just hit them. As Dusk pulled these levers, her middle finger grasped a smaller lever between the two larger. Raven turned his head to the side, seeing two curved blades move to the side of the Zoid. Though it looked more like wings at this speed, causing the redish-black blades to blur.

As the blades came, the pilot of the Saix froze. Quickly hitting the boosters himself, the Saix began to run. In a matter of seconds, Irvine had claws raking across the top of his Zoid, taking the boosters and the ears of the Saix. The Zoid quickly was forced off due to the boosters, running toward the blue Liger.

The Saix may have Mach one speed. But that Zoid had atleast Mach three. …But to go that fast…

It must have no armor.

"Van!" Shouted Irvine into the speaker.

"Yes Irvine?"

"That Zoid! It has no armor at all! That armor is just thin sheets compared to the armor of even the Saix. Just hit it once and you'll win."

"…The only problem is I can't hit it."

The Liger had tried hitting the fast Zoid and had missed several times. Until Van decided to spin his Zoid in a complete three hundred and sixty degrees, smashing his tail into the foot of Rebirth.

This sent the Zoid flying into the building, the flaming boosters shutting off. Blood splattered all over the left eye of the Zoid, and the armor fell apart on the head, leaving only the delicate mechanical part.

"Dusk!/Dusk!" shouted two worried voices into the speaker, however Dusk did not answer, as her head rested against the left side of the Zoid, head smashed against the eye. Raven glared at her, use to this shaking he had defended himself.

"pathetic girl." Obsidian appeared inside the Zoid, it had turned almost pitch black again and Raven had removed his seat belt, moving Dusk to the back without a care, He glared at Obsidian. "You want to save your stupid master then get this thing moving." He glared, knowing well this Organoid was the only able to enable this Zoid's boosters. Obsidian snarled but one look to his master and he re-fused. Raven sat into the main seat and pressed a couple buttons. "Alright then Rebirth. You better get up and move because Van will die today."


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