A/N: One hundred 100-word Fred and George drabbles with Death! While this is vaguely linked to my story (Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives) you don't need to know anything about it other than Nox is an OC and Fred's love interest.

Challenge 001: Hands
Prompts by: Ravensangel on Deviantart
Characters: Fred, Death
Word Count:
101 (bugger XD)

'Who roar for the sub-warden?" Everybody roared, but whether it was for the Sub-Warden, or not, did not clearly appear: some were shouting "Bread!" and some "Taxes!", but no one seemed to know what it was they really wanted.'

- Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Caroll

Less Bread! More Taxes!

001: Hands

It was downright rude the way mortals went on about his hands. The bony fingers of Death, that's what they called them. Hard, cold, firm, unyielding; when they took hold of you, you were a goner – pushing up the petunias before dawn.

Death rather fancied he had nice hands; attractive even. They were long and certainly a little pale, but hardly bony. If mortals were so determined to remain morbid, uncouth creatures, then it was no skin off his back.

He wrapped his hand around Fred Weasley's soul and hauled it off the battlefield, muttering, "Bony indeed. No respect at all."


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