Full Summary: All 15 year old Kagome Higurashi wanted was to earn enough money to buy herself a new car in reward for her consistent good grades and behavior. However, in a sick twist of fate, all she received was a new job in the mansion of the one and only: Inuyasha Takahashi. Known all around Japan for his scandalous affairs and stunning good looks, what happens when Kagome soon finds a new car isn't the only thing she might want, and the call of his wicked world becomes way too tempting..

Kagome Higurashi: 15½; Long, black hair; blue eyes–

Inuyasha Takahashi: 18; Long, white hair; gold eyes–

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Tuesday Morning

"Oh, god, Inuyasha!" The scream went unheeded. "Touch me right there!"

A growl was given in a negative fashion as the large, clawed hand of Inuyasha Takahashi pushed tan hips away from his face, the claws on his other hand biting angrily into the flesh of his female's back, nearly inducing blood. He was given a ragged moan in reply, the long, slender legs wrapped around his mid section tightening in response to his claws' harsh, sexual scrutiny.

"Ugh," She growled in an animalistic manner, arching her back in pleasure as his fanged mouth devoured her large, supple breasts, ignoring the bruise and scratch marks he left in his wake. His tongue found the long valley between her breasts and he lathered the area, giving it special attention as he worked his way to the beautiful column of her neck. Pushing the golden locks from her throat, he bit hungrily into it, grinding his hips as he growled.

"Come on, bitch. Tell me what you want." His husky voice had her panting heatedly.

"Y-you!" She whispered hoarsely as he continued to scrutinize her throat with his tongue and teeth.

He ground against her again, his hard member pushing onto the sensitive skin of her hot, wanton nest. "That's right; Say my name."

Her throat constricted into a tight ball as his finger entered her, not wasting any time in beginning to slide in and out sensually.

"I-Inu.." She struggled to obey him, but to no avail.

Inuyasha clicked his tongue disapprovingly, adding a little more pressure to his pumping finger, the claws of his hand biting her sensitive walls. "Say it!"

Her nails found his shoulder blades as she arched her back even farther, her head nearly tilting upside down. The sting of her manicured nails in his flesh went unheeded as he jerked his finger, sensually caressing a sensitive spot inside of her womanhood.

"Inuyasha," She panted heatedly, "Oh, Inuyasha!"

'That's right.' He growled in pleasure before removing his finger and replacing it with his pulsing manhood in one, fluid movement of his strong pelvis. Her hiss and his growl sounded in perfect unison as she began to rock against him, her wide hips meeting his thrusts with equal enthusiasm.

Inuyasha bore his nails in her sides as he rode her violently, his hips thrusting into her at an inhuman pace that she readily indulged and kept up with. Her gasps of pleasure escalated in volume with every thrust he slammed into her, and because of this, a rough growl of delight escaped him. Golden eyes did nothing but reflect his soul's ruthlessness, the intent of getting the utmost pleasure from her reflecting blatantly in the golden depths. His aim was obvious; ride her luscious body until he gained the last drop of ecstacy from her wanton lips.

That moment came moments after she cried out his name shrilly for the third time, his body shuddering terribly as he reached his peak inside of her moist walls of pleasance.

Rolling over as not to collapse on top of her panting, sweating body, Inuyasha slumped onto his bed, pulling her curvaceous form closer to his. The scent of the youkai blood racing through her veins made him growl as he buried his nose into her neck, which took on a tint of black and blue that would undoubtedly get worse as hours progressed.

She was gorgeous blonde he had picked up at a photo shoot the day before, and though he couldn't quite remember the night before, he was pretty sure there was a reason she was there now, considering it was early morning and they resided in his own bed.

Pushing these thoughts aside, brilliant golden eyes drifted closed in an effort to gain some sleep, before he awoke and began his day.

Tuesday Morning (Late)

It seemed as if his eyes had just closed when his partner stirred, stretching her lithe body sensually against him. Realizing, with the heavy feel of his eyelids and the delayed movement of his body, that he had indeed feel asleep for a few hours, a groan escaped his parted lips.

He untangled her long arms from his neck and sat up, ignoring her small grunts of protest. Sleep clung helplessly to every inch of his tired body, its warm fingers pulling insistently at him to return to the plush of his mattress. Though he wanted nothing more than to do just that, he resisted temptation with a shake of his silver head, the dog ears atop them twitching awake, as well.

He opened his fanged mouth to let out a tongue curling yawn–something not unlikely for a man composed of half dog youkai–and extended his muscled arms in a stretch, scratching his stomach in a lazy manner as the hazy view of his room came into view.

Multiple clothes of both genders seemed to litter every corner of the large room, spread unabashedly onto the plush crimson carpet. A dark eyebrow raised in inquiry at the white thong hanging rather lasciviously from the 68' plasma screen television, which was partially installed into his creamy white walls. There was silken, white bra wrapped around his brown Oakwood dresser, a pair of female jeans and his boxers entwined and hanging partially from his..balcony door?

'Woah, that's a new one.'

"Come back to bed, darling." A sultry voice said from the depths of his sheets and he partially turned to its owner, scratching his head awkwardly. He always hated this part.

"So," He said slowly, peering down into her lustful pale yellow eyes. "I'm gonna go down and make breakfast or whatever.."

She twisted her full lips to make a reply but a loud banging on his door tore through the conversation.

"Inuyasha!" A female voice called, "Get your lazy ass out of bed and come down for breakfast! You have a photo shoot in two hours!"

Sighing internally in relief, he looked back to the naked beauty occupying his bed with an apologetic smile that didn't look sincere in the least bit.

"Better yet–you have a way home, don't you?"

45 Minutes Later

Hazel eyes looked up as the shuffle of feet were heard trudging down the stairs, undoubtedly belonging to her favorite hanyou. A small smirk donned her small lips as he came around the corner, his silver hair wet and hanging like damp strings, indicating his prior emergence from the shower. He wore a semi-tight black t-shirt with the letter 'F' occupying most of it, the small letters 'amous' following sloppily after it. Baggy blue jeans a hugged his hips as he walked, the belt he had wrapped around his waist not helping in the least as his pants continued to sag, unabashedly exposing his black boxers.

Ignoring the blush rising on her cheeks at his gorgeous radiance, Sango averted her hazel eyes as he sat himself at the table where his plate sat, still not acknowledging her presence.

Although his good looks surpassed that of most males his age, Sango still found it hard to believe the boy who had been her best friend for a total of eleven years was Toyko's most wanted celebrity. Cameras flocked him when he left the house, females figuratively dying at his feet when he smiled. Though these events only occurred in chain reaction caused by his father, a well-know, ruthless tycoon who practically owned half of their large town, his company Takahashi Inc. gradually sweeping everything into their possession. In response to this, her friend, the same boy who wet the bed until he was 9, became the most sexual active male known in ages. Tabloids pasted his picture everywhere, slandering and praising his name all in one page. Just as he was an unattainable and false dream to girls nation wide, he was an envy and idle to males just the same. Sometimes it took Sango a while to even comprehend the fact that the damp teenager sitting across from her was the same one on the magazine she had put down moments prior.

Bringing herself from her stupor, she raised her lip in mock disgust. "Do I smell wet dog?"

He gave a snort in response, golden eyes flickering to her for a moment before an amused smirk played across his face. "Then go and wash your upper lip; that way, everyone wins."

Glaring at him best she could as he began to savagely impale his food with his fork, Sango sat forward in her chair.

"Grumpy morning after?" She asked, no intention of starting an argument with her long time best friend.

He shrugged, eyes still focused on his plate as he ate. "Nah," He bit off a piece of bacon before swallowing audibly, "It was whatever, I guess." Golden eyes slid to her. "What about yours?"

She gave a small smile at the defensive his tone took on, twirling her eggs around her plate distractedly. "Alone, as usual. You know me."

He scoffed in response, taking a large gulp from the glass of orange juice sitting next to him. He opened his mouth to make a response, but at the same moment, the loud crash of breaking glass cut through the air.

"Get out! I ask you to do one simple thing and you can't even do that!" The crash of another glass was heard, causing Inuyasha and Sango to lean over in their seats to inspect the pattering, frantic footsteps coming down the stairs.

"I'm sorry, Sir!" The voice of a female was heard, "It won't happen again!"

A slim woman bounding down the stairs appeared then, her brunette hair bouncing superfluously around her pretty, pampered head, the large(fake) breasts that adorned her chest bouncing as she turned and ran frantically, her multi-inched heels banging audibly against the tiled floor.

"You're damn right it won't happen again!" Came the deep voice of the blatantly angered man, who's loud steps echoed like thunder throughout the kitchen as he stomped down the stairs.

Inuyasha's golden eyes flickered to Sango, who met his glance in an amused smirk before they averted their eyes to the man who came stomping from the place the frightened woman had just come. "You're fired! I want you and your shit out of my house! Now!"

Tears sprang to her widened eyes, her teeth catching her full bottom lip in an attempt not to cry. She glanced at the two teens in the kitchen before nodding, pivoting on her heel and clanking down the hallway and down another stair case, which lead to the first floor of the large mansion.

Once her footsteps could no longer be heard, the man visibly deflated, turning to walk into the relatively large kitchen with the clearly amused Inuyasha and Sango.

He was a frighteningly tall man, standing at an imposing 6'5, the broad shoulders that were currently covered by silken white hair only feeding power into his frightening aura. A strong, chiseled chin that lead up to high cheekbones made him uniquely handsome for his age, the purple markings on the sides of his face branding him of demon descent. Dark golden eyes were covered by his lids as a breath escaped his parted lips in a tired sigh.

Inuyasha rested his chin on his palm as he stared down the powerful Taisho Takahashi.

In other words, his father.

"Bad morning, Pop?" He inquired, though not bothering to hide his smirk.

"Considering I just lost another assistant," He rumbled tiredly, "Yes, it's been a bad morning."He opened one eye, turning to notice the human girl sitting across from his son, a small smile gracing his face, "Oh, hello, Sango."

She smiled in return, "Ohayo, Mr. Tashio."

"Isn't that the fourth one this month?"Inuyasha asked, placing a napkin atop his food.

Golden eyes much like his own turned to stare upon him. "Fifth."


The man sighed again, turning to begin his trek back upstairs. "I'm going to my office." He ruffled Inuyasha's wet mane as he passed, an old habit he refused to get rid of, "Have a good day, son."

Inuyasha snorted, shaking his head in response. "Yeah, yeah."

He soon disappeared from whence he came, leaving the two alone once again.

Just as Sango was moving to stand, the shrill, repetitious beeping of Inuyasha's pocket sliced through their temporary silence, causing her to jump in alarm. Inuyasha, on the other hand, cursed and pulled out his cell phone with a scowl, eying the alert on small screen.

Returning the small expensive device back to his jeans pocket, he placed his fork on his plate and stood up.

A sigh from him had Sango looking at him sympathetically. She rested her chin atop her palm, "Photo shoot, huh?"

He rolled his eyes. "You're coming, so it doesn't matter."

Though he insisted that he loved the extravagant life of a being a 'celebrity', Sango could tell that the constant attention and demands of him made him weary at times.

This thought made Sango stand up in an exasperated manner, knowing her company would be the only thing to make the crazy photo shoots bearable for the hanyou. She watched as he tapped his pockets in reassurance that his keys were present before they made their way to the door. Which, by the way, resided on the floor below the one they walked on.

"This must mean you're buying me lunch."

He didn't even glance at her as he descended a flight of spiral stairs. Though, his shrug indicated his awareness. "Whatever."

Sango smirked, wondering how much she could get away with. "What about dinner?"

He smirked this time, looking at her from the corner of his eye, "That," He chuckled, "I can't guarantee."


Tuesday Afternoon

The unusual blue eyes of Kagome Higurashi turned upwards as she tried desperately to block out to monotonous drawl of the voice next to her, the tap of her finger nails on hardwood becoming repetitious to her ears. She was usually a very patient girl, her bashful demeanor preventing her from being rude to anyone in any way possible. But sometimes, even her many nerves had their limits.

"...will you go out with me?"

She flickered her orbs to him, eyes running over his sandy brown hair and boyishly cute face. She started to ask him 'when' so that would make her seem more humane, but considering this was the fourth time he had asked her this week–and it was Wednesday–she decided against it.

Forcing a smile, she shook her head, "Sorry, Hojo-kun." She said, "I have to work. Maybe another time?"

Though she hated the fact that she even suggested it, Kagome just couldn't bring herself to hurt his–or anyone else's–feelings. Hojo was a nice guy to converse with, just not the type she would date. Ever.

She glanced back at the idle pencil on her desk. "Let's just get back to the assignment, okay?"

Though his brown eyes looked disappointed, he nodded with a smile, picking up his pencil.



Elated to hear the ring of the bell that indicated the day was over, Kagome collected her things with great speed, shoving them into her oversized, yellow backpack. Not wasting time to make sure she had everything, she turned quickly and headed for the door, looking over her shoulder with a small wave. "Bye, Hojo-kun!"

"Wait, Kagome!" He called, tripping over desks and such in an effort to catch up with her, "I was going to give you a ride home!"

Instead of slowing down, she quickened her pace, looking over her shoulder once again to give him a brilliant smile. "No thanks! I'll foot it today!"

Not waiting to hear his response, she quickly spun around the corner and making a quick stop at her locker to deposit her things, she walked quickly throughout her high school, eager to get home. Maybe then she could eat some leftover oden and perhaps study for–

"Kagome!" The familiar call of her name had her spinning around, though she continued to walk, although backwards.

The sight of her two friends, Eri and Ayumi, fighting to get through the dense crowd of kids met her and she giggled, still making her way towards the door.

"I gotta going, guys! Call me!"

"We're coming over later!"

"Okay!" She replied, not really hearing what they said, though responding nonetheless.

Pale legs clad in a green plated skirt descended the short stairs in the front of Midoriko Tama High at a quick pace, eager to be away from the school grounds. And once small feet hit the pavement of the sidewalk, they gradually slowed to a steady walk.

After further distancing herself with from the school with a quick glance around to see that no one was paying her any mind, Kagome pulled out the magazine that had been tucked into the pocket of her skirt, immediately flipping to page 37. Her eager blues inspected the picture hungrily, unaware that she was indeed coming upon a crosswalk.

The sleek, surface of her dream car was painted a brilliant green that rivaled the healthiest stalk of grass, its top pulled back to reveal the white, leather seats that went for an interior. She sighed, clutching the picture of the gorgeous car to her chest lovingly.

'If only, if only..'

Then, suddenly, the loud, angry beep of a horn assaulted her ears and she snapped her blue eyes open in alarm. Screeching tires had everyone gasping as Kagome looked over in slow motion, just in time to see the slick white of a 2008 Saab 9-3 convertible zipped passed her, nearly taking her with it.

Shaky legs had her staring at the car as it zoomed down the street, wide eyes taking notice of the white haired driver and the long, brown mane of the passenger. 'I almost–!'

Snapping to her senses suddenly, Kagome stepped out of the street and back onto the sidewalk, ignoring the various questions from onlookers concerning her safety.

She continued to walk down the street in a dazed manner, the erratic race of her heart the only thing being heard in her ears. Was it just her frantic imagination, or were the eyes of that boy..golden? She shook her head in rhythm to the rest of her quivering body. No, she had to be seeing things. Lots of demons had different colored eyes, so why not golden? Though it wasn't very common, they could have very well been contacts. Haunting, unnerving contacts that sent shivers tickling down her quivering spine.

Sighing in a breath of relief and giving a thanks to the gods above, she threw away her thoughts and concerns as continued–though still quite shaken–on her trek home.


Next Chapter:

-The Noodle Shop-

He placed his large hands on the white sink on either side of her, trapping her small body with his imposing embrace. He leaned in, causing goose bumps to rush hurriedly across her pale skin and her wide blues to widen. This delighted him, in a way. His lips hovered inches from hers as he spoke in a whisper, "..And why not?"