Full Summary: All 15 year old Kagome Higurashi wanted was to earn enough money to buy herself a new car in reward for her consistent good grades and behavior. However, in a sick twist of fate, all she received was a new job in the mansion of the one and only: Inuyasha Takahashi. Known all around Japan for his scandalous affairs and stunning good looks, what happens when Kagome soon finds a new car isn't the only thing she might want, and the call of his wicked world becomes way too tempting...

Kagome Higurashi: 15½; Long, black hair; blue eyes–

Inuyasha Takahashi: 18; Long, white hair; gold eyes–

Okay. So we seem to have some problems with the last chapters. Questions, really. A lot of people are confused about what happened with Eri and Ayumi at school after the whole car wash fiasco. Here it is.

I was presented with two options when considering what would happen to the girls when they went back to school. People talk. Surely they would be linked with the picture that's flooding every magazine when they returned, so of course things would change. I could make them ridiculously popular, which didn't seem to fit into the flow I was looking for at all. So I went with the other option. The kids at school are jealous and sniding of the girls' proximity to Inuyasha and the twisted link they believe they have with him. Though, of course no one has the whole story. Not even big mouth Eri has spilled about it yet. They're vicious in their teasing, however, though unafraid to mask their curiosity. Everyone knows that had it been them, they would have done the same as poor Eri. Grabbed the nearest phone (which happened to be Ayumi's) and taken pictures that would undoubtedly worth gold. Kagome's POV isn't as expansive on this subject because with everything else going on in her life, I doubt a few whispers in high school would bother her. Too much. The other two, however, completely live high school which is why they seem to be so antagonistic towards Kagome..Among other explained reasons. They feel betrayed by Kagome's lies and find it hard to trust her from this point on. I grow with each chapter I write, so looking back at it now, I admit that it was pretty vague. But this is the situation, and I hoped I cleared things for you guys. Any more? Feel free to PM me or leave it in a review and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Last Chapter—

It was only the wind that carried her soft giggle back to his ears as she disappeared into the confines of the large mansion. And though he hated to admit it, standing in the midst of a field saturated with her presence and scent long after she had departed, he hadn't felt so peaceful in what felt like years.

Time had never been so unforgiving.

Two months, which horribly long duration still caused quarrels between herself and her mother, was beginning to feel more and more distant as the days dragged themselves sluggishly along. Repentance and redundancy—her only companions as of late— only seemed to make things much worse for the forlorn girl who was beginning to find being sprawled out on her bed was much more comforting than actually living in the boredom that had become her life.

School, work, and sleep were the sole things that reminded her mother of the life remaining in her, excluding the exaggerated sighs that occasionally billowed from her lips.

"Why don't you hang out with your friends, honey?" Her mother had asked once, worry marring her creased brow.

If it hadn't been for comforter that obscured her face, her mother would not have been too happy by the disrespectful gesture that followed her question. "Why don't you hang out with yours?"

And upon realizing the hidden meaning, the conversation had been abruptly dropped.

'Hanging out with someone would make this soo much easier,' She thought idly, the setting sun glaring dagger into her irises. What would burn anyone else had become second nature to the girl who spent her free time gazing at her tormentor—the outside world. Although she worked and attended school regularly, it felt as she hadn't been physically present in years. The coming fall helped none; the wilting trees and dying leaves only served to mirror her depressed state in what she assumed was a mocking manner.

Her eyes flicked to her just as idle cell phone, averting quickly with a sharp reprove from her self-conscious. Even the electronic forms of life were mocking her with their lifelessness.

At first, when she jumped back into the world she had known her entire life, the vigor in her attempt to maintain normalcy was nearly tangible. She would study, catch up on chores, and most importantly, hang out with the friends that she had long neglected. She actually found herself anxious to resume her old life.

Though, when she tried to approach the aforementioned in any environment, failed barely began to scrape the surface to describe her attempts. It was Eri that she had attempted to make amends with, actually. The two had gotten in numerous altercations of sorts in the past, so she figured it would be far less awkward and emotionally unsettling to repeat their habit of smoothing things over. Who else did she have, otherwise?

She couldn't have been more wrong.

It had been the first day she actually stared forward, her nose free from the creases and folds of something or the other given to her from Taishio. Her new awareness didn't hinder her from realizing the odd stares she received from every passerby, but distraction quickly forced her not to care. And upon seeing her best friend standing idly at her locker, she sprung immediately into action, already itching for a small sense of normalcy.

Eri, however, seemed to have other intentions. The short haired girl had stared forward, completely ignoring Kagome's out-of-character attempts to amiably chatter her up. Standing befuddled outside the hall of her science class, it seemed as if the roles had been switched. Kagome growing sense of panic couldn't make her cease her rambling, the enthusiasm she once hid now bursting at her seams. But to her dismay, it was as if she hadn't even spoken. And after a few more minutes of this, and on the brink of desperation, she pulled out the juiciest gossip she could think of, spilling it into her ear like a pitcher to glass. Desperately, she wanted to know what specific part Eri played in the car wash mob, but sadly, she wanted her friend back. Any friend would do, it appeared.

Her efforts, however, only served to further crush her when her long time best friend simply shrugged, continuing her disregard. It was obvious to both girls that Kagome was the only one caring. And after this single, uncaring gesture finally rendered the girl into a hurtful silence, a moment of hesitation passed before she slammed her locker and sauntered away. This persisted in the same manner on the next five tries, as well.

And though she eventually gave up on her attempts to make amends with Eri, she had yet to try Ayumi. Because in hind sight, she figured she could deal with Eri's vulgarity and insults (though her silence was much more hurtful) , but the hurt and betrayal she found lurking beneath Ayumi's depths was enough to tear her apart. If anything, she could reprimand herself for lying to someone so trusting. Her frequent absences in school didn't persuade her any further, either. Though she was worried, her fear of rejection became too great for her to actually question her thoughts.

It had been Sango's loyalty that actually kept her sane in the long weeks that she had been 'grounded', or so she liked to call it. The beauty called as often as she could—Kagome holding onto their conversations for dear life—but found that she could barely keep up with Inuyasha's grappling tendencies as well as a moping fifteen year old. The calls were becoming less frequent it seemed, but there was something she had said once that stuck to Kagome like a leech. In one of her many rants about their temperamental hanyou, she mumbled grudgingly, "Seriously, I miss you too, but he doesn't have to be such an ass about it."

Her heart stuttered at the implication of Inuyasha missing her presence, but once she questioned it, Sango gave a quite peculiar response. In a whoosh of air that conjured a mass of static and something that sounded rather close to 'Fuck, did I say that?', she excused herself from the conversation with a barely coherent excuse before severing the connection.

And though it bothered her endlessly, Kagome knew better than to bring it up again.

Noticing the twilight that descended upon the sky in midst of her familiar thoughts, a resigned sigh billowed from the teen. Rolling over languidly, not meaning to tangle herself amidst the endless expanse of sheets but doing so anyhow. Lashes dusting her cheeks, she smiled warily as thoughts of a certain hanyou saturated her brain. It was if the one memory broke a dam that led to more thoughts than she was even aware she possessed. She missed him more than she was willing to admit, but couldn't help but cursing him for the landing her in the lonely place she was in now. The way her life looked at the moment, it was him or no one, and she hated it.

A light rapping on her door quickly brought her from her reverie.

"What?" She droned, her body rolling towards the edge of her bed. The door swung open soundlessly, rapidly thudding footsteps filling the deafening silence that permeated.

"What the—!"

She felt it before comprehension dawned upon her. A loud 'thwack!' (followed by monstrous giggles) was only mildly reasonable thing that accompanied a sudden sharp pain to her forehead.

Her disposition was instantly murderous. Pulling herself from the surprise in a spilt second, her blue eyes flew to watch a boy succumb to his laughter, doubling over shamelessly.

"Souta," She hissed his name like venom on her tongue. The irritation building inside her did nothing to qualm her already sour mood.

"Your face—haha—priceless! I can't believe—hilarious!" His attempts to speak through the hilarity only managed to bring him to his knees, tears springing from his eyes.

Kagome, face hot from embarrassment, was coiling her body, poising to strike. "You little—!"

"Wait! Wait!" He cried shakily, his hands held to defend against her attack. His breaths came out low and shallow, a weak attempt to smother the laughter that was bursting from every inch of him. "Believe it or not—I came with a purpose."

Gauging the sincerity in his chocolate irises, Kagoome resigned herself. Her arms folded underneath her breasts impatiently. "Get on with it, twirp."

Bending to a crouch, he then retrieved a plain, white envelope that had apparently been dropped in his moments of amusement. He regarded for a moment, looking as if his face was being torn in half by suppressed laughter, before relinquishing it to the angry girl. "It's from Hojo."

"You went through my mail you little gremlin?!"

Her face twisted into disbelief. "As if your life is interesting enough to pry into!"

She advanced on him, murderous intent swimming in her aqua eyes. "What's that supposed to mean?"

He paled, retracing a step for every one she took. "N-nothing." His cocoa browns flickered towards his only route of escape. "I'm gonna be late for practice. See ya!"

He was gone before she could even attempt to pursue, the door slamming with a 'bang!' behind him.

The lingering anger slid from her pores thickly, remnants leaving her limbs taught. Allowing herself another moment of reprove, she scoffed and inspected the envelope occupying her clenched fists.

It seemed like forever since she was offered human interaction with her familiar peers. Though the slight reluctance that had become a habit since shortly after meeting Hojo, she could not qualm the nervous quiver her stomach suddenly began to favor.

She eyed it cautiously. In calligraphy that touched so many degrees of perfection it should have been illegal, 'Kagome' was sprawled across the front plainly. Her eyes searched the cover, edges, and even the backside, but found nothing else that would hint to its contents. A moment passed before she suddenly realized she was stalling for time. Though loneliness had nearly enveloped her, hesitation still reigned. She just wasn't interested, how long would he keep trying?

Ripping the delicate paper open in a manner than didn't its simplicity didn't deserve, Kagome reached around and grabbed the auburn looking card that peaked from inside. She gasped lightly as her eyes danced across its intricate cover. It featured two indistinct figures blurring into a background containing a bleeding orange sun, parched brown leaves frozen in photography around them. The figures seemed to be looking into each other's eyes with an intensity that outmatched their mysterious identities, and if hadn't been for its sender, a blissful sigh would have escaped her.

Upon opening it, a small flower fell into her unexpected hands. An unbidden gasp escaped her. In her grasp she held a flower, its flamboyant yellow petals pressed and sealed into the perfect transparent seal. It was obviously a task performed with great care. Not losing any of its radiance in the process, Kagome almost believed its tight plastic cover intensified its beauty. Taken aback and placed in awe by the small gift, she nearly forgot about the card occupying her other palm. Her weariness as she read came unbidden.


Though she wasn't sure which was more deserving of her eye roll and matching sigh—his sickeningly perfect calligraphy or the impending feeling of corniness—she read on.

This flower is a representation of what you are to me. Beautiful. I understand you're busy. But if you could make time, I would love for you to attend me to the Tanabata Festival. No rush in your answer.

Floored didn't even begin to describe Kagome's reaction. 'Hm,' Came her first unconscious thought, 'That's pretty short for the infamously long-winded Hojo.'

Her brain offered her a moment of reprieve before another thought rushed in.

'Since when did it turn autumn?'

And though the last came at the same unexpected speed as the others, it succeeded in further paralyzing the stone girl.

'I wonder what Inuyasha will think?'

Steel paralyzed her limbs as electricity rang heatedly through them. 'Seriously?' Her chest muscles tightened in her embarrassment, 'Where did that come from?'

She could feel the blood pumping vigorously through the veins in her face. That was something she shouldn't even care about! Indignation filled her before she could realize the control that she now held over herself was seeming to slip away with her withering sanity.

Shrilly, her phone came to life next to her, bringing her body to life. Perplexity didn't rouse any hesitation as she brought it to her ear.


A smooth, baritone voice floated to meet her. "Higurashi Kagome?"

Unfamiliarity caused her to pull the phone slowly from her face to eye the caller I.D. she had disregarded. Unknown. 'Um?'

"This..is she."

"Wonderful." The voice responded delightedly, "May I ask how've you been?"

Her mouth opened with an automatic response, though thought caused her hesitance. "May I..um..ask who's speaking?"

A flittering laughter followed. "Oh, but of course. How rude. Are you familiar with Tokyo, Tokyo magazine?"

Vaguely remembering the magazine Eri had glued to hands at almost all times had her throat clogged with thickness, though her body relaxing simultaneously. 'Probably just a magazine order..'


"My name is Minshin Kyomi. I'm calling behalf of said magazine. Various board members have been discussing our new fall material and—"

A quick beeping interrupted the crisp voice, pulling Kagome from her trip to bored, void less oblivion.

Curiously, she pulled the phone away to eye the caller I.D. on the incoming call. Shock swept through her.

'Eri?! Oh my gosh!' Not believing the sight before her, she nearly dropped her phone as she attempted to rush the salesperson-whoever of the line.

"But Miss Higurashi," She protested adamantly, seeming to disbelieve the sudden rejection. Didn't she get hung up on all the time? Kagome was fighting the urge. "This is a rare opportunity that—"

"I'm sorry, I don't even believe I'd be interested in subscribing to another magazine, but than—"

"Subscription? No, ma'am, I believe you're misconstruing the purpose of this call, we want you and Inuyasha—"

"No." Kagome cut off, huffing angrily as Eri's call flashed with brilliant lights. "I believe you're misconstruing the meaning of the sentence 'I'm not interested!'. Thank you!"

Not leaving time for another sound to transfer through the line, Kagome mashed the end button, inadvertently holding her breath in anticipation. She heard her phone connect to the other line.

"Eri?" She noted the helplessness in her voice, though she refused to care.

There was a slight pause, light laughter accompanying it. "Hey, girl."

"Oh my gosh, Eri! What in the world?!" Kagome exclaimed, falling back onto her bed with a sigh. Minshin-whoever faded from her mind quickly as she and Eri began their respective rantings (only after Kagome had apologized eighty-seven times. Eri counted.), the purpose of the call deeming itself unimportant.

Eri had bought three new CDs, one of which she had bought with Kagome in mind, something that pleased her to no end. Thirty minutes of exciting stories involving new clothes, mundane homework assignments and endless conquests later is when Eri dropped the bomb. Though, it was her bluntness that left that no room for surprise.

"So, I heard Hojo asked you to the Tanabata Festival."

A whoosh of air escaped her before she could register the fire that began to dance around her features. She had only just found out a few minutes prior, how could Eri possibly know already? Besides, it wasn't something she particularly wanted to flaunt. The fact that she was considering wasn't either. "How—"

"My ways, silly girl." Eri replied conversationally, laughing. "Will you accept?"

Hesitation stretched into a long, silent pause. Vaguely, Kagome heard the slam of the shrine gates outside, most likely her Grandfather closing up. "I'm not quite sure.," She said slowly, ending as if it was a question.

There was a huff on the other line. "What's there to be sure about, Kagome," The beginnings of annoyance floated into her voice, "It's totally not a big deal."

An edgy panic flitted around Kagome's senses. It really wasn't as big of a deal as some made it, however…'Hojo? Could I even stand to be with him that long without ripping my face in half? What if he tries something? Like holding my hand or—oh, Kami—kissing me! I can't—I can'—'

"Oh, goodness!" Eri spat, angry at Kagome's sudden silence, "You have got to be kidding me. What's wrong with Hojo?" A slight pause and a snort followed, "What—is he not good enough for you?"

"No, that's not it at all!" Kagome's temper flared, indignation filling her, "You don't know what you're talking about, Eri."

"Oh, I think I do." She cried, sounding smug in her assertions, "If it's not high and mighty Inuyasha than it's no one, am I right?"

Shock swept through her, as if she had been thrown underneath a waterfall, the water icy and chilling against her skin. She shivered against the coldness in her friend's tone, the anger, jealousy, and betrayal. She had never heard Eri so..hurt before. Words died in her throat. She could think of nothing more to say. How could she think that?

"You shouldn't be so choosy, Kagome," Eri spoke after a shuffling moment of silence, her tone low, a mumble, "At least someone wanted to go with you."

A blank stare occupied azure eyes. "You..didn't get an invitation?"

Silence replied.

"I'm sorry, Eri, I just—"

"It's alright," Eri replied, cutting off her scrambling apology. "I'll live..somehow."

Guilt instantly swept through Kagome. Here she was, acting like a selfish brat when her best friend didn't even have a date to go with. And she thought it was her that was missing out on life. If she could, she would take Eri herself. 'Can I do that?'

"If I could, I'd help you out, Eri, I swear.." She nibbled furiously on her lip as she attempted to make amends—again.

"You would?" Her complete one-eighty in her mood had Kagome reeling in confusion.

"Of course I would."

"So..If I asked you to, would you put in a good word for me? Maybe even a date?"

No thought crossed her mind as she responded. She was eager to begin erasing her betrayal as soon as she possibly could. "Anybody, Eri. Who is it?"


The world froze. Kagome could feel the muscles in her entire body lock up, a clear sign that she had been ripped from the waterfall and into a fiery inferno. Fire danced all around her in brilliant colors and her teeth continued to gnaw the skin off her lip. 'No, no, no, a million times no!', her mind screamed, blurring the words into incoherency as they danced through her head and passed her closed mouth. If she went to speak, they would tumble out. She vaguely thought of the comics she read where the cartoons' words tongues roll out of their mouths like a carpet. She couldn't speak—she wouldn't.

"You don't like him or anything, do you?" Eri asked slowly, the same tone she would use if Kagome had just left the house with two different shoes thinking they would somehow begin a new trend. She obviously thought the outcome was definitely less than possible. A waste of time.

"No." Kagome squeezed out, insecurity ebbing into her tone, "Not at all."

"Great." She piped, "So then you'll do it? You did say you'd help and you apologized.."

'Of course I did. Why would I do something so stupid? Not that I want him—Kami, of course not!— but Eri? Their nothing alike! They aren't even the same type!' The phrase 'two peas in a pod' vaguely registered in the back of her mind, floating, taunting.

Every instinct her human body screamed in protest as she stammered, "S-sure."

Screaming flowed through her phone and fell unnoticed onto the mush that had become Kagome's brain. How in the hell did she even believe she could pull this off? Did Eri really think that Inuyasha would take her to the Tanabata festival? Would Eri forgive her when she tells her of the way he just laughed her in face (which he probably would). And more importantly—would she even forgive herself for not asking him herself? All of the above seemed unlikely. A waste of time.

Suddenly, wearing two different shoes didn't look so bad now that Eri was sporting them. Especially when she felt like she was barefoot walking on cold, desolate concrete.


"You're so edgy!"

A grunt, two punches, three.

"It's like talking to a fucking brick wall. Do you even hear what I'm saying?"

A snort, a kick, a punch.

"It's so obvious why you're mad, you idiot."

A falter; slight hesitation.



Whirling, the hanyou bared his teeth towards the pursed lips of Sango that hadn't ceased moving since they'd entered his smoldering, expansive gym room that had long ago been equipped with countless beams, bag, and weights and such things that were primarily used for draining the hanyou's infamous temper. Sweat and the intangible scent of frustration permeated the air, and even to the nose of a human, it was nearly unbearable. Having shut every window and closed all the blinds, only a small bit of the dying sun filtered in through large room, highlighting the brilliance of her annoyed hazels. Though he hadn't needed a bit of light to see the snarl painted across her face.

"You're being an obnoxious dick right now." She stated, hands flying to her shaped hips.

He shook his head violently, his damp ponytail flying over his shoulder."You came in here bothering me! How the fuck—woah, bitch!"

He sprung backwards, barely dodging the nearly inhuman kick sent towards his face. It had only been the slight whistling of her sandal slicing the air that alerted him. Air whipped passed his nose at the proximity. Had he been human, and lacking his sharp sense of hearing, a faucet of blood would have poured from his nostrils. He snarled angrily at the thought.

"What the fuck was that for?!"

Bouncing around on the tips of her toes, she looked quite odd in her purple tank top and designer jeans as she brought her injured leg in the air and brought in down in a strong, swift stroke, testing it. Her arched brows furrowed. "Still a little slow," She mumbled.

"Feh," Inuyasha said, turning to continue his punching bag practices. "Stupid—"

A soft, almost nonexistent patter rapidly flew to his ears, and he reacted quickly. Whirling, his forearm flew up to deflect the punch that had been aimed at the back of his head. Her fist was calloused against his arms, power radiating in waves behind the taught appendage. Snarling, he pushed her away, instincts sensing danger causing him to swipe at her face with a sharp kick. Anticipating this, however, she fell back onto her palms, spinning in a three sixty motion before her powerful arms launched themselves in his direction again, feet first.

He cursed as he evaded, "What is this video game shit you're doing, Sango?!"

"Come on, Inuyasha," She roused as she landed silently, "Can't you do more than dodge a human?"

She came at him again after this, her fists flying like bullets towards his chest. He deflected each hit, stepping backwards as continued to add speed to her attack. "Come on, come on!," She cried, "Stop with your pouting and fight me, dammit!" He could see light spring of an idea spring into her eyes as well as the small, infantismal smirk that crowed her lips before she said it. He should have known that she would go there, take it to extremes. Though, it still didn't lessen the blow in any way.

"Kagome's not coming back!"

Fury exploded within him in that moment, his innards burning with the red hot emotion, the flames of hell. His vision flashed with it, his teeth bearing in a vicious snarl. An emotion that could only be deemed indescribable fueled the inhuman growl that fell from him as the ocean passed through his gaze, haunting, teasing..

The smell of the fear swimming in her hazels didn't register as he shoved her next punch downward, unbalancing her. He was suddenly a blur to his own mind as his senses heightened and he dropped into a feral crouch, swiping her feet from under her with his powerful calves. She cried out as she fell, though it died in her throat as a clawed hand came and caught the back of her neck, avoiding her full body contact with the ground. His claws rested at the beginnings of her trachea, his lips pulled back over his canines in a vicious snarl.

To an onlooker, with him holding her up and their faces mere inches apart, it would have looked like the ending of a quite eccentric dance. And perhaps, if it had been any other human, the claws nearly threatening to pierce the column of their throat would have terror shooting through every vein in their body.

Time stood still for a fraction of a second.

"Huh," Sango said, clicking her tongue, the hints of a smirk on her lips, "Looks like we've found the problem."

Lightning fast movement had both of them standing, Inuyasha giving his back to her as he crossed his arms over his chest. "There ain't no fucking problem." His toned suddenly softened. "Especially if the wench isn't even coming back."

Smirking in a manner much like that of her best friend, Sango placed her hands on her hips. "I lied, doofus."

His ears twitched accordingly, though he refused to turn in her direction.

There was a pause, a slight hesitation. Had she lied about the other thing, too?

"Yes," She affirmed his supposed thoughts, "I lied about the boyfriend, too."
She didn't think he noticed the tension that leaked from his body, but it had excitement exuding from her pores. This would be too easy. Though, his stiff posture informed her that he still refused to acknowledge the fact that she was even speaking. Well, at least they were passed square one.

"Let's go see her, shall we?" Sango proposed after a moment of thought.

It was always fun to her, seeing how the two polar opposites interacted when around one another. It had been a little less than a week since either of them saw the girl, and though she hadn't noticed, she began to miss her bubbly personality so much she felt it in her bones. Her confirmation that Inuyasha felt remotely the same had forcibly come and passed and now, she was ready to take action.

With a slight turn of his head and a glance backward, golden eyes glanced incredulously at her. "No."

"What's your problem?!" She shouted, incredulous rage surging her limbs. She shoved herself into his face, "There's nothing wrong with her! Give her a chance!"

He lowered his head, his silver bangs hiding his eyes, "That's just it." He sounded broken, almost forlorn. "All the problems are with me."


"What sane girl would want to be with scum like me, Sans?" He mumbled, his claws piercing the skin on his arms. "How could I even try when I've been so undeserving? We've tried this once. Look how it turned out." The last part ended with a scoff.

Blood. Screams. Sirens. They all blended together in a horrific memory that danced in Sango's memory, her eyes softening at the dejected hanyou before her. She didn't think that he realized the way he looked, but this moment—as well as all the others—would be burned into her memory until her dying day. With his shoulders slumped, head down, and lips pulled in a tight, homely frown, it was as if she were standing in the hospital room just over six months ago, her own brain in dishevelment. But this time, her mind was crystal and she could feel his despair over something that went way passed Kagome pulsed from his aura in overwhelming, suffocating waves.

A frown formed.

She hadn't seen this man it what seemed like forever. After the incident, she swore that, together, they would put this Inuyasha in a cage and lock him away forever. No one would ever free this dejected, torn soul again. But suddenly, it seemed like Inuyasha was cracking open the jail cell before Kagome could even attempt at padlocking it as well. It just didn't seem fair.

Entwining her hand with his, she gave his averting eyes a small smile. "Think of me as your bullet proof vest," She said, puffing out her chest dramatically and feeling every bit as brave as she sounded, "Nothing is getting through this armor. I promise. We'll do this together."

Though comical, Inuyasha met her eyes for the first time, probing for any hint of the doubt that nearly engulfed him. On the inside, he was a hollow wreck. Could she make the ache better, possibly? Smother it until it no longer existed? Would she do better than he, who hadn't made much of an impact on the pain at all? He would have to believe her—put faith in her abilities.

It was his only hope.


"One, two, three! Open your eyes, Beautiful."

Dark cinnamon cracked open slowly, revealing a hazy vision that need a few seconds of blinking and rubbing to clear. Goodness, she felt like she had been sleeping for days.

But looking upon her surprise, she soon believed it was worth it.

"Oh, Bankotsu!" Ayumi cried happily, launching herself from her stool and into his waiting embrace. "It's beautiful."

Sitting on a canvas was an hour's worth of art where she had obediently sat and posed for—something she had never done before today. Dew filled the air with its damp fragrance as they sat in the midst of a park a small distance from her house. She wanted to complain at first—the thought of him looking at her face with so much scrutiny was just so daunting (not to mention the sitting)—but he talked her through it. The sound of his pencil was drowned out with his favorite stories, her interests, his dislikes. Every mundane thing that could make her feel closer to him. She had honestly forgotten what they were doing until she looked upon the wonderful piece of art.

With her eyes closed and face tilted upward, she looked as if she were an angel ready for her departure to heaven. He had used pencil and blurred shadings, and she could honestly say he exaggerated a few things (seriously, were her eyelashes that thick?), but it was beautiful nonetheless. A work of art—much like the boy who held her closely.

"It's very beautiful," She murmurmed, blushing against his neck.

"As are you," He replied simply, pulling her tighter.

The wind rustled the leaves around them as they held one another, strangely content. It had only been two weeks—hardly enough time to even consider someone a friend—and Ayumi felt like she had know Bankotsu Hodge for years. It had been two weeks ago that he mysteriously showed up and whisked her away and she'd been off the deep end ever since. After every class she would run and meet him at their tree, something that had become a habit within the very first week. It took the Jaws of Life to pull her away each time. After school, she would be with him until the peaks of darkness and not one moment she regretted. Her parents thoughts she was studying and her friends..Well, she could care less about them.

"What's with the scowl?" He asked, pulling back to look into her face.

Though she felt this sudden closeness with him, she still hesitated. She hadn't even known her face had contorted with the thoughts of them."N-nothing."

"Ayumi," Placing his clawed finger—it was the third day she found out he was demon—underneath her chin and tilting her head until she met his eyes. Brilliant emerald never failed to take her breath away. 'Gorgeous', she thought. "Tell me what you're thinking."

The wind whispered around and through her t-shirt and jeans, coaxing her. "I was thinking about," She breathed, enticed into near unconsciousness, "about how much I don't care about my friends."

That was another strange thing about Bankotsu—there was a long list of them, actually. Though he was gorgeous in so many illegal degrees, he just had this way of coaxing things from her. A touch of his skin, his spicy can't-quite-place aroma, and sharp eyes made her muscles melt and her thoughts loose. If he just lowered his voice an octave and looked at her as if she was the only girl on earth—which he often did—she would tell him the secrets of life if she could.

Though, that mysterious undertone to his gaze always implied that she wouldn't be telling him anything he didn't already know…

"Well," He said with his deep, confident vocals as he pulled her back against him, "That's not very nice at all, Beautiful."

She was suddenly ashamed as if he had reprimanded her. She slid lower down her chest. "I know."

"Hey," He said, sensing her upset and holding her tighter, "Don't be upset. You have your reasons."

"Which you are aware of."

A throaty chuckle, "Yes, which I'm aware of."

She hadn't noticed that they had settled into the dew of the grass until he laid back, taking her with him. Careful of her bangs on his metal lip jewelry, she nestled her face into his neck and sighed. 'Funny how I never thought I could see myself in this position less than a month ago.' His claw traced patterns on her back and if she could have turned liquid and melted into him, she would have.

"However," He began again, "You'll have to make amends eventually."

Ayumi considered this in silence. The idea—even coming from him—seemed easier to say than do. She was reluctant on so many levels to begin a relationship with girls who were dysfunctional from the beginning. Kagome wasn't nearly as dysfunctional as Eri, whom she began to detest being alone with at all times, but had just proved herself to be the most untrustworthy. Who wanted a friend where you second guessed everything they said? At least with Eri, if she was fucking your boyfriend, she would tell. She wasn't sure Kagome would pleasure anyone with the benefit.

'No fucking here, though,' Ayumi thought in reaction to the stray thought, clutching his shirt in her fist, 'This here is all mine.'

Chuckling, as if reading her thoughts, Bankotsu entwined his fingers with her clenched hand, "Don't worry, I'll still be here to talk and listen, but you don't want to burn bridges."

Was is her, or had his voice fluctuated on the word 'listen'? Shrugging, she nodded her head, partially agreeing for his sake and growing tired of the topic ,"You're right, Bank." A sigh. "You always are."

"You'd be surprised, Beautiful." He murmured as he looked up to the sky, a devious smirk tainting his lips. "You'd be very surprised."


Inuyasha felt cheated.

When he agreed to come and see..the girl..he felt torn. Not only did his insides betray him in a way that could only be described as a full functioning circus—with the flips and turns his stomach did—but his mind contrasted so severely he nearly ripped one of the appendages from his body. Racing thoughts of creamy, soft legs, deep waved, raven tresses, crystalline eyes, red, pouted lips, floral vanilla, sweet blushes, amusingly uncoordinated, and endearing glares..He shook his head, emptying out the images that threatened to overwhelm him. It wasn't as if he were anxious, per say, it would just be nice to quench the thirst for his insatiable appetite for her..He wanted to push her away, ravage her body with his claws and lips, to tell her to disappear off the face of the planet, to bury himself deep inside her.. One of these things, he wanted—expected—to happen. But this shit?

Not so much.

A million bugs could have been using his scalp for a swimming pool given the way his fingernails scraped across it, his infamous scowl set firmly in place. He tried fruitlessly to blink away the burn that clouded his amber eyes, though to his avail the dull fire continued to rage, angering him further.

"This is fucking bullshit." His words came out in a low angry hiss.

His companion hummed monotonously, her hazel eyes only flickering to him for a third of a second. Her hands were shoved in the pockets of her sweat pants as she strolled along listlessly, annoyingly unperturbed by the hanyou's discomfort. Browned leaves crunched audibly underneath their twin steps as they strode (Inuyash's gait more like a stomp) idly down the sidewalk of a familiar, winding neighborhood. A dog yapped happily in the distance, the cool beginnings of autumn's wind caressing their faces. The setting sun set everything in a radiant glow and Inuyasha rolled his eyes when Sango continued to hum tunelessly. He might not of spoken upon it, but under any other circumstances, he would be almost happy with their destination and the girl he practically thought of as his sister strolling beside him.

The circumstances, however, were nearly crushing him.

"Stupid, ridiculous, unwilling, unnecessary Grade A bullshit!" This came out as more of a growl and was accompanied by the twitching of his now human-like nails, courtesy of his supposed 'best friend'. The term was used loosely because, so help him Kami if she threw him in this retarded get–up one more time..

The thought ended with a snarl. Filing his claws?! Who had ever heard of such debauchery?! Just because of a childhood experiment gone awry, they were sure they would grow back to their full length in just five hours, but it was no excuse! Did she understand boundaries?! His fame hardly concerned him in this scenario. He wanted her to see him, damn it! He wanted to know it was him that put smile on her face and caused arousal to suffocate her scent, not some fucking wig and itchy ass contact lenses.

Damn it all!

The absence of his usually lethal claws and the itchy suppression of his ears left him feeling pretty much blind and dumb as well, utterly useless in case danger arose. Though it was not likely this would occur, the vulnerability still added to his ever growing ire.

"Stop with you pestering," Sango hummed as she pulled his hand from his now black scalp and swatted the other from his eyes. She didn't miss a beat. "This'll be fun. I completely miss her. Don't you?"

"Like a fucking hole in the head."

"Want me to take you up on that?" She proposed lightly, threat in her voice.

A loud scoff was given. "As if you could."

After getting over the initial reaction to Sango's asinine idea to visit the girl they 'both' supposedly missed, Inuyasha resigned himself into thinking that perhaps, it wouldn't be so bad. He hadn't seen a shade of blue that matched her eyes since she had left..

He fingered his lint-less pockets, distracting himself from the warmth that spread throughout his limbs at the thought. He was falling apart at the fucking seams because of this wench.

Though, when Sango rushed and tied his hair into hair before he could protest (Really, there must be a speed demon in her heritage somewhere), he was left befuddled, angry, and slightly disappointed. But mostly, the anger reigned. Just before he could ask her just what the fuck she thought she was doing, her only explanation was that they should give 'ease themselves into her'.

"You don't want her hyperventilating and fainting at the sight of you, do you? Let's get her nice and wet, then we'll slide right in." The wink she gave afterwards didn't help the fire that engulfed his face. After that, he was pretty much rendered speechless. The thoughts dancing in his mind did enough speaking for him, anyhow.

Not only was it embarrassing that he found someone who would faint at the sight of him crazily endearing, but it even more so that Sango felt like she needed to intervene. Since when had he ever needed help with the opposite sex? Ever? The frail, blue eyed teenager should hardly prove to be a challenge.

Then why was it that his heart dropped into his bladder when they rounded the corner and the light glow of the neon sign came into view?

"Nervous?" Sango prodded, nearly singing with excitement. "It's almost been a whole month."

She accentuated the time period, not noticing the tear in his insides at the realization. He tried not to wince as indifference masked his features. "Whatever, let's just get this over with."

She stared at his face for a moment longer than necessary, speculating. Inuyasha could feel his pores fighting to produce a sweat against his will. She wouldn't notice him lying, would she?

He stared straight ahead, trying his best to ignoring her.

"Hmph," She mumbled, her lashes kissing as she blinked rapidly, "You could at least seem a little excited."

Deciding that anything he said would probably give her much more than he wanted, he just shrugged and remained silent.

"How long has it been? We can't have those claws growing back."

He glanced at the gleaming gold Rolex on his wrist, nearly feeling the mischievous gleam in her hazels. "About two hou—hey! Give me that!"

It only took a beat of his heart for her to have the watch into her own hand, tucking it swiftly in between the confines of her breasts. Seriously, where the fuck was she getting this speed?! She smiled broadly at his disgusted, disbelieving face. "We can't have her seeing this—It'll give everything away."

Irritation spiked, his nostrils flaring. She was stealing his whole fucking identity! "No, no! I don't care! Give me back my shit!"

She planted her feet firmly then, bringing them both to an abrupt halt. Facing him with her powerful arms akimbo, an eyebrow raised at him. Her stance clearly stated she would win this challenge. "Take it back, then."

Everything in his body shut down, mortification sweeping all his innards.. In the reflection of the infinite humor swimming in her pupils, he could see a slight green undertone dusting his tan. He didn't even bother to glance down. He refused.

"Nevermind. Keep it. Please."


Kagome was floored.

Her heart was in her throat. Vaguely, she could hear the empty bowls clatter to the ground, her now occupied hands quivering. Her eyes would have rolled out of her head had they not been attached.

Sango was here.

And she had brought her friend with her.

The black haired, amazingly stunning boy that had trapped her in the bathroom a million years ago..Heat scorched her veins, setting her blood afire and leaving charred remains in its wake. A memory, pushed so far back into the recesses of her mind that she had forgotten it ever even occurred came rushing back with a vengeance, enveloping all her senses in its wrath.

She wiped off his waistband, her heart thundering loudly in her chest at the images of his strong pelvis thrusting came unbidden to her mind…He leaned in, causing goose bumps to rush hurriedly across her pale skinThe subtle, growing proximity of his hips against hers had her words dying defenselessly in her throat..

Reality came rushing back to her harshly, catching her heaving chest in a sound something like a gasp. She writhed, there in the middle of the doorway, her body singing with a song of unadultered arousal and attraction.

Her mind was passed coherency as she watched them through the swinging doors of the entrance, Sango laughing at the scowl painted across his perfect, perfect features..

A low whistle flew passed her, an elbow nudging her playfully in her side. "Smelling nice, Kagome!"

Kagome looked up to see Reisa, the fox demon girl, grinning widely at her with sharp canines. Before she got a chance to question her, however, the girl was out the door. It reminded her that despite what happened in the horrible outside world, her co-workers seemed unfazed and unconcerned.

Though confused at her exclamation, it was like a bucket of water was poured over her senses and before she knew it, she was collecting her bearings faster than her brain wanted. She snatched up her dirty dishes, piling them into a massive collection against her chest before darting back to discard them in the dishes.

'Please don't sit at one of my tables, please don't sit at one of my tables,' Her mind had come up with this mantra on her way back to the front area.

Though, now that she could think passed the initial, paralyzing shock of their first appearance, Kagome was nearly moved to tears. She had missed her friend Sango so much in the passed few weeks, she barely could contain herself when she went to call her for the eleventh time in one day. Nobody had a witty, mischievous humor like her hazel eyed friend.

Steeling her nerves as she ambled towards the door, she peaked around the door to see where exactly they had seated themselves. They sat at the booth farthest in the back, Sango's long, lithe legs spread out on her seat and his arms extended over the back of his booth. Both looked completely at ease as they chatted amiably. She counted the table numbers slowly, praying to every heavenly being out there that they weren't in tables two, four, five, or seven. She loved Sango. She would stop and speak in passing, but looking into those endearing brown eyes again would just drain her of all thought. She would make an utter fool of herself—again. She reached their table in her mental counting.

Dread flooded her instantly as realization laughed in her face.

Table seven. Just great.

Steeling herself for the embarrassment that was inevitable now, she squared her shoulders and marched out the door. The squeals and blissful sighs of her co-workers fell on deaf ears behind her. Just like she had said before, money was money. And now that her checks from Taishio had been put on hiatus, she would be needing it more than anything. Bidding the couple at her only other occupied table a pleasant night, she proceeded to march (wobbled, rather) to the dreaded table seven. She could hear her heat hammer against her ribcage as she lessened the proximity, and she could have sworn it was what gave away her approach. That, or her ragged breathing.

Both parties stopped talking as their eyes swiveled to watch her approach, hazel eyes lighting up instantly. She could see the vein in his jaw lock however, as his hands wound into fists under the table.

"Kagome!" Sango wailed, jumping from her seat to meet her halfway.

She was enveloped in a hug that only Sango was capable of—with its crushing strength and all— and she soon found her smile not as false as she thought it would be. Nostalgia slammed her in massive waves as her unique cinnamon scent hit her. The mixture of this and the smell of the refreshing cleaners the maids used at the mansion had tears prickling her eyelashes. "I missed you!"

"I missed you, too!" Sango exclaimed, pulling back to look into her mystified blues. "Aw, don't cry! I should have visited more often."

"No, it's fine," Kagome replied, laughing shakily. If she let the sudden embarrassment of Sango announcing her tears get to her, she would be flood the entire store in her tears. "Don't go out of you way, Sans."

Steel hardened her gaze. "Don't be stupid, Kagome! You're my best friend!"

If she hadn't been looking intently, she would have missed Sango panicked glance at the impatient looking boy behind them. "Well, one of them, at least."

Confusion was squashed at the vague mention of her 'other' best friend. Her heart surged forward, trying to break from the confines of her chest. Her body shuddered as if he were right there at that very moment.

Shaking herself from her self induced reverie, Kagome smiled up at Sango. "Thanks. But I do have a job to do.."

Surprise wiped her features. "Oh, shit! You do!" Pulling her arms from around the small girl, she pulled her arm towards their table, "Okay, come on."

The encounter wasn't as nearly as bad as her mind made it out to be. Really, it could have been worse by many degrees. Sango introduced the stranger as 'Yasu', explaining that he was an old friend of hers from school..

Not much detail went into introductions, however, and for that, Kagome was immensely grateful. An endless fire surged her cheeks and the spot on the ground had proved to be the most interesting in all her years, but she hardly believe Sango noticed. She was too busy rushing through the menu, familiarizing herself with everything she liked and the ways she could combine them in what the boy described as 'pretty gross thing for a girl to do'. She briefly ran through what life at the mansion was like without her, and Kagome couldn't help but wince at the perfect, regular picture she painted. Didn't anyone miss her? Wasn't she important in any way?

"Glad to know life moves on," She had replied in a joking manner, though even she could hear the sarcasm in her voice.

"Oh, please," Sango replied, rolling her eyes. "Inuyasha is a mess without someone to pick on."

She could have sworn Yasu paused with widened eyes, but she pushed the thought away as quickly as it appeared. It was probably because of the severity of her paralysis that made everything else seem to stop right along with her. Rigidness ran along her spine, and she hadn't even notice her wide blue eyes become mirrors to the other girl. This was the second time she had mentioned something along the lines of Inuyasha even noticing she was gone. Patiently, she waited for her frantic heart to stutter to a stop.

She was brought back to reality by the sudden jolt of Sango's body, almost as if she had been kicked underneath the table..

"What about your friend, Miroku?" Yasu spoke up suddenly, the familiarity in his vocals nearly making her knees week. "How has he been?"

Surprised, Kagome missed the mischievous vengeful gleam in his chocolate brown eyes. How did he know about Miroku? She hardly believed Sango would speak of him freely. There always seemed to be some tension between the two..

"Fine, Yasu." She accentuated his name like a threat, her gaze like steel. "Thanks for asking."

Kagome eyed the strange altercation with skeptical eyes, wondering what on earth the two were hiding behind their casual word and pointed glares.

Their banter continued with a less awkward consistency as the night dragged along, Kagome stopping by more than necessary to converse and take up orders for the two. Usually, because of the large portions they served, people only ordered one entrée and perhaps desert. But Sango and Yasu were currently ordering there fourth helping without any signs of stopping or internal explosion, something she found nothing short of unbelievable. She stood at their table, idly watching her co-worker sweep the floors and wipe her tables, preparing for close. The street lights had flickered on eons ago, illuminating the blackness that had become nighttime. She watched the trees that billowed and shivered. It would be a long walk home..

"Wow, get some X-ray glasses, why don't you," Sango mumbled, mouth full of scalding noodles. Her hazel gaze was focused on the young waitress across the lobby who somehow, couldn't keep her eyes from their party.

"Feh," Yasu scoffed. The familiarity of the phrase and tone surged her limbs mercilessly. How pathetic was it to have a heart attack over one word? "She can come over if she wants. I'll give her something to look at."

A light gagging sound. "I don't even want to know what you're talking about."

"Doesn't take much of a guess."

Kagome's face bled red. She didn't have to know what they were talking about to hear the infliction in his voice implied so many things. Her embarrassment flared as jealously welled within her. What was her problem? Was it the fact that this mysterious boy reminded her so much of him that she felt the need avert his attention to her? Take him up on his offer?

Mortification swept through her.

Such a tirade of emotions was bound to cause her unconsciousness sooner or later.

"Look at you pretty blush, Kagome," Sango exclaimed, "You're so cute and innocent."

She chose the first comment, as well as the twin chocolates that focused intently on her. Her gaze fell to the floor. "If you wanna call that a good thing, then thanks, Sans."

"Of course. It's incredibly endearing."

She shuffled uneasily, series of lights flickering out behind her. She didn't want to rude by any means, but she had side work to get to. She wanted so much to just follow Sango home and never leave her friend again. However, she was pretty sure numerous people would be perturbed with that idea. "We're kind of, uh, closing, though."

"Oh, well, shit," She replied, seeming to notice their surroundings for the first time since their entrance. She stretched her lithe body. "Time really does fly, huh?"

Kagome nodded, unnoticeably inching backwards. Really, she would love to not be the last one to leave tonight. "Yeah, so I better get going.."
The infantismal twitch in his hand had her gaze flying to his hand. She paused. His nails were long, almost to a feral extent but not quite, and stretched out from his fingertips almost as if they were meant to be daggers..

She wasn't sure if she had made her observation overly conspicuous, but he suddenly shuffled and ducked his hands underneath the table. "Whatcha lookin' at?" His voice was insecure, annoyed.

She ducked her head, immediately embarrassed. "S-sorry."

Though Sango watched the conversation with inquiring eyes, the shout of Kagome's name brought her back to focus.

"I really should—"

"When will you be done? You want us to walk you home?" Sango asked, moving to stand.

Unconsciously, her blue eyes flickered to gaze Yasu's reaction to this. He looked down at the table, his mouth in a hard frown. He wasn't paying very much attention to them, so if she agreed, would he protest?

"I'll take about thirty minutes," She said hesitantly, wanting badly to jump at the chance to share her friend's company longer. "I don't want to hold you up."

"It's fine. There's a C.D. store around here somewhere. We'll hang there until you're done. You know where it is?"

Kagome nodded, trying her best not too look to enthusiastic. "Alright, then. I'll hurry."

Sango's response fell on deaf ears as her black haired friend went to stand. She seemed obsessive, she knew, but she couldn't help but notice the ripple of his arm muscles as the delicious clench of his jaw. He nearly towered over her, the black ponytail at the nape of his neck making him look amazingly endearing. She wanted to grip it, run her fingers through it. His eyes bored into her with equal intensity and suddenly, she felt herself drowning, suffocating in his smoldering gaze. 'Oh, my..wow, oh..'

Sango cleared her throat, and for the umpteenth time that day, Kagome blushed and pretty much scurried away, leaving a cackling girl behind her.


"Sheesh, it's breezy," Kagome mumbled, pulling her coat closer to her body, sucking its warmth for all it was worth. The wind brushed her again, taunting her taught body as she strolled along. The street lights shone brightly on the insides of her lids while she walked along the sidewalk she would know by heart. It was a rural area, only a few small stores breaking up the consistent houses lining each side of the street. Her eyes regarded the wilting trees, her memory serving as a slideshow to the countless seasons those same plants had lived through. Thrive, wilt, die, thrive, wilt, die..She sighed.

She had been walking for far too long.

How she longed to have the seasons fly passed her in a blur of colors and incoherent shapes..

The bright, neon lights of her destination had her thoughts fading and coherency a lost cause. Anxiety slid up her spine as suddenly, the winds turned to a biting frost. A figure stood outside the store, leaning leisurely against its brick structure. As she approached, his taught jaw caught the light, his sun browned skin glowing golden under the scrutiny. His lashes—dark in comparison—rested on his high cheekbones, his full lips pressed into a thin line of contentment. Her footsteps faltered. Was she really that obsessed? Seeing the celebrity everywhere she looked? Because in that instance, in this pose, she could have sworn Inuyasha Taisho was standing before her, not Sango's strange, gorgeous friend..

However, before she got to stare longer, his face twitched, and his brown eyes opened. They turned on her, and she felt as if her body would melt right there and then. She approached him slowly, cautiously, idly wondering why he wasn't with Sango, mindful of the way his eyes memorized her every gesture, every movement. She was close enough for conversation now, but of course that wasn't enough. She wanted to lessen their proximity, to see if he smelled as delectable as he looked..

Everything that happened next was quick like lightning, a whirl of motion.

Just as she could have sworn she saw his eyes light (Now why would they do something like that?), the entrance to the door swung open. Though not close enough for it to hit her, she was thrown violently to ground by the body that came barreling through the double doors. Twin gasps resonated as both her and the other fell to the ground in a tangle of limbs and hisses. Concrete crashed into her bottom unmercifully as the rushing girl fell on top of her, cursing under her breath.

Two things she saw held her attention.

First, it was her eyes. Like beacons, they were the brightest shade of green she had ever seen. On any blade of grass or tree, she had seen a green so brilliant and vibrant as the ones that looked back at her with equal amazement.

But her idolization was interrupted as the girl's hand flew to her chest. Her palms and fingers were tiny, so they did nothing to cover the massacre Kagome saw there. If she could go back and redo the whole scenario, she would have shielded the disgust, wonderment, and pain she could feel envelope her irises.

Though she wore a jacket that was much too large for her thin frame, the tank top underneath did little to nothing to hide the marred expanse of her chest. Shaped like an 'X' the size of her forearm were scars that blemished the perfect, browned skin surrounding it. Angry, jagged slices reached from below her collarbone to the beginnings of her cleavage, small cuts whispering violence around her entire chest. There was even a scar dangerously close to her neck. They were faded severely, but there was no mistaking the dark, livid scars slashing her chest.

"Don't tell him, please." She whispered painstakingly, eyes boring into Kagome with a pleading vengeance.

Though she wanted nothing more than to ask what she meant, Yasu was quicker. The entire ordeal had probably taken less than ten seconds to transpire.

"Kagome are you—" His stopped mid sentenced as his hand—his nails looking like full claws in the glint of the light—gripped onto black fabric, hoisting the girl up with care. He didn't notice as green eyes widened, whipping around in her haste as all three suddenly realized he had helped up the wrong girl. From her place on the ground, she appeared to glare at him, her jacket clamped shut, pivoting—giving Kagome one last meaningful glance— and dashing into the darkness.

Yasu looked like he had just seen a massacre. His now white face was horrified, as if he as just seen a ghost. His eyes were widened to a supernatural extent and his body was leaning forward, looking posed to pursue. Power radiated from him in tangible waves. Somehow, she had now doubt that he would catch her. But then what? What would he do about the sudden passion and yearning she saw in his eyes? Panic filled Kagome along with the confusion blurring her thoughts.

"You're going after her?"

Her broken voice seemed to drag him back to the present, his hard brown eyes slowly focusing on the blackness that had swallowed the strange girl. There was a squeal of tires far away in the distance. He looked back to her, as if just remembering she was even present. He stared at her for a long moment, no doubt taking in her state of dishevelment and vulnerability. No matter how she tried to move, the deep brown irises looking through her rooted her to the spot.

Suddenly, they softened.

"Come here, you," He said lowly, pulling her up with a strong hand. A small squeak fell from her lips as she fell into his chest. His body was unyielding and warm, a comfortable mattress to lay her insecurities. Her breath fled from her when he spoke. "Are you okay?"

His tone was soft, low, textured with a concern that had her knees nearly buckling. All thought fled from her mind as she looked into the depths of his eyes, drinking their intensity as if she had been blind for years. A small, wistful sigh escaped her. "I am now."

"Don't worry," He said, speaking on her earlier question, his eyes somehow pleading, confused, "I'm not going anywhere now."

Feeling the arms around her waist tighten and the brush of his scent against her nostrils, Kagome swore she'd never believe in anything more in all her days.


Fire blazed silently in her pupils, hotly consuming all that stood in its path. Vivid emerald, burning in their natural shade, emitted its nature of jealousy and envy in immeasurable volumes. Her hood slipped lower as her fists clenched unconsciously, her blunt manicure pressing into the skin on her palms. She wanted more than anything to expose him. To brutally reveal the real person behind that ridiculously obvious costume so that she would look at him shocked and hurt, betrayed and lied to. That girl would turn away from him because really?—she didn't want the fame, didn't need it. She didn't want the hovering paparazzi and slandering tabloids that came with his name. She wouldn't dare want the very essence of his being—his fame. Not only would it ruin her, it would ruin everything she had ever known. It was a beautiful, endearing monster than destroyed and slaughtered until you fell to your knees and succumbed to its army; become a part of it. The girl—Kagome—was weak, and would collapse before the fight even started. She would serve as her pillar.

He would never deserve her. Only Kikyo was aware of that.

And he knew that—that's the reason pretended, a liar in every way possible.



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