Well people, this is the first installment of my story, I hope you like it or at least read it. Please.

Oh and the title is just a fancy way of saying rebellious that I looked up on thesaurus.

There were no tearful good-byes, or heart-felt apologies, just Anko. Walking alone in the middle of a busy road right out of Konoha and into the world.

The arrogant smile on her face disguised her internal rage at her so called village.

Just an hour earlier she had been summoned to the Hokage's office, where she had a not so pleasant experience.

Tsunade, the fifth Hokage and Shizune were off gambling who knows where and the stuffy council of elders had eagerly taken charge.

And as soon as word reached their almost deaf ears that Tsunade had, once again, gone on 'vacation', they called for Anko to have a word with them.

(An Hour Earlier)

Anko was sitting in an uncomfortable metal chair, staring up at the exalted Elder Council, who were sitting in thrones on a plat form, two of them seemed to be asleep.

"Anko Miratashi." And old man said, staring down at Anko from a raised platform, with an eye that was probably blind, "You have been sent for because recent concerns on your loyalty have come our council's attention."

"Like what?" Anko asked, wondering what she had done wrong this time.

"You worked with Orochimaru." An old woman declared.

"Yeah…but that was before we all knew he was evil." Anko explained, "As soon as he left, that was it, he was not my sensei anymore."

"Don't lie to us, girl." The old man warned, "We know what happened during the chunin exams, when our beloved third was assassinated!"

"I had nothing to do with that!" Anko exclaimed, "The third Hokage was my friend! He was one of the only people in this village who was actually nice to me!"

"And who was the other?!" The old woman asked angrily, "Orochimaru!?"

Anko was about to curse, but instead, she decided to keep her cool and try to figure away out of this, after all, she had done absolutely nothing wrong. These old lunatics were just senile.

"No." Anko said calmly, "The other people who are nice to me are Tsunade, Shizune, Ibiki, Genma and Hayate before he died."

"Funny how your friends die…" the old woman said curtly, "We know that as soon as Orochimaru snuck into the village he came and told you his entire plan and you didn't do anything! And then you lied about it!"

"That's a lie right there!" Anko shouted, "Orochimaru jumped me! I attempted to fight him to the death! Then he escaped! After which I immediately told the third and other ninjas."

"But he told you his plan to kill the hokage and you kept it a secret." Said another old man, waking up.

"That's because he threatened to put it in to action sooner if I told." Anko elucidated.

"And you listened to him." The first old man croaked, "That's a problem in itself."

"And for that you're position as special jounin is being suspended until further notice." The old woman finished.

(And in that context, special jounin meant less than jounin.)

And that was what happened.

And that was why Anko was leaving.

She was fed up with everything being blamed on her because Orochimaru wasn't around to blame it on; she was tired of being pushed around by the council of elders when ever the hokage wasn't around. She hated that almost everyone in town only knew her for who her teacher was.

And so that was it.

Anko had packed her bags and walked right out of the leaf village, another face in the crowd.

She was going to find a new town.

A new town where instead of people whispering: "There's Orochimaru's former student! Watch out, she could go crazy and set snakes on us at any given moment!"

They would say, out loud: "That's Anko, she's really nice." (Crazy, but nice)

They would know her name, be her friends and see her as who she was.

That's why she was leaving.

She definitely wasn't leaving to be rebellious.

She absolutely wasn't going to go looking for Orochimaru just because she wanted to be contrary to the village.

And as she walked into the land formerly known as Rice Country, she positively wasn't planning to do any bad.

There was absolutely no way.

If you read this far, thank you so much.

I hope you like it.