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And so that was how it ended.

There were no tearful goodbyes, no heartfelt apologies just a return to normal.

Everything was back in its place after all that craziness set in motion by Anko…or…Orochimaru… or was it the Elder Council?

(It depended on who you asked).

And so people went back to the way they were before, pretending as if nothing had even happened.

It was all over….


"Come on, Shizune! Hurry up!" Tsunade called, turning around to run backwards across the grassy hill she and her attendant were traveling on so she could wave back at her.

"Yes, Lady Tsunade!" Shizune replied, quickening her pace and gripping tightly on to the pig she carried in her arms.

They were escaping to parts unknown away from Konoha on a well-deserved and much-needed Gambling Trip. T

Konoha would have its Hokage back in…well…whenever she got back. Well, it was all okay because Tsunade had left a note saying she was leaving.

Besides, Jiraya could always watch it for a little while. That old pervert could handle it.


"So I trust Naruto wasn't a handful." Jiraya assumed, "Just tell me if he was being a little brat, because I'll whip him into shape! He was good right…?"

Jiraya was in the Sand Village, in the Kazekage's office speaking with Temari who he had hired to baby-sit Naruto.

"Yeah, yeah sure." Temari muttered quickly, "He was a little angel. Just take him and go."

"So, cutie…where is he?" Jiraya asked. He would have said more perverted things, but he didn't want to break any laws.

"He's somewhere around here." Temari stated, sighing and pointing to the door, "Outside with Gaara and Kankuro, maybe."

"Okay." Jiraya said, "I'll go find him."

Jiraya started to walk towards the exit when Temari coughed.

"Ahem." Temari coughed.

"What?" Jiraya asked, turning around.

"My money?" Temari suggested, "You're supposed to pay me for baby-sitting!"

Jiraya quickly ran out of the office, down the hall, out of the Kazekage building and into the streets of Suna to look for Naruto and go, leaving Temari fuming in the dust.


On the ledge of a canyon, hidden by a jutsu, looking over Suna were Orochimaru and Kabuto.

"See this cloaking jutsu is perfect." Kabuto declared, pushing up his glasses, "This proves that I'm a much better second in command than Anko. The Konoha Ninjas found this base, but now no one will. We can watch the Sand Village without worry. Right, Lord Orochimaru? Right? I'm better than Anko, right?"

"Of course, Kabuto." Orochimaru said, chuckling at the fact Kabuto was so eager to prove himself. He must have been pretty shaken by Anko taking his job.

"Phew!" Kabuto sighed, whipping his forehead, "I knew it."

"But…" Orochimaru began, causing Kabuto to tense, "Although you may be better at doing your job….Anko is much better at making things interesting."

Kabuto looked frustrated, out into the Village Hidden In The Sand, watching Jiraya running around after Naruto, chased by Temari wanting money.

Orochimaru kept laughing evilly and Kabuto cringed. He loved to mess with his minions.

Yes, Anko causing all that trouble was very interesting. Things would be so boring now that everything she had started was over.


He didn't have to turn around to know it was Sasuke shouting at him from behind.

"Yes, Sasuke?" Orochimaru asked, trying to sound polite but just ending up sounding sarcastic.

"You forced me to come back here!" Sasuke yelled, "Now train me!"

"Making demands, Sasuke?" Orochimaru sneered, still not turning around to face his student.

"Train. Me. Now." Sasuke growled.

"Alright…" Orochimaru agreed.

Without even seeing it coming, Sasuke found himself nailed to the canyon wall, its rough rocky edge digging into his back. A kunai stabbed through each wrist, trapping him there.

Orochimaru walked towards him and stared him face to face. Sasuke's Sharingan was activated but it was too late. He couldn't get out of the situation, his wrists were slit if he moved the kunais would fall out and he'd bleed to death.

He couldn't move.

"Lesson one." Orochimaru hissed, leaning in close "Never make demands of me, you're here for my purposes and whatever you want is secondary. You're very life belongs to me, so show me some respect."

He turned away from Sasuke and started to the door leading back into the base.

"Damaging your future vessel like that." Kabuto commented sinisterly, pushing up his glasses, "Such abuse. You must really be pissed off."

"I'm confident that you can heal him." Orochimaru explained, leaving them on the ledge with a mock wave and smile goodbye.

Things were certainly back to normal.


Anko's clothing was grass-stained, there were thorns and brambles caught in her hair. She had a bite on her leg from a feisty…and hungry giant tiger and a red mark that was begging to bruise from where a giant snake had hugged after missing her for so long.

Now, Anko was lying on her still unmade bed, in her dusty apartment, resting after she had done a thorough cleaning of the Forest Of Death. She was chewing on a stick where dango used to be, trying to suck out the last of the flavor left on it after her snack.

Closing her eyes, she sighed.

It felt good to be back to normal.

Though it did seem a little like loose ends, Orochimaru was gone before Anko had even woken up. She would've like to have seen him one last time, even if that meant throwing a kunai at him, that he would catch and then retreating before he finally decided to kill her.

Everything was so normal now, so boring…

But good.

She wasn't a traitor anymore; she was pardoned and had her job back. It still sucked, she had to clean up and deal with bratty kids, never able to go on missions. But it was a whole lot better than doing experiments or getting sent into death traps.

"Ah…normal." Anko smiled, "Life is good."

And that's when Genma poofed into the room.

"The Elder Council have come out of retirement to take control of Konoha, and they would like to see you. Now." He stated, then disappeared.

Anko reluctantly got up from her bed and slumped towards the door.



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