"I missed you too," she murmured, bending down to kiss his forehead.

Keeping her hand clutched in his, he leaned back to rest against her leg, enjoying the soothing caresses of his wife's hand in his hair. She gazed down lovingly, gently brushing droplets of water from his eyes. The intimate moment was suddenly disrupted with an unexpected kick from the unborn child.

"Ooph, that very nearly hurt." Tenzo chuckled, sitting upright with the realization that his wife's lap could be a dangerous territory.

"Now you know what I've been dealing with these past few months" she sighed. Her patience for pregnancy was wearing thin.

"So we have a lil' taijutsu expert on our hands then," he said with a smile. She laughed, but another sudden movement in the womb made her grunt in discomfort. The sound immediately made Tenzo turn around to look at his wife. Exhaustion and impatience were evident on her face, although her hand tenderly massaged her midsection.

"Shiz…I'm so sorry you were alone…" he began.

Shizune immediately shushed him."Ssh, I was hardly ever alone, love. Tsunade wouldn't allow it. She had someone here everyday to ensure that I kept to her prescription of bedrest." She smiled and began soaping up her husband's back.

"Tsunade didn't keep you company herself?" Tenzo joked knowing the unlikely chance of that situation. The Godaime Hokage must have been suffering hugely without her primary assistant and adopted daughter. Taking the soapy cloth from her hands, he asked, "So with you at home and Sakura on our mission, does this mean Hokage-sama filed her own paperwork?"

Shizune laughed, earning another internal kick. Quickly calming herself with a deep breath, she explained: "Kotetsu and Izumo have been on permanent overtime shifts since I went on maternity leave." Tenzo nodded in repsonse, rinsing off in the now lukewarm water. His wife added,"I really owe those boys a nice dinner."

"Not before me!" Tenzo exclaimed in mock anger, teasing his wife.

"Oh? Is that what you missed most? My home cooking?" She replied with a playful smile.

"Only Naruto is happy with cup ramen for 8 weeks." Tenzo stood up to turn on the shower, giving Shizune a delightfully close view of his well-sculpted rear. She bit her lip at the sight and a series of passionate memories flashed in her mind. She slowly raised herself off the tub edge intending to leave the bathroom and honor her mentor's strict medical orders of rest and relaxation.

"Care to join me?" Tenzo asked in hushed growl. She paused in the doorway, but did not bother to respond. Instead, she let the robe drop to the floor and slipped her silken nightgown from her body. A sharp intake of breath from Tenzo made her glance over her shoulders to catch the passionate, hungry look on her husband's face. Taking his outstretched hand, she stepped out of the puddle of clothes, over the tub rail and into her husband's embrace.