It was a beautiful moonlit night. The stars were at one with the moon. It had just

rained and the dew of raindrops shimmered everywhere, on everything, like a silken veil

on a spiderweb.

Hinata loved moments like this. It was a time where she didn't fear the criticisim of

others. A time to be herself without fear and relax.

Neji, her very handsome and arrogant cousin, always criticized her weaknesses.

Meanwhile, she admired his discipline and control of their BYAKUGAN and wondered

that someday he would make an exceptional king. However, her heart was set on Naruto.

Naruto was always positive. She loved his loyalty to his clan, yet more so to his faith

in honor and strength. To help those that needed someone to believe in themselves.

She walked out into the forest, to a hidden area known (as far as she knew) only to

herself. An area with a waterfall, trees, and flowers ethereal in beauty surrounding the

stones with a glistening mist. She undressed and walked into the water enjoying it's

cleansing balm and dived into it's quiet caress. She let herself flow with the calm and

thought of Naruto. How many times did she fantasize about him. How many times did

she think of touching him or to even dare…a kiss. She put out her right hand across the

sky and closed her eyes thinking of Naruto calling her name.

Hinata didn't know anything about love or a man's touch, but her hand gently caressed her breasts as she envisioned Naruto holding her. She could still remember

his scent whenever he was near, clean yet sweaty after his workouts with the others.

Her eyes closed to relish the moment, and then she opened them to find Naruto

standing there in the water beside her. He simply looked down at her and called her



"Na…ru…to…" She whispered softly.

She took his hand as he pulled her to him and before she would let herself become

afraid she kissed him.

Hinata felt his shock for a split second and then she felt his arms around her, pressing

her to his clothed body. His scent was intoxicating and she filled herself with it to over-


This was her Naruto, her dear, her love.

Naruto pulled his lips away and looked into her eyes. He saw a love like no other

and felt confused, but before he could say anything, he felt her soft caress across his cheek and watched her close her eyes and sigh. He felt hypnotized by her gentle touch

and the soft blush across her face. He saw her as if for the first time and he asked him-

self, when did she become such a beauty?. He didn't even realize that his own hand

reached out to her until he felt her body crushed against his in an embrace that he him-

self was doing.

Naruto looked down upon her delicate features and his heart cried out for a love he

wished he could know and possess. He lowered his eyes to the rest of her and kissed her.

Gently at first because he wasn't sure of what he was doing. Yet when he felt her arms

around his neck he knew he could not hold back.

Hinata was drunk with desire. This was what she wanted, had dreamt of so many

times. His kiss was gentle at first, his tongue caressing hers, sending shivers up and

down her spine. She felt breathless and still she could not pull her mouth away.

She touched his headband, his symbol of the Konaha clan and Naruto stopped.

He looked at her intensely and she feared that the moment was lost, but then he touched

her hand and kissed it. With both his hands he reached up to his headband, all the

while as he untied it he kept his eyes on her and then placed it around her neck.

Hinata was speechless. By his doing so he showed her the ultimate respect of their

clan…and to her.

She touched the symbol of their clan and looked up at Naruto through tears in her

eyes. She knew at that moment that she would always be his no matter what destiny chose. This moment was theirs and she would not be denied!

She threw her arms around his neck and they kissed, only this time it was a kiss they

both felt from deep within. A kiss they both wanted and needed.

Hinata gently pulled and tugged at Naruto's clothes while he watched her with desire.

He remembered her challenge with Neji at the Chuunin tournament and he thought

about how delicate and fragile she seemed, but then, just when he thought she might give

up, she suddenly changed and he remembered how much he admired her then. She was

like a rare flower blooming in the desert, all alone and raw. Yet, like her fight, she would

suddenly gain thorns and strike when it was necessary.

Naruto looked at her now with his clothes off, his desire obvious to her eyes and

reached out to her in an loving embrace, but she pulled back instead. She looked up at

him and felt pride and fear altogether. He was so beautiful to look upon and yet she

knew how ferocious he could be in battle.

She felt his hand on her cheek ever so softly. He took her hand and rubbed it against

his lips. Her heart burst to overflowing that he would not touch her otherwise unless she

made it so. He looked into her eyes and saw the stars mirrored in them. The sparkle

shined in them more than any stars he had ever seen. His heart felt a skip, how could

anyone love him knowing he was a JINCHUURIKI. He remembered how everyone

treated him with caution and fear as a child, always making him feel like he might be the

enemy. Hinata looked at him without fear. Her eyes showed him trust and it filled him

with so much emotion, it was hard to look at her without tears in his own eyes.

He cupped her face with both his hands and took her lips into his own. His kiss was

deep, as though his own life depended on it. His tongue caressed and touched, he even

suckled a little as though it were the most precious gift given to him. He felt her timidness and it awoke something in him. The demon KYUUBI, the nine tail fox laughed

inside his head.

"So…is this the puny emotion you humans call love?" It laughed loudly .

Naruto clung to Hinata as though he were receiving his last breath of life! She felt the

change in him. She wanted to hold him forever and make things right. She felt in her

heart the struggle he fought to keep his humanity. His fingers dug into her skin hurting

her, but she felt she had to let him know that she was there for him and always would be.

Instead of pulling away she clung to him closer. She pulled him to her with both arms

and cried out his name before she kissed him again fully on the lips.


He was lost in her eyes, her kiss, her fragrance, her…love.

"Is this desire? Let us see what this female human has to offer!" KYUUBI growled,

and before Naruto could stop himself he felt the demon take over his body. Naruto

fought to not hurt Hinata, but the need was too strong and it made him wonder for a

split second if it was the demon or himself that needed.

Hinata felt afraid, but she saw how Naruto was struggling with himself and her fear left her. This was Naruto and she knew that even if he hurt her, he was showing himself

to her. Whether it was Naruto the young man or KYUUBI the demon, it was still her


Naruto growled out loudly, "NOOOO!" then he kissed her and tasted blood.

He looked down at her and saw the blood on her lips and tried to stop himself except

that when he looked in her eyes, even though there were tears, he also saw her under-

standing and courage. She was willing to face his demon, to embrace it. Part of him

hoped that her love cold keep the beast at bay.

Hinata did not know who carried her from the water, whether it was Naruto or KYUUBI. The only thing that mattered was that she was finally going to be his.

"Hinata-chan, you don't have to do this!" Naruto struggled to say.

Her answer was to touch his cheek. Her face was flushed, her cheeks enflamed and

the sparkle in her eyes unmistakable. He lowered her into a small alcove and gently

placed her on a bed of leaves. He stood up and looked at her intensely. He never had

anyone, Hinata thought to herself. Even with KYUUBI present, he was still Naruto…

her Naruto.

He kneeled down next to her as she tried to sit up and placed her hand to the side

of his neck.

"I love you Naruto." She whispered softly as she closed her eyes and kissed him.

He fought with himself. He never realized how much she moved him. He tried to

be himself but he felt KYUUBI growing curious and heard it's thoughts.

"What would it be like to have this young woman? How much is she willing to


As much as Naruto tried to be aware he knew that no matter what, he was going

to make her his. He pulled her legs apart and kneeled between them. His hand

touched her breast and lowered down to her navel. He kissed her right breast and

heard her gasp as the nipple hardened. He looked down at her as she fell backwards

while he held her tiny waist and traced hot kisses further down until he reached her

innocent loveliness. Out of curiosity, he pulled her nether lips apart gently and kissed

her most intimate self. Hinata cried out at the touch. No one had ever touched her

there. His kiss made her feel as if she had died and gone to heaven! The blush on her

cheeks made Naruto realize that she liked what he was doing, and so, he began to lick

at her. At first, it was slow until he realized how excited she became. He stuck his

tongue inside her and felt her clench her muscles. The motion made him hard. He

grabbed her legs and put them above his shoulders.

He wanted all of her! He rubbed his face into her, wetting his face and filling him-

self with her scent. She whimpered in delight and grabbed his head with both her hands,

pushing it down on herself harder.

"Mine…my Naruto!" Hinata gasped and Naruto stopped, feeling overwhelmed with

emotion to hear someone, Hinata-chan claim him as her own.

KYUUBI laughed again in his head. "Do you really think this girl will love you for

who you are? Let me show you and see if her love is true!" With that, the demon burst

out of Naruto and with his fangs growing, even though Naruto fought to control it, he

lowered his face on her again and began lapping up her juices from her excitement.

Hinata felt his roughness, but instead of pulling away, she wrapped her legs around

his neck and pushed forward. If he was going to make her his then she would please

him however he chose!

Without warning, she felt his fangs bite down on her and she screamed! The feeling

was both pain and pleasure, like nothing she had ever known. As he bit down on her she

felt lost in an abyss and felt herself thrust further up into his mouth as she came! She felt

him suckle at her blood and her intimate jewel.

Hinata felt the pain of a thousand deaths, but the pleasure was even more!

With the blood still dripping from her privates, Naruto readied himself, lowering her

body and was surprised that she spread her legs for him. He placed himself at her virgin

entrance lowering his head to kiss her, and as he did so, he thrust himself inside her force

fully. Hinata grabbed at him, pulling him closer while she felt Naruto and KYUUBI's

first painful thrust which was also bliss.

KYUUBI laughed out loud in a perverse way for Hinata to hear, enjoying what was

happening and suddeny turned her on her stomach and rammed himself to her backside

grabbing Hinata's hair and growled as he did so.

Hinata cried out in pain, but then she felt Naruto's hand on her breast and then lower

itself, rubbing hard against her throbbing jewel, playing with her with every thrust, and

the pain became pleasure.

She cried out, "Naruto, don't stop!"

He pushed hard against her until he felt her release. Then he pulled out of her and

turned her to face him and watched her as he drove into her woman's mound. There was

no more virginity as he felt her insides hug him as though they would never let go and it

made him more excited. He drove into her deeply and fiercely and grabbed her face with

both hands, kissing her. He thought of how her blood tasted and how much love she felt

for him.

Love was like a drop spilled from god's cup that only god could drink of. It was

precious and savoured. It was one of a kind that few could be blessed with and many took for granted.

The blood on Hinata's lips enchanted him, here was someone who accepted him with

unconditional love. As the thought ran through him, he felt KYUUBI's presence weaken

and looked into her eyes, pledging in his heart his undying love as he kissed her at the exact moment that he felt his seed spill into her.

Hinata pulled him closer and kissed him passionately feeling him fill her and she knew

that KYUBBI was no longer there, only her Naruto.

Hinata sighed in delight and opened her eyes to see the stars in the sky. She passed

her still wet hand above her face, across the sky. She wished with all her heart that

Naruto had really been there.

But there was always HOPE!