As the title says this is gonna be about another Malfoy, except it's Draco's older sister who disappears at a very young age. If I go on any longer I'll tell the whole story so enjoy and review please!



"Mommy, where's daddy?" a little blonde, five year-old girl asked her mother looking at a thick book at eleven thirty that night. Her mother hadn't heard the little girl sneak in and jumped a little before shrugging it off and looking, or more like glaring at her daughter.

"You know better than to be out of bed this late!! Get up to your room and don't ask stupid questions Katherine!" the little girl flinched and turned quickly away from her mother.

"Yes mommy." Katherine Elizabeth Malfoy was the little girl's name, but she preferred to be called by Kathy or Kat. The little girl was smart for her age (smart as Hermione in the first book of Harry Potter.), but she was always very lonely except for the house elves who were always working and couldn't play with the child. Her mother would either be with her aunt or out with some friends, while her father would be at the ministry, or out on what she called…a murderer's nightly raid, when they weren't scolding her.

Yes, it was true she knew about her father's other job…the one with the man that frightened her so much, that had the face of a mutated albino snake and the eyes of a monster whenever you looked at him. Even her godfather, Severus Snape, was a man like him, so devious, so sneaky, and very deceptive. Kathy had known the truth since that one night…the night her father came home from another raid, where she heard him come but stopped at the door when she heard a deep, hissing voice in the room. She had peeked in and there it was…that mark of evil and shame…the one she knew couldn't be erased so easily.

From that night on, little Katherine had started avoiding her parents by locking herself in her room while they were home and while they were gone she would have Dobby, one of her elf friends, Apparate her over to her aunt Andromeda's where she would stay and play with her two-year-older cousin Nymphadora Tonks, whom she liked to call either "Nymphie" or "Dora". Once the fun was up Dobby would come and bring her home in case her mother or father came back early and they'd assume she was up in her room, studying hard so they wouldn't get suspicious.

"Oh dolly," she spoke to her little rag doll with a yellow apron and dress, light brown, braided yarn pigtails tied with yellow ribbons, a pretty smile, and black eyes. It was given to her the night she was born, and was the only toy she had other than large books. Now her mommy would be out longer with her daddy since she was having a baby, which she knew they wanted to be a boy, an heir to the family fortune.

End of flashback:

It had been fifteen years since that day; Katherine Malfoy was now twenty years old, living in Duff town, not far from Hogwarts, where she had continued her education even after she ran away two weeks after Draco was born. The night she left she knew they wouldn't come looking for her, since no one in the Wizarding World knew the Malfoys had a child before Draco. She'd taken a false name and with her uncle's and Dumbledore's help she was adopted by her cousins the Tonks. Mainly Sirius since he was the one who found her and brought her to one of the Order's meetings.

Thanks to the help of sweet Sirius Black, little Kathy had managed to run and leave that hellhole of a home she had lived in for five years, and managed to live on her own by the time she was fifteen. She was now an undercover auror for the Ministry of Magic, tracking down dark wizards and witches and sending them to Azkaban Prison, without knowing she turned them in. She had passed all her O.W.L.'s, her N.E.W.T.'s, and her other exams therefore qualifying herself for the best job she could earn.

Katherine was suddenly pulled away from her thoughts when her fireplace went off and in the flames was the head of her second cousin Sirius.

"Sirius what's up?"

"No time to explain Kathy, but you need to get down to the Department of Mysteries quick! Harry and the others are in trouble, plus your father and aunt are there…now come on hurry on!"

"Okay I'll meet you there, round up the order and I'll be there within minutes!" Kathy grabbed her wand and traveling cloak making her big, bouncy, wavy, blonde-streaked, dirty blonde hair swish all in her face; she tied it up in a low ponytail and flooed herself into the fireplace to the Department of Mysteries.


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