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Dream Sequence:

Katherine found herself floating in a world of white clouds and mist, blue skies, and a bright shining sun just beyond her reach. She felt no pain from her side, no cramps, bleeding, or even magic flowing in her veins.

"Is this heaven?"

"No dear, this is King's Cross just before spirits reach heaven." Katherine turned to see her ancestor Emilia walking towards her, but her face was sad with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Emilia, am I dead?"

"No Kathy, you're still very much alive. You're just having a near-death experience…"

"What about Draco?"

"He's fine too, but he's still on earth."

"Wait…what happened to me? I could feel the magic killing me, my wounds were too great to survive."

"It's true, you would've died from your wounds and Draco too, but you didn't because of Harry and your cousin Remus."

"I don't understand, the Deathly Hallows…"

"Look over into that orb Katherine, and you will see all that happened after you and Draco went unconscious." Emilia pointed to a shiny silver orb the size of a watermelon which appeared on a stand like a pensieve. Katherine went over to it and looked deep inside seeing what it wanted to show her.


"No Katherine! Draco! Please don't leave us!" Narcissa was crying for her daughter and son but it was useless.

"Get out of the way!" a booming voice ran over to them as Remus and Tonks picked up the two unconscious figures and moved them away from the battle between Harry and Voldemort. They were moved to some tables and sat down away from the dead corpses of all who died fighting Voldemort and his followers.

"My babies! Please help us!" Narcissa begged for help but everyone was busy watching Harry and Voldemort. Lucius didn't know what to do except look around with his wife for help. A green flash enveloped the room and Voldemort was the one who fell dead to the floor. Harry looked stunned for a second and ran over to Katherine and Draco.

"Remus what's happened? Why isn't Katherine's magic working?" at those words Katherine's body began shaking terribly and her mouth and eyes opened wide as if she were trying to speak.

"Her magic is killing her! Her body can't take much more she's not strong enough!"

"What can we do?" Remus was flipping to the last few pages of the book and pointed to a picture containing the symbol of the Deathly Hallows.

"We need all three objects, do you have them?" Harry yanked out the wand and the cloak but not the stone.

"I only have these two; I dropped the stone in the woods."

"Summon it with Accio! Hurry!" Harry used the elder wand to summon the resurrection stone and it flew into his hands seconds later. "Now put the cloak over Katherine but keep her head uncovered." Harry did as told and the blood from Katherine's wound began seeping onto the cloak's material. "Put the stone on her stomach but make sure it's balanced." Harry struggled with that because the stone kept rolling off due to Katherine's convulsing body until Hermione fixed it.

"What now?" Remus looked at the last bit of words on the page and looked grave.

"Point the wand straight at the stone, and use the Killing Curse."

"WHAT?" Harry shouted and Narcissa tried to get through.]

"They'll be killed!" she screamed.

"It's the only way, the magic of the curse will drain the power from Katherine through the stone, after that she'll be fine. Hurry Harry do it!"

"I can't!"

"You have to or they'll both die!"

"I can't do it!" Harry's hands were shaking with fear and terror.

"Harry Potter you filthy half-blooded son of a Mudblood fire it at her!" Lucius shouted so loud Harry's body tensed and the wand pointed at the stone.


"NO!" Narcissa squealed but the spell fired from the wand and green light flowed around Katherine's body. Silver strands of magic were flowing from her body and into the stone making it glow bright white. With one last burst of light all of Katherine's enchanted magic flew from her straight into the ceiling where it vanished instantly into thin air. Katherine's convulsing stopped quickly and she began taking slow, deep breaths. Her wounds healed quickly, her blood went back into her body and her face went into a deep sleep. Draco began breathing normally too, and the Malfoys were overcome with joy.

"Will they be alright?" Narcissa looked to Remus and Tonks and they both gave a big sigh of relief.

"Yes, they'll be fine. It's unknown when they'll wake, but we're very lucky Katherine's so strong willed; if she hadn't tried to fight off the magic herself, it wouldn't have worked. That's the point of the enchantresses' magic, to use it wisely it has to be controlled with a strong mind or it will destroy the user from the inside out. At least that's what the book says."

"Thank you…thank you so much…for my daughter's life." Narcissa was in tears and loomed over her sleeping children. Lucius stood beside her and nodded at Harry and his friends.

"You're welcome, but don't count on anything just yet. When Katherine wakes up we can't say what she'll do, she is marrying Charlie Weasley, you can't take that from her. She deserves to be happy…"

"I know…but we'll discuss that later. The only thing that matters now is if she wakes from this sleep, we can't bear to lose her again." Lucius spoke putting his hand on Katherine' s forehead.

End Orb vision.

Katherine looked away from the orb with tears in her eyes, Emilia went over and embraced her gently. Her hands began rubbing Katherine's back in comfort as her tears fell rapidly.

"You see now dear? Your parents love you and your brother more than anything on Earth, it was Druella's fault you were abused. That curse made you miserable, but it also made you strong for Draco's sake."

"I-I can't believe…how wrong I was…Lucius, Narcissa, Snape…"

"They all forgive you dear, for it wasn't your fault they all suffered through this war. They chose the wrong path, but they have been freed from it thanks to you and Harry both."

"I have to get back." Emilia released Katherine quickly and kissed her cheek.

"Oh and don't worry about your powers sweetheart, you are now a normal witch. You can still do some wandless magic but you'll still need a wand to do others. You are now an Animagus as well, a crow because it's your inner form, and you can no longer become mist but you can do that streaming flying form like the rest. Now go…they're waiting for you."

"Thank you Emilia, for everything."

End Dream Sequence:

Katherine awoke to find herself in the hospital wing of Hogwarts next to many other empty beds that looked recently changed. Her clothes had been changed into a long white silk dress with black trimming and her hair had been made into a loose braid that bounced against her spine.

"Hello?" she called but no one answered. As she stood to get up she noticed her waist had been bandaged carefully enough so she could still move, but it ached a little as she bent over somewhat. The sound of footsteps came down the hall, and in the door stepped her one and only baby brother Draco, holding a bouquet of white roses, which he dropped to the floor as he ran into Katherine's arms.

"Sissy…you're ok." He felt like crying but Katherine could feel him holding back his tears.

"I'm only glad you're safe now Draco. How long was I out?" he looked into her blue eyes and smiled.

"Only two days. Your wounds really took a great toll on you."

"Not as much as that magic, where's everyone else?"

"They're all out fixing the school; they wanted to let you rest. Charlie and the rest of the Weasleys have been worried sick with me."

"What about mum and dad?"

"They're at home, they couldn't stay too long because they're still working things out with the Ministry. Wait did you just call them mum and dad?"


"Y-You've never…"

"Not until I saw what they did for me. Help me up I want to see the others…"

"But your side…?"

"Is fine, just aches a little that's all. Help me up." Draco obliged taking Katherine's arm looming it over his shoulder and helping her stand. Her balance was good, but her ankles were weakened from constant sleep. They walked over to the door and Katherine could hear the sounds of construction being made throughout the halls.

"You ok?"

"Fine…let's go." He obliged and helped her to the scene where the teachers and most of the students were rebuilding the Great Hall. Katherine looked around and saw Remus and Dora assisting McGonagall and Slughorn rebuild the giant doors which looked nearly complete.

"Remus! Dora!" Draco called them and they turned seeing Katherine up and about. Dora squealed in delight and ran over to embrace her cousin/sister, Remus following behind.

"Oh Kathy we were so worried about you. We thought you'd never wake up!"

"I know I know…can you let go you're suffocating me…?" the two released their cousin and Katherine kissed them each on the cheek. "I was afraid I'd never you see you all again…I almost died…protecting the ones I love most."

"That's why you lived Kitty…" Draco spoke up and all three turned to him. "According to legend, if an enchantress is willing to give up their life for the sake of loved ones then they will live even after a tremendous blow of magic is taken from them."

"Well said little brother, where are Charlie and the rest of the Weasleys?"

"They left a minute ago, they had to go finish repairing the Burrow from that attack a year ago. You want to see them?"

"I'll go myself, you all just stay here and finish up. I want to see them all without any interference…in fact Draco you head home soon, I'll stop by with Charlie later."

"You got it sissy." He kissed her cheek and she smiled. Katherine waved goodbye to everyone around her and left the hall to apparate off the grounds.

The Burrow:

All Weasleys, Hermione, Harry, Fleur, even Percy were all busy at the moment finishing the final touches on the newly finished Burrow home. Charlie was impatient, he had been worrying about his fiancée's health ever since they'd left the school and was dying to go back and see her. He had on him her doll, the one she used to spy on people and terrify the Malfoys; it was tucked safely in his biggest pocket and it had on the yarn smile that almost matched Katherine's.

"Cheer up Char, she'll be fine. Poppy said she's bound to wake up anytime now." Ron patted his brother's shoulder and Charlie held onto the doll's hand.

"I know, I just can't stand the thought of being away from her for so long. We're to be married and I want to make sure she'll be fine."

"You worry too much bro, trust me Kathy's a strong woman not to mention she's an enchantress…or was at least."

"You're right Ronald, now come on help your father bring in the pigs." Molly called and as everyone got back to work a familiar tune was heard in the wind.

L'arcobaleno è la mia scia
che navigo in cerca di quella montagna
Le luci all'alba, melodia
mi portano indietro
ad un tempo passato.
Colori immersi nella scia dell'arcobaleno
che gioca nel cielo
il vento mi sospinge via
raggiungo le onde dei 7 mari

Gli uccelli che volano alti nel cielo d'oriente
la rotta è sicura in quell'isola cela un Tesoro

All'alba io vedrò le 7 terre che
il destino vuole farmi trovare davvero
Oh dolce melodia
sprigioni vita e mi fai cantare forte un messaggio d'amore
Per sempre tu sarai in fondo all'anima,
così che neanche il tempo ci può separare
Oh dolce melodia
sprigioni vita e mi fai cantare forte un messaggio d'amore.

All eyes averted to where the song was directed, right in the middle of the shining sun stood a tall, young woman with shining platinum blonde hair flowing loosely in the wind, peach skin, bright blue eyes, wearing a long white dress, with her arms held out on either side.

"KITTY!" Charlie dropped the tools he was holding and went over to embrace his beautiful fiancée. He picked her up and twirled her around in midair as she laughed and kissed his face. When he stopped twirling he kissed her full on the lips with serious passion which she greatly appreciated and returned.

"I love you Charlie, I'm so sorry I worried you and everyone else." She whispered when they stopped. Charlie's eyes glistened with tears and he kissed her forehead as his arms went around her again.

"I'm so happy you're alright, I thought I was going to lose you. I love you so much I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Oh Charlie, hey you found Dolly." Katherine yanked the doll out of her beloved's pocket and held it like a child receiving a new toy on Christmas.

"Yes, she was worried about you as well. I mean just a while ago I could've sworn that doll was frowning and then a minute before you showed up it smiled." Harry walked up and before Katherine could react he put his arms around her and she hugged him.

"Thanks for saving my life Harry, I owe you so much."

"Not as much as I owe you, you went to such great lengths to help us and save your family. I would've done the same thing if I had any siblings."

"You will soon, I know about your relationship with Ginny." Speaking of Ginny the redhead was up and about hugging Charlie and Kitty around the necks along with the rest of the Weasley family.

"So does this mean you're a normal witch now?" Harry asked and Katherine nodded.

"It means now I can only do some wandless magic but I'll need my old wand to do most of it from now on. The magic of the enchantresses has been returned to the heavens and awaits the next heir in 500 years." Everyone cheered at those words.

They each exchanged hugs and kisses with each other praising Katherine's health when a crack broke them away from the joy as they saw the Malfoys step up to the group. Lucius looked fine despite all he'd gone through, and Narcissa looked like she could break down with joy as Draco held her hand in his.

"Sorry Kitty, once I mentioned you had awoken they demanded to know where you were and so I was forced to bring them."

"We wanted to speak to all of you at once, rather than individually." Lucius' voice was hoarse, but firm. Katherine expected a lecture on the pure-blood legacy and her engagement to a blood traitor, but all that came was Lucius dropping his cane and taking her into his arms. He sounded as if he were dry sobbing, when he was really choking back his cries of joy. This surprised even Draco, he'd never seen his father act like this though it did come close when they almost went to Azkaban.

"Kathy….baby….I-I…I'm so sorry….so sorry…I never meant to hurt you." He trembled as he spoke, and then Katherine put her arms around her father and squeezed every ounce of him she could without hurting him.

"Daddy. I'm sorry too; I should've realized after grandpa died…you really did love me but…"

"No honey, you had every right to be furious with us. We were stupid to let Druella get away with this, we should've gone to Dumbledore and he might've been able to help you." Narcissa went up and put her hand on her daughter's cheek. "We just want nothing more than to be part of your life, we want you to be happy."

"Does that mean she can marry into the Weasley Family?" Draco blurted out suddenly. Lucius looked up and glared at the Weasleys, and then let go of Katherine.

"Daddy…" Katherine had a warning tone in her voice, but then Lucius got down on his knees and bowed his head on the ground.

"Mr. Malfoy?" Charlie looked confused with the rest of his family.

"Please forgive me and my wife for all the years we've been so cruel to your family. We never wanted that for our children, we never wanted to hurt Katherine or Draco. Losing our daughter once was bad enough, and nearly losing both our children twice was worse. We've been given a pass from Azkaban, but the rest of the Wizarding World will look upon our family with disdain. At least don't be like that to my son and daughter, they don't deserve it." A moment of silence passed by, and the entire Weasley clan exchanged looks for a minute.

"Please forgive us." Narcissa answered pleadingly sitting next to her husband. Katherine looked at the clan and nodded with them.

"You're forgiven, but only because we all know Katherine would kick your sorry arses if you didn't let her marry the man she loves." Harry spoke out and everyone laughed, even Molly. The two Malfoys got up from their spots and Lucius looked directly at Charlie.

"You be sure to take care of my little girl Charles, if you don't I'll feed your hide to my dogs."

"I'd want it no other way Mr. Malfoy, Mrs. Malfoy, Draco." Charlie's arm went around Kathy's shoulders and she leaned into him.

"Please call me Narcissa." The woman held out her hand and Charlie kissed the palm. Molly went up and shook hands with her future in-laws, as did the rest of the Weasleys trying to get to know their soon-to-be family.

"Ok now that that's all settled in, when's the wedding?" Ginny asked and Molly and Narcissa took a few seconds to think.

"Simple, we'll have it in the next month coming." Katherine answered and the two mothers laughed.

"Let's get started with the preparations as soon as possible, I know where we can get the best food available!" Narcissa spoke up and Molly nodded.

"I know where we can find the best wedding decorations since ours were destroyed during that raid last year." The two continued to talk amongst themselves while the men began to mingle with each other. Kathy laughed at everyone's eager behavior, and Charlie went up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist.

"This is turning out better than we thought darling." Kathy laughed again and kissed Charlie's cheek.

"It sure is dear, let's just hope it stays that way in the future." The two laughed together and walked off towards the gardens leaving the others to their work and ideas.

Time skip: thirteen years later:

A thirty-six year old Katherine and thirty-seven year old Charlie were on their way to Malfoy Manor for their nephew Scorpius's birthday bash along with their twelve year old twin girls Janelle Molly and Charlene Narcissa, their other six year old daughter Johanna Andromeda, and ten month old Abraxas Arthur. They had been married for 13 years already, and Katherine had convinced Charlie that rather than go back to Romania away from their families they decided to breed Dragons up near Hogwarts in the large stony mountains within a small palace given to them as a wedding gift from Lucius.

The castle had many rooms, plenty for the children to play and explore when they grew bored, and a huge backyard with a fountain and lake to play in during the summer. The dragons were in a field just a mile away, surrounded with spells and protective barriers from intruders or escapees. The favored room in the castle was Katherine's little study where she kept her doll on a shelf of her favorite books, her grandfather's sword and portrait mounted over the fireplace, a desk, couch, and a small bar where she kept firewhiskey, butterbeer, pumpkin juice, even bourbon for stiff nights of work for Charlie.

"Come on girls we don't want to be late." Katherine called the twins and they skipped along down the stairs after them carrying their presents. The twins greatly resembled their mother with their blonde hair and peach skin, but they had their father's brown eyes and his love for magical creatures. They were smart in their class, and Hogwarts, their house Gryffindor, seemed to gain two more prodigies besides Hermione Granger (ne. Weasley). Johanna had her father's pure red hair and tan skin, but her mother's courage, cockiness, and blue eyes. Whereas little Abraxas had ginger hair for the moment, but he had the same silver grey eyes as his uncle and grandfather.

"Mama hurry up! I wanna see grandma and grandpa!"

"Just a minute Jo let mama get your brother settled in." Charlie called his daughter and she jumped into his arms as they stepped into the fireplace with the twins. Katherine was busy adjusting Abraxas' carrier on her front and grabbed the diaper bag along with the present Dora and Remus sent for Scorpy. They were on good terms now with the Malfoys, but unfortunately Teddy had gotten sick and Remus had to work so they were unable to make it to the party. Charlie's hair had grown longer over the years, and he grew a beard which made Katherine go crazy because he hardly ever trimmed it. Katherine's hair was still long and silvery, but her body still looked as young as a twenty-year old's.

"Alright, everyone all set? Let's go." Katherine set foot in the fireplace and Charlie took a handful of floo powder then threw it down.

"Malfoy Manor!" he cried and the emerald fire engulfed the entire family where they appeared in the drawing room of Malfoy Manor. The room was decorated for the party, and to greet them were Draco and his wife Astoria, Narcissa, Lucius, Andromeda, and of course the birthday boy five year old Scorpius, hiding behind his mother's skirt.

"Hello everyone." The twins went over to their uncle and hugged him and Astoria while Johanna went straight to her grandparents. Abraxas just sucked his thumb and smiled when he saw the glimmering eyes from Draco's cane Lucius passed onto him.

"Oh Katherine Charlie we're so glad you could all make it here. Come now let's all take a seat and let the kids play in the other room." As if on cue all the children except little Abraxas followed Scorpius into the playroom next door and the adults all took seats in the drawing room near the fireplace; Katherine sat with her baby and rocked him slowly to help him fall asleep for his nap.

"So dear how is Hogwarts these days?" Narcissa asked Katherine passing her some tea. Katherine had taken a job as a Potions professor at Hogwarts, it had been her favorite subject in school and she did love taking over for her poor Godfather Severus as he intended for her years earlier.

"Wonderful mother, the students just adore me these days. We should all be glad that it doesn't start until next month Janelle and Charlene are just thrilled for it."

"Where's Dobby? It's rare to see you all without him here…" Astoria asked taking a sip of tea.

"He's off helping Aberforth today, he sends his regards to Scorpius." Dobby had been a good houseguest for the Weasleys and the Potters, so he came often to visit or help and the children just loved him.

"How are your Dragons Charlie?" Draco spoke up.

"They're doing great, those Fireball eggs are due to hatch in a week or less."

"What will you do once they hatch?"

"Take care of them until they're near full grown and then send them off to China and Romania to live in some colonies. It's not easy separating them from the herd they're born in but everyone has to leave the nest someday." Charlie took another sip of tea and looked at his baby son who started cooing at his grandparents.

"Aww Abraxas you want your grandpa to hold you. Well go on then…" Katherine carefully passed the baby boy to Lucius and he took him gently in his arms. The baby began to play with his grandfather's hair and pulled it slightly but not enough to hurt.

"He looks like your father Lucius." Andromeda pointed out as Abraxas took hold of her index finger.

"Yes he does, but he's adorable like his mother was as a baby." Katherine blushed and set her cup down.

"Please excuse me everyone. I'll be right back." She left and checked the room next door seeing the children playing in the floor with the games and toys Scorpius let them use. She continued down the hall and went straight into the loo to do some business. Once she finished she started washing her hands when she saw the face of her ancestor Emilia in the mirror, smiling sweetly.

"Hello Emilia."

"Hello Katherine dear, I'm glad to see your life's gotten so much better. Your children are beautiful."

"Thank you."

"It seems that after all this time, your family has finally accepted you. The beginning of a new life has begun for your children's future. It's perfect for you…" Emilia stepped aside revealing all the people who'd helped Katherine throughout her life, Sirius, Snape, Albus, and Abraxas, all smiling happily at the former enchantress.

"Yes Emilia it is…it's all absolutely perfect." Emilia smiled and waved goodbye before fading away and Katherine looked just out the window to see the sun shining over the beautiful landscape. It was perfect, everything was perfect; no more disguises, no lies, no killings, no hiding, no more war. Thanks to all her friends and family, Katherine had finally gotten the life she'd always wanted.

"Thank you grandfather, Emilia, Severus, Albus, Sirius…thank you all so much for everything."

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