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"I bet you he wouldn't."

"I bet he would."

"He wouldn't."

"He would."



Toph stomped her foot down hard on the floor, leaving cracks trailing from her foot like veins.

"If you're so sure, why don't you just ask him?" Zuko quipped with a smug half-smile.

"Fine, I will. Twinkle Toes! Get over here!"

Aang came over quickly with an apology forming on his lips. He did not know why Toph was upset, but it was usually his fault ever since they started dating.

"I'm sorry, Toph, I—"

"What are you apologizing for? I just want you to answer a question for me," Toph said.

"Oh. Okay then!" Aang replied with a grin. "Anything to help. Fire away!"

"Would you die for me?"

The question was not at all what Aang was expecting. Then again, he wasn't actually expecting anything. Why in the world would Toph of all people ask something like that? Maybe Zuko put the idea in her head. He was standing right there with her. Whatever the reason, she and Zuko were both waiting for an answer that he was not prepared to give.

Toph began to tap her foot impatiently. It was not all that hard of a question. At least, she didn't think so. Would he die for the girl that he says he loves? She would die for him, no question about it. So why was it taking him so long to answer? Just as she was ready to repeat herself (something Toph Bei Fong does not often do without hurting someone or something), Aang gave her his answer.

"No, I wouldn't."

"See, Hot Head. Just like I . . . What?!"

"I told you so!"

"Hold on a second!" Toph barked. "You're saying you wouldn't die for me? Why not?"

"Because," Aang answered. "I would never do that to you. Toph, I would face Fire Lord Ozai and his armies all over again; I would stand against Ran and Cha; I would face any creature or monster the Spirit World had to offer; I would face everything, including my destiny, without any of my bending whatsoever. I would do all of these things, and I would live. I would live for you, Toph. No matter what happens, I'll never leave you alone to feel that pain and emptiness that comes from losing someone that you care about. Someone you love. So no matter what, I would live."

Toph just stood there, silent and listening. Aang's heartbeat was strong and steady, even if he was shaking a little. He sounded just as serious when he spoke those words as he did when he first confessed to her his true feelings. He had meant every word he said. She reached up to his bald head and wrapped her fingers around the back of his neck before pulling him in for a kiss that had not lost one bit of passion or love since the first one they shared.

"You do realize that I won the bet right?" Zuko asked.

"If you say so, Hot Head," Toph answered after pulling away from the greatest thing that ever happened to her. "If you say so."

A/N: Just another short drabble that started swimming around in my head today. I never really understood the whole "sacrificing yourself for your lover" deal. I mean in some cases I get it, but when someone you love dies, there's all this horrible pain that can't be explained by words. The person who gets left behind ends up having to face the rest of their life without the other. I guess that's why I think it would be more amazing for someone to say "I would live."