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CH1: Mhmm…oreos!

summary: [FujiSaku] Oreos weren't all that great, Fuji concluded… well, until Sakuno proved him wrong.

Fuji watched closely as Sakuno continued to bite into her oreo cookie, a childish grin grazing her lips every so often she digested that heavenly cookie of hers.

What was so good about oreos?

Sure, they were sweet, and probably every kid loved them. But don't they ever get old? It's the same thing again and again and again… Two chocolately sides of delight, and delicious white cream in the middle. Dip it in milk, and walaah, it's gone. Sheesh, kids are practically monsters when oreos are involved.

It's not that Fuji didn't like oreos because they were okay. After all, sweets were never really his thing, and he preferred more spicier types of foods to please his taste buds.

But…still! Every time he saw someone sink their teeth into that cookie, he had always racked his brain for a logical reason to why those things were so addictive.

Sighing, he watched as ten-year-old Sakuno grabbed three more oreos from the cookie jar from the kitchen counter. She scurried to her seat gleefully, absolutely impatient to sink her teeth into those delicacies. As he predicted, she grabbed an oreo and took a big chunk of that cookie.

On the second one, she had broken one side of the cookie and threw it into her mouth, leaving the cream to lick off from the other side. And she planned on doing it again to her last oreo.






Licking was the only thing audible inside of the house, as Fuji sat next to Sakuno, watching as she devoured her last one. A twinkle in her eyes, she pleasurely licked away the remains on either side of her mouth.

Observing, Fuji noticed that she had missed a dot of cream on her cheek. How she had gotten that that far from her mouth was a mystery to him.

He was going to tell her, but a plan suddenly popped into his head. He was going to find out what was so good about oreos, and now.

Smirking slightly, his cerulean eyes filled with mischief, he inched closer to Sakuno, just centimeters away. He outstretched to the side of her cheek, where the cream was displayed temptingly.

"…Fuji-niichan?" Sakuno asked shyly. She had no idea what her niichan had planned for her.

Fuji ignored her comment, holding his tongue out. Slowly, and unknowingly seductively, he licked the cream off of Sakuno's cheek, making Sakuno flinch, her cheeks now bright red. He pulled away, as he watched that priceless expression written on Sakuno's face.

Fuji licked his now smirking lips, accomplishing his goal.

So that's why oreos tasted so good.

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