Sorry for the long update! It just took me a while to figure out what should happen next in the story. Enjoy!!

Chapter 2

Boq had seen Elphaba angry before. Hell, on the very first day of school she'd stolen her sister away from Madame Morrible without ever actually touching the wheelchair. He'd seen first hand that she could give glares that could kill even when she wasn't trying to. But he discovered a whole new anger inside Elphaba on the day Dr. Dillamond was taken away from Shiz.

When the Goat had given the announcement that he wouldn't be teaching anymore, there was general confusion amongst the class. He was a good teacher, despite his occasional political ramblings, and he actually taught in an enjoyable way that everyone had learned to love. Sure there were the original misgivings about him being a Goat, but even that had died down after a few days of class with him. No one was happy to hear that he was leaving, but Elphaba had seemed to take it the hardest.

It did seem strange to Boq that they'd brought in a replacement teacher within seconds of Dr. Dillamond being practically dragged away, but this new teacher had mentioned something that he couldn't quite understand, and therefore wanted to learn: The concept of a cage.

Was it possible to use this device to make sure Animals would grow to become animals? It seemed cruel, but everyone was suddenly interested, including Boq. Elphaba, to no one's surprise, was not.

To everyone's surprise however, Fiyero wasn't, either.

Boq could see the two of them at the back of the room, looking on at the other students crowding around the cage. Each of the students were trying to get a good look at the baby lion-- or maybe it was a Lion?-- inside the contraption. Boq could see that Elphaba was visibly flustered, and he decided that he would go over and comfort her. Who cares that Fiyero was standing right there and would probably find something to make fun of him for? Just as he began to go over to her, however, every muscle in his body seemed to tense up, and he suddenly lost all control over the movements he was making. He could see the other students, and even the new teacher, spazzing wildly, and knew he was too. People were beginning to panic. What was going on?

From what little he could see of Elphaba and Fiyero, they seemed to be stealing the cage while everyone writhed around in a silly little dance. As they left the room, the "dance" got more intense, and then suddenly everyone stopped and fell to the floor, regaining control once more.

Boq got up, feeling slightly sick to his stomach as he tried to relieve the tension in his suddenly sore muscles. He looked around. Sure enough, the cage was gone. So were Elphaba and Fiyero.

He ran out of the room, trying to catch up to them and find out what the hell had just happened, when he ran into Galinda, who was late to class.

"Hey, watch it!" Galinda said, straightening her dress and smoothing her hair.

"Sorry," Boq said curtly, for once not looking to impress the pretty blonde, "Did you see Elphaba come through here?"

Galinda shook her head, "No. Why?"

"Something strange just happened in there," Boq explained as he looked past Galinda and down both sides of the hallway.


"It's kind of a long story. The first thing you should know is that Dr. Dillamond won't be teaching here anymore."

Galinda feigned her surprise, "Really? Why not?" She had been the only student not impressed with Dr. Dillamond in any way. She didn't really care one way or another for the Goat's welfare.

"I don't know," Boq said, noting the fake emotion on Galinda's face and resenting it deeply, "but some guards came in and just dragged him out of the classroom."

"Well, is there another teacher or is the class cancelled?"

"They brought in another teacher just after Dillamond was taken away."

Galinda's face fell in disappointment, "Oh."

"Are you sure you didn't see her?" Boq asked.

Just then, the classroom door opened and a line of flustered students walked out. Galinda met Pfanee and Shen Shen, who were visibly shaken and had even begun to cry.

"What happened?" Galinda asked as her two friends clung to each other as if they were trying to hold each other up. Boq rolled his eyes. Those two could make a bad hair day into an international crises. For crying out loud, they weren't hurt!

"It's your friend, the String Bean!" Shen Shen spat.

"She totally went off the deep end!" Pfanee cried, tears streaming down her face.

Galinda looked confused, "What?"

"She just made everyone in there go completely crazy!"

"We lost all control of our bodies!"

Now Galinda looked almost angry that her friends were speaking about Elphaba in this way, "What are you talking about?"

Boq stepped in now, holding his hands up, "Hold on, now. We don't know Elphaba was behind this."

The girls looked at him like they could burn a hole straight through him. Galinda scoffed, "He's right, you know."

Boq looked back at the perky blonde in surprise. Had she actually just agreed with him? Well this was a step in the right direction.

"Galinda, we lost all control!" Shen Shen yelled. It almost sounded as though she were pleading with Galinda to stop listening to Boq.

"She was so upset over that stupid lion!" Pfanee agreed.

Galinda looked confused again and turned her gaze toward Boq, "Lion? What lion?"

Boq sighed, "The new teacher brought in a baby lion or Lion, I don't know. Anyway, he was talking about something called a cage and how it could keep Animals from ever learning to speak, therfore turning them into animals."

Galinda gaped at him, "What?"

Boq nodded, "Yeah. He kept going on and on and the lion in the cage was crying and freaking out."

"That's just cruel! Animals shouldn't have their abilities taken away!"

Pfanee and Shen Shen looked at her as though they had just witnessed her commit a capital murder, "What?"

"Well, it's true! I might not like the stinking things, but I would never make one give up it's ability to speak."

Boq was genuinely surprised. He was looking at her as though he had just witnessed her sprout a second head or a third arm. Pfanee and Shen Shen were still looking as though she had suddenly become a fellon.

Galinda glanced between all of them, "What?"

Shen Shen scoffed, "The Artichoke did this to you, didn't she?"

"She has a name you know," Boq said.

"No one cares!" Pfanee spat at him.

Galinda stepped between Boq and the girls, looking thouroughly pissed off, "Her name is Elphaba! And she didn't do anything to me! This is what I believe all on my own!" She looked genuinely proud of herself that someone hadn't had to tell her what to believe for once.

Boq put a hand on her shoulder, "We should go find her."

Galinda nodded in agreement, but shrugged his hand off her shoulder, "Yeah, let's go make sure she's ok."

"But, Galinda, what about us?"

Galinda shot her friends a look that could've killed if she'd had any magical abilities, "You don't like Elphaba, you can take care of yourselves!" She turned to face Boq, "Let's go, Biq."

And with that, she stomped off down the hall, Boq following. As he fell in step behind the slightly taller blonde, he wondered if she'd ever get his name right...