Looking up from his desk, Megan stood from her chair and grabbed her coat from off the back of her chair. Her hand was shaking slightly. Not like her. "Going home?" Don asked considerately, brow raised, he got up from his own chair and put on his own coat.

Wrapping her scarf around her neck, she tucked it into her coat. "Yeah. It'll be so good to go home and sleep." Pulling her keys out from her coat she grasped them tightly as she held them in her hand. "I'm thinking I'm not going to be able to sleep on the plane."

He nodded and the thought clicked, "Yeah, I forgot about that. What time is your flight?"

Gazing at her watch, she found it to already be a quarter past eleven. "At five."

Don raised his eyebrow, clearly concerned. It was already very late. "In the morning?"

"Yeah." Her gaze shifts to her keys as she loops her finger through the key ring. "I was thinking the faster that I get there, the less time I have to change my mind." Nodding, he tilts his head only to catch her quite pale complexion. Walking past the empty cubicles, they walk side by side to the elevator.

Her hand reaches out to the call button. Still shaking; his concern is increasing. She feels his concern, but feels relief in the silence. "What?" Megan asks simply, addressing his concern.

"Nothing, it's just that I've been watching for the past few minutes..."

"And I've been watching you watch me." She teased lightly, although good natured.

"Yeah, well I'm just a little concerned that's all." Megan raised her brow, the elevator doors slid open.

Putting his hand on the frame of the door, she stepped in first then joined her. Adjusting her coat he watches him press the button that would bring them to the ground floor.

"Although I appreciate the concern, it's probably just nerves. I haven't seen nor talked to my father for at least ten years." She raised her eyebrow, although silently admitting in her mind not knowing whether this was really nerves and if sleep would really help in this case.

Nodding, he stopped to realize how lucky he was. To be working side by side with his brother; to be living so close to his father. And yet he had never stopped to really reach out to her. In fact her words rang true when he realized how much he had been pushing her away; in fact she had strictly been shifting herself to pulling later shifts, often being the last one to leave at night, or was pulling all-nighters.

He didn't have any reason not to trust her; knew that she was always looking out for him. Diving right in without any reason not to she had taken control in order to get a little boy back, while he had been forced to turn off his phone after it had rang during the middle of his therapy session. And by the time that he had gotten back to the office, they had returned the boy back to his father. And that had been just another day at the FBI. With that he found them sitting around, happier than he had ever seen the team, and her.

The door to the elevator opened bringing him out of his thoughts as he watched her step out. He caught up to her just as they ran into David. "Hey Don, Megan" He greeted, "I think I just got a lead that I think we may be able to use. Marcos Demos wasn't where we thought he was when his wife disappeared"

Megan stepped back as Don took a look at the file David was holding in hand. Both David and Don gazed up to look up at her, keys still in her hand. "Crack of the alibi." She took another step back. "I would love to join in, but I have to catch a flight—"Taking another look at her watch, it had only gotten later. "In almost five hours"

A smile appeared on David's face. "Yeah, I remember you mentioning something about that. When are you coming back?"

"I should be back by Friday night. But I'm not scheduled to come back to work until the following Monday." David nodded, watching her walk back slowly towards the door. Offering a goodbye by the wave of her hand she made her way out the front door.