On a cold, foggy day in London, Mrs. Lovett was making pies in her pie shop. She was so fixed on her pies, she did not notice a man coming down the steps. As he stepped on the last step, it made a squeak. She gasped and turned around. Sweeney Todd was watching her with his sunken eyes.

"Oh..." She said relieved. "Mr. T, you gave me a fright."

"Oh, did I? I'm sorry, Mrs. Lovett." He replied. Mrs. Lovett noticed that his sunken eyes, were very sad looking. She was getting concerned.

"Mr. Todd, are you alright? You seem down."

"Huh? Don't be concerned. I just kept thinking of Lucy and Johanna. I realized that I would never feel the love she once gave me. God, I miss her." Mrs. Lovett put a hand on Sweeney's shoulder. He looked up into her sunken eyes.

"You can feel that love again. You just have to give some people a chance. They could prove that they love you, as much as Lucy did." He didn't know what was going on. But, without warning, his pale face was turning red. He turned away with a jerk. Smiling, Mrs. Lovett returned to her pies. Sweeney's face was still red.

Why am I feeling this way? He thought. I feel so calm with Mrs. Lovett. The same way I did when I was with Lucy. His eyes were fixed on Mrs. Lovett. He never noticed how pretty she was or how kind. His thoughts were interuppted by a knock of the door. He jumped up from his seat and answered it. There, stood a man, who was in desperate need for a shave. Sweeney's spirits rose.

"Hello, sir." The man bowed. "Mr. Todd, I am so sorry to bother you. But, I really need a shave to make myself more presentable to my wife."

"Of course, sir." Sweeney replied. "Come in, come in. How about something to eat?"

"Oh, thank you. I ate before I left here. Can we start on the shave now?"

"Yes we can... Just go upstairs and sit down. I'll be with you shortly." The man nodded and went upstairs like ordered. "Mrs. Lovett, get ready to make more pies."

"As you wish, Mr. T." She replied, taking out her rolling pin. He nodded, going upstairs to see the man.

Mrs. Lovett waited and waited and then heard a thud. The work was done and she was going to make pies. Sweeney came down with his face covered in blood. He grabbed a towel, wiping it off. He was going to help his pie maker and was reaching for the dough, when they're hands touched. Turning red, he turned to her. Her face was red as well. What was going to happen?