Love from the depths of Hell

Summary: Angered over being back to konoha and embarassed that it was the deadlast who did it, he decided to get revenge by declaring he loves him and breaking his heart. Sasuke realized too late when Naruto found his true love and his true feelings began to reveal themselves to him. KyuuNaru SasuNaru

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"You bastard! You cant get what you want from that snake! He is probably just using you to get what he wants! Return to the village while you still have the chance!" Naruto shouted while forming a rasengan on his palm.

Sasuke just laughed at him as he activated his cursed seal. "You really are an idiot Naruto! You are too blind to see what power Orochimaru-sama possessed! I cant become a powerful ninja in Konoha, and I wont achieve revenge in that case. Just give up already dobe, if you really are my friend, then you would set me free to where my dreams can be satisfied!" Sasuke charged at Naruto catching him unaware, as Naruto fell to the ground...


'What are you doing here, human!'

'Great kyuubi, as your jailor, I came to make a deal with you. In exchange to my servitude, I want to lend all of your powers in order for me to save someone who is precious to me...' -Naruto said with all respect and seriousness.

Kyuubi looked at him surprised for once that Naruto, had spoke this serious to him. 'Naruto, you don't need to do that.' Naruto gave him a confused look

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, its ok for you to use my powers and chakra. You had done that a lot of times already.' -the fox said calmly, masking the worry in his caring, yet deep and demonic voice.

'Huh?' -Naruto wondered why the fox acted nice and kind to him-

The fox just chuckled. 'I'll tell you later now save our skins or I'll really kill you in the after life for killing the both of us with your stupidity.'

Naruto gave him a wide grin and bounced happily, 'Thanks furball!!!'

'Hey! Don't call me that brat!' But Naruto had already left snickering on his way out the tunnel to his mortal body.

The fox cant help himself but laugh as well, his eyes never leaving the tunnel where Naruto's body disappeared.


Sasuke looked at the dobe with a smirk on his face. Preparing to leave, he felt a strong surge of chakra from Naruto's body. Turning his head, he saw Naruto struggling to stand up.

"What! Dobe, still trying to force yourself? Face it, Orochimaru's power is much more powerful than yours!" Sasuke charged him with a chidori. As Naruto formed a red rasengan, he charged at Sasuke.

"Teme! I'm going to knock some sense in that head of yours and your coming back to konoha with me." Sasuke just smirked knowing that there's definitely no way that Naruto could win with the powers Orochimaru had given him.

In a moment, purple and red chakra was fighting. Trying to push one another. But, both forces remain untouched. And In a flash, the two forces finally give in, and a huge explosions throw both boys in different directions.


'What's happening? Its the tunnel's light! Naruto is coming back here? No, he's not, does this means I am free?' And before kyuubi know it, he was standing in front of Naruto's body.


Naruto opened his eyes. With his vision blurry, he only saw two indistinct figures. The one is lying while the other is healing his wounds. The last thing he remembered was, "It's ok Naruto, just take a rest. Everything would be fine." And the next thing he saw was darkness...


Naruto wakes up to find himself in a hospital room with Kakashi on his side. "Naruto, I'm glad you are awake. Sakura had been worried of you. She is now on Sasuke's room as we speak. The council would be putting Sasuke in trial after he recovers. Don't worry, both of you do not suffer fatal injuries. However, there's one thing that had been troubling us since you arrived. But Tsunade-sama would talk to you about that later. Just know, you have to focus in recovering. Well, I got to see Sasuke so see you later Naruto!" And before Naruto could say a thing, Kakashi had disappeared with a poof!


As Naruto sat there on the bed, resting, he remembered the fox and thought he might thank him. Trying to enter his mind, but his attempts failed. Trying not to be bothered by this, he convinced himself that maybe the old furball was just trying to rest and do not want anyone to disturb him. But he cant shake the feeling that something is missing.


On the other hand, on a hospital room just three rooms away from Naruto...

"Sasuke-kun, I hoped you get better quickly, then we can start dating!" Sakura stated excitedly and continues blabbering about her future plans.

"Sasuke-kun, the council will start your trial next month but do not worry, we had every evidence we need to lessen your sentence. We had your support Sasuke. And luckily. Naruto is on yours as well. You are his friend and we are your family, we would always be with you and help you with your problems..."

With that said, Kakashi left the room.


Three weeks had passed and with Naruto's 1900th failed attempts to communicate with kyuubi, the blue-eyed hyperactive ninja cant help but be worried. Deciding to pay the old hag a visit, he walked towards the hokage tower.

Once he arrived, he sneaked through the window and caught Tsunade drinking her sake.

"Good morning to you baachan!!!" Naruto yelled the last part and in surprise, Tsunade fell from her chair and broke her bottle of sake.

"What are you doing gaki! You startled me!" Naruto expected a smack at the back of his head but Tsunade's expression had turned serious.


"Hey baachan, I have something to tell you! I cant seem to talk to kyuubi!" Naruto looked at her with worried. "Did he died or something?"

Tsunade looked at him with surprise, "You can talk to kyuubi? Wow, that is surprising. However, you are right, we performed an observation on you after you returned with Sasuke, and we found out something is wrong. We cant detect any trace of kyuubi's chakra in you, and upon closer inspection, kyuubi's entire existence seemed to have vanished completely."

"No!!! He cant die!"

Tsunade looked at him suspiciously. "What? Are you not happy that the demon who almost destroyed konoha was dead?"

"I don't mean it that way. I just thought, he wasn't a bad guy you know. He took care of me since I was young and helped me a lot in battles, we had also had fun together, I cant just forget him right?"

Tsunade nodded her head in understanding. "Alright Naruto...I understand. But please bear in mind that Kyuubi is a feared demon. If the council hears that you were actually talking and in friends with the demon, they might do something to you. So you should be careful."

"Yes. But still, I cant help but be worried for him." And Naruto walked out of the office.


Somewhere, near the hokage tower, a cloaked figure smile to him. "So you were worried about me eh Naruto? I am glad... I thought that there would never be a chance for you to return my feelings." The stranger said to himself as he moved and found himself at the front doors of the hokage's tower.


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