Sasuke grinned to himself as he walked towards the apartment of his male teammate. Having organized his plans and made the necessary arrangements, he decided it is time to execute his plan and place it in motion. As he came nearer and nearer to the said destination, he felt a feeling that he should stop his plan, but shoved the thought away. He told himself that it is only right that Naruto should pay for hindering his path towards glory and power. Having set his mind on his plan, he knocked on Naruto's door and was greeted by a tired looking boy.

"Teme? What are you doing here?" Asked a curious Naruto, as he led Sasuke and gave him a seat.

Naruto sat across Sasuke and eyed him with curiousity. "So, Sasuke, what are you doing here?"

Sasuke smirked inwardly and placed a sincere expression on his face as he looked Naruto straight in the eye. "Naruto, I have been thinking lately, and realized that I..." He paused a bit and leaned nearer that it felt their noses are nearly touching. "I felt in love with you Naruto, will you go out with me tonight? You know, a dinner at a restaurant?" Sasuke asked sincerely and held Naruto's hand, squeezing it gently.

A few seconds later and Naruto just stared at him, seemingly absorbing his best friend's confession and searching for the right reaction to the current situation. Before he could react, Sasuke begins talking again. "Naruto, I know this is kind of sudden, and I want you to think over this situation carefully. I am willing to give up anything for you, even my dreams. What do you say?" Sasuke wasn't sure how he managed to remain sincere after saying those words and why it seemed right to say those things to Naruto. But he convinced himself that it just showed how good he acted. Sasuke observed Naruto for a second, then Naruto's lips twitched as he grinned at Sasuke.

"I love you too Sasuke. So, what time should we go?"

"Wonderful. I'll pick you up at 7 pm then. See you later Naru-chan!" Sasuke leaned and pressed his lips against Naruto for a quick kiss. He didn't know why it felt so good, but he blamed the feeling to seeing how uncomfortable and embarrassed Naruto looked at the moment.

After Naruto managed to control himself, he said his good bye to Sasuke and the raven left the apartment.


Naruto was getting ready for tonight. He wore white pants, white suit and white shoes. He felt that first date is holy and sacred so he must wear something good, elegant and pleasing to look. He always remembered that purity is symbolized by the white color and that love must also be pure from any bad thoughts and actions. As he waited for Sasuke, he remembered Kyuubi and a look of worry was on his face. He always felt something special when he was around the fox, he just couldn't place what it is yet. He wondered if the fox was still alive, or did the battle erased his existence? Having that thought in mind depressed him a little, but he was thankful when a knock was heard and Sasuke appeared.

"Naruto? Is something wrong? You looked like you are in deep thought or something. Just tell me what's bothering you and I'd do anything to help you." Yeah, show him kindness and his trust will grow. Sasuke thought as he looked at Naruto worriedly.

Naruto just grinned at him, burying his thought deep inside and telling himself to just enjoy the night with Sasuke. "I'm fine Sasuke. Now, where are we going?" He asked Sasuke excitedly.

"First, we can have something to eat."

"Ramen?" Naruto asked enthusiastically. But Sasuke just shook his head and chuckled.

"No, we are eating in a restaurant, not a ramen stall. I'll let you taste something better than ramen."

Naruto just hmped and muttered ramen being the best food under his breath.

As soon as they arrived at the said restaurant, Naruto's jaw dropped in awe at the magnificent building in front of him. "Wow, this is wonderful Sasuke."

"I'm glad you like it, Naru-chan." Sasuke smiled. He didn't know but being around with Naruto at a times like this made him felt comfortable but he quickly shoved the though away as Naruto dragged him inside the restaurant.

"Come on Sasuke, let's eat. I'm starving!" Sasuke guided Naruto to his seat like a true gentleman and sat across Naruto. They talked about random things and the waiter took their orders.

The two ate happily, with Naruto talking the most part, which to Sasuke seemed amusing, and his choice of subject is interesting too. Sasuke replied to any question Naruto asked and after they ate, they had a fun time at the amusement park for a few hours.

"Sasuke, thanks a lot for tonight! I really liked it." Naruto said cheerfully as they walked towards the park.

"I'm glad you have fun Naruto, but our night doesn't end here." Sasuke said as he led Naruto towards a chair on the park facing the seaside.

"What do you mean Sasuke?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Wait and see Naruto." Naruto huffed and puffed his cheeks at this, while Sasuke just laughed, surprising Naruto.

"Sasuke, I never saw you laughed before!" Naruto said like the world was about to end.

"I can't help it, you looked so cute when you do that." Naruto just blushed and stared at the view of the sea. As the big clock rang sounded for 12 a.m, the fireworks set off and Naruto looked at it with awe and happiness.

"Sasuke, its wonderful! Thanks a lot Sasuke!" He kissed the raven's cheeks while Sasuke just smiled happily, a look of content on his face.

As they looked at the breath-taking scene in front of them, neither realized their hands moving together, and held each other possessively.


The time moved and the fireworks stopped. "Sasuke, thanks a lot for today. I really enjoyed our time together!" He reached for Sasuke and hugged him.

"Its Nothing, Naru-chan. I just wanted to see you happy." Having said this, Sasuke captured the other boy's lips with his own and pulled him for a passionate kiss. Naruto was shocked at first but responded for a few seconds, as his body started to feel comfortable. After they broke for oxygen, Sasuke accompanied Naruto home and said goodnight to his boyfriend, while going home himself.


Naruto changed into his sleeping clothes and laid on his bed with a content expression. Though the evening was eventful and enjoyable, he felt something is missing, but decided to push the thought away, and fall into a blissful sleep.


Naruto woke up as his alarm clock interrupted his wonderful dream. He quickly dressed in his usual orange outfit and head towards the bridge, with a very satisfied grin.

As he reached his destination, he saw Sasuke, Sakura and his sensei already there. Despite the eventful evening yesterday, he felt that nothing has changed, as Sasuke just remained emotionless and uncaring. Before he can delve into that thought, his sensei approached him. "Naruto, why are you late? I despise late-comers and expected punctuality from all of you, I'll let you off with a warning today, don't let this happen again." He said in a threatening voice but Naruto just grinned, not wanting to ruin his mood for the day. "Sure, it wont happen again sensei! I promise."

Daichi smiled under his disguise "Yes, you should. Or I'll make you run around Konoha for the entire day. That would be fun to watch!" He snickered. Naruto stared at him, his sadistic nature is so familiar to him, but he don't want to judge early. "Sensei, what do you plan to do today?" He asked.

"Well, I'm training you for better chakra control. Which reminds me, did you do your homework?" He was replied by a chorus of "Hai, sensei!" He ordered them to demonstrate in front of them and he felt satisfied with their performance.

"Alright, you all did well. I am quite surprised with your rapid improvement. That's my most basic of all training. Before we begin every training session, you will all perform that same exercise 5 times. Do you understand? Oh, I forgot, you will increase the weight two times the previous attempt, like when you did 50 kilograms, you will increase that to 100 in the next attempt, then 200, all the way until you had tried it 5 times. Now, let's start training."

Naruto had now built his suspicions and paid attention to his sensei. "If you can do the tree walking exercise, then I am very confident that you can finish the next exercise with ease. Its called the thumb exercise." Naruto sensed that he already did this exercise before, but said nothing on it. After all, if he had done this before, then he can impress his teammate and sensei with how quick he learned and mastered the exercise.

"To do this, you must use your thumb to walk. This morning, you will practice with walking so you can run with it on the afternoon." Daichi said.

"Wait, Daichi-sensei, how are we going to do this?" Sakura asked. "Like this" Daichi jumped from a tree and landed with his thumb. "This exercise combines strength and concentration. To execute this properly, your thumb must not experience any weight from your body. It must not be bent or strained in any way. Which means, that your thumb must not absorb any force from the body. The goal of this exercise is to use your chakra in protecting your body when landing from a very high places. Well, I have an important meeting with Tsunade-sama so I'll leave you here. Ja ne!" Daichi disappeared in a puff of red smoke and the team went on their own ways to perfect the exercise.