Okaaaay. So here's another story that just popped into my mind. Haha. I'm going to make it funny. Sorry to Rosalie fans that I used her as my victim in this one. It just seemed so fit for her. So...enjoy.

Bella and Alice used to have it. And now Rosalie is convincing herself to do the same thing that will lead to it.

She stood in front of a full body mirror, it looked like she was admiring herself, but she was really disgusted. Ugh, I'm so curvy. It's so annoying. Not like Alice, or Bella…who are like normal. And thin! Rosalie Hale complained.

She stared at her outfit over and over. She was wearing a red bikini and black stilettos. She practiced some model-y poses. After all, she was well on her way to being a successful model. She's got agents, well, its Jasper and Emmett, a manager, Edward, and her crew, Alice and Bella. Even though it was just family, she had the whole thing going on.

She finally gave up, saying she looked horrible in that red bikini. And she refused to do a swimsuit photoshoot. Rosalie was only human, and a very self conscious one, but when its New Year and Christmas she starts splurging. And today was just January 9…there was still the holiday weight she was carrying.

"Aliiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!" Rosalie shrieked, she was tearing up. Alice calmly pranced her way up to Rosalie's room. When she went in, she was all smiles.

"What's up, sis?" Alice asked concerned but she still put on a happy face.

"Tell me the truth…do I look like a Hippo in a red bikini?" Rose asked

"Shut up, Rosalie! You look great." Alice said. And Rosalie just grew an inch bigger from the Holiday weight but it didn't matter she was still skinny leaning toward normal- looking.

"UGH!!!!!" she said in a bitchy way "LIAR! I am huge!" Rose complained.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale!" Alice raised her voice, "YOU ARE GORGEOUS! Don't forget that!"

"I know I'm pretty," Rosalie said in the vainest way. But yes, Rosalie was very, very beautiful it was a fact. "but look at me…I'm so big! I gained like what FIFTY POUNDS?!"

"Okay, D.Q., you did not gain fifty pounds over the Holiday…" Alice said straight-faced.

"Really?" Rosalie asked.

"Yes. Really…ask Bella, you look great." Alice comforted her older sister.

"ISABELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rosalie yelled out.

Man this girl can scream…or should I say shriek.

"Yes Rose…" Bella said exhausted. She was running around the whole house looking for Edward's Trig papers.

"Bella, tell Rosalie she did not gain fifty pounds!" Alice said to Bella.

"Rose, you look great. Really, and you did not gain 50 pounds. I mean, you were so thin before its good you shaped up." Bella said.

"SHAPED UP?!" Rosalie yelled, "Oh my God! I did get fatter!!!" Rosalie burst into tears. "give me my robe, dammit." She signaled Alice.

Alice grabbed Rosalie silk pink robe and threw it to her. Rose covered herself up, sat down, hugged her knees and started sobbing frantically.

Alice and Bella looked at each other and made a face. They rolled their eyes and made their way toward their sobbing sister. Alice sat on Rosalie's left and Bella on Rosalie's right. These three were sisters but not by blood it happened that living together in that house made them all pretty close that when a couple, Esme and Carlisle Cullen did some research on the house, they adopted all six of the children occupying them.

As Bella and Alice were trying to comfort Rose, stroking her back, patting her back, the three guys walked passed Rosalie's room, her door was open. Emmett, Jasper and Edward peeped in. Sssh. Alice shushed them.

"What happened?" Jasper mouthed.

Bella rolled her eyes, "what?" Bella mouthed back.

Jasper pointed to Rosalie, "what happened to her??" he mouthed again, a soft whisper came out.

"oh! She thinks she looks horrible." Bella mouthed to the boys.

"Why?" their lips moved in unison.

"She thinks she's really big." Alice explained along with the hand movements.

The boys grew wide-eyed and pursed their lips to keep them from laughing.

Bella and Alice looked furious. The boys were never much help in girly situations like these. And no help at all when it came down to resident Drama Queen, Rosalie Hale.

"Get out!" Bella pointed out the door, where the boys were peeping. She was trying to be silent as Rosalie sobbed on.

"come on guys, lets watch the Red Sox game in my room…" Edward suggested as the boys stumbled to get to Edward's room, as they were leaving, they released their uncontrolled laughter which boomed through the whole hallway. Then they heard the door to Edward's room slam, they were still laughing at Rosalie.

When they were gone, Bella and Alice let out huge sighs and rolled their eyes.

"Rosalie, come on, you're beautiful…and your figure is fine." Alice tried comforting her.

"But, I'm not thin!" Rosalie cried, "not at aw-hawlll (all)" she burst into more tears.

"Rose, there's a difference between thin and sexy. Being too thin is really ugly rose. You have to be normal to be healthy. Sure you can be thinner than usual, if there's nothing you can do about it. But you're amazing." Bella said.

Rosalie started sniffing under her head. She was still rather depressed.

my chapters in this story wont be long unlike the one in my L Empire story...this one was really just for my entertainment.

so i hope you guys like the turnout.