here's chapter two. i love making rose a drama queen. and i like this chapter because i was being a boy longer than i was being a girl. it was fun to turn Edward into a kid and not as mature as he usually is so... :D

Enjoy the conversation of the guys hahaha.

"Rose got bigger but in a nice way, she was extremely thin before…" Edward said.

"Yeah…" Jasper agreed, "I mean it's not even that noticeable, she looked like she got healthier and her figure improved."

"I don't get why girls are so concerned over gaining 2 pounds." Emmett said.

"She's really cool and all but sometimes it's too much." Edward said.

Jasper and Emmett laughed.

"I love my sister and all, but she's always been a Drama Queen." Jasper told them.

Jasper and Rosalie are again not blood related but they've been brother-sister longer than the rest of the family. They went to the 'abandoned house' together.

"How do you put up with her antics, E?" Edward asked Emmett.

Their names both start with E but Emmett's nickname was E, Jasper's was J and Edward was Mase, his last name: Masen. Of course, until he took Cullen as his last name.

Emmett sighed, "you guys know as well as I do that Rose is really sweet…" Emmett started, his brothers agreed. "but when its just us, the drama kinda dies down a little…" he explained.

Edward and Jasper grumbled with hmm's ugh's and hyeh's which aren't exactly real words but groaning sounds, and they turned their heads a different direction from Emmett being sarcastically angry at him.

Then they all laughed.

"Oh, do you know if Bella found my Trig papers…" Edward asked his brothers, "I slaved for them the whole day."

"Nope…" Emmett said. "I think you over worked Bella today, making her look for your lost homework, bro." Jasper said to Edward.

"Nah…she offered to help me look for it…" Edward explained.

"Did you even attempt to look for it?" Emmett asked. Edward just grinned sheepishly. "you better start looking for them too, if you don't want Carlisle to be mad." Emmett said.

"Dad wont get angry, E. He'll just give me another talk that's all." Edward reasoned.

"Do you know that Bella was up all night fixing Rosalie's dress?" Jasper asked him.

Edward looked guilty, "no, I didn't know that…" he said.

"Well, now you do." Jasper pointed out.

"Hey! That's not fair Jas! You can't make me feel guilty!!!" Edward pointed out.

"I'm not making you feel guilty, I just provided you with some information." Jasper explained.

"You suck."

Emmett and Jasper laughed at the childish reply of their youngest brother, Edward. Boys will certainly be boys.

After hanging out, just the three of them, they decided to go check if Rosalie was okay. I mean, family's gotta stick together, right? So, the three boys left Edwards room and made their way to Rosalie's…When they got there, they saw that their sisters were still sitting in Rosalie's room. Rose's head still facing down. Edward knocked and the boys let themselves in.

"Hey guys. How's R doing?" Jasper greeted. The boys sat around Rosalie as well. Jasper sat beside Alice, Emmett sat beside Jasper meaning he was facing front of Rosalie, and Edward sat by Bella's right and was also beside Emmett.

Alice smiled at Jasper, as he sat down he kissed Alice on the forehead. "she's okay, now…" Alice said, then she pouted and sighed, "but I don't think she'll be okay for a photoshoot tomorrow. Do you think you could contact Leah and cancel her shoot?" Alice asked.

"I don't know, E was the one who took care of this one…" Jasper said looking at Emmett.

Emmett shrugged, "they really liked Rose in print…they say she's perfect for this one." He explained.

"What if she's not ready?" Edward asked, "you cant force her…"

Emmett was nodding side to side agreeing with Edward. Bella sighed, and rested her head on Edward. Rosalie being overdramatic for the day wasn't part of Bella's plan for today.

"you okay?" Edward whispered to Bella. "no…" she grumbled. "I'm sorry," Edward laughed. "I'll look for my Trig papers, don't worry about it." He comforted her.

"Rose, sweetie, are you up for the shoot?" Alice asked her sister.

"I don't even wanna bother right now Alice…" Rosalie finally said something. She raised her head up and her cheeks were stained and her face was red.

"Alright, I'll go ahead and cancel, Rose. Just tell me when you're ready to come back from hiatus…" Emmett said standing up, "Jasper and I will contact everyone."

Jasper looked seriously confused like a lost boy, "wha? What? What are you dragging me in this for?" he asked Emmett. Alice started giggling. And Jasper just stood up pouting. "Because, you're R's manager too." Emmett explained. "foine." Jasper said whiny.

The two boys walked out of the room to make some phone calls. There weren't much scheduled for Rosalie for January so it wasn't hard. She had about 6 photoshoots do to the whole month.

"Hey, Leah…" Emmett started with the 1st upcoming photoshoot, "Yeah, it's Emmett…umm, R can't make it tomorrow." He explained.

Jasper heard a loud WHAT?! over the other line.

"Sorry it's so short notice, but she's emotionally not okay right now…" Emmett said.

Jasper heard Leah screaming other things too. "Gimme that, E!" Jasper said fed up with Leah, he never really liked her that's why he always left Emmett dealing with Rose's shoot whenever Leah organized them. Jasper grabbed the phone from Emmett and on the mouthpiece yelled, "Hey, Lee…its Jasper…my sister isn't so happy about how she's gonna turn up now, and whether or not its scheduled she wont go…she's already made her decision, no shoot. Bye." And with that Jasper Whitlock Hale put down the phone.

"that's telling her, my brother!" Emmett said high five-ing Jasper. The two of them laughed.

And in less than 15 minutes, the 2 of them were able to work out reasonable plans. Rosalie was able to retain 2 out of the 6 photoshoots she had canceled. Emmett and Jasper made their way back to Rosalie's room and sat down on the same place.

"So, what's the deal?" Alice asked. Rosalie was doing better now… "You still have 2 out of the 6 photoshoots, you can reschedule. But the rest dropped…" Emmett said.

"That's pretty good, right, R?" Alice asked. "I guess…" Rosalie shrugged.

"When are you okay to go?" Jasper asked concerned for his sister.

"Middle of Feb. PROMISE." Rosalie said all smiles. There's an easy way to get thinner, it's risky but I'll consider it. Rosalie thought. By now her siblings were happy she was smiling again and they started conversing.

Just then they heard a knock on the door and Carlisle and Esme were coming in. "Was there a family meeting we forgot about?" Carlisle asked jokingly.

"Why on earth in Rosalie's room?" Esme asked.

"It's a long story mom, but everything's okay now…" Alice told Esme, and Esme smiled.

"Right, Rose?" Alice asked smiling at her sister.

Rosalie returned the smile, but it was a fake smile because she knew what she was planning to do would hurt the family.

"Yeah, it's all okay now." Rosalie lied to their faces.

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