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It had been sixth year, one winter night, Harry had gotten bored just lounging about the common room. He hadn't been able to sleep, and he guessed Voldemort was probably up to something that night. Legs feeling restless, he got up and silently went to his shared bedroom, getting his invisibility cloak and hurrying back out.

He left the house dorms as quietly as he could before rushing back in for a lit lantern, chastising himself for forgetting one in the first place. Once he had it, he set it down on the ground for a moment and grabbed his cloak, throwing it over himself and hiding him almost perfectly┘ As long as he didn't make noise.

And with that, he began one of his many strolls around the castle, as he often did when he couldn't sleep. He went from the owlery, to the dungeons, not passing a soul. Minus the snoring Filch he tiptoed past near the library.

He continued on down the dungeon halls, a bored look on his face as he wandered with no purpose. As he neared a corner, he heard a strange sound, like panting, which made him curious. Almost flat against the wall, he slowly inched his way to the corner and peeked over, eyes going wide at what he saw.

There was Draco Malfoy, leaning against a wall, with his pants down. Not just him either, another boy was there, and on his knees. It didn't take Harry too long to realize what they were doing, even with him being a virgin still.

He turned to leave red faced when a soft sound made him stop his flee. A gentle gasp of pleasure that emanated from the blond boy nearby. Harry tried his hardest to battle himself and leave them be, but in the end his curious libido won. The brunette got as close as he dared, which was shockingly close, and watched with "innocent" curiosity.

The teen on his knees wasn't one the Gryffindor knew personally, but he recognized him from the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. He was definitely decent-looking in Harry's eyes, with a sturdy frame, handsome features, and chin-length brown hair. He couldn't get too good of a look at his full face, mainly since it was practically glued to Malfoy's crotch.

Satisfied with knowing at least the other's house, his attention veered to the panting Slytherin still close by. His normally scowling features were relaxed, his eyes shut and jaw slack. He was obviously trying his best to keep quiet, the only thing leaving him was soft pants and random gasps. Hands normally seen grasping a wand or pushing someone were now fisted up in the Ravenclaw's hair. His legs were weak, his body leaning hard against the wall for support.

All of this was taken in by Harry's gaze, as the boy watched and unconsciously licked his lips. He watched with much intensity, until the affection being poured on Malfoy was too much and he finally reached his climax. With his seed making it's way harshly down the other boy's throat the blonde let out a sigh of relief and released the other's hair.

The Ravenclaw finished swallowing and stood up, lightly glaring at the Slytherin in his company. "Could've given me a warning, Malfoy..." he muttered quietly. The other teen grew red and he frowned at the boy in front of him. "Too late to do anything about it, so stop whining." he sneered, earning a sigh from his company.

"Whatever, just don't forget you owe me."

"I didn't forget last time, did I?"

"No, but this isn't last time."

"Yeah yeah, you know where to find me when you want it paid off."

"Yep, 'Night Malfoy."

To this the Ravenclaw received no response, as the blonde hurriedly pulled up his pants and slipped into the shadowed halls, surely heading back to bed. The teen didn't seem put off by the lack of reply, simply meandering his way back to wherever his dorm room lied.

Harry, seeing no reason to stay, quickly headed back up to his own house. Only as he slipped in the common room did he notice his arousal. He paid it little mind, releasing his tension with it before heading to bed.

Little did he know that this night was the first of many Malfoy-filled nights, and the start of a little obsession.

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