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It wasn't like Draco Malfoy was on Harry's mind always. There had to be other things. Quidditch was one, but it always reverted to that scene he saw in the showers after a Slytherin practice match. School work could maybe take his mind off the other boy, until he'd 'accidentally' catch a glance at him working.

He looked so cute, diligently scribbling words down, the tip of his quill's feather gently resting between the blond's lips as he thought, yet another habit Harry had caught onto.

What Harry would give to replace that quill...

Alright, check school work off the list of things that distract him from Malfoy. Food! ...He wasn't really interested in food. It only came into his mind during dining hours, and even then, his eyes were generally fixed onto the Slytherin that occupied his heart, mind and soul. He'd spilled so much food lately, since he wasn't making sure it would make it to his mouth.

His friends? They'd been sort of distant lately. Hermione had confronted him on her own about what she was noticing. Apparently she was keeping track of him, and saw that Harry disappeared pretty often lately. Plus, it was kinda obvious how much he'd been staring at a certain Malfoy, or at least it was to her.

Harry had of course, denied this, starting an arguement about Hermione watching him and being creepy, and hurt her feelings. She then told Ron they had a disagreement, making the redhead act standoffish towards him.

It wasn't as though Harry could tell them, they would've reacted even worse if he'd come out and said he'd become obsessed with Draco and everything he does, did, and ever will do.

Even right now he was spying on the boy, sitting at a library table about five hundred feet away, looking so cute even as he looked up information for a boring school assignment.

It astounded Harry that he was able to make it into Gryffindor, because right now he felt as though he had no backbone, shyly peeking over at the blond every so often and pretending to read a book on potions.

At one point, Draco had caught him staring, and narrowed his eyes at him. Harry's first response? Hiding his face in the book and acting as though nothing just happened. Embarrassed at being caught, the Golden Boy got up and left, despite an inner want to stay and watch Draco longer.

When the evening came, his body seemed to move on its own, and he grabbed the invisibility cloak and headed down towards the dungeons. It seemed like it was his lucky night, as he saw a blond head turn the corner.

Draco was going down to the dungeons too, maybe Harry would be so lucky as to get to watch him have sex again.

He followed as quietly as he could, hidden under his cloak. His cock had already stiffened slightly, just from anticipation. Draco didn't even look back, seemingly determined to head to the dankest, deepest part of the halls, where Harry had found him that night, with a Ravenclaw kneeling in front of him.

There was no one there this time, Draco and Harry were all alone. The Gryffindor boy was standing right near Malfoy, trying to figure out where would be best to stand to get a good look at whatever would be happening next.

The blond reached down and picked up a small rock, that seemed to have chipped off of the wall. He was looking around, and then suddenly threw it, right where Harry was.

It didn't hurt or anything, bouncing off the cloak... but it was more than enough to expose him. Malfoy rushed over, pulling the invisibility cloak off and tossing it to the ground.

"I knew it!"

He announced, those beautiful steel-gray eyes narrowing as he took a few steps back. Harry was all but frozen in place. He'd been discovered, and he had no idea what to do. Draco looked furious.

"What the hell are you doing Potter? What is your game? You've been staring at me for days on end, and I am sure I saw you follow me once or twice. Do you think I'm up to something? Is that it?"

The dark-haired teenager had no answer, looking down awkwardly at his feet. He couldn't even think up a good lie, his fists clenching tightly.

He was robe-less, in a t-shirt and boxers. He'd been about to go to sleep, when his body made him come out here on his own. His cock refused to go limp, instead embarrassingly tenting his pants and making him flush.

Draco was still yelling at him, until his eyes wandered down and caught that arousal. He paused, and flushed. "...Are you here because of the rumors?"

"What rumors?" Harry asked dumbly.

"Don't be stupid. Of me... being loose. Are you here to fuck?"

Green eyes went hopelessly wide at that. Was Malfoy offering? Would this be Harry's chance to do what he'd dreamt of for weeks on end?

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