A/N: A series of one shots / vignettes about a fiery nun and her demonic … companion.

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Summary: There are five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. There's a sixth sense, intuition, that not everyone believes in. But there' a seventh- a sense of time, as it slips through our fingers and washes away. Most of us never notice it. They know, it's not the time you have, it's who you spend it with. Telling someone how you feel is hard, but sometimes…

The Little Things Give You Away

3: Dreaming of you

If it wasn't this dream every night, then it was one like it, but this one was the most common.

"Joshua?" She was twelve, running down the path towards the tomb, her stomach roiling. Something was wrong, she could hear screaming, high and anguished as an eagle swooped overhead, turning the sky red with its shadow. A moment later, a huge surge of energy swelled from their clearing.

She hoped she wasn't too late, she had to save them! She crested the hill, freezing as the horns burst from Joshua's head, but there was no blood running down his face, only a wide, sick grin as he held out his glowing hand for the eagle to land on. "Joshua!" Her brother turned, but it was Aion's face as he laughed at her, a single yellow ribbon dangling from his reddened fingers. "No! Joshua, what have you done!" She looked around the clearing, at the decimated tomb, but there was nothing, no one but them. "This isn't like you!" She cried, suddenly sixteen and clambering down the bank as he yanked on a handful of purple bangs, hands glowing again, lighting a round, red-eyed face. "Don't! Joshua!" Her feet wouldn't move, she couldn't run to him, nor would her hands leap to the seal. "Joshua, no! Father Remington, what should we do-" Why couldn't she reach the seal? She struggled, but she- she couldn't- she was watching again and couldn't- The Father had materialized next to her squeezing her shoulder.

"Nothing." He crowed as Joshua hauled a squirming Chrono to his feet, yanking the demon's head back so his throat was exposed. "He's a demon Rosette."

"What?" She stared at the priest as he smirked, her heart stopping as her partner's screams were drowned out by her brother's laughter. "No!" she yelled, ripping her legs free and hurtling down the hill towards her brother and her friend just as her brother's hand flashed and the demon vanished, dust. She screamed, grabbing the younger boy's shoulders. "Joshua! Why? Why! He was our friend!!" She could feel tears rolling down her cheeks, but she didn't care. "Why!" She'd just stood by, again! How could she?

"We don't need him." Joshua smiled, embracing her. "We're together." A hand on her shoulder and father Remington was smiling at her, his handsome smile growing into a wolf's grin.

"See? All is well. You're free." His voice rose and fell, waves crashing over her. "You're free."

"No!" Couldn't they see? He was gone! The clearing was blackened, burnt, all the grass gone, and the ground torn. The eagle screeched; leaping into the sky, its laughter making her retch, her head spin. Sobbing, she pushed away.

"Rosette?" Joshua frowned, his face warping into Aion's and Remington's and Sister Kate's and Elder's and a thousand other faces she always and never saw, a twisting, questioning tornado of voice and sound and wind and red, enveloping her, smothering her, crushing her. She couldn't breath, something blocking her throat. Chrono- he couldn't breathe now either. They were the same, human or demon. They were the same! Didn't they understand! Someone was screaming…

"Rosette." She stiffened, someone petting her forehead, strong fingers pushing the lines from it.

"Is she ok?" It was Joshua- but his voice wasn't echoing- it was like she remembered it.

"I think so. She hit her head quite hard when she fell." She opened her eyes and looked at Miss Jean, the orphanage caretaker, and beyond her she could see Joshua- looking like he had when they were kids, father Remington and the other children. All right. All normal. But the first voice…

"Rosette?" Heart pounding, she rolled over and sighed with relief at the worried smile, the large eyes, pressing herself to his warm side…

Rosette stretched, snuggling back under the blankets, feeling the moonlight on her face, the weight on the bed behind her, the soft, shallow breaths and the faint warmth from another body.

The dream was always the same, but so was the presence when she awoke.

"Chrono…" Smiling, she burrowed her nose into the pillow.

Whenever she realized she missed him, he was there.


"Rosette, time to wake up!"

"Erg! G'way Chrono!" Rosette groaned, flailing a hand about and feeling a descent thump as she struck him. Glaring at the intruding sun and the boy who had the nerve to open the curtains- did he think he was going to succeed in dumping her out the window again?- she yanked herself out of bed and stomped to the trunk that held her clothing, waiting until he'd left to haul out her clothes. It was only when she turned to the rumpled blankets that she noticed them.

Three strands of fine, lilac hair trapped under her pillow. Frowning, she picked them up. How did they get there? He hadn't made it to the bed this morning before she hit him!

"Chrono, you pervert!"

And thus, Chrono was in for another rough morning.


A/n: This is what Rosette was dreaming when Chrono was watching over her. All the lines he heard are here are in italics. As for the final "no": ellipses have many meanings.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and forgotten what you did? I think most people have, because you're not fully awake.

If Rosette was OOC, it was because she was dreaming, but outside of the dream, as usual, let me know whether they were OOC or not. As always, thank you.

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