"I love you, you love me..."

"we're a happy family..."

Two mournful voices rang through the empty bar as the clock chimed 1am. Two bodies swayed then two empty bottles of sake crashed to the floor. The smashing glass seemed to wake them slightly,

"Stop singin' s fuckin barny song!...dumbass"


"Ha...no you"

The taller man narrowed his eyes at his friend who was giggling madly. "You really can't hold your drink, can you zealot?"

Hidan sat up and glared dazedly, "who say I can' hold da damn drink eh? I'm doin allrigh' passa bottle yeah?"

"I'm taking you home" Kakuzu replied and tried to hoist his drunken friend onto his shoulder. "Come on it's time to go"

Hidan put up a weak fight but he felt really sick. He clung limply to his friend's jacket as he was carried out into the night. The coaster from the bar was still in his hand and he prodded Kakuzu with it with every step he took. He wiggled his small feet and hummed the barny theme tune over and over.

"Where we goin? Are we there yet?" he asked in an annoying singsong voice.

"Home. That's where we're going"

"K...Kakuzu? Where is home?" the priests tone had changed considerably and he sounded almost sad. No one but the distant stars saw, but a tear rolled down his cheek and soaked into his partners cloak.

Kakuzu stopped walking, the question seemed to bother him. " I suppose...I suppose the hideout is home" he mused, "but that's not where we are tonight, Hidan. Tonight you have to make do with this crummy hotel 'cos you drank all your savings away."

"Aw shit Kuzu you're nice fella – ow hey!" Kakuzu had just dumped him on the freezing earth outside the hotel.

"Ok how about never use nicknames with me. Got that?" He snapped angrily, "You can walk the rest of the way." He stomped off and soon his noisy footfalls could be heard reverberating all the way up the staircase. Distantly a door slammed. Hidan was left shivering in his thin cloak – topless as always and wishing he'd kept his mouth shut for once.

"Kuuuuzuuu!" he whined "heeeeelllp!!!" he rolled onto his back and lay gazing at the silver stars far above, picking the brightest one and thinking it was his god. After pleading out for help a few more times the sound of heavy footsteps broke the silence once more. The broken door swung outward and a face hung over Hidan's.

"I can't count the money with you wailing about out here like a strangled cat. Can't you even get up?" Kakuzu's deep voice boomed about in Hidan's tortured head and he pulled a face.

"Hey don't be so rude! Pulling faces at me just 'cos I look a little different." He'd taken his mask off and all the stitching in his face plainly showed. He made as if to walk away again and Hidan cried out.

"Don't leave me ku-Kakuzu it's cold out here!" he stretched out his arms like a toddler who wanted to be picked up and hugged. The sight was heart rending, even someone who didn't know he was a criminal who loved to kill people would want to hug him. Kakuzu turned round when he thought the Nickname was coming back to get him again, and was just in time to catch Hidan's puppy dog eyes. With a sigh he scooped the priest up off the dirty floor and carried him bridal style up the creaking wooden stairs. Leader would kill him if another partner died. The room wasn't much, there was no carpet, one curtain and only one double bed. Double bed. Hidan saw it out of the corner of his eye, and as soon as he was dropped onto it he spread out in a star shape.

"No room for you!" he slurred, "No! This is Hidan-only territory"

"Let me in you gay, I rescued you from out there, want me to take you back?" Kakuzu approached the offending bed and Hidan curled into a ball.

"Can't share a bed with you, especially not you. Jashin, why do I have to share a bed with him?" he muttered to himself and faced the wall. The mattress dipped as Kakuzu climbed in and relaxed next to him.

"What are you afraid of?" Kakuzu questioned, and Hidan sniggered into his pillow.

"Come on spill! What's so bad about sharing the same bed?"

The sniggering continued.

"Oy! I'm talking to you, you drunk! Answer me!" Kakuzu raised his voice and poked the other man in the small of the back. Quicker than he thought was possible Hidan had spun around and grabbed his hand. Hidan tried to pull him closer but ended up dragging himself across the bed and into Kakuzu's chest. The sudden warmth of another body exited him and he looked up into the spectral glowing eyes – the only light in the dingy room.

"I'm afraid of nothing!" he hissed, suddenly alarmingly sober.

"Oh yeah is that correct?" Kakuzu growled and with one foot kicked him out of the bed. Hidan rolled out and thumped on the floor.

"Ow you motherfucker what was that for?" he staggered round to the other side of the bed and took hold of Kakuzu's ankles. Leaning back he tried to drag the other man from the bed but with no success. "I hate you, you know that? You make fun of my religion, you spend your whole life sinning and you don't give a fuck!" He let go of Kakuzu's legs and fell against the wall, breathless. "I hate you I hate you I hate you" he cried out suddenly and slammed his fists against the crumbling plaster.

Kakuzu rolled out of the bed and approached him with a faint smile traced between his stitches. When there was less than a metre between them he stood up to his full height and stared mockingly down at Hidan. "I hate you too, no hard feelings?" he extended his hand in a parody of 'making friends'. Hidan grabbed it and dug his nails into the discoloured flesh, he stood up on his toes but still he was no match for the hulk of a man creeping ever closer. He craned his neck and Kakuzu laughed out loud, a deep echoing laugh that was somehow empty and chilling, somehow hungry.

Suddenly his hands were on the priests shoulders, gripping tightly. Hidan's feet were tripping over the floor, splinters were snagging in his skin as his heels dragged uselessly back towards the wall. With tremendous force his delicate back was slammed against the whitewashed board, and his head whipped back. The air flew out from his lungs in a rush through his parted lips, he had no chance to draw a breath for instantly a mouth was pressed to his. Lovingly, desperately, hungrily Kakuzu tasted him like a fine wine. His slippery tongue slid between Hidan's lips and his eyes snapped open in shock. He raised two pale arms and attempted to push the other man off but Kakuzu's height and strength were overpowering him, pushing him relentlessly into the unforgiving wall. His muscles were no match for the other's and his hands flopped to his sides uselessly, snagging on Kakuzu's loose pants on the way down.

Hidan gave a low moan that he didn't realize had escaped him until it was too late. He closed his eyes and waited for it to be over, prayers exploded inside his head – prayers for forgiveness and deliverance. Although, come to think of it homosexuality wasn't against his religion or anything, neither was sex, then again neither was killing. Wait what was he thinking?

It all became inexorably clear, however, when Kakuzu broke the kiss to draw breath. Hidan leaned forwards, desperate for the touch of his lips again, the comfort they brought, and the deep desire stirring within. It had been there all along he felt, just buried by stress and work and the general non-acceptance of this in the world. He stepped into it once more and groaned as Kakuzu raised his hips and began to grind them slowly against his own.

Something snapped inside Hidan's mind and suddenly he knew exactly what he wanted. A new look came into his piercing violet eyes and his hand dipped to his partners leg. A metallic scrape caught Kakuzu's ear and his kunai appeared in Hidan's hand,

"Do it..." Hidan hissed and stared up into the other mans disbelieving face.

"What?" Kakuzu's face was full of confusion, "I though all you wanted was some sex!"

Hidan sighed, and leaned back against the wall. He raised both arms above his head and rested his hands on a bare nail hanging out of the wall, his chest was stretched out in all its beauty and he dropped the kunai from his long pale fingers. Kakuzu caught it expertly and twirled it between his fingers until the point was aimed directly at his partner's body. The moment it touched his skin he could feel the tension building inside him. He wanted to rip and tear, he wanted to cause pain and untold agony, he wanted the blood to run down his hands, his arms, hot and sensual...

Hidan couldn't take the pressure any more, and he began rubbing up against the other male, the friction was building up, the heat was increasing. The point of the kunai was digging deeper into his soft skin and he felt the first droplets of blood roll down his lithe frame. Kakuzu had no idea where this was going. Both were following their own desires now, he had no other intention than to let lose his hate on this frail body. He drew his arm back and Hidan sucked in an apprehensive breath. The metal blade came down at an angle quick as an arrow and buried itself between his ribs. His mouth opened wide in a silent scream and his eyes seemed to glow nearly as bright as the other's. He threw his head back as Kakuzu got into his stride and followed the first stab wound up with a series of shorter slashes to the Jashinist's sides. The blood pooled at their feet and soon the enraptured pair were sliding in it. Desperate for closeness – intimacy.

One wrong foot slipped and Hidan tumbled to the ground still with the guilty knife embedded in his flesh. He hit the ground hard and lay there writhing in agony. Kakuzu followed him down slowly and knelt over him.

He looked at Hidan with a mixture of disgust and fascination, the man lay there in a lake of his own blood, his hands clutching at thin air and his hips slowly rising and falling – trying to make contact with a body that was no longer near him. What did he get out of this? Kakuzu wondered. He'd never come across a whore who liked to feel this way, but then Hidan was a little different to anyone he' d ever met before. He made him feel different than he ever had before. It felt like hurting him in this way was right, it was what he desired more than any other earthly pleasure. Kakuzu leaned over Hidan's bloody chest and placed a hand over the raw wound, the salt of his sweat mixed with the blood and Hidan's hands wound their way into his hair, pulling it, hurting him as well.

"Again..." the silver haired nin whispered, "just one more time..." his voice cracked and he struggled to breath as Kakuzu began work on his body. His back arched as Kakuzu placed one strong hand on his shoulder, he grew tense with anticipation once more. Then a wave of pain hit him and knocked his senses, he couldn't see, he couldn't hear. All he could do was clench his teeth and go with it. The pain seared through his mind – all engulfing until only one thing remained constant – Kakuzu. Through his delirium, Hidan tried to call out to him but every move he made brought another wave of pain. What was happening? Why did it feel so good?

He tried to move again but couldn't, he tried to lift his arms and touch his partners face but he wasn't able. His eyes remained closed against the barrage of agony his world had morphed into, and then the agony itself seemed to morph. With every blow his small body took, the feeling seemed to move further away from the painful and further into the realms of intense pleasure. He cried out and opened his lavender eyes wide.

" Kakuzu-fuck...oh don't... Do that!" Above him Kakuzu's face was bent low over his own – examining his expression with a look of satisfaction. The stitch-mans black hair was cascading down onto Hidan's chest and mingling with the blood that pooled there, his mask and hood were gone and delicate droplets of blood decorated his headband. Both their chests were heaving as they fought for breath, a thin sheen of sweat covered their glistening muscles and both faces were flushed with excitement.

"Hidan..." the single world was hissed out like an insult, and sure enough there was hate residing in the other man's eyes. But that wasn't all. What was that lingering there, lying in his irises, just out of reach, just beyond reason. He shifted to one side and Hidan saw the full extent of the damage that had driven him so far into a utopia. His chest was drowned beneath a widening ocean of crimson, multiple lacerations stung like hell itself all over his limbs. One slash of something sharp had taken off his right arm, and something equally violent had broken his left.

"Kuzu..." his voice hitched, speaking brought more pain. How much more could he take? How much more was for the taking? A vicious blow across his pretty face knocked a tooth out and he gasped for oxygen. Mixed syllables came choking out. "Kuzu..oh..please, don't STOP..oh fuck,"

"NO nicknames! Remember? Not that you have a problem with screaming my name." He grinned

"Fuck no I was NOT screaming your name" Hidan denied it but secretly, in some hidden part of him he knew, he'd been screaming every delicious syllable. He let out another low groan as a new sensation worked its way up his body. The stitching. He'd felt this before on countless missions when his head had been knocked off – what was it with his head anyway? But this time it was different, this time Kakuzu was cleaning up after his own handiwork, this time no one had died. The stitches climbed and sewed every last gaping wound, they intertwined – a precious dance of weaving threads slowly bringing Hidan back human again. The others called them the 'zombie twins' and in reality they were.

"Your love is the only thing i'll live for in this world" Kakuzu breathed into the priests ear. The hot breath tickled his neck and made his hairs stand up on end.

"I love only J-"

"I know." Kakuzu said heavily, "which is why i'll always be waiting"

"You can always have my hate" Hidan growled, "Let me hold you, touch you, feel you always..."