"I said no Beast Boy."


"Even you have to see that we can't name her Logan Roth Logan."

Beast Boy was lying on the ground and playing with the now eleven-month child. The last two months they had spent unravelling the Rachel Roth life.

"I always thought my child would be names after me."

"She is named after you. Logan."


Raven sighed and sat down next to them. She looked down at the girl and smiled. She had been surprised to find she was able to feel when close to Logan, and yet maintain control over her powers.

"It's not like she hasn't your name Beast Boy."

"I know, but it's not the same. She has your name."

Raven rose.

"She has my mother's name. I don't have a last name. I'm just Raven."

"You could have my name if you want."

Raven raised an eyebrow as Beast Boy realised what he had said and looked down. Blushing He didn't see the small smile on her face.

"What did you say?"


"You sure?"

He looked like he was going to have a heart attack. Her smile died down.

"I'll make you a deal. If you will spear your poor daughter the pain of being named Logan Logan, you can give her a second first name."

He looked down as Logan grabbed his hand. Her skin had turned pale again, and only turned green when she was warm. Her hair was popping up and looked like both green and purple to him. Raven said it was too early to tell. Logan looked up with her dark green eyes and laughed as he made a face.


He looked at Raven who was looking down at the couple, smiling.

"After my mother."

"Logan Marie Roth. That could work."

He smiled as she bent down and kissed him. She walked over to the table and continued her homework. She didn't even look up as Beast Boy, with Logan in his arms, came over and sat down.

"What is it Beast Boy?"

"You really don't have a last name?"

"I'm just plain Raven."

"You could have my name if you wanted."

She put down her pen and looked at him, calmly.

"And what do you mean with that?"

He gave her half a smile, and started to jump Logan on his lap. Looking only at his daughter.

"Will you marry me Rae?"


"I mean, it's not just Logan, don't think that."

"I said yes Beast Boy."

"I would have asked you anyway."

"Beast Boy are you listening to me?"


Raven placed her arms on his almost jumping legs. They clamed down. She smiled.

"Beast Boy I will marry you."

"You sure?"

She laughed as she bent over and kissed him.


He smiled before placing a hand on the back of her head. Giving her no option but to kiss him again. She didn't mind.


They looked down at Logan and laughed. Raven picked her up.

"You heard that Logan? Your mommy and daddy are getting married."

"One thing."

Raven froze and looked at him.


"We can't tell Robin, since I kind of promised him not to ask you before he asked Star."

Raven nodded.

"When was this?"

"About a month ago."

He grinned as he took a hand into his pocket and pulled out a black box. Raven just knew what was in it.

It was beautiful. A purple amethyst surrounded by ten brilliant cut diamonds. It looked old.

She gasped.

"Oh Beast Boy how could you afford this?"

He smiled as he slipped it on her finger.

"It's a family heirloom, my great-grandmothers. If you want something more modern."

She kissed him again.

"Don't you dare. I love it."

He smiled and it seemed like he loosened up.

"So, we can name her Logan?"


"What do you mean you asked Raven to marry you?"

Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin were sitting in the common room with beer and pizza. Ever since Raven and Starfire had decided to have a girl's night out every month had the boys decided to have a guy's night in that night. Logan was sleeping in her room, next to her parent's bedroom.

"I mean I asked Raven to be my wife, she said yes, and I gave her my grandmothers ring."

"How could you ask Raven, knowing I wanted to ask Starfire first?"

"Dude that was over a month ago."

Beast Boy took as sip of the beer.

"Raven said she wouldn't tell Star about the engagement before I talked to you."

"You mean Raven knows."

Robin turned pale. Cyborg laughed.

"You need to chill man. It's just a question Rob. When grass stain can do it so can you."

"Yeah. You and Star have been destined to marry ever since we were kids. We're just waiting for you to pop the question."

"Even Starfire."

"Dude, especially Starfire. I don't know what you have been waiting for?"

The door opened and the two women walked in, smiling and talking. Robin rose and had a weird look on his face.

"Starfire can I talk to you a moment? In private."

Starfire and Raven shared a look before she followed her boyfriend out into the hall. Raven walked over and landed next to Beast Boy. He placed his arm around her and pulled her tighter.

"So is he going to ask her?"

Suddenly a shriek similar to an animal being tortured made the entire tower shake. Beast Boy tried covering his sensitive ears as everything of glass shattered. Finally the sound stopped.

"I guess so."


Raven was sitting on the couch, flipping through a bridal magazine Starfire had pushed into her hands. She had no idea a wedding would be so much work. Beast Boy came into the room sat down beside her and looked at what she was reading. He grinned and kissed her softly on her cheek

"Find anything you like?"

"Napkins. There are twelve pages her describing how to find the perfect napkin."

She sighed, placed the magazine on the table before snuggling into his waiting arms.

"Can't we just elope?"

"You mean Vegas?"

"Or something. I don't care about the stupid napkins."

The last sentence was yelled at the magazine.

"Okay, calm down. Breath."

Raven snickered when he told her that. She rested her head on his shoulder.

"Who in the world cares so much about napkins?"

"But fiancé Robin, what colour do you want, cerise or cerise pink?"

"I don't know Star. Why don't you just pick one?"

Starfire and Robin had entered, her behind him. She was holding up two pink napkins. He stopped and she flew to the front of him.

"But I want your opinion fiancé Robin. Cerise or cerise pink?"


Robin pointed desperately to one of them.

"That was cerise pink."

"Then we'll go with that."

"Fiancé Robin this is important."

Robin looked at them desperately trying to find a way out. Beast Boy just shrugged helplessly as Raven got to her feet.


She went over and placed a hand on one of her arms. This had a weird calming affect on her.

"I think you should choose the cerise napkins as Robin said."

Starfire nodded, still smiling, before she flew of. Clutching one of the pink napkins to her chest. Robin sighed and smiled grateful as Starfire flew in again. This time holding up two, tiny forks.

"Fiancé Rob… Where did he go?"

Robin had disappeared.

"Did you see where he went?"

"We didn't Star. Check your room."

"Or the gym."

"I will. Thank you friends."

Then she flew off. Beast Boy pulled Raven so tight she let out a small chuckle.

"Thank god you don't care about napkins."


Raven pushed the cart around the store, putting different birthday items into it. Suddenly Beast Boy came running, holding up a packet of balloons.

"Dude, these turn into animals."

"You do remember it's Logan's birthday, and not yours right?"

"Yeah, but she is the daughter of the animal king."

Logan, sitting in the cart, looked up from her toy rabbit, understanding they were talking about her, and smiled to her parents. Beast Boy bent down and showed her the pack.

"You see Logan, daddy can turn into all of these animals."


"You want these?"


Beast Boy smiled triumphantly as he put the balloons in the cart.

"I know my own… Dude."

He ran off again. Raven looked at him and shook her head. A small smile playing at her lips. She turned to her daughter and softly petted her.

"You'll get used to him."


"Raven come quick. This is so cool."

Raven smiled as she turned the cart around and followed her fiancé's voice.