She was gone, again. He would have laughed if he hadn't been crying so hard. This wasn't fair. It wasn't fair. He kept pounding the ground as his tears flowed down his face. The guest had gone home. Robin and Cyborg had sent them away. Starfire was trying to calm down Logan, but she was crying hard and loud.


"Hush Logan."

"Where is Mama?"

Finally Beast Boy rose, walked over to Starfire and took his daughter. He held her close, so even if she had wanted to protest, she wouldn't be able, then he left the roof.

"I want Mama."

"I want Mama too Logan."

He felt empty, like someone else was controlling him. Well, not control, just suggesting what he should do. He walked over to Raven's bookshelf and picked out one of the books. Then he looked down at Logan, and suddenly realised. His eyes widened and he placed the book back.

"No Logan."

He walked backwards, getting his daughter away from the bookshelf, and fell down on the bed.

"I want Mama."

"I know Beautiful, but I won't allow it."


He looked down at her, and was surprised and saddened by the wisdom in her eyes.

Actually due to our powers, when we first understand how to do things, we really can do it.

"Oh Logan I really wish your mother was here. She would know what to do. She always knew what to do."

Logan just continued to look at him.

"Your still a baby Logan."

"Open portal."

"How do you even know how to do that?"

Logan just looked at him. He sighed.

"I must be crazy, I'm taking advice from a child."


He tickled her, and Logan couldn't help laughing.

"That's even worse."


Gem was looking up for a moment before continuing to write. She had thought she had heard laughter. She shook the thought away. No one in Azarath ever laughed. Not now.

The feather was dipped in the ink again before it almost flew over the paper. No ink spilled, no letter smeared. Perfect. She replaced the full page with a new paper and started again. But instead of a page of writing, came a child on the sheet. Gem looked at it for a moment before putting it away in her bottom drawer, with the others. People she had never seen, places she had never been, all somehow emerged ever so often, ruining her work. She didn't dare to tell Azar. Afraid to be scolded or worse, that Azar would make it go away.

Gem sighed before grabbing a new sheet and starting again. This time able to do what she had started. For hours she sat there, working, only interrupted by two more drawings, when she heard a knock on the door.


The door opened and Gem rose to her feet. The woman standing in the doorway was beautiful. She was old, older than anyone could even guess. Her hair had long since turned white, and her skin was wrinkled. Yet she was beautiful.


Gem bowed, and Azar came towards her and softly caressed her.

"Raise my child."

Gem did as she was told.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine Azar."

The woman looked at her with disbelief.

"I know you haven't been sleeping well my child."

"It's nothing."

"I so would like it if you came with me to pray."

"I said it's nothing."

Gem couldn't understand why she had gotten angry. She calmed down when one of her books suddenly was blown off the self and down on the floor. She looked down, ashamed. A new book flew off the shelf.

"Control your emotions Gem."

"I am sorry."

"Regret is also an emotion."

Gem closed her eyes and breathed.

"I will leave for mass now. Do you want to join us?"

"No thank you."

Azar nodded meekly, before departing. Leaving Gem all alone again. Gem hated being alone, but she preferred it to being with Azar. She turned and walked over to the table, taking up the drawings. The people. The places. Gem couldn't help the tears running down her face and smearing the pictures. She looked up and saw her room in chaos. She sighed and placed the pictures back in the drawer. Then she walked over to the centre of the room to meditate.


"You are letting her do what?"

"You heard me."

Robin looked at Beast Boy like he was an idiot.

"Well you try to stop her."

Robin turned his face to the girl walking in a perfect circle.

"What is she doing?"

"I have no idea."

He sighed and looked back at Robin.

"Just take care of her."

"You don't know what you are going to. Where you are going. You might not come back. You might get killed."

Beast Boy grinned.

"You would have done the same thing for Star Rob."

"Not if I had a child."

Beast Boy turned and picked up the girl again. She rested her head on his shoulder, and her tiny fingers lay softly against his skin. He kissed her forehead.

"I love you Beautiful."

She nodded and smiled as he put her down again. She walked over to the circle and threw something in it. He could clearly see the energy coming from the roof to the floor, or the other way around. He couldn't tell.

He turned to the others, smiled his usual confident grin before jumping into the energy.

It was ice cold. He thought of morphing to a polar bear, but as soon as the image came before his eyes, it changed into The Beast.

Animal. Animal. Animal.

He couldn't stop what had started and he knew he shouldn't either. The Beast was his strongest form, and he needed to be prepared.

Animal. Bad Animal. Evil. Evil Animal.

He turned his head, which now was The Beast's head, and tried to locate where the voices was coming from. The Beast's instincts started to act up.

Evil. Evil Animal.

Suddenly something hit him from behind, and he howled as something gashed him along his right ribs.

Go away.


Evil vanish.

"Not without Raven."

Suddenly his paws hit something solid. Ground. He looked around and was surprised to find houses, roads, trees. He hadn't known what he had expected, but nothing so, light.


Gem suddenly sat up, her entire body acing. She got to her feet and ran to the window just as the door opened and one of Azar's minions came in.

"Gem, stay away from the window."

But Gem never listened, and she opened it.

Her heart stopped beating for a moment. She looked down at the Beast standing in the middle of the road. Several people were gathering a circle around him.

"The Beast."

"Azar said you were not to go down to it."

Gem took one of her legs out the window, before turning back to the minion.

"That's not a thing. He's my husband."

Then she threw herself out of the window. A soft scream escaped her lips as she suddenly hit what appeared to be a back energy field under her feet. She looked down at The Beast again as he looked up. A new roar escaping him. She made the energy field go down to him and jumped of it. Landing in his embrace. He hugged her, before flinching.

"You're hurt."

She placed her hand gently on the wound, and suddenly white light healed it. She looked up at him again, and felt her heart stop beating again. He was shrinking, but that didn't scare her. And as human hands wrapped themselves around her she just hugged him back.

"Beast Boy."


"Gem, step away from him."

Raven turned around and faces Azar. Her caretaker and foster mother.



"My name is Raven."

Raven grabbed with her jewel-covered hand his.

"Raven Logan, and I want an explanation to why you grabbed me and took me here."

"Why you ungrateful…"

Azar tried attacking her, but Raven just pushed her back with her black energy.

"I thought the people of Azarath were pacifists."

"And look what happened to us."

Suddenly the light died and uncovered a wasteland of destruction and nothingness. The people turned into light beings. Raven had to turn her face away. She had seen it before.

"You know what your father is capable of, and yet you would risk everything for that girl."

"Logan? She's not strong enough to be the portal. Besides my father is dead."

"How ignorant of you Raven. Trigon was never dead, just banished. And giving birth to that girl, you made it possible for him to contact you again."

Raven just looked at her with her deadpan face, but behind them she was surprised and terrified. Beast Boy squeezed her hand.

"So? We'll just beat him again."

"You only beat him because he let her live. You think he's even considering doing that again."

"Then I'll just not turn into the portal again."

Raven's face fastened with determination.

"How many times must I tell you, you can't stop what is meant to be."

"That was what you told me last time, and we did."

Raven turned her back to the phantom.

"Come Beast Boy. Let's leave."

"Raven come back, you don't know what you are doing."

Raven turned her head and put them straight into the woman.

"I know pretty well what I'm doing. I'm going home to my child. Don't come near her or me again."

Then she said the words that opened up the portal and brought both of them home.