Shadows on The Cherry Blossom

Summary: When Sasuke defeats Naruto and Sakura again, still refusing to come home, Kyuubi sends Sakura back in time to go on the Sasuke Retrieval mission. He thinks that if she will, just maybe she can make it easier for them to bring him home...and back to his original self. [SasuSaku

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Prologue: Kyuubi Can Control Time?!

Normal POV

Naruto and Sakura finally found Sasuke again and they tried to convince him to come home. Of course, even after five years of being away, he refused to do so, resulting in a battle. Naruto was lying motionless at Sakura's feet, unconscious. He was the first one to go down because he took most of Sasuke's attacks to protect Sakura, even though Sasuke couldn't bring himself to kill his former comrades anyway. Sakura herself was currently struggling on her knees and elbows pleading with Sasuke to come home. She knew it wouldn't be long before she blacked out as well.

"Sasuke..."Sakura moaned weakly. "Why...don' can't come home now! If I do, I'll never be able to kill him! Don't you understand?!" Sasuke cut her off.

"" she argued, as hard as it was for her to speak. "You're...all of I...know..."

"But it's not good enough!" Sasuke said loudly. "He's stronger! Itachi's way stronger than you think!" And with that, he used his chakra to knock her out just as he did five years ago. Even so, before she slipped away out of consciousness, Sakura realized that he was going easy on her...a lot, by the amount of chakra he had in his hand...

Sakura woke up to Naruto crouching over her and a slight pain between her shoulder blades where Sasuke attacked her.

"Sakura! Are you all right?" Naruto asked her in a slightly worried tone.

" I'm fine, Naruto," Sakura reassured him, making him let out a relieved sigh.

Actually, he looks a lot worse than I feel. Sasuke apparently didn't go as easy on him, Sakura thought. She now became the worried on. She'd grown really close to Naruto, but he was more like a brother to her. She had no romantic feelings for him, but his well-being meant more to her than anything in the world; that and bringing Sasuke home.

"Naruto, you should be concerned about yourself! Are you okay?" Sakura inquired.

"Yeah, I've been worse," he said, standing up, trying to hold back a wince as he did so.

However, the state of Naruto's body not only affected himself, but Kyuubi as well. (Authoress's note: For those of you who don't know, Kyuubi's the Nine-Tailed Fox) It's kind of like how if your home suffers, so do you. For instance, if you have no running water, it makes it harder to live. Another example would be a parasite and a host, with Kyuubi being the parasite and Naruto being the host. If the host begins to die, the parasite suffers or dies as well. And right now, Kyuubi was suffering just as badly as Naruto. Naruto wasn't hurt very bad psychically, but combined with the mental pain he was going through because of Sasuke, Kyuubi was suffering pretty bad, and he was furious.

Dammit! I am sick of going through this all the time because of Sasuke! As if being imprisoned in here isn't bad enough! Kyuubi thought. It's time I do something about it!

And as soon as those thoughts passed through Kyuubi's mind, he took action. Even if he was imprisoned inside of Naruto, there was still one thing he could do to end his extra suffering caused by that Uchiha...

"Naruto?" Sakura called to him, shocked when he suddenly shot his head straight forward as a psychic does when seeing a vision.

"Naruto, there is something I can do to help you get Sasuke back," Kyuubi's voice echoed in Naruto's mind. It was very rare for Kyuubi to communicate with Naruto at all, let alone help him, but this was for his own purposes. Yes, Kyuubi could talk to Naruto telepathically, and what he just "said" sure caught Naruto's interest.

"Yeah, I'm listening," Naruto "said" back.

"I have the power to reverse time," Kyuubi replied. "But only once can I do so. To help you get Sasuke back, I will reverse time for you. There is no way to stop Sasuke from leaving the village, but I think that if Sakura is allowed to go on the Sasuke Retrieval mission, she might can convince him to come home. I know she talked to him before the mission, but I think that she was getting to him, and he knew it. I think that is why he knocked her out." Kyuubi was a very wise demon, and he was pretty sure of what he just said. He also knew everything going on in Naruto's life. After all, being imprisoned in the boy's body gave him nothing better to do but watch...or sleep, which frankly, wasn't possible with that damn Uchiha stirring up shit all the time!

"Yes, I see, but why would you want to help me?" Naruto questioned suspiciously.

"I have my reasons," Kyuubi replied, dodging the question. "So, do you want for me to do this or not?" He began to grow impatient.

Naruto paused, thinking it over. Kyuubi did avoid my question, but what could he possibly do to harm anyone? He's locked up in my body, for crying out loud! I'm not one to take the easy way out, but it's so damn hard to track Sasuke down, and he's gotten so strong! Sure Sakura and I have gotten stronger too, but his growth rate is unreal! On top of that, all of this is killing Sakura, and I've taken more than my fair share of sufferings as well...

"Yes," Naruto answered at last. "But I want to talk to Sakura about it first."

"Very well. Before you do so, I will tell you more about what will happen," Kyuubi informed him. "When you give your word, I will send you back in time five years, soon before Sasuke leaves. However, I won't just send you and Sakura back, I will send everyone in the world back. It'll be as if the future you are living in right now never existed, because if you do as I say and insure that Sakura goes on the Sasuke Retrieval mission, then the future will be different; or at least your's and Sakura's will be. You also won't remember anything other than all your memories up until five years ago, as everyone else won't. But there is no need to worry, I will see to it that you and Sakura will remember what to do to get your friend back. That is all you need to know. When you are ready, give me the word."

"Understood," Naruto agreed to Kyuubi's terms, snapping out of the trance he was in while conversing with the fox without speaking a single word.

"Naruto? What just happened?" Sakura asked as she let out a relieved sigh when the blank stare in his eyes faded away.

"Sakura, I think Kyuubi has a way for us to get Sasuke back," Naruto said shakily, excited at this news.

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked, hoped that whatever Naruto was talking about would bring her true love back to her.

Naruto told her everything Kyuubi informed him, not missing a single detail. When he was done, Sakura was both astounded and a bit worried, but she agreed to get Kyuubi to reverse time; she would do anything to get her beloved Uchiha back home.

As soon as he got her approval, Naruto focused his mind and sent his thoughts to Kyuubi, informing him to reverse time now.

Kyuubi was ready to do so, leaving these words to echo is Naruto's ears before everyone in the world was sent back in time; and these words were: "Secret demon power: time reversal!"

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