I'm sooooo sorry! *bows a hundred times over* I didn't relize that the rest of my story for "A Uchiha, A Medic, and a Snake" didn't save to the actual story. Please forgive me. I hope that you will like the rest of the story and as a gift for my stupidity I shall write a another story. Let me know if you would like a sequel for this story or if you want me to write a different story with the same characters or different characters. Once again I'm really sorry. TT/-\TT I do have a bit of more good news. I have finished all of "A Fox's Paradise" and I will have it all typed up and online soon. Along with a new story about Sephiroth and Measter Seymour Guado. It was a request from a friend (why a tradgic death for Cloud and Sephiroth finding comfort in Measter Seymour I will never know and why 2 characters from 2 totally different games I will never know.) Anyway I hope you will like it. Please let me know what you would like me to do.