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17 year old, Gabriella Montez is at home, in her kitchen with her mom, Gina, and her sister, Stella, eating breakfast.

"Gabi?" Stella said talking with her mouth full. "Are you working at the hospital today?"

"Ergh with your mouth closed" Gabriella moaned closing her little sister's mouth for her.

"Arrrrrrrrr..." Stella said opening her mouth so Gabriella can see the food inside.

"Your disgusting" Gabriella said a disguted look spreading across her face while she gets up and carries her plate to the sink where her mom is. "And for your informaton, yes i am working at the hospital today"

"Why do you work there? with all those sick people?" Stella asked, swallowing her food.

"Because Stella, it's nice to help people out and let them see a smiley face once in a while." Gabriella said "You should try it"

"No way! I'll probably be dead by the time i get out" Stella commented "Besides im too young"

"True anyway if you worked with me you wouldn't have to worry about the patients killing you, you would annoy me enough that i would end up killing you" Gabriella smirked

"Mom..." Stella moaned "Gabriella is threatening me" She continued in a fake, hurt voice.

"Gabriella don't threaten your sister" Gina said

"Urgh" Gabriella said rolling her eyes. "Take the munchkins side why don't you?"

"Your just threatened that im hotter than you" Stella retorted. "Im 9 and i have a boyfriend...your 17 and you don't!" Stella laughed

"Well, at leats im not a wh-" Gabriella started

"Gariella Montez! don't finish that sentence!" Gina said.

"Sorry mom" Gabriella mumbled. "I better go" Gabriella said picking up her cell phone, car keys and bag. "Cya mom"

"Hello? Aren't you going to say bye to me?" Stella said

"Oh sorry, Bye muchkin" Gabriella whisperd so only Stella could hear.

Gabriella got into her car and pulled out of the drive way, turning her radio on and humming to the song that was playing. Ashley Tisdale - He said, She said.

Gabriella came to a stop and a stop sign and sighed as her phone began to ring.

"Hello?" She answered

"Hey Gabi!" Taylor Mckessie, her best friend said through the phone.

"Hey, Tay whats up?" Gabi replied, moving again.

"I have just got to hospital where are you?"

"Now going to pull into the car park" Gabriella said turning into the hospital car park.

"Good speak soon" Taylor said hanging up.

-10 minutes Later-

Gabriella straightened her hospital uniform and entered the meeting room where she would be assigned the person she would look after, until he/she left the hospital.

Her last patient had just left, an 83 year old man, who was blind and loved Gabriella reading to him and talking about everyday life. He soon left the hospital having fully recovered. Sure Gabriella had, had a patient before who had past away under her care, but she knew that, that was part of the job and nothing she could do.

" Gabriella your assigned to a Mr. Troy Bolton, 17, was in a car accident, loved to play basketball but has sunk into a depression, since he was told he may not be able to play again, due to the fact he couldn't feel his legs." The head nurse said "He refuses to do any physical therapy and frankly doesn't see life to appealing right now"

"Ok...I'll help him" Gabriella said. She knew who the nurse was on about, he went to her school, but she had never spoken to him and he had never acknowledged her because she was a 'geek'

-5 minutes Later-

Gabriella knocked on The hospital door waiting for permission to enter.

Suddenly, the door opened and a young woman came to the door "Yes?" She asked

"Hi, I'm Gabriella" Gabriella said smiling, holding up her ID Badge for proof "I work on the CFY team"

"Oh yes, the Care For You Group!" She exclaimed "We were told, someone might come! Well im Lucy, Troy's Mother"

"It's Nice to meet you" Gabriella smiled

"Well come on in" Lucy smiled back, opening the door more.

Gabriella entered and spotted Troy, laying on the bed, looking at the T.V screen which had MTV on. He had a drip connected to him, cuts and bruises over his face, a cast on his right arm, he looked throughly sad. His dad also known as Coach Bolton sitting next to him, looking worried and distraught. He looked up at Gabriella and smiled.

Gabriella walked forward. "Hey Troy?"

Troy, just lay where he was not even acknowleding her.

Gabriella sighed, she had been trained on how to treat patients like this. "Troy?" Gabriella said calmly

"Troy...someone is here to see you" Lucy said to her son.

Gabriella heard Troy sigh and turn his head towards her. "Yeah?" He said flatly

"I'm Gabriella" Gabriella stated

"Good for you" Troy said turning back to the T.V

"Troy..." Mr Bolton said warningly

"No...I'ts fine" Gabriella said "Troy has every reason to want to be mad, upset and rude" She said slightly, only slightly sarcastically.

"He does?" Both parents asked

"Sure..I mean he has presumbly had the one thing he truly loved, snatched away from him" Gabriella ssaid matter - of - factly. "Am I right Troy?"

Troy turned to her, but said nothing.

"I would be mad...Furious even" Gabriella said "But...I'd get over myself"

"What do you know?" Troy said finally talking.

"I know that people around here are trying to help you...and you don't give a damn" Gabriella said

"Um...Is that nescersary behavior?" Lucy said shocked.

"Leave it" Mr. Bolton said to his wife quietly "She is talking sense into him"

"Im here to help you Troy...Just like your parents and your friends im guessing, and i know you have plenty of friends" Gabriella told him

"How do you know?" Troy asked

"I go to East High..."

"I haven't seen you" Troy told her

"Lets just say im not in the 'it' Crowd" She said, using quotations marks on the 'It'

Troy just stared at her.

"Now wether you like it Troy Bolton...You have to put up with me until you get out of this hospital"


"Im assigned to you, rules state, im with you till you leave" Gabi smiled sitting on a spare seat, crossing her legs and putting her hands on her knees. "And i should let you very patient"

Troy just stared in shock, no one had ever stood up to him like that. "Good" He finally retorted "Because im not in any rush.." He mumbled.

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