By Autumn's Wind

I. Memories

It was already midnight by the time three ANBU were done with their job. The guys they had to kill were really tough and it took them over half an hour to kill them. It wasn't an S-rank mission for nothing. Now, the only thing they had to do is get rid of the bodies.

When they were done, they sat on the ground to rest for a few minutes.

"These guys were so hard to get...we were only three and they were like...fifteen?" one of them said. The others nodded in agreement. But one of the other two couldn't help but let memories flood him.

A 19 years old man was walking towards the gates of Konoha. The guards immediately rose to their feet when they see the figure getting closer and when they realized who that was, they got a shock. it was none other than...Uchiha Sasuke.

He finally decided to come back to Konoha. After killing his older brother, when he was sixteen, he decided he needed some time to clear up his mind and he did that by traveling alone all over the world. He met with his old seven...weeks after he began traveling and they begged him to come back home but he had to explain his reasons this time and they all agreed with the condition of him to come back after a year.

But three years passed after that moment. He was wondering how much did they change and how will they treat him for prolonging his travel. But his thoughts were interrupted when a few ANBU appeared to get him to the Hokage.

They didn't need to drag him throughout Konoha as Sasuke agreed to come with them willingly. In a few minutes they were in front of the Hokage office and they soon entered.

Inside of it, was the Hokage accompanied by Shizune. Tsunade dismissed the ANBU, letting only the Uchiha with her and Shizune.

"You're finally back, huh? You promised to come one two ago and I want a good explanation for this." she demanded with a frown on her face.

"I had a lot of things on my mind and I didn't felt like going back here..." he asked emotionless.

"But you do know that you betrayed Konoha and you know the results of that, do you?" she asked as she put her head in her hands.

"I am aware of that"

"Good, but...since you came back willingly and you are a very skilled shinobi your detention will be shorten, which means you will go to jail for a month, after you get out you will do several community services and you will be able to take your exams if you behave..." the Hokage continued, receiving a nod from the Uchiha.

But as she was about to continue, Naruto popped into the office with an angered yet determined expression.

"You.." he said as he pointed Sasuke "You said you will come back after a year...not THREE!" he yelled the last part.

The Hokage was getting angrier by the minute.

"Naruto, you many times do I have to tell you not to burst into my office and yell like a maniac?" she yelled back. Naruto noticed her bad mood and put a nervous smile on his face before turning back to his old teammate.

"Sorry about that...what are you going to do with him?" he asked.

"I'm sending him to jail" she answered. Naruto froze for a moment, not knowing what to say anymore.

"How long?"

"One month...I had to argue with the elders but they agreed he did us all a favor by killing Itachi and..Orochimaru"

Naruto nodded in agreement.

Sasuke eyed Naruto and expected him to yell and all that, but was surprised when he agreed.

"I see...I guess I can't do anything about it, nor Sakura..."

"This is my final decision..."

"Have you spoken to her?"

"No...she is busy attending a squad that just came back so I'll talk to her later..."

"But..." Naruto tried to say.

"Naruto, I can't interrupt her, you know that"

"Ok...when will you sent Sasuke there?" he asked.

"Today...the sooner he starts to best it is for him, right Sasuke?" the Hokage asked looking at him. He just nodded in agreement.

For the next month, Sasuke sat in jail, as a punishment for betraying Konoha. However, he was very lucky for being the last Uchiha. Being the only user of Sharingan, besides Kakashi, was truly in his advantage. Konoha needed his abilities and he knew it very well. And if it weren't for the fact that he killed two dangerous S-rank missing-nin, who were a big threat for Konoha he probably would have stayed in jail a lot longer... But he still had to be punished somehow for not trusting Konoha and joining the enemy no matter what his reasons were. Also, he had to be an example for all the shinobi. Whoever betrays Konoha is punished.

But he was still pissed off from time to time. He didn't like this place and luckily for him, this was his last day there.

By the time he was about to get out of jail he was greeting by his old team in a complete formula. When he came back he had only seen Kakashi and Naruto, but no Sakura as she was supposedly too busy at that moment to come and see him.

The three of them sat there waiting for Sasuke to come out. Naruto was sitting on a chair with his legs crossed and hands behind his neck. His hair was a bit longer and he was wearing the same orange pants but with a black blouse and the Konoha jounin vest...and he seemed to be...'sleeping?' Sasuke asked himself as he raised an eyebrow at him. Kakashi was sitting on a chair too, still the same with the newest book from the Icha Icha collection. The last one was Sakura who was leaning on the wall with arms crossed and looked pretty tired too, as her eyes were almost closed. Her hair was still short and she had her ninja boots, black shorts, the jounin vest and fingerless gloves, just like Kakashi's.

Sasuke stood there watching the tired shinobi for a few seconds before Kakashi spoke first.

"How long are you going to keep staying there?" he asked a small smile visible through the mask.

"Yeah...don't tell me you enjoyed your staying in prison..." Naruto asked with a grin as he still had his eyes closed. Sasuke just glared at him.

"You guys still haven't changed...after all these years I thought you might have matured a bit, but I see you still have to compete every time..." Sakura said as she turned to face Sasuke. She smiled a bit before saying "Welcome back and sorry if I wasn't there when you came back". He looked at her and somehow was surprised that she didn't hugged him 'til he was out of breath.

Man these people keep surprising him. After all these years looks like everyone has matured and now he wondered how strong they really were.

"Now if you are back why don't we go to the training grounds...just like the old times?" Kakashi asked closing his book and looking over the window. Everyone nodded and they soon they headed towards the said place.

When they reached there, they were flooded by the memories from when they were twelve.

"We were so silly up there" Sakura said as she remembered every single time when she acted like a fangirl of Sasuke's.

"Yup...but we have grown up since then" Naruto said as he looked at the sky with a determined look. Sasuke looked at his teammates and he could feel the nostalgia in the air.


"But we are together again..." Sakura said as she smiled.

" 7 is reunited now, so let's get to work" Kakashi said. The other nodded and got themselves ready.

"Today you are going to learn to be a team again, got it?" he asked while the others nodded.

"You will have that bell test again...I know that for Sakura and Naruto it's the third time we do it but I came with some improvements so don't think that this is going to be a lot easier now..."

"Come on...of course it will be a lot easier now that we have Sasuke with us" Naruto yelled.

"Indeed...that's why I brought reinforcements" Kakashi said with a soft smirk on his face.

"Huh?" Sakura asked. But seconds later Kurenai and Gai appeared next to Kakashi.

"Me, Kurenai and Gai will form a team, while Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke will be the other my team will have the bells and you will have to steal them from us"

"Cool" Naruto said lifting his fist in air.

He still remembered that day well. How team 7 fought to steal the bells from Kakashi, Kurenai and Gai. They fought all day long but after all these years of training they managed to trick them and steal the bells. That was Sakura's idea. By placing an advanced genjutsu on the other team they managed to distract them and before Kurenai could release it the bells were already gone.

They definitely grew stronger over the years. If things kept going like this Naruto would definitely going to be Hokage. It was now two years since he has returned to Konoha and they were all 21 years old. Naruto and Sakura joined Anbu a few months before he came back to Konoha but they went on normal missions from time to time. Sasuke had to pass to chunin, then jounin exam and soon after that he joined ANBU too, so now he, Sakura and Naruto formed a squad.

And the more successful missions they had, the more they resembled the Legendary Sannin and some people often told them that they will be the next Legendary Sannin...

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