It's been almost three months since Saiou and Edo last spoke. Since Edo disappeared, along with Hell Kaiser, Juudai and his friends. For the first week he'd simply assumed that he'd done something to annoy Edo (the temper on that child has always astounded him). After that though, he'd started to worry.

Saiou's used to Edo disappearing, used to how he'd run out every few weeks back when he was still trying to avenge his father. How he'd come back from god-knows-where a few days later, with bruises and black eyes, even bitchier than usual, reeking of blood and alcohol. He'd refuse to let Saiou help clean him up, preferring to hide in his room and lick his wounds. Retaliating like a frightened animal if Saiou ever did try to approah him (and Saiou's pretty sure he still has the scar from where Edo bit him once).

This time is different though. This time Edo doesn't come crawling back. This time people start asking questions. With Hell Kaiser gone too, the press can't help but be interested, and it's all Saiou can do to just tell them he doesn't know anything, that they're asking the wrong person. Leaves out that he's more worried than any of them could ever be.

He doesn't tell any of them that he spends every day hunched over a small table with his tarot deck (not his old one, just a ragged-looking deck he'd purchased since Edo disappeared). Spread after spread wishing that he could still use them to see the future. He knows they're useless to him now, that the order the cards appear really is random now. He's not sure why he still clings to them, especially since they remind him so much of when he was possessed. Of the time when he endangered Edo's life more than the child had ever managed on his own.

But at least Edo was around back then, he muses as he spreads the cards again, asking once more where Edo is. When Edo will come back to him, beaten and bloodied and bitchy, just like every time before. Because he can't quite accept the idea that this isn't the same as before and that Edo might not come back this time.