"Masen Masen." I was being shaken by people around maybe I should just roll over and die no one would have to deal with my stupid mistakes. I looked up to see my fathers bronze hair.

"Leave me alone." I sat up and got to my feet and started walking away, tears were making rivers on my face.

"Don't talk to your father like that young lady!" My mother yelled after me.

"I will leave now." I muttered I knew they could hear me I just kept walking I felt like I was in a trance, nothing could shake me out of it, like staring into darkness and not caring right now death seemed like a very good option.

"Masen get back here." My mother called. I kept on walking right now I was a failure a disappointment. "Masen Maire you get back here this instant."

My mother was crying I didn't deserve her tears, I was the mistake the piece of shit mistake she never needed or wanted George had told me this he was right I was a complete and utter MISTAKE. Words drilled into my brain since my mothers death, well here she was now and crying pleading me to come back.

"Honey we can fix this." She cried, I wanted to ignore her I just wanted to curl up in a ball under a rock and be left there for all of etemity because well age wasn't an occurence for me anymore. I fell to my knees and sobs escaped my lips.

"Oh honey." My mom was by my side in an instant, hugging me stroking my hair trying to make my pain go away, I wanted to scream. Curse everything insight, but I knew this was my fault I knew I did this to myself.

"There's no way to fix this." I cried, someone else kneeled down beside me, I looked over to see my dad. I cried harder I didn't deserve them.

"We'll figure out something." Dad reassured, they were so full of it. At the moment though it felt true nice for an instant.

"I made the mistake, I will deal with it." I stood up, carefully walking over my mother.

"Masen, you were 10, you were a child. What did you think would happen?" My father intrvined grabbing my wrist.

Chuckling was heard behind us, I swiftly turned around, Aro sheet white face peered from behind a tree. "Masen's right, Edward. There is nothing you can do to save this child. She has sealed her fate."

"You think you can get away with this she is my daughter!" My mom screamed. Tears had made rivers down her face. Heidi danced next to her coiling her hand around my mothers neck. This had gone to far.

"LET HER GO." Heidi's body flew through 3 or 4 trees by the time my command had worn off.

"So you have a power also." Aro snickered. "This is going to be entertaining."

My mom's body dropped to the ground, I scrambled to get next to her. Aro on the other hand had different plans he quickly plucked me off the ground like a weed in a garden. "Tsk, Tsk, not so fast."

"Let me go. Let me go." I squirmed, I was crying I just wanted to be with my faimly. I wanted to be normal. But I guess when your thrown into a fam of vamps and lovers you don't get the normal factor!

"Nope, your going to come with me and be a good little girl!!" I was crying full streams now.

"Noooo, Please" Begging was becoming second nature, for me.

"Your coming and thats that." My family stood there. Watching me with those eyes filled with betrayl.

"No, please, don't take my baby." My mom fell to her knees. My heart wrenched in watching her sob, for the worthless thing I was.

"Mom," I cried, My dad advanced toward us and fell on the ground withering in pain. Jane I thought.

"STOP." I shrieked, and the pain subsided, in my father. Jane fell to the ground.

"What the heck?" She questioned.

"It's Masen's power." He smirked, "Right Masen?"

"I plead the 5th." I cried.

"You might as well tell me darling. You'll be living with us for awhile." Aro voice was to cocky for his own good.

"But I don't want to." My breath hitched inside me. Aro's fist went to my stomach and wam, I was out cold.


I watched as my daughter struggled to get out of the grasped of Aro, she tried to wrangle her way out, but after awhile all she could do was cry. I would have been crying to if I had the tears to shed. My daughter was trying to save her mother and got caught up in all the Volturi.

My darling was on the ground crying her eyes out begging Aro to let Masen go. It was Insanity. Then Aro punched Masen right in the stomach knocking her out. That was it the final straw.

"ARO, LET HER GO!" I growled.

"Please, Edward you know all deals are final with the volturi." He snickered.

If, Emmett hadn't grabbed my arms, I'm pretty sure Aro would have a been a pile of ashes, about now. I growled.

"Temper, Temper." Heidi tsked. The Volturi chuckled.

"Shut your mouthes." Rosalie yelled next to me.

"Oh, gosh. What will I ever do?" Jane's evil cackle, scared the crows away. Rosalie doubled over in pain. Aro dropped Masen to the ground.

"Beautiful, Isn't she?" He stroked her cheek.

"Back off." Bella cried.

"I'll give her a special place in the volturi." His smile sent death shudders through all.

"What do you plan on doing to her?" Carlisle whispered.

"I'm thinking..." The silence was killing me.

"WHERE?"I growled.

"Patients is key." Alec giggled.

"don't give me a lesson, where are you taking my daughter?!" Bella screamed. Tears were flowing down her face, I wanted to comfort her, but i also knew what she was feeling. Even if I had only known her for a few weeks. Masen was a huge part of my life now. Her smile, her hair. Her laugh. Everything she became a part of me.

"I'm thinking about making her my..." Silence again.

"WHAT?!" We all screamed.

"My wife." Air whooshed from my lungs