Chapter 12

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With Mai, Aang and Zuko

Okay, so I wasn't in the best mood. The date I had been waiting years for wasn't going to happen because some idiot thought he could cross one of us and get away with it. Growing up, running was something we did all the time. It was the only way we got anywhere so naturally, it was a piece of cake getting from the restaurant to the palace. We didn't expect people to be waiting for us.

"Mai!" I felt Zuko's arms lock around my waist, pulling me close to him, "Where's Aang!?"

"I don't know!" I had to yell over all the chaos, "I lost him!"

"Aang!" He yelled.

"Aang!!" I yelled even louder.


With Azula, Li, Long Feng, and Hakoda

"Your majesty, the avatar has been captured and put behind bars. What are your orders?" The guard was knelt down in front of the king, shaking with anxiety.

"Hold him for now. Do not let him out your sight do you understand me?" Hakoda stood as tall as he could.

"Yes your majesty." The guard scurried away.

I smirked and pulled Li to the side, "You've have finally proved your worth Li."

He scoffed, "I have always had my worth."

I rolled my eyes but decided not to argue with his stupidity. Today is a glorious day; the day that the Southern Water Tribe dies, and the fire nation flourishes. with Li as my figurehead, diminishing this country should be a glorious, easy task. Father will be so proud of me; his prodigy.

"What are you smiling for?"

Li's voice was loud and brash in my ear. I ignored the need to fire-bend him in the groin, "Victory..."

With Sokka and Toph

Before I could spit the dirt out of my mouth or even steady myself, Toph had grabbed my arm and was pulling me along with her, running like a mad man.

"What's going on?" I did my best to straighten myself out while still running.

"Aang! Your father's guards ambushed him!" Her breath was coming in short spasms.

"What! Why would they do that?"

"If I knew I would tell you."

We reached the palace in record time and at the entrance Toph pulled me to a stop. The entire grounds were dead silent, it was almost scary. I was afraid if I broke the silence guards would come pouring out of hidden places, but Toph spoke before I could decide what to do.

"Hakoda has about half his guards watching Aang, and the other half in different stations in and around the palace." She knelt down and placed a hand on the ground, "You'd better go speak to your sister."

With Katara and Ty Lee

I don't know what happened. One minute I was in my room, talking to Ty Lee, the next minute I was barricaded in, doors locked, guards alert. The princess within me took over, "What's happening!?" I stood, "What's going on?"

"Princess," one of the guards knelt before me, "Your father asks that you remain safely in your room, away from all danger."

"Danger!?" I took an angry step forward, "What danger?"

The room was dead silent.

"What danger!"

A guard standing by the door finally decided to speak after a long moment of silence, "Aang... Well princess, a very reliable source has informed us of his deception. His plan to take over this kingdom and assassinate the king is well known. We have the whole situation under control there's no need to worry Princess."

"Assassination! That's ridiculous! I have lived with Aang for more than four years and believe me when I say, Aang would never kill anyone! Period. I thought the idea that he would try and take over this kingdom was a bit far-fetched but assassination..." Ty Lee rambled on behind me though she knew that no one had paid her any mind, all eyes were on me, waiting for my reaction.

Surprisingly, my voice stayed calm, the exact opposite of what I was feeling. "Take me to him."

Was it just me, or did the guard seem to shrink down even lower? "I'm sorry princess, orders are-"

In a flash the guard was pinned to the wall with locks of ice and I was two inches from his face. I lowered my voice, "As your princess I demand you to take me to Aang. Now."

The guard was nodding his head yes before I had even finished the sentence. With one guard on each side of me I made my way down the hallway, I would have plowed right through Sokka if Toph did not grab my arm.

"Calm down Katara. He's fine." She softened up her grip, "Think before you do anything rash."

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Sokka looked frantic and helpless, it was almost heartbreaking.

"I'm fine you guys I just," I took a deep breath, "I really need to see him." I tried my best to stay composed but it was painfully obvious; the pain in my voice.

They nodded simultaneously, "We'll be with Ty Lee."

I continued down the hallway, anxious to get to my destination.

With Aang and Azula

I could hear mice scattering, water dripping, and the clatter my chains made when I moved. I had not expected to hear the click of heels getting closer. I looked up quickly, not sure what I would find.

"You're pathetic." Azula stood in front of me, a permanent smirk on her face.

I chose not to say anything.

"This was too easy."

She knelt down in front of me and lowered her voice so the guards could not hear her. I kept my eyes trained on my feet, "Getting you out the way was like taking candy from a baby. Everyone here is so gullible. It's almost...comical. If putting you, the avatar, behind bars was so easy; your friends shouldn't be that hard either. Hell, even killing the king will be a snap."

My head jerked up and she grinned in triumph, "And if even that is easy we might have to kill your little girlfriend as well. What's the point of having something around when you don't need it anymore?"

I growled, "If you so much as touch one hair on her head I'll-"

"You'll what! Save the day? Come to her rescue on a pretty little lion-horse?" She snorted, "I've got you right where I want you."

She was gone before I could blink and another guard was walking in with keys, "Let's go. We're moving you."

"Why?" I winced as he poked the spear in my back, guiding me to where he wanted me to go.

"There is someone who would like to see you."

He led me to a dark room with two steel chairs facing each other in the middle. He chained me to one and gave me a look before leaving, "Don't try anything wise guy or there will be hell to pay."

With Zuko and Mai, Ty Lee, Sokka and Toph

"Come on, we have to find somebody!" Mai pulled me by the arm and into the palace where everything was even more confusing. It took ten minutes to find the stairs and fifteen to climb them, guards were all over the place.

"Where are we going!?" I pushed my way up so I was right beside Mai instead of behind.

"I'm not sure..."

"What do you think your doing? You can't do this, it isn't right! Let me out of here this instant, I need to help. Aang did nothing wrong!" A loud, familiar voice carried down from the end of the hall and we quickly made our way to where it was coming from.

We ended up stopping right before Katara's door, "Ty Lee?"

"Zuko! Is Mai with you?" he voice drifted closer.

"I'm right here."

The door opened and we were quickly pulled in before it was shut behind us, I felt a sharp object poke into my back, "Don't move."

I took in the scene before me; Ty Lee was sitting on the bed, Mai a couple steps in front of me, "What is going on?"

"These bozos here think Aang is planning to assassinate King Hakoda. How many times to I have to say this, Aang. Is. Innocent!" Ty Lee stood only to be pushed back down by a guard.

Mai's voice was grave and emotionless, "Don't touch her."

"The King has ordered that every door, window, and person in this palace should be watched. We're going to have to keep you three in here." The guard closest spoke. Before anyone could say anything the door busted open, many guards flying in with it.

"You had to do it the hard way." Standing in front of the entryway was Toph, Sokka in tow.

"Toph!" Ty Lee jumped up and ran to her.

There was a flurry of movement around us, I could see a few guards falling to the floor, yelling about the dagger that was shot into their skin. I could see a few more guards go down, screaming about how they couldn't feel their was kicking up dirt everywhere. Just as I was prepared to fend for myself, a loud voice took control.


Everyone paused.

Sokka was standing on a chair, the picture of authority. "This is ridiculous. As your future king, I command all guards to drop their weapons, and stand down."

There was a clatter of metal being dropped to the ground. In seconds, they were all back to surrounding the perimeter. I was free to move to Mai and wrap my arm around her waist.

"Woo hoo for you Sokka. Not so afraid of taking control anymore?" Toph smirked. Of course, it was only her that could turn a completely serious moment into an opportunity to humiliate somebody.

"Toph..." Ty Lee rolled her eyes.

"We have to figure out what's going on. You," I pointed at a random guard, "Who informed the king of the lie about Aang?"

Everyone in the room turned their attention to him.


With Aang and Katara

When the door to the strange room opened, a blinding light shined in my eyes, and before I even had the chance to adjust the light was gone, it was pitch black again. Once again heels clicked on the floor, stopping in front of me. This time I did not even look up. I heard the soft thud of a body sitting on the chair across from me.

"What else do you want from me?" I whispered.

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