She sat there arms around the paper man, his arms also encircling her. He ran his paper fingers through her purple locks, tangling them slightly… if only he could feel her hair itself, smell the lavender perfume, taste her succulent lips…he must, he must or he will go mad with want! The paper man realized to himself, he pushed her on the mattress, his hand tracing the outlines of her leotard. He was eager to find a way to destroy it!-the want was maddening-the want to have her to himself. For…FOREVER-she MUST be his! He grinned and was an decimeter above her lips before


Malcior awoke with a start. Raven had clipped yet another lock on the chest that held him and his brother Rorek.

"Raven" he murmured under his breath. "How many?" he wondered out loud. How many referring to his unspoken question, said question was-How many times had her face, her name, even the bird itself flown threw his mind since she had locked them up in this retched chest for only she knew how long? "I will" he murmured again, "I MUST" He shouted the pages vibrating from the very essence of the magic in his voice. "How?" He whispered again, his brow furrowing in concentration.

"Ahh, talking to yourself again I see." Rorek commented slyly from the sort of doorway between the pages of the 'hall' and Malcior's 'bedroom'. The dragon snarled at him and let out a fireball…that Rorek easily deflected, dang sorcerer.

"Now, now brother no need to take your anger out on me" Rorek chuckled.

Oh how kind and commanding he seamed in the story itself, however, the fact remained…he was a git…it was as simple as that. Malcior found himself agreeing with the git for once

His anger was wasted upon him. He could be much more progressive channeling it at his little and extremely annoying brat of a sister Gwengwendilion-the one whom had made him fall in love with Raven while trying unsuccessfully to get him and Rorek out of the book. To make it worse the poor-magically-challenged-mood-swingy- can never make up her mind-hot-headed-at-times-far-more-trouble-than-she's-worth child had managed to make it so that she could escape and they could not, granted she didn't know how she managed to pull of such a feat but that was no less reason to be angry with her!... right?

As if the answer to his nightmare she materialized into the book, took one look at Malcior, and promptly gave an opera quality screech. She had never particularly liked his dragon form as it scared her to wits end and now she was two feat away from a fire spewing, smoke breathing, bothered, angry dragon form of her brother. She continued screaming oblivious to the fact of a dragon's ultra sensitive hearing. To shut her up he changed human.

She quieted down when she saw her brother-a man in what appeared to be his early 20's or ending teens. He stood 5'9 with a dancer's body, messy shoulder length black hair, and lovely grey eyes.

"DON'T DO THAT" She yelled, then sighed "honestly Mali I don't see what's so great about that stupid dragon form anyways. Why do you have to scare me with it?" She asked

"I'm not trying to scare you-trust me you would be able to tell if I were." He said. "What are you doing here-incessant brat?" He asked.

"Humph and I came all this way to tell you an awesome idea on how to get that Raven to let you out…I still have no clue how you got trapped by a bird but-I figured out how to get her trapped. Malcior opened his ears at that.


"Easily-you just have to make two isty-bitsy-promisies"

"To whom?"

"Her parents-listen she is going to bring her daddy Trigon back-her pop's doubtful she'll do so and her mum is scared she will-so two simple promises will assure her to you."

"I'm listening"

Two weeks later

Malcior stood at the gates to Hell. "Sure this will work?" He asked his sister threw the psychic connection

"Just say what I say" She answered confidently. "Now knock" She ordered. He did

"What do you want?" Trigon asked.

"You have doubt that your daughter will come through with the prophecy-yes?" Trigon nodded

"She is to strong-she will resist it-she will gain power. She will overcome" Trigon admitted his worry.

"Give me this place-you will control the overworld-give me the underworld and her." Malcior said

"What reason do you want a fiery prison and my soon to be useless daughter?"

"I can't go on human land-and my reasoning for wanting your daughter is my own." He reasoned-for once his little sister was doing a good job with coaching him through telepathy.

"You will control her-how you can't-

"I have an outside source to take her power."

"Then if you take away her power you may have her." Trigon answered. Malcior produced a parchment with the agreement prewritten on it and asked for the signature that was needed. Trigon scripted his name. Moments later Malcior was in Azerath before her mother.

"I admit to fear-She is too weak the world will be destroyed." She confided to the dragon before her.

"If I can assure that the world will be safe then will you give her to me?" he asked the woman-still petting the absurd dove worriedly.

"Assure me this and that she will be safe and she is yours" The woman scripted her name on the parchment and walked back inside sobbing as she went.

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