Title: The Perilious Days of Robert Phillip (1/3)
Author: ArcAlatus
Rating: PG-13 (nothing bad, I think - they are kissing, though and, erm, something is implied)
Characters/Pairings: Robert/Giselle, cameo by Sam
Disclaimer: "Enchanted" and all related character belong to Disney and I don't own them or make any money with them.
Summary: Robert is wondering if Giselle knows where the babies come from - and hopes that it won' be him who has to tell her.
Note: English is NOT my primary language. Please bear with me.

It's kind of a epilogue for the movie. There was an interesting conversation on Enchanted's IMDb board about whether or not Disney Princesses know about all the circumstances of children and how they come into the world. Things then got a bit out of control when people started debating if Disney characters have all the anatomical necessities and such, but I won't get into that. I'll assume they know everything about it, but just handle it according to the rules of fairy tales: they get it on while the credits are shown!!! ;)

Furthermore some said that the sweet, nice girls are probably the kinkiest and that, if Giselle doesn't know what's going on in the wedding night, she would acknowledge it with an delighted "Oh my!". If you have time, read about it – it was really funny.

This story, maybe rated PG-13 is about this topic. I had a ball writing it, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it, also.

BTW, English is not my first language, so bear with me.

Day One
by Arc

Robert Philip was a nice guy. Patient. Tolerating. Compassionate. Sometimes a bit cynical, but a loving father. He was a divorce attorney so he was used to every kind of ugly, emotional stuff the world was offering.

He was strong. Nothing could shake him.

However, when a girl named Giselle walked into his life his entire save world turned around and left him falling. For her.

She was the something wonderful that had happened to him. Constantly sparkling. Beaming. A radiant person in every sense of the meaning.

She was a walking, talking, breathing enchantment and though he was burning with love for her and was learning to find out what made her tick, still, she left him with astonishment practically every day.

She was too good to be true, he realized, when he watched her tug in Morgan, his little daughter. Giselle was patient and kind – and loved Morgan as if she was her own.

She was sweet and considerate around him – and funny, but yet, he realized, there was a tiny bit that made him nervous about her.

Giselle was, at times, so good-natured and naïve, he wondered how much she knew about certain things. And he wondered how he was going to ask her about it. How he even should start a conversation about it.

He was a manly man and had been steeling himself for Morgan's sake to have that kind of conversation with his daughter one day. About the flowers and the bees, that is. When Morgan was ready to date being twenty. Or thirty. Or never.

But having to talk about certain things with your girlfriend?

He didn't even know how old Giselle was. She could be twenty, she could be thirty, it was impossible to determine – and didn't they have schools with attached biology lessons on Andalasia, for goodness' sake?

Robert Philip was having nightmares about certain things recently. How he had a conversation with Giselle, blushed so hard that he had to be afraid that one of his arteries might burst and how she stared at him with large, wondrous, innocent eyes and said that one thing:

"Oh, my!"

"You seem not to have slept very well, Robert," Giselle told him one morning. His name rolled melodiously over her tongue in a way that made him -

Robert grabbed his cup of coffee and gulped down a mouthful, wishing once in his life that it was something stronger. "No," he managed. "I'm fine."

"Really?" Morgan poked her breakfast. "You are kinda red. Are you really all right, Daddy?"

Both girls stared at him, until he finally got up. "School," he said. "And I have yet to shower."

Then, he fled the room.

When he arrived at work, Sam opened her mouth to inform him of today's schedule, noticed the look on his face and closed her mouth, only to open it again. Out came nothing remotely connected to today's schedule.

"Are you alright? You seem ill," Sam noted.

Robert rushed through the corridor and nodded with a forced smile at some of his superiors. "'Morning. I'm fine," he whispered through his teeth. "'Morning. Good morning. No really, I'm fine."

Sam stared at him doubtfully. "You seem pale – and there are huge circles under your eyes."

Robert looked at his secretary and stopped when they arrived in front of his office door. Sam was a girl, he realized. Well, she was a woman. But she was his secretary. He couldn't possibly ask her ...

No. No, no, no.

That would be highly unprofessional and unfair, since he didn't want to dump anything personal onto her shoulders. However, being a carrier of the infamous XX-chromosomes, he at least tried to fish for some information.

"You met Giselle, right?"

"From Andalusia?"

"Andalasia. Yes. Exactly."

"The crazy girl?"

"That happened to move in with me?" He raised an eyebrow at her. "Yeah."

Sam didn't even blink. "Crazy, but lovely. What about her?"

"She – erm, did she seem to you anything else but crazy, when you met her?" Robert asked.

Sam blinked, once. "That depends. Am I going to get fired if I say something all too negative?"

"If you just stay polite, I'll reconsider," Robert offered.

Sam laughed. "Well, she was lovely. And cute. And nice, but --"


"She had that kind of attitude ... as if she were from Smallville. Or Oz. Or Narnia. And I don't know how she handles a world like New York," Sam said. She shrugged.

"From what I've seen she doesn't have to get used to the world of New York. The world of New York gets used to her. Remember Mr. and Mrs. Banks?" Robert asked. "Got divorced, argued, screamed at each other and then ..."

There was some awe in the lower layers of Sam's tone. "Yeah. Crazy, huh? Divorcing over some baseball card and now on a plane to Hawaii for a second honeymoon."

Honeymoon, Robert thought. His mind travelled towards a white, sandy beach, the azure sea, Giselle, wearing a red bikini, laughing, throwing water at him, the hotel room, the sleeping arrangements, a king-sized bed ...

A moment of silence, then: "Thanks, Sam." Robert entered his office and left the world behind, breathing heavily.

"Oh God. Oh - oh God. I have to tell her. I have to talk to her." He took another deep breath. "I mean, they do reproduce on Andalasia somehow, don't they? She had animal friends – they do reproduce, too. She has to know something about it. Right? Right?"

He buried himself in work. Until the afternoon, that was --

It knocked on his door. The files, the papers formed mountain ranges and Robert was climbing something which seemed to be the Eiger north face.

"Come in," he called, expecting Sam.

It was Giselle.

"Hello, Robert." She smiled warmly at him. She was wearing her self-made flower dress and had her hair in a pony tail.

'Hello-Robert' felt an ever growing warm sun evaporating in his stomach. "Giselle," he greeted her, while getting up. He fixed his tie nervously. "What are you doing here?" Then, he noticed the tray: A sandwich, a cup of tea, a salad and a single, yellow flower in a small vase.

"I wanted to visit you and Sam was about to bring you your lunch and so I offered to hand it over." There was a certain amount of insecurity in her smile. "Not good?"

"Wha – no! No, that's great. Perfect, really," he got up and moved stuff from one corner of his desk to another until there was enough room to place down the tray.

After placing down the tray, she straightened her posture again and turned towards Robert, smiling, only to be pulled by him into a bear hug.

It was so good to feel her, especially when he noticed The Glaring Himalaya Mountain Range of Paper Work (tm).

"Are you fine?" she asked, her voice muffled.

His grip tightened a bit. "I'm fine. I'm just --" Taking a huge breather of jasmine, and sunshine and forest, he held her at arm's length, searching for her eyes. "It's been a really exhaustive day," he told her. "Two divorces before breakfast, lots of paperwork, people screaming at each other, screaming at, well, me ..." He shook his head.

Compassion was gleaming in her eyes when she draw him in again for a hug. "I'm sorry that things are so stressful lately," she said earnestly. "And I am sorry that I am no help at all."

He grinned against the side of her neck. "You're more help than you know, Giselle."

He fell back into one of the seats, usually reserved for his 'costumers', taking Giselle with him. She giggled and hugged him even harder, then found a quite agreeable position on his lap.

"This is comfortable," she announced, smiling at him. She hesitated and added: "You are comfortable."

She turned away to reach for the tray but Robert noticed her blush anyway.

"I brought you a club sandwich, Greek salad and Sam said that you drink too much coffee, so she chose to make you some tea," Giselle explained happily. "Is that fine with you?" There was hope in her eyes and Robert grinned.

"It's perfect – and even more so since you brought it." He stole a quick kiss from her lips and then attended the food. "Aren't you hungry, too?"

"No. Today, I went to a place called Delhi's Delicious and tried something called Laddoo. It was very, well, delicious," she smiled. "So, go ahead."

"Had a nice day? Any singing?" Robert asked, while opening the sandwich's package.

"Well, no. It was tempting, but no. Furthermore it's not so much fun when you're not around." She smiled and watched Robert biting into his sandwich. "I met Clara again – the woman who met Edward on the bus? She was so unhappy, all alone, but soon, she is going to marry Harry."

"Harry?" Robert asked, munching. He had a vague idea about what was to come.

"Yes, Harry," Giselle told him happily. "They met in the park today. We're invited to their wedding. They are such a cute couple: she is eighty-two and he is eighty-nine and they are so much in love."

There was something magical about her, most definitely, while chewing on the sandwich and finishing off the last piece.

She continued. "It's really nice to make new friends and – oh." She smiled and reached up with her hand to touch his chin. "You are making such a mess." She reached for the napkin and turned back to remove a bit of tomato from his chin. The moment her skin made contact with his, he felt the bolt of electricity.

And he knew she was feeling it, too.

There was a long moment between them and Robert watched breathlessly as her hand wandered over early stubbles on his chin, up towards the side of his head.

He carefully removed the napkin from her hand and drew her closer.

"You - you had something on your chin," she whispered when their noses touched. Her eyes fluttered close and she sighed softly.

He felt the tip or her nose softly gliding over his cheek and suddenly, he remembered high school. The butterflies, the exhilarating feeling ...

Her warm breath touched his lips when he kissed her and pulled her closer. She was awfully skinny, he realized, and light as a feather. Her lips were so warm, so inviting – and he almost accidentally bit her out of shock when he felt her inadvertently grind against him once.

After that, things got a little out of control.

He deepened the kiss, while she flung her arms around his neck, pulling him towards herself. Clothes were the only things separating them now, and Robert wondered for a moment if she, in the face of his desperation, knew, after all about it.

Maybe certain movements didn't happen inadvertently after all.

And just in that very moment, someone had to knock on the door and both of them, out of sheer surprise that someone beyond them existed on this world, toppled over, along with the chair.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Now, you have tomato all over your --" Giselle said, laying atop of him.

"I know, I know," Robert said.

Giselle tried to remove the tomato from his suit and tried to get up at the same time while chattering endlessly about how sorry she was.

Robert grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him. "It's okay. It's okay, Giselle. I'm fine, really. Just my pride hurts a bit."

"But you are --" She looked at him with those huge, helpless eyes.

"Giselle," he interrupted. "Everything is just fine. And no matter how much I'd like to continue --" It knocked again, this time more fiercely. He closed his eyes for a second, then looked back at the girl in his arms. "No matter how much I'd like to continue this, we have to get up."

She smiled cautiously at him, but when she saw all the love and affection in his eyes, her smile grew to a full fledged grin. "Fine," she said and helped him to get up.

Sam finally came in, left some files on his desk and hurried out to get a spare suit for Robert, while Giselle was innocently sitting on one of the chairs, her legs folded under her. She watched Robert with a dreamy and thoughtful smile and he looked up from all his papers for a second and winked at her.

Giselle blushed and smiled back.

Small wheels had started to turn behind her forehead.

End Part One.