By: MikaUchiha

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN NARUTO...Sasuke does.

Naruto is shaking his ass in the living room while wearing a Sailor Moon outfit. At that time, a seme named Sasuke walked into the living room.

"Uh...dobe. What the hell are you doing!?"

Naruto turned around.

"What do you mean," Naruto asked ever so innocently.

"You're in a Sailor Moon outfit."


"It's kinky. Get it off!"

"So. That's the whole point."

Sasuke let his eyes roam over Naruto's body.

"Hello. My face is up here."

"Naruto. I'm giving you ten seconds to run before I screw you senseless."

Naruto ran for his virgin ass, with Sasuke right behind him. Naruto ran out the door and into the village.


And that is the story of why Naruto hates Sailor Moon.

I got bored. Mika is outta here.