Amityville Horror: High School Musical Style

Six Best Friends are about to embark on a whole new adventure

"What's that?" (Shows Sharpay pointing at an old vacant house)

Soon they make the biggest mistake of their lives...

"I dare you to go in there" Troy sniggered.

"Only If we all go together.."

The door slams shut...

(Shows the big door close on its own)

And it won't open...

(Shows Troy kicking the door in frustration)

They're scared...and trapped

(Shows the girls clinging onto their boyfriends)

They split up, to try and find an exit...

"Found anything?" Troy asked.

They find nothing until...

"Oh my god! Sharpay & Gabby look at this.." Taylor said.

They find an old picture...

(Shows Troy holding a framed photo with a picture of two girls, the image of Sharpay & Gabriella)

Secrets will be revealed...

"What happened here?" Ryan whispered

Blood will be shed...

(Shows the gang walk into a bedroom, dry blood everywhere)

And maybe, just maybe...

Lives will be lost

(Shows Gabriella and Sharpay clutching onto each other in a corner)

Witness it all

(Shows Gabriella and Sharpay crying)

"What do you want?"



Amityville Horror: High School Musical Style