As the gang stood in shock, Brad walked into the room.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked innocently.

"This" Chad replied before handing him the photo.

Brad looked at it; He pretended to look shocked, even though he knew exactly what this was.

"Wow, umm that's bad?" He struggled to find something to say.

"No shit Sherlock!" Troy rolled his eyes.

Sharpay playfully nudged him.

"Troy, I'm scared." She grabbed his arm and hugged him tightly.

"I am too, honey." He whispered back.

Gabriella held on to Ryan tightly.

"Guys, we're still stuck in this house." Taylor pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess we are, come on let's try to find a way out again" Sharpay added and the gang went their separate ways.

-With Taylor Chad-

Chad strolled around the corridor, biting his nails. For the first time in his life he was afraid. He didn't want to admit it but he was. Chad Danforth was absolutely terrified. Suddenly something hit his head.

"Ow!" He shouted and picked up the object that had hit him.

"What?!" Taylor exclaimed.

"This just hit me!" He replied, rubbing his temples and gave her the object.

"Oh my god." She whispered.

"What?" He answered,

"It's my cell phone. The one that mysteriously flew across the floor earlier." She explained.

"Right?" He said.

Taylor looked at it and gasped. "Oh my god Chad will you look at this!" She passed him the phone.

"Shit..." He whispered.

The phone's screensaver, normally a happy picture of Taylor and Chad together was now a black background with red writing. The writing said:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Tell Sharpay and Gabriella

"I'm coming to get you..."

"Who's doing this?" Taylor whispered.

-With Ryan and Gabriella-

Ryan and Gabriella wandered down the hall of the middle floor until they came to a room. Wearily, Ryan opened the door and he wandered into a bedroom, followed by Gabriella. He looked around for a little until he was stopped by Gabriella's voice.

"Hey Ryan, check this out." She said and Ryan walked over to her.

"What?" He asked her curiously.

"Look at this." She repeated, slightly irritated.

"What is it?" He asked, looking over her shoulder.

"It looks like a photo album." She replied.

He walked around her and they opened it. They looked at a photo and noticed that it was torn in half. One half was of a tall, brown haired man. He had forest green eyes and looked about 40. He was smiling and was quite attractive. The other half was only a body as the face was scribbled out. But Gabriella and Ryan could tell that it was the body of a woman. They wondered why it had been torn in half and they wondered why the face had been scribbled out. Gabriella took the photo out and turned it over and read the back.

Jennifer Montez and Stewart Jones.

Gabriella gasped.

"Ryan what is Brad's second name?" She asked,

"Jones." He replied, obviously shocked.

"Ryan." Gabriella said softly.

"Yeah?" He replied, not paying too much attention, he was more shocked with the picture and why this man had Brad's surname.

"Jennifer Montez was my grandmother's name." Gabriella whispered.

-With Troy and Sharpay-

Sharpay paced the corridor of the top floor. They had checked every room except one. The bathroom. Suddenly they heard a noise. It was a soft, trickling noise and it was coming from that very room.




The noise got louder as Troy and Sharpay walked towards the bathroom door. Suddenly the noise was clear. It was the shower. The water trickled softly, as if the shower wasn't completely turned on. Troy's hand shakily hovered over the door handle as he slowly pushed the door open, Sharpay hugging his waist from the behind.

Sharpay gasped. The bathroom was only small and the floor was filled with red blood. It was everywhere but maybe the most terrifying was that it was on the shower curtain and it was in the shape of a hand print.

Troy carefully dodged the pool of blood, Sharpay following him and shakily put his hand on the shower curtain; He took a deep breath but was stopped by Sharpay.

"What are you doing?" She hissed.

"We have to find out what's going on Pay!" Troy whispered back.

"I'm so scared." Sharpay cried softly.

"I Know, I am too." Troy replied.

His hand went back to the shower curtain. He took a deep breath and pulled the curtain over. Sharpay's hand slapped to her mouth and she rushed to the toilet where she was sick. Troy clenched his eyes shut and looked to the side.

The sight wasn't pretty. There was a naked woman, about their age, slumped against the wall of the shower. The water was still trickling and they could see the blood rushing to the drain where it was disposed of. The woman's throat was slit and blood was pouring from her wounds. The water from the shower soaked her blonde locks. Her body was bruised and she had razor blade cuts on her body. Her body lay motionless on the cold tile, the blood drowning her small, dead body.

Troy reached down and touched her hand. It was still slightly warm, that's when it hit him. She must have died today, otherwise she would have been bone cold and her body would have been rotting a little. But what was she doing in the house? And who killed her? Sharpay looked and Troy and Troy looked at Sharpay, one thing going through their minds..

There's a murderer in this house...