Just a little something I thought of while I was supposed to be studying for midterms.
I always get great ideas around this time of year.
If anyone wants me to continue this story, please tell me.
I need to know if it is worth continuing.

College: Impossible


Getting to class on time was like mission impossible at this point. She knew it. And on the way, she was going to let the rest of the campus know it.

Forget waking up late, try having your entire dorm room an absolute disaster zone from the party that your roommate just HAD to have the previous night. As an added plus, she couldn't find any of the books that she had bought the days before for her classes. The best part about it though, was that they were COMPLETELY out of food.

"My god, what the Heck did I tell that woman? We are in our senior year of college and she doesn't get the concept of cleaning up after herself YET?!" she told her while trying to find some clothes that weren't either covered in food or strewn about the floor. "Why do I continue to allow her to convince me to be her roommate year after year?"

She finally found a pair of jeans that seemed wearable. She also found a dark green tank top and a black and white polka-dot ¾ sleeve shirt to go on top. She grabbed her black coat and her hat and threw them on a part of the coach that seemed clean, and returned to her room. After another 10 minutes of grueling searching, she found most of her books.

Without even thinking about eating anything, she brushed her long chocolate brown hair, threw on her hat and coat, and ran through the door.

James Bond, secret agent, has got nothing on Tenten, senior college student.


I know its short but it was a really quick Idea I thought about while studying for midterms.
Please tell me if it seems like a good idea.
I promise the chapters are going to be longer once I get some responses from people. (that are good)


Oh, and of course I am going to make it a neji/tenten fic. I'm just not sure what other pairings I am going to put in yet.


All suggestions will be considered.