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College: Impossible
Chapter 4

Tenten sat. And she waited. And then she waited some more. Looking down at her watch, she already knew the time, but decided to check once again: 5:45.

"Gosh darn it, for the first time in my life I am actually early for something, and I'm bored out of my mind." She figured she would wait until her friends had gotten there to eat dinner, so she sat.

See, Tenten was so afraid of being late for dinner that she rushed out of her dorm, without checking to see if Kari or Sai had left yet, and ran her way down to the main hall café. Now we see Tenten, sitting at a table all by her lonesome, bored. She had left her hair down with a black ski hat on her head. She had changed into a long sleeved green shirt and jeans after her shower earlier in the day, and didn't bother changing it.

Her attention was on a stray piece of fabric on her sleeve when suddenly she felt like she was being watched. She stopped and looked up at the man standing in front of her. It was Neji. He was just standing there, watching her.

"Hi. Do you remember me?" Tenten stood up.

"I believe you are the girl who insisted that she had seen me before that I met earlier. You are in two of the same classes as me and you know my cousin, Hinata. Your name is Ten…something."

"Oh, close but no cigar! Ha-ha," She laughed dryly, but stopped when he did not join her. She coughed. "Well, my name is Tenten. And you are Neji. Nice to meet you formally." She stuck her hand out once again and he hesitated once again.

She sat down. "So it's only 5:50. You are here early. Is that a normal thing you do?" Wow she was being awkward. And she realized it. Why was she acting awkward? He seemed to have noticed it as well.

"I try." After that they just sat there, at an impass, an awkward silence. What is going on here? Why can't I talk to him? This is too weird.

Soon enough, Hinata, Kari and Sai arrived, (much to Tenten's dismay). Naruto had of course arrived late.

"Sorry I'm late guys, but Kakashi-sensei kept me in class over time because I fell asleep in the middle of a lecture."

"Well no wonder. That's his job. Come over and pop a squat Naruto." As Naruto walked over to our table, Tenten failed to notice Neji giving her a questioning look. "Naruto, I'd like to introduce you to two new members of the team, this is Hinata, and her cousin, Neji." She pointed to the Hinata and Neji, and then they got on with dinner.

It turns out that Tenten was able to learn a lot about Neji without even speaking to him. He didn't talk much throughout dinner; he sat and ate, and gave a reassuring nod every-so-often, but rarely spoke. He seemed to have this protective outer shell, not allowing anyone in since his replies were curt and disappointing at times. For some strange reason she was drawn to this man though, and she wanted to figure out who he was.

The rest of the team seemed to be getting along fine. Kari spoke to Hinata for most of the dinner, and Naruto seemed a little more mellow than usual. He sat and watched Hinata and Kari talk for most of the night, in a sort of stupor. Sai of course sat and ate quietly, stealing a glance every so often her way. The times that she had really noticed him she gave him a dirty look that said "leave-me-alone-you-perverted-bastard." It amazed her how no one ever really noticed this, but she blamed it all on the ignorance of humans.

The only ones who really spoke that night were Hinata and Kari, which was pretty unusual. Between Sai's glances and Naruto's silence, Tenten had soon started to get this awkward claustrophobic feeling.

"I'm going to get some fresh air." Tenten stood up and strode out the door. No one in the group had really taken notice of her absence, besides for one person, who soon after followed Tenten out the door.


It was dark out. Tenten sat on the steps of the main hall, silently lecturing herself about wearing jackets when it gets cold. She hadn't noticed that someone was followed her out café.

As she sat, her thoughts quickly went back to that Hyuga boy. Neji Hyuga. He was an interesting one alright. She would have to ask Hinata about him later. She wanted to know a little more about him before she actually attempted a conversation.

While she sat and thought, she was interrupted by someone's shadow that was cast over her own. She quickly stood up and turned around, and was greeted with a sight she was all too familiar with.

"What happened to you staying the hell away from me?"

"What can I say? I like women who play hard to get." Sai walked towards her.

Tenten jumped right into a fighting stance. "I suggest you stay away from me. My years of study have taught me how to whip you in a matter of seconds." He ignored her warnings. "Fine then. It's your choice."

Before Tenten could land a finger on Sai, scratch that, before she could blink, someone had found their way in between Sai and her. His back faced Tenten and he gave a blank expression Sai's way.

"I believe you should take her warning and please leave before you have an audience."

Sai's attention was soon drawn to the people who began to leave the cafeteria to walk back to their dorms. He glanced back at his opposers, and walked away.

It took a moment for Tenten to realize who her "savior" had been, but when he turned to face her, it was clear.

"Neji? What are you doing here?" Tenten now felt her heart skip a beat and felt the strange sensation of being out of breath.

"I was curious as to why Sai had followed you out the cafeteria, so I came to investigate. Just thought you might need some help so I stepped in. Care to explain what just went on?"

Tenten's fluttery feeling soon turned to a growing anger. "What are you talking about needed some help? I was perfectly fine in handling the situation by myself thank you very much. Where do you get off acting like you just saved the day?"

Neji just stood there, mesmerized. No one had ever spoken to him in that way before. He was almost flattered, like her would ever admit that. While he stood, blankly, Tenten watched him for a moment, turned around and left towards home.

It took a few moments for Neji to recuperate, but when he realized what had just happened, he almost wanted to laugh.

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