"Aang," Katara slightly wispered. She placed her hand on his back. He yanked away, scooting on to Appa's satle. There was barly any room now that the youngest of the group of Fire Nation fighters were all on. "What?" he mumbered sharply. "It wasn't your fault," Katara said as sincerly as she could. Still she couldn't help being offended by Aang's attidude to her. "Yes. It is. All thoose people are imprisoned. All because of me. I could have done more. But I didn't," Aang was quiet and calm, but Katara could tell how mad he was at himself. " Aang..." Katara began to say, but she was cut off. "You let me! You let me abondon our friends! Why didn't you say anything?" Aang yelled at her. And then he said something. One thing that hurt Katara the most. One thing that made her forget for a moment about their friendship, their laughter, their jokes, even their kiss.

"I hate you."

Aang's POV

Why? Why did I just say that? I'm making no sense.

Katara. She looked hurt. Katara turned her back to me. I'm stupid. Really stupid. I mean, WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY??!!!?? And more importantly, why?

"I'm sorry," I wisper. I don't think Katara heard me. I don't think it matters either. Katara will probley never talk to me agian! Katara turns around. "I'm-" I try to say, but she cuts me off. "I see an island."

And that was that