Chapter 2

The sun peaked out form the horizon. They were about to land! Aang busied himself by waking everyone up. "Appa. Take us down buddy," Aang said pealing Appa's eye open. They only need him awake for a few more minutes. "Aang. This island could be riddled with Fire Nation soilders! Or crazy people. You know that 'I'm not insane' look crazy people give you." Sokka said. " Ohhhh," Katara repiled, " so that's the look I've gotten from you my whole life."

Aang and Katara brust into hystericly laughter. "Wow, really muture guys, Sokka mumbered. " Toph. We're about to land. "Yes!!!!! It's about time! No offence Appa, but your not exactly a smooth ride around the Kingdom," Toph yelled. " Okay, okay. I hear you. I'm right next to you." mumbered Sokka. "It's not like I can tell!" Toph fought defensivly back.

Appa land with a thud. Toph, feeling the ruff landing, jumped off. "Freedom!!" Toph sighed. She flung herself into the sand.

" You and Sokka stay here with the others. Katara and I will go and try to find a market. As early as it is we should find one just about to be set up. We can get all the fresh stuff before they run out." Aang said to Toph. "No," Katara erupted, " I'll go with WITH TOPH, NOT YOU!!!!!!!"

Crap. Aang was going to apoligize to Katara, and that was the perfect oppertunity.

Little did the Katara and Toph know, they were going to meet more than a new exsotic fruit at the market...