Chapter 1- Engineering Deck

The transport shuttle shock as it entered the gravity well of the orbital station Areston, holding orbit over Drandi III. Selura, a female siren of the planet Minos, a distant planet in the Dahan System, sat in the passenger bay of the transport shuttle. The shuttle touched down in the stations hanger bay, the dampened impact resonatingup through the ship, sudden movement of the craft threw Selura off her delicate balance, forcing her into the muscled shoulder of the Kasvogorian sitting next to her. She glanced up at the figure, he simply replied with a low, angry grunt. She lowered her gaze to the floor, not wanting to irritate the beast further. The craft clanked as it lowered into the docking bay, its landing gear touching the deck.

The shutter doors of the shuttle parted, a bright flash of light filled the dark confines of the craft. Selura stepped down the ramp with the wave of other aliens as her bare feet met the cold metal sheen of the hanger floor. She spread her wings and flapped them in the open air, flexing her cramped muscled. "Ahh, finally" She sighed to herself.

The hanger bay was filled with a fleet of cargo, passenger, medical ships and even some military fighters scattered throughout the hanger. Each had a variety of aliens moving to and from them, even some Scuzzer drones hefting crates and equipment.

The other passengers began walking towards the bulkhead doors which lay at the side of the hanger, she followed suit. The doors parted and the passengers stepped into the turbolift which would

before her stood the turbolift up to the station, she took one last look back at the shuttle as it rose off the deck, it's engines flaring blue. The lift rumbled as it slowly rose up the tube, draping the four inhabitants in total darkness. The lights of the walls flashed past her eyes as the lift rose past each floor. Above them the top of the tube broke into sections as a blinding flare broke through the shadows. Selura slammed her eyes shut to avoid the pain as a sharp hiss punched through her ears.

Her eyes parted as she was met with a bustling utopia; everywhere she looked she saw machines of a grand design or the high tech facilities of a bustling civilization. She stepped off the elevator plate as the dome around it slammed shut over it, lowering back down into the lower decks of the station. Selura stared at the gigantic machine that lay before her, the extensions of the machine surrounding the glowing jewel in the centre resembling the petals of a flower surrounding the shimmering bud.

She spun on her heels, gaping at the size of the station and everywhere she looked she saw a new facility or a monument to a glorious race. She gapped at the banner that hung from the station wall; the red fabric wavering from t-. Suddenly something slammed her in her stomach as she stumbled backwards, collapsing to the floor. "Hey! What th…?"

She looked over to where she once stood to see a small yellow droid carrying a bright red ands white crate between its stubby arms. The droid took a quick glance towards her before walking on, oblivious of her. Selura rose to her feet watching as the little droid went about its work. She continued past the docking port towards a large grated fence, past it laid a set of enormous bulkhead doors engraved into the floor. A deafening siren rattled through the station as the bulkhead doors parted. She slammed her hands against the side of her head, her ears ringing with the sudden blare. A large gust of wind flew into the station, Selura grabbed onto the railing for support her wings being pulled with the flow of the wind. As the atmosphere settled she watched as an enormous ship was dragged onboard by a large arm, the siren screaming through the station once more. The ship hung from the support as a pipe linked the ship to the docking port. Selura watched as a team of those small yellow robots boarded the vessel carrying crates and supplies. It was at that point she realized just how little she knew of life on this station.

After walking through the station aimlessly she came across a tourist booth, taking her datapad from the pouch on her waist she inserted it into the booth, downloading files containing information on the station. She pressed one of the keys on the pad as a holographic display of the station rotated before her. She clicked another button as the image zoomed towards the station breaking past the outer hull into the interior decks, showing a 2-D map of the facility showing a flashing green light displaying her location. A scroll of text appeared over the image, listing all of the services and facility's offered on the station. Her stomach growled, finally realizing she hadn't eaten since touching down on the station. Only one dining establishment was listed, the Dine-O-Mat. A red dot flashed on the map, indicating its location. "Guess I've got no choice" She thought to herself.

Following the directions on the map she finally came across a flashing vendor, she approached one of the vendors as she inserted an energy chip into the receptacle. The machine hummed to life as a cluster of small white cubes fell from the dispenser. She scooped one of the cubes into her cupped palm, placing it on her tongue. A sense of utter disgust ran through her, these cubes tasted as delectable as styrofoam. It may have been a design flaw or it may have not been designed for her species but these cubes were about as appealing to her as a Groulien-Salt-Hog after a shift in the asteroid mines of Stupak IV. She placed the rest of the cubes in the pouch on her waist.

As Selura continued to tour through the station she noticed that she was receiving a series of glances from the other station inhabitants, most likely due to her skimpy blue jumpsuit that exposed her long slender legs and strong, taut back. She eventually came across a bench to sit down on and rest. She sat down and removed one of the Din-O-Mat cubes, placing one in her mouth and chewing it while checking the tourist data she had acquired. As she scanned through the contents she noticed the pride and joy of this stations living quarters, Palace Galactica. She checked the map to see the station had a second accessible level, known as the entertainment deck, accessible by a selection of lifts at the rear of each segment. She turned to see the passage to the entertainment deck. A line of aliens stepped onto a strange platform as they were lifted into the air, and disappeared through a hole in the roof. She approached the plate, stepping onto it a feeling of complete weightlessness came over her as she was vaulted into the heavens, finally being consumed in shadows.