Chapter 3- Bio Deck

After a night on the station she retired to her room inserting the keycard into the door, slamming her waist satchel down on the chair and flopping onto the bed. She curled up her wings around her as she drifted to sleep with her mind filled with memories of cocktail bars, packed disco's and Sakura.

Selura rolled in her bed as the rays of light of the entertainment deck flashed through the silk curtains that flapped against the windows. Her eye lids parted as she shook her head clear, rising onto her elbows. She watched out the window as the dozens of alien species walked freely through the deck below her.

She slid out of the bed stretching her cramped muscles and fluttering her wings through the air. She walked towards the mirror on the desk, clad in a pink night gown the hem fluttering with each step she took. She sat down on the chair, brushing her tattered hair back into place. She smiled as she watched herself transform from bed hair to Dahenese Siren.

She rose from her seat as she pushed the bands of her night gown off her shoulders, letting garment fall to the floor. Selura strode through the room feeling the breeze against her bare skin, reaching into the closet and pulling out a fresh jumpsuit. She slipped the garment on as the straps of the suit slid snuggly onto her shoulders.

She approached the table as she removed an apple from the bowl, biting into the soft flesh as she removed her datapad from her pouch, skewed across the bed. She tapped the buttons searching the tourist files for something to do. Something quickly caught hr eye, the BIO deck. She clicked the named as images scrolled across her screen, showing the simulated snowy ice fields of the grey home world of Kergan VIII, the fiery desert wasteland of Galipili. She slammed the datapad closed sure of her decision.

As the feeling of gravity returned as Selura's bare feet once again met the cold plate. Before her lay the clear grasslands of Capeck III, each delicate blade wavering in the artificial breeze. She stood at the base of a large hill, the summit shielding her gaze from what lay beyond it. She walked up the hill, each step shining more light over the rim of the hill. She finally reached the top, her eyes beaming at the sight before her. Before her a laid a blend of different terrains and hundreds of different species of aliens walking, flying and sliding across the smooth terrain. Selura screamed with delight throwing herself over the edge, rolling down the bank of the hill.

She rolled to a stop at the base of the hill; she grabbed a tuft of grass enjoying the feel of it in her palms. She raised her back off the grass, a thin layer of stubborn grass still clinging to the back of her jumpsuit. She walked through the lush green savanna, enjoying the artificial breeze that swept through the terrain. She climbed across the rim of a bank, looking down on the artificial lake below her. She dived from the top of the bank, splitting the water on impact; she surfaced her hair flinging back against her head. She felt the cold beads of water run down her figure, enjoying the battering of the waves against her stomach. Her winged wafted as she pushed her way across the water. She laid her head back, letting the slow current of the water take her. As she slipped into another world her train of thought was swiftly broken. Her head hit something in the water, flailing her arms in a vain attempt to keep herself afloat.

"Hey what the…?" Selura scrambled onto her feet staring back at her past friend, Sakura. She stared slack jawed at the siren before her.


"It's you, from the love nest?"

"Yeah, you gave me this" Selura reached into her pocket, recovering the name tag in her pocket, holding it up to her. Sakura smiled at her. "I'm Selura"

"I'm Sa… well I guess you already know my name"

"Nice to meet you" Sakura looked across the lake, as if scanning for an invisible threat.

"Let me show you something" She held out her hand, Selura cupping it in hers accepting her offer.

"So what was it you wanted to show me?"

"Wait and see" Sakura walked towards the mainframe that controlled the enormous steel bulkhead doors that blocked their path. She played with the wires, sparks flying from the console. A blinding flash ran through the area, the doors screeching apart. Sakura returned to selura's side, watching as the doors sunk into the nano soil. Sakura walked into the new terrain, oblivious of the line of warning signs and flashing lights that screamed WARNING: CONSTRUCTION AHEAD. ACESS TO UNAUTHORISED PERSONAL DENIED

Selura followed closely behind her, nervously scanning around, watching as the scuzzers continued with their work. Unaware of their presence. "Are you sure we're allowed here?"

"Of course…" Sakura reached into her pocket, holding out a card with her picture on it. "…I work here"

Selura and Sakura continued through the unfinished biodeck sections. In some areas the droids carried construction materials; in others they welded plates onto the hull. They continued into the next segment, this one devoid of scuzzers. "We're going up there"

Sakura pointed to the top of a freezing mountain that lay before them. She watched the small beads of snow pelt onto the frozen landscape, the foot of the mountain encircled in a small ring of water. "You're serious?" Sakura gave her a devilish grin.

Selura dug her toes into the notches in the rock, pulling herself up the rough mountainscape. The rock under her foot slipped free from the rockscape, Selura felt herself free falling down towards the pool of water below her. She slammed her eyes shut, ready to feel the blunt punch as she slammed into the icy water, the punch that never came. She opened her eyes too see herself looking across at the black void of space past the outer window. She glanced down to see her feet dangling below her, the water rippling meters below her. She looked up to see Sakura gripping her wrist, saving her from her watery demise.

"Watch your step" Selura smiled up at her, gripping onto the rock once more. "The best parts at the top"

They continued their ascent up the frozen landscape. Sakura stepped up onto the snow covered peak, hauling Selura up behind her. Selura collapsed onto the snow driven rock. "Ok so what did you bring me up here fouwwrer…."

Selura stared in awe, beyond the transparent glass layer that sealed them within the station a blood red galaxy, sliver tails of comets streaking through the sky. "It's beautiful" Selura collapsed into the thin layer of snow. Sakura sat down next to her, Selura laid her head down on her friends shoulder. Sakura laid her head upon Selura's, simply watching the sky before them and enjoying the warm bliss of each others warmth in the bitter cold of the mountain's peak.